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Girl Crush 3

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/13/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Girl Crush: Vol.3
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Date of Production: 12/24/12
Running Time: 2:44:24


Mia Malkova
Jessie Andrews
Anikka Albrite
Lia Lor
Dani Daniels
Sovereign Syre
Sinn Sage
Maddy O Reilly

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes: 23:36
Photo Gallery
Website Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

And before I even pop this movie into my player, I am going to say that I am really looking forward to seeing the very lovely Dani Daniels, the very flexible Mia Malkova, and I have a feeling the Sinn Sage and Maddy O Reilly scene is going to be pretty intense, and perhaps award worthy, we shall see. I am surprised that I reviewed the last one and gave it a rent it rating, can this one top that, dear god, I’d be very surprised if it didn’t.

I can also say that this is yet another one of those movies that has already been reviewed by one of my fellow reviewers on the site, Don, and he gave it a recommended and I can say that after watching this one, I can agree with him. You get the same great look and feel from all the other Elegant Angel movies and Mason does a nice job of showcasing the girls and the action. It was a step up from the previous installment, but there were definitely some surprises, both good and bad that kept it from getting a better review, but still a solid RECOMMENDED title.


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And we are going to start off with the flexible Mia and the cute and adorable Jessie. A pre-sex interview about what they expect and what they like about each other before things get going. And we start off with the soft and gentle kissing and fondling, as they slowly take off each other’s clothes. Mia is wearing a very sexy white lace bra that seems to show off her perky tits even more. Even Jessie can’t resist getting a hand full of them, before sliding off her bra and playing with her nipples. As Mia sucks on Jessie’s tits, she reaches down and gives her pussy a little finger teasing. They come together and grind their hips, causing some heat and friction between their jean shorts, lucky for them, they are about to come off. Very hot moment as Jessie reaches around and shoves her hands down Mia’s short, just teasing the appearance of her booty. And speaking of teasing, Mia is back to some soft finger action on Jessie’s pussy, before making her way so that her mouth and tongue can enjoy it. And she really gets deep in her pussy, it’s almost like she is trying to shove her whole face in there. They both finger Jessie’s pussy and then lick the taste off her fingers, then Jessie lays on top of Mia, and makes her way to her tits, kissing and licking them, and then to her pussy, softly spreading her lips and licking it with her tongue. And when she adds a few fingers to the action, Mia can hardly keep still. And as Jessie grabs on tight to her leg and goes to down, rubbing and grinding their pussies together. It always nice to see a mix of the soft and gentle with the energetic and hot sex, making it a great scene overall. We get a small sample of that flexibility as Mia is arching and showing off that body, while Jessie is face deep in her ass, licking and driving her wild again. And after getting her to the verge of cumming, Mia returns the favor going deep in her pussy, while Jessie adds a few fingers to the fun, and literally makes her slide off the bed. I think Mia is really proving her skills on Jessie, causing her to lose her breath in between the loud moans. But Jessie shows Mia that she knows what she is doing too, causing her to get very vocal and wet. And they come together and embrace each other as they bring this scene comes to an end.


And these two can’t keep their hands off each other even during the interview, it’s like they want to get it over and get going with the sexy time. I am guessing the reason for the shorter run time, as the interview sections are nearly as long, for those that want more, check out the special features. And as the interview is done, and they are on the bed, the heat between these two continues as the kissing continues, while the hand exploration does too. Anikka bends over nicely for the camera, as she kisses Lia’s neck and mouth. Lia grabs on tight to Anikka ass and shows it some love, before sucking and biting on her nipples. And Anikka returns the favor, as she really gives her nipples a nice suck, and then it’s Lia back to kissing and licking all over Anikka’s body. And that includes her feet, as both girls give you foot fetish people a little something to enjoy. And after the foot love, it’s back to sucking and groping of the boobs, while Lia grabs onto Anikka’s ass and gives it a few slaps. Anikka kisses and licks her pussy through her panties, getting them nice and wet, before finally sliding them off and gives her pussy a nice lick and suck. As she adds in a little finger action, she makes Lia loose her breath a little. And for those waiting to see that ass of Anikka’s, enjoy as she sits on Lia, and let’s her lick that pussy, while making that booty bounce a little. And the booty appreciation continues as she is bent over up against the head board and Lia is licking her ass, while fingering her pussy, double duty. As Lia bends over, after sucking on her ass, leaving some marks, she dives in and licks her ass, while also shoving a finger in her pussy. And Lia sits on Anikka’s face and grinds her pussy on her mouth, and then is back to kissing all over her body once again. You can tell these two are really into each other, that heat from the interview was no joke. Anikka straddles her leg and grinds that ass and pussy and on her leg. And if you need further proof of how much she is getting into it, check out Anikka’s lipstick which is all over her from from all the kissing and licking she’s been doing. And speaking of licking, Lia sits on her side as Anikka is back to licking and fingering her pussy. And when Lia adds a helping hand we hear how wet she is inside. And Lia goes to beast mode as she shoves her face in Anikka’s pussy, getting her all hot and bothered. She grabs on tight to her legs and grinds on her pussy, getting them both at the verge of cumming for each other. And it’s back to the kissing fest and heavy breathing as the scene comes to a close.


