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Lust Unleashed 2

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 4/16/13

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Lust Unleashed 2
Pure Passion/Digital Sin
Directed by Brother Love
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:55:02


Whitney Westgate
Dani Jensen
Avril Sun
Kendall Karson
Lizz Tayler
Madison Ivy
Danny Mountain
Bruce Venture
Bill Bailey

Special Features:

Chapter Index/Pick Your Pleasure

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Welcome to the second coming of Lust Unleashed, where pure passionate sex is captured in the highest quality for your viewing pleasure. Whitney, Avril, DanI, Kendall, Lizz, and Madison are featured in 5 ravishing scenes as they do everything to fulfill your sexual fantasies. So unleash these sultry beauties and let them show you eroticism at it’s finest.

After watching/reviewing a movie with blow bangs, this is perhaps the exact opposite direction from that. But it’s always nice to mix things up a little. This is more along the lines of the couples friendly type pf movie.

We were not off to a good start, with a scene just riddled with issues, but luckily we were able to follow up with some nice scenes with DanI, Kendall,Lizz, and Madison. Most of you aren’t going to care about the little technical and weird editing, but for me, I guess I need to at least point them out, I can’t help it, it’s the movie nerd in me. But I will say that this is at least getting a RENT IT rating from me, could be better with a few editing fixes and stuff, but even the technical stuff can’t help a few of the scenes.


It’s a nice day for a stroll in the fields, as Avril is walking around, picking flowers,  wearing a very see through spring dress. Anybody else hoping for a strong gust of wind to come through. She heads to a creek and decides to slides out of her dress and wade in the water. After a nice walk, she lays naked on a rock, taking in some sun, really showcasing her curves. Suddenly she is joined by her lucky stud. He kisses her neck, while letting his hands explore her body. They continue to share soft kisses, and then he ends up face first in her pussy, giving it a nice workout with his tongue. She gives out a few moans and purrs, then he slides into her pussy for some missionary on the rock. Either she is really cold or her nipples get really erect during sex, she could poke someone’s eye out with those things. She arches her body and takes him inside her pussy, while offering a helping hand. She climbs on for some cowgirl, once again showing off the body nicely for the camera. A few close up shots of the fun, and then she is on her back again for some more missionary, while he offers her feet some love. And yes I just heard the director talk. Some spoon follows as he kisses her neck and gets a little hands on with her boobs. She sets her booty on his face, and leans forward to offer his cock some love, focusing a lot on the tip. Keep hearing director, and it seems he is a little more into the oral than she is. Although she seems to turn it up a bit when the camera is focused on her. He spends a little more time in her ass, then slides into her pussy for some doggy. Sad to say we are not off to a great start in this one, hopefully we can get going in the right direction after this. She follows up with some oral love and jerks him off in her mouth which ends up falling back on him, and she licks it up


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Well at least the good news is next up we have the sexy ginger Dani, creeping up the stairs in a see through shirt, showing off her white bra and panties. She creeps into the room and finds Danny asleep. She climbs on the bed and gives his cock a few kisses and licks, before she swallows it. He finally wakes up and she crawls up to him and gives him a few kisses, as he gets a nice handful of her ass. She puts a mask over his eye, and then continues to kiss and tease him, then stands up and gives his cock a little spit, and slides off her clothes, too bad he can’t see this. She slides off her panties and takes a seat on his face, seems the mask has come off, and she leans forward and grabs onto his cock and continues to show her appreciation, while he licks her pussy. And it’s not long before this kitty’s engine is a going. She leans back and he continues to suck and lick her pussy, and it seems she is a little ticklish.  She gives her foot some love, but she can’t concentrate on too much else while he is down there working his magic on her pussy. Well I am sad to say the director has once again made his voice known in this scene. She ends up bent over and he gives her pussy a nice pounding, where was this energy in the first scene. She shows off her flexibility as she continues to get her pussy filled. She really seems to like biting her knees, when she is getting fucked. She ends up on top, as he slides back in her pussy and goes for a nice ride, hopping and grinding on his cock, giving him a nice look at her booty. And she really knows how to work it. She bends over and gives his cock more love and a little spit and then climbs back on and continues to show some nice energy while she rides him. She slides forward and offers a few kisses and then guides his cock back inside her pussy. She even chokes him a little bit. Wow this thing is really edited all over the place, we are back to him having the mask on again, but we are nice and close as he offers some tongue work to her pussy and ass. It’s back to some missionary until he deposits his load in her pussy, then she plays with it with her fingers.

