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Pervs On Patrol 9

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 4/2/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: POV/Voyeurism/Web-to-DVD



Cast: Shane Dos Santos/Valerie Fox/Molly Bennett/Anna Marie/Adalisa/Valerie Kay


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Release Date: 11/26/2012


Extras: Photo Gallery/Trailers/Web

Runtime: 200 Mins




Scene 1:

Shane Dos Santos/Valerie Fox

Female Masturbation/Blowjob/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Facial (High Volume)

The premiere scene in 'Pervs on Patrol 9' begins with Shane Dos Santos (who is listed as Summer Slate in the credits). She's leading our cameraman to a bedroom where her roommate Valerie Fox is masturbating. The two watch Valerie for awhile before Shane starts getting a little frisky with our cameraman and whispers to him about how horny she is. Shortly afterwards, Shane pulls out his cock and begins sucking as her roommate continues masturbating furiously in the room next to them. The bj here is nicely done, and when Valerie realizes she's being watched, she approaches the two simply asking if she can join in on the fun, happens all the time right?. Mr cameraman and Shane decide to let her, and the next thing you know, a double pov bj is happening. The blowie is pretty soft and sensual but very nice, as the girls continue to take breaks kissing each other softly throughout. Valerie is the first to take a ride on the bologna pony in a missionary style pov viewing as Shane coaxes each of them on and eventually gets a doggie style fucking at the hands of our lucky cameraman. The scene carries on with some good moments, mixed with a few slow ones before ending with a nut busting facial given to Valerie fox coming directly out of Shane's pussy. This scene was pretty mediocre after all is said and done. It had a pretty realistic effect in the early stages, making for a seemingly well done beginning, but up until the cumshot it only got worse.

Click here for a photo gallery of this scene courtesy of Mofos/Barelist


Scene 2:

Molly Bennett

Blowjob/Deepthroating/Tit Fucking/Missionary/Cunnilingus/Cowgirl/Doggie/Cum on Ass (Medium Volume)

The next scene starts with teen babe Molly Bennett going through her morning workout regimen before our cameraman tries to get her attention only to realize she has her earbuds in and can't hear him. So we watch her incognito for a while as she pumps iron. Molly later catches him spying on her and after her initial astonishment she asks if he's turned on by her. Our cameraman admits defeat and the action sets in directly after. During the blowjob Molly gives some excellent deepthroats much to my pleasant surprise, making for some awesome early moments in this scene. The sex later starts out on the weight bench where Molly grabs the camera as her pal fucks her thoroughly while she keeps it focused on herself. The scene moves forward with some pretty good sex, and aside from a few moments of "Blair Witchiness" the camera placement is surprisingly pretty good for the most part. Toward the end of the scene Molly reverts back to the blowjob, making me wish that this was a bj only scene because it's really the only time that we get to see how gorgeous she is, and her cocksucking abilities are nothing to shake a stick at either. The scene later ends as Molly's pal shoots his gunk over her ass. A surprisingly "not bad" scene here, as the sex seemed to hold up pretty well throughout. Molly is beautiful, so that definitely helped in matters.

Click here for a photo gallery of this scene courtesy of Mofos/Barelist


Scene 3:

Anna Marie

Blowjob/Doggie/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Facial (Medium Volume)

Next up is Anna Marie, who is playing a cleaning lady who is being watched through a hidden camera in our "patrolling pervs" humble abode. Anna is dressed in casual attire, although the tight wife beater is quite nice to look at. She later goes through our friends gf's clothes and takes a look at a couple different outfits while it seems that our perv has returned home and has the camera in hand. This goes on until it's all but beaten into the ground and eventually our cameraman presents himself and asks her why she's wearing his girlfriends clothes. Anna then talks him into not telling his girlfriend and the two then start poking each others parts before the introductory bj begins. Anna's tits are outstanding as we get some choice views of them through the early moments, but the bj is kind of lackluster in my opinion. It looks as more of a necessity for Anna rather than something she fully enjoys. Sex begins in a doggie style pounding at the foot of the bed, starting pretty well but slowing down in a hurry. As it moves forward the scene begins dragging more and more with every passing moment, reaching what looks to be progressively strong moments, but only fizzling out again in mere seconds. The scene thankfully comes to an end with Anna Marie being the recipient of a facial from the cock of our cameraman. This scene was not good, I am happy to say that I will never watch it again. EVER.

Click here for a photo gallery of this scene courtesy of Mofos/Data18


Scene 4:

Valerie Kay

Tease/Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Facial (High Volume)

In the fourth scene we're spying on Valerie Kay through her window as she is putting on a webcam show for her fans. I love Valerie, but this intro is pretty annoying, we are staring at her through a screen door, and watching her have a fake conversation with fake people, sounding ridiculously fake. This goes on for way too long before our cameraguy knocks on the door as a naked and careless Valerie answers. She then asks to see his cock, and the bj is immediate to follow. The bj is pretty good but the camera angle is literally HORRIBLE. It's all pov, (as is the entire movie) and is so closely focused on Valerie's face that it's hard to even see what she's doing with her mouth. Sex starts in a cowgirl position with some decent fucking, I guess. It's honestly hard to tell if Valerie's antics are genuine, but if I were to guess I'd say not. Although she's fucking gorgeous, this scene seems more and more forced as it goes on, and the monotone moans are a dead giveaway. The scene goes on badly, with bad camera angles, bad acting, and bad sex, before a decent sized facial is eventually sprayed over Valerie's face. Not a good scene, the facial was the only thing in this scene that was even relatively decent.

Click here for a small photo gallery from this scene courtesy of Mofos/Data18


Scene 5:


Blowjob/Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Doggie/Facial (High Volume)

In the final scene in 'Pervs on Patrol #9' we are viewing Adalisa from a balcony as she texts on her phone. She is in an outdoor public setting where she looks to be waiting on someone. This is another long and boring beginning although Adalisa does look pretty fine in her tight pants and high heels. It just goes on forever though, I'm thinking the voyeur section of this scene probably lasts for over 20 minutes. Finally, our cameraguy approaches her after the gentleman she was with stormed off away from her. She later opens up with us, saying that it was her ex and he's a total asshole. The acting is fucking atrocious here, but I suppose one could view it as laughable in a somewhat good way. Adalisa later agrees to hang out with Mr cameraguy and the two go back to a hotel together. After some more tedious conversation that seems to never end, Adalisa finally begins the blowjob after they both agree that sex is the best possible answer for this chance encounter. The bj is unfortunately much like the intro to the scene as its pretty slow moving and seemingly forced. Sex begins in a cowgirl position and seems to pick up, but again these camera angles are terrible and it's often tough to see exactly what's going on. The scene ends with a nice sized facial shot over Adalisa's face after some pretty sub-par sex. Not a great scene here, took way too long to get anywhere. Blah.

Click here for a small photo gallery from this scene courtesy of Mofos/Data18



If there's anything I've learned from reviewing the Pervs on Patrol series, it's this: You're bound to have some seriously bad scenes strewn throughout these movies, with a decent one mixed in here and there, and the only reason for that is most likely the talent that's showcased in those scenes. There's really no directive credability to any of them. I suppose that there's someone buying these DVD's, or they probably wouldn't make them, but if I were to give you advice on this particular one, I'd say don't even bother. There may be a small chance that a fan of the voyuer genre could enjoy some of these scenes, but in all honesty I have a hard time believing it. Skip it, skip it, SKIP IT.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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