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Sexual Desires of Staci Silverstone

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/2/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Sexual Desires of Staci Silverstone
New Sensations
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:46:27


Staci Silverstone
Mick Blue
Ramon Nomar
Xander Corvus
Mike Adriano

Special Features:

2 Bonus Scenes Morgan Brooke/Bruce Venture from Pretty Dirt 2 (22:12) and Jenna J Ross/Mr Pete from Pretty Dirty (30:24)
Chapter Index
Trailers: 1:43
Pick Your Pleasure

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Want to see what gets Staci all hot and horny? Watch her showcase her tight little body in 5 delicious scenes as she gets her pussy rocked by a big fat cock, We’ve got all of Staci’s sexual desires ready and waiting for you.

A few reviews back I got to check out the similar showcase of Riley Reid, and now it’s time to check out Staci, who I mentioned in my blog about the big questions for 2013. I think she deserves to be in the running for Best New Starlet this year during awards season, and hopefully this will only make my case a stronger one. She’s got the girl next door looks, with some eyes that just draw your in, and a body with some nice curves here and there.

And I can say that this movie only solidifies why she needs to be in the running for a few awards this coming season. And when you have two scenes that are fighting for the spotlight scene award, and they both have her and Ramon together, so that is pairing I hope to see more of in the future. I will say that the scene with Adriano really seems out of place compared to the others. And I think because of that scene, this is holding this one back from getting our highest rating. But factoring in the other scenes and some solid visual and audio (minus a few issues, once again the Adriano scene) this is one I still think is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Staci/Mick from She’s So Cute #5

She’s playing on the bed in a cute pink outfit. We get an interview during the tease footage. You learn a little about her and her brief career, and what she likes, etc. But your mind is most likely paying attention to her on the bed, getting rid of her clothes. Mick joins her as she lays naked on the bed, and goes for her tits and neck, making his way to her mouth. And she is flexible, as she wraps her legs around the back of her head, as Mick licks her pussy and ass. They both have a little finger fun in her pussy, getting her motor running. He slides out his cock and she gives it a few licks, then lays him down on the bed and continues to lick and suck, as she covers every inch of his cock, while giving him a stare with those eyes. He pulls her forward as she slides his cock into her pussy and leans over to let him have some fun with her tits, followed by a few kisses. Some nice energy as she grinds her hips on his cock and then he grabs on and speeds up the penetrating. He lays her down as the pussy pounding continues, while she offers a little helping hand to her pussy, strumming away with her fingers. She bends over and showcases her body nicely for the camera, then is back to showing some oral love, before hopping back on for some reverse cowgirl fun. And Mick once again keeps the pace going nicely, and gives her pussy a nice ball slapping pounding. They continue with some 69 fun, then it’s back to him fucking her pussy in some spoon, while he strums her pussy. Some very nice heat and chemistry between these two. She gets on all fours and he slides in from behind, as she gives out a few deeper begs, and grabs on tight to the sheets as he fucks her. She opens up for the camera as the ball slapping continues against her pussy, then they wrap their bodies together for some reverse spoon, as he continues to kiss her neck, keeping her motor going nicely. He pulls out and leaves a nice money shot in her mouth, and she gives his cock a few more licks and sucks, with some nice tongue work as the scene comes to a close.

Staci/Ramon from My Little Panties #4

-- sponsored by --

I am pretty sure this is one I have already reviewed before, but instead of copying and pasting, let’s see what I think now. Will my thoughts change? Anyhow, she is wearing a pink shirt with some purple/white striped panties. She is on the bed, teasing the camera nicely, as she lifts up her shirt and makes us wait to see her tits. She gets on all fours with her ass up, as she teases us, then lays down and slides her hand down her panties, giving it a little pre-fun tease. She gets her motor running, but stops as Ramon moves in and spreads her legs, kissing them as he makes his way to her pussy. He stops and they share some passionate kissing, before diving it and giving her pussy a nice workout with his tongue. She leans over on her side, as he slips in, and she lets out a few begs for more as he gives her pussy a nice pounding. Some choking as the fucking continues. He pulls out and she sucks the taste off his cock, as she gets deep during some face fucking, then showcases the body as she attacks his cock. He leans over and gives her ass a few slaps and grabs on tight to her panties. She is definitely showing off her oral skills in this scene, some nice deep throating and some spit play too, even some love for his balls. He stands her up and makes her beg for his cock, then picks her up and slides inside her pussy for some standing fucking, as she bounces on him nicely. Back on the bed, he offers her pussy and ass more licking, as she begs for his cock, which he finally gives her and gives it to her nicely. Have to say that we have an early runner for Spotlight Scene perhaps. He lays down and sucks the taste off his cock, and then some playful teasing before he slides back in her pussy for some reverse cowgirl. And much like the previous scene, once again some solid heat and chemistry in this pairing too. She flips around and he grabs on tight her ass, and continues to dominate her pussy, then finally slides off her panties and sets her back on his cock. He wipes her pussy with her panties and then shoves them in his mouth as she continues to ride him. He wraps her hands behind her back with her panties and doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and he seems to be hitting the right spot for her. They both seems to be a little sweaty as their bodies glisten for the camera, as they continue in some spoon. And to end he blasts her face and chin with cum and then gets a few licks from her, then he wipes up the cum with her panties and shoves them in her mouth.