Kendall/Lizz/Bruce (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

It’s time to double our fun with these two lovely ladies. They make their way to the bed and waste no time getting hot and heavy with some kissing, followed by Lizz showing Kendall’s boobs some love. They continue to tongue wrestle while exploring each other with their hands. Kendall helps her out of her shirt and gets a few handful of tits, giving them some nice licks and sucks, really working the tongue on them. I have a feeling that magic tongue will come in play a lot more in this scene. In fact they both seem to have some magic tongues. Lizz gets up and slides off her panties and heads to the shower, and Kendall is soon to join her again. And as expected some hot lathering action follows and then Lizz ends up face deep in her pussy, working her pierced tongue on her pussy. They dry themselves off, but still can’t keep their hands off each other, bending over and giving us a booty show, before wrapping the towels around their waists. Bruce finds them in bed and they help him out of his clothes and unleash his manhood from his pants, as Lizz is first to give it some love, getting it nice and wet as she swallows him. Considering how busy Kendall always seems to be, I have a feeling we are going to see lots of this lady this year, and that makes me happy. While Lizz is swallowing him, Kendall is giving his balls a nice massage with her hands. He lays on the bed and the girls continue to double team his cock nicely, working every inch over, trying to see who can swallow him whole, and that is a game where there are no losers. And lucky Bruce gets the pleasure of Lizz riding his cock, while Kendall sits on his face. Lizz also leans forward and gives Kendall’s boobs some more love, but then looses focus when he speeds things up. The love train continues as Lizz is getting fucked from behind, as she is face deep in Kendall’s pussy. They switch positions as Bruce slides in and out of Kendall’s pussy, while Lizz sits on her face. Lizz leans over and offers a helping hand while they double team Kendall’s pussy. Kendall climbs on his sock for some side saddle, bouncing nicely on his cock, and then it’s back to the human triangle of love. He slides his cock in between Lizz’s tits, while Kendall is licking her pussy. He is back to pounding Kendall’s pussy and when he pulls out, Lizz is there to suck and jerk him off till he cums in her mouth and she drips it on Kendall and licks it up.


She knows what the most important meal of the day is, too bad, well not really, he is horny and wants to have some fun. He reaches around and enjoys those wonderful tits, and then gets a nice handful of her ass to follow up. I have said this many times, her body is the reason we need cloning. And as he is face deep in her ass, I am sure he would agree with that statement. She takes a seat on the counter, as he licks and plays with her pussy, getting her motor running. And she wants to have some meat for breakfast, as she bobs and sucks on his sausage, while glancing at him with those piercing eyes. I always commend her on her oral skills and this is just another example of why, nice mix of soft and gentle, and some nice speed. I think I could watch her do  this all day, but it’s onto the fucking, as she hops on for some reverse cowgirl and the moans get a little louder. It’s also safe to say that no matter what angle they film her, that body of hers just seems to please your eyes and body, if you know what I mean. And as she leans forward and shows some energy riding him, he’s gotta love the view she is giving him. She turns around and continues to ride him, as her lovely mountains of flesh are right there in front of him to enjoy. He lays on top and is back inside for some missionary, as we head back into the slow and gentle, while also throwing in some foot love. He gives her the shakes and shivers as he is working her pussy over with his mouth, and then it’s back to some missionary on the edge of the bed. She bends over and showcases her booty and lets him slide into her pussy, as he grabs on tight to her body. And it’s back to showing off her oral skills, until she jerks him off into her mouth.


It’s time to see our lovely cover girl in action. She puts on a pair of sexy pink panties and adds in some small booty shorts and slides her tits into a tube top. Bill knocks on the door and he is here to give her a workout, starting off with some push ups, while the camera shows off her curves. And when she lunges in his face, he can’t keep her hands off of her, trying to professional, but is quickly losing that battle. Few more lunges and I think we are going to get a boob to pop out. He runs his hand up and down her body, teasing along the way, but we move onto some leg lifts. She is back to thrusting her hips in his face and then he slides off her shorts and panties, and then dives in and gives her a pussy workout with his tongue, with a lots of spit or she is cumming pretty hard, I’m leaning towards spit. She pulls her top down and plays with her boobs and nipples, squeezing and pinching them. When the fucking starts up, the director tells them to slow it down a little. She has this look in her face like she isn’t too invested in this scene and just wants it to be over with. So basically we are going to end on the same note as we started. They follow up the missionary with some reverse cowgirl and the awkwardness continues. I am pretty sure her “moaning” doesn’t change pitch or speed the whole scene, which is too bad. She wraps her tits around his cock  and then when she ends up on her knees, is told to grab on with both hands and jerk him off, and it should be no surprise it takes awhile before he cums in her, so it’s onto some doggy first and then he finally pulls out and shoots his load on her ass and back.

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