And here is the big scene I am looking forward to. Hot off her award winning scene with DanI, Sinn is ready to devour Maddy. And since they both like things intense, I have a feeling a fire might start between these two. Maddy mentions Sinn’s ass, and Sinn seems to enjoy Maddy’s tits, so I am guessing those will be the two focus areas. And when they get going, Maddy ends up with her hands on her ass, it like they gravitate towards it. And Sinn even reaches around and shoves her hands down the back of Maddy’s shorts. And after some passionate kissing, Sinn begins to devour her as she takes off her shirt, picks her up and lays her down and dry humps her. Sinn slides off her lace bra and like I had predicted, shows those perky little tits some love. She grabs Maddy’s leg and continues to dry hump her, and then Maddy takes control and slides off her bra and gives her tits some love too, while reaching around and grabbing her ass again. And Maddy is here for you feet fanatics, showing some love to Sinn’s feet, while also softly teasing her pussy. Maddy applies some spit to her fingers, as her teasing of her pussy continues, which from the sounds and body movement are driving Sinn crazy. Sinn flips over with her ass out and Maddy is right back to showing some love to her ass, kissing and licking all over. And when her panties are off, it’s time to get the finger banging going, once again bringing Sinn to the verge of cumming for her, as she begs for her not to stop. And as Sinn takes over and gets Maddy on her back, she teases her all over with her fingers and doesn’t let her play with herself, as she is back to sucking on her nipples. When her shorts are off, you can see that her pussy is already pretty pink from all the foreplay. She spreads her pussy and dives in working her tongue and fingers on her pussy, and I am still waiting for the intensity I was expecting, it seems they are a little more low key than I was expecting. We do get some glimpses of that as Sinn is working over her pussy and really getting into it, but still a little disappointing considering the ladies involved. And we seem to get a little more as Sinn grinds their pussies together and then it’s back to some kissing as they embrace each other and catch their breaths.


It seems that Sovereign is really looking forward to this scene, they have worked together before and should be more intense the second time, as they know a little more about each other and what they like. And instead of jean shorts, these ladies are rocking the yoga pants, which just enhance their curves even more. Some intense and passionate kissing get us started, as their hands begin to explore each other’s bodies. Sovereign slides her hands down the back of her pants and gets a nice handful of Dani’s booty. Dani lifts up her shirt and is giving Sovereign tits some love as she teases her pussy through her pants. The pants are off and Dani is deep in her pussy, giving it a nice licking from her tongue. And from the numerous times we have seen Dani in action, we know she knows a thing or two about giving some great oral pleasure to the ladies. It’s Sovereign turn as she slides off Dani’s shirt and bra, as the fingers are running up and down her back, before they make their way to her tits. Sovereign kisses and attacks her neck and that gets Dani’s motor running pretty quick, of course the rubbing of her pussy helps too. She slides her panties to the side and spreads her pussy, as she begins her lickfest and she knows a thing or two also as the breathing gets faster and faster. Sovereign lays on top and grinds on her leg, as Mason brings in the camera to show off the booty for the camera. And as Dani is back in control she is licking Sovereign’s ass while fingering and playing with her pussy, causing to moan with delight, as she turns up the pace. And one of the moments that stood out in the scene with Sinn, was when Dani grabs onto her legs and grinds themselves together, and you know what, still pretty hot in the scene too. They come together and catch their breath for a bit, then Dani is back to humping and grinding on Sovereign, as she begs for her not to pull away. And just like that, Sovereign is face deep in Dani’s ass, licking and fingering, then flips her over and is determined to get her to squirt. And even though I gave the Anikka and Lia scene the spotlight scene, this one came in a very close second.

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