Staci/Xander from Big Dick in a Little Chick #2

Once again, she is wearing a pink short, purple panties and some nice knee high socks. The panties are off pretty soon and she bends over and shows off her ass and tits to the camera, flashing up that nice smile while she does it. She reaches back and gives her pussy a little tease, then as she lays on her back, Xander comes in and kisses her while taking over pussy play with his fingers. She gets on top and slides his cock out and gives a whoah, and then begins her oral teasing with her pierced tongue. She falls to her knees and continues to see how much of his cock she can fit in her mouth. He lays her back on the bed and dives his tongue in her pussy, getting it nice and wet and then slides in slowly as she take him inside her pussy. He picks up the pace and gets deeper, as she moans and breathes heavy with every thrust. She climbs on top and he once again goes deep and hard in her pussy, as he grabs on tight to her ass, with a little finger tease of her ass. She flips around and spreads her legs wide as she continues to take his cock in her pussy. And she really knows how to work the body nicely as she grinds and hops on him. She climbs off and backs her ass in his face and then bends over and is back to swallowing his cock, as it hit’s the back of her throat. And the fun continues with some doggy, as he dives in and out before speeding up things, including her moaning and breathing. He makes her beg for his cum and after things really get going, he pulls out and blasts her face with his cum.

Staci/Mike from So Young So Sexy POV #6

We are going in the opposite direction from the Riley Reid one, as we are onto a scene from So Young So Sexy. And we have Mike once again, and I wonder if he is going to turn into a cum machine in this one too. I am going to say that I think she likes the color purple, as it seems to show up on pretty much all of her outfits. Anyways we get an interview, and then she shows off her panties, which is basically a strap and a cord, interesting. Anyhow, the shirt comes off and the tits are out for us to enjoy, and then back to the ass, as he grabs on tight. She models for him a bit, and then slides off her panties as she turns around and continues to showcase the ass for the camera. She lays down and he continues to interview her while he spreads her pussy for the camera, talk about multi-tasking. He gives her a dildo and it’s buzzing and ready to go for her pussy, while he also shoves a finger in it too. He takes the toy away and gets her on her back, legs spreads, giving her a pussy a nice lick and suck, while grabbing onto her boobs. He applies some lube and then slides into her pussy, as her moans and breathing get heavy. She ends up on all fours, once again trying to see how much of his cock she can shove in her mouth. Once again lots of spit play, and another scene with her pierced tongue. He moves on and gives her tits lots of attention, sucking on them like a little baby looking for milk. She ends up on her back again and after more lube, he slowly slides back inside her pussy. She bends over and her ass fills up the camera, as he slides back into her pussy. He shoves a finger in her ass, and that’s seems to be the most he is going to get. He pulls out and a few spurts of cum come out and she quickly gets his cock in her mouth. But we are not done yet, as she sits on his cock and bounces during some reverse cowgirl. It’s back to some doggy and he cums for her again, and so it’s more oral love from Staci as she sucks and licks his balls, while he jerks himself. And one more cum session for him, as he gets a spurt up her nose, followed by shoving his cock in her mouth and giving her even more.

Staci/Ramon from The Innocence of Youth 4 (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Very solid scene the last time we saw these two together, can they make it two for two. Well so much for the purple thing, as she is wearing a link and white dress and is already having some alone time with her pussy. I have said this before about these movies, just love the look and feel, and believe it or not, the audio adds a nice tone to it all. Ramon catches her and she gives him a look with those eyes, and throws him on the bed, and helps him out of his shirt as the heavy kissing begins. She makes her way down to his pants, opens them up, and after some more kissing, she heads south and gives his cock a few nice licks and sucks, once again, with the pierced tongue. Sometimes slow and soft can be just as amazing as quick and hard, even when it comes to oral skills. He reaches over and slides her panties off, teasing her pussy as she continues her oral workout. He lifts up her dress and she guides his cock into her pussy, teasing at first before letting him get fully inside her. And yes that great chemistry from the last scene with these two, is just as strong in this one, perhaps even stronger. So it looks like spotlight scene will come down to one of the two scenes with her and Ramon. She slides off and sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock, while giving his balls a little hand massage too. He slaps his cock against her pussy and is right back inside for some reverse cowgirl as she hovers over him. He slides up beside her and she lets out a nice Give Me, as he slides back into her pussy. The moans and purrs continue as she once again locks her legs behind her head, as the pussy pounding continues. Some playfulness as he stuff his head under her dress and licks and sucks her pussy. Back to some energetic missionary , as he teases her pussy, by slapping his cock against it before sliding in. He bends her over and gives her pussy a little lick before he slides his cock back inside. He continues to work up a sweat, as she grabs on tight to the sheets. He pulls her closer as he speeds up the pace, and then pulls out and covers her chest and even lands some cum in her mouth, as she gives his cock a few more licks and tries to catch her breath.


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