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My Haunted House

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 3/28/13

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My Haunted House
Digital Playground
Directed and Written by Robby D
Date of Production: 9/18/12
Running Time: 1:55:37


Bailey Blue
Tanya Tate
Brandy Aniston
Evan Stone
Marcus London
Johnny Sins
James Deen
Karlo Karrera

Special Features:

Trailers: 14
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 11:41

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: AVC at around 16-27 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Stoya has a secret that makes her home a revolving door of roommates. British beauty Tanya catches a glimpse of something supernatural after a hardcore romp with Evan. From under her bed a ghastly ghost gets a grip on her! Bailey doesn’t fare much better following her intimate encounter with Marcus. Stoya’s passionate sexing by Johnny riles up some spirits that send him and Marcus running out the door. When Stoya’s new guy of interest, James, makes a move on her, will he be ready for the naughty spirits that dwell within Stoya’s Haunted House.

Well for us Stoya fans, it seems that we get a new movie with her in the starring role every few months or so. Which makes us appreciate it even more, but still would love to see her more during the year. And this one been sitting on the back burner for a bit, as we have the redhead version of Stoya, which is sort of double the pleasure for me. But we also have the current MILF of the year, Tanya Tate, along with Unsung Starlet, Brandy Aniston, and Bailey Blue, who I happened to get introduced to at AEE. So in short, a cast of ladies I look forward to seeing in action.

Just a small disclaimer, I am sorry if I reference Scooby Doo at any point in this review. I am not proud of it, but it’s going to happen. Although James has a line that is pretty much out of Ghostbusters.

I’ve said this in many other Digital Playground reviews, it sucks when the contract girls seem to get outdone by one of the supporting cast. But don’t get me wrong, we do get to see two scenes of Stoya, which are always appreciated. I am a huge fan of hers, and I even bought this one on my own, instead of waiting for the possibility of getting a review copy. I am giving this one a RENT IT rating, cause unless you are a huge fan of Stoya, like me, no need to buy it, but still worth checking out via rental.

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We catch these two as they are already started. She is wearing a skin tight blue dress, which is barely containing her body. He lays her down and get some one on one time with her tits, before heading south to her pussy. They are doing their best keeping quiet as to not disturb her roommate, Stoya I presume. But as the tongue licking continues on her pussy, she is getting a little more vocal. He slides his cock in her pussy and seems to hit the magic spot almost immediately. Not sure I enjoy the quiet Tanya, she usually is pretty intense and loud and I seem to enjoy that version of her. He does speed up the fucking and covers her mouth with his hand to help her out. She bends over and he slides right back into her pussy, for some ball smacking doggy. I will say that those are some very erect nipples. He ends up face deep in her ass, before sliding his cock back inside her. She offers a little oral love, but ends up on her back as he thrusts his cock deep in her pussy, making it hard for her to keep quiet. After more doggy, she is back to worshiping his cock, while grabbing on tight to his balls, followed by some spoon. He pulls out and leaves a nice cumshot on her tattoo.


Bailey ends up being her new roommate and she invites her boyfriend and his friend over to the house. It seems Johnny and Stoya are not hitting it off so well. Johnny wants to play the piano but Stoya distracts him by kissing him. It’s back to Bailey and Marcus, checking out each other in her bedroom. Some kissing is followed by slipping her out of that purple dress, so he can lick and suck on her tits. He lays her down and rubs and teases her pussy through her panties, before finally sliding them to the side so he can get his tongue working on her pussy. She gets on all fours and waits for him to get out of his pants, as she grabs onto his cock and jerks him off, while he fingers her pussy. She sucks and swallows his cock, adding in a little spit, while he reaches over and continues to play with her pussy. She climbs on top for some nice and intense cowgirl action, which was missing from the previous scene. And that energy continues in some deep and hard thrusting missionary. And he pulls out and blasts her with a pretty good cumshot.


Wow that is a really long kiss. She is unbuttoning his shirt and checking out his six pack with her hands, flashing a huge smile at what she sees. She slides off her dress and has some sexy black panties and garters on. She gets on all fours, showcasing her body nicely, then smiles as she takes his cock out and introduces it to her mouth. As she bobs up and down on it, he reaches over and give her pussy a little tease through her panties. She bends over in front of him, and slides off her panties and ends up on her back, as he breaks out the tongue action on her pussy. And from the shakes and shivers, I would say he is doing a great job. And he’s not afraid to give her ass a little tongue love too. He stands up and slides into her rather pinky pussy, which has a little patch of hair above it, for those that are into that. And the way she looks at her partner, just adds a little intensity to her scenes. She bends over and he is face deep in her ass, as she backs it into his face, then continues to go back and forth after he slides his cock in her pussy. He grabs on tight to her hair making her arch oh so nicely. Follow that up with a little neck grabbing, which I learned a little about at AEE from Stoya herself. He pulls out and cums on her ass, and some intense kissing follow before it’s all said and done. Cue the piano music, literally.


So it’s time for the scene that they failed to mention in the description of the movie. Well it’s too bad, cause Brandy is rocking the cutoff jeans shorts, showing off her ass, and some pretty nice foreplay from these two. She rubs his crotch through his shorts, then pulls it out and gives it a nice workout with her mouth, plenty of spit and some nice hand work. He slides off her shirt and bra, unleashing those wonderful tits, and pierced nipples. He stands her up ad after sucking on her tits, slides off those shorts, showing off her mesh panties that hug her body just right. Some finger play and teasing from Karlo, followed by more tongue wrestling between these two. Some finger banging follows as they make sure her pussy is nice and wet, for what is about to come. Her pussy is wet, and she offers his cock a little more spit before she climbs on for some energetic cowgirl, as he tries to suck on the bouncing tits in front of him. I have one more scene to go yet, but I am starting to think that this is my spotlight scene, which is weird, cause apparently they didn’t even feel the need to mention it. And that energy doesn’t slow down a bit during the reverse cowgirl. He picks her up and without even sliding out, continues with some nice doggy, and the dirty talk is a very nice touch. And how about we through in some anal just to make it even better. She ends up back in some reverse cowgirl as they strum and finger her pussy as the anal play continues. He pulls out and after some jerking and sucking from Brandy, then gives her a nice blast on her tits and chest, plus a little in her mouth.


He is persistent and shows up at her door immediately. She offers some food and he feels the need to prove he is not afraid of ghosts. They make their way to her bedroom and even though weird stuff is happening, Stoya has a nice way to keep him interested. Off comes her top, followed by her panties, and he has her bent over and face deep in her ass and pussy. She reaches around and jerks him off a bit, while he continues to finger bang her pussy. He slides into her pussy, as they keep some intensity as they look into each other. She climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl, as James keeps the energy going and Stoya excited as he strums her pussy. Well Stoya is not about to get completely outdone by Brandy, as James slowly slides in her ass, while he continues to strum her pussy. Seems they are both set on seeing how far they can shove their hands down her throat. She offers his cock some oral love and then he follows up with a cum shot on her face and in her mouth.

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