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True History of Strap Attack, The

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 4/25/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The True History Of Strap Attack (“Fem Dom”)

Evil Angel/Joey Silvera Video

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Genre: Female Domination, Pegging

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, Vin Deacon, Angel Vain, Allie Haze, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Raquel Divine, Christian XXX, Diamond Foxxx, Tanya Tate, Phoenix Marie, Sophie Dee, Deviant Kade, Hannah West, Britney Stevens, Jagger, Chayse Evans, Vanessa Videl, Jason Crew, Brianna Love, Nika Noir, Jacklyn Case, Sabrina, Tony Lee, Monica Santhiago, Pablo Montejo, Mz Berlin, Asa Akira, Wolf Hudson

Length: 381:16 minutes (189:04 minutes & 192:12 minutes)

Date of Production: uncredited

Extras: The first disc had a cast list and some websites while the second disc had two photogalleries, trailers, and a cumshot recap.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: The True History Of Strap Attack was presented on a double disc offering that included some scenes in anamorphic widescreen (mostly on the first disc) and others in full frame (on the second disc) as shot by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. The quick take on the scenes was that they appeared to be unedited from their original source material and generally looked good, the colors, fleshtones, and editing helping to make them stand out from the crowd compared to the (mostly) low budget competition you will find on the market. The scenes came from volumes 7 through 14 of the series (no scene from volume 11 though) as well as MILF Strap and Asian Strap providing a few, my own take being that some of the weaker series scenes were added in at the expense of better picks but opinions are like that sometimes. The audio was offered up in a basic Dolby Digital stereo with easily heard vocals and minimal music or background ambient noises, the majority of attention going to the visual elements of the scenes.

Body of Review: Joey Silvera is a porn legend on both sides of the camera, his works often credited with mainstreaming a number of relatively marginal genres at Evil Angel. One example of this is his dedication to transsexual flicks, another to “pegging” or females fucking guys in the ass with strap on dildos, the man releasing a compilation of scenes a few years back in Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack. Joey now moves past the first six volumes of his popular series with an all new compilation called The True History Of Strap Attack, the double disc title picking up where the other left off to include scenes from volumes 7 through 14 of the series, additional scenes coming from MILF Strap 1 and Asian Strap. While I have not reviewed every volume in the series, I have a good working knowledge of the titles in question, some of the best babes in the industry sticking it to some of the most marginal mopes Joey could convince to join them, this always being a sticking point (no pun intended) holding down the ratings at times. Still, with ladies like Phoenix Marie, Allie Haze, Asa Akira, and Kristina Rose (to name a few), this was a very solid compilation of pegging scenes lasting an amazing 6+ hours, the amount of energy, chemistry, and outright fun shown to be well ahead of the crowd for the admittedly small genre.


The company website described the double disc compilation like this: “Devoted fans of kinky director Joey Silvera's premier pegging series want to know what happened when the rules got changed! "The True History Of Strap Attack," subtitled "FemDom," will satisfy that curiosity, offering two discs with 16 of the hottest scenes from Joey's groundbreaking "Strap Attack" series. That's over six hours of perverse strap-on power, a massive value for naughty boys who crave penetrating female punishment. After these pretty girls taste the authority of wielding big, menacing dongs, no man's ass is safe! Sophie Dee smothers her man with her big tits and meaty ass, then expands his tender colon with an inflatable toy, fucking him until he begs for mercy. Thrill-seeking brats Hannah West and Britney Stevens double-team their hapless auto mechanic, making him suck their tools and ramming him relentlessly in his own garage. Bodacious MILF Raquel DeVine gives wimp Gabriel a thorough ass reaming with rubber-gloved fingers and a fearsome dildo. Thick Latina nurse Vanessa Videl violates her patient's bill of rights, and girl gang Brianna Love, Nika and Jaclyn Case drills a muscular victim while voraciously sucking his cock. Adorable nymph Allie Haze ravishes poor Gabriel's butthole in a vibrator-fueled session of intense female domination. There's more topsy-turvy action with beautiful bitches Andy San Dimas, Kristina Rose, Angel Vain, Diamond Foxxx, Tanya Tate, Phoenix Marie, Chayse Evans, Sabrina Leal, Monica Santhiago, Mz. Berlin and Asa Akira. You can't stop the power of the strap-on; "The True History Of Strap Attack" only hopes to contain it!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that some condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Strap Attack 12: Kristina Rose, Andy San Dimas, Vin Deacon: Kristina Rose, one of the sexiest ladies in the industry these days, was up next teaching the wonderful ways of female domination to lovely Andy San Dimas, both of them soon targeting Vin Deacon as the one most deserving of their dominatrix fantasies. Andy was interviewed up front since she was a first time Femdom queen, her revelations amusing to say the least. As far as the actual sex was concerned, the boilerplate formula was used regarding tease, caresses, and some oral that led to Vin being on the firing line. He was blown by Andy and she spread for him, both ladies coming back to reward him as they saw fit, Kristina showing her the ropes. They both rimmed and fingered him before taking turns with his mouth and ass, their cocks hammering away at his mouth and ass like crazy. This kept up until he came, the gals slurping up his seed to share but not with him.

Scene Two: Strap Attack 13: Angel Vain, Vin Deacon: Angel Vain, the heavily tattooed lady featured on the front cover, was up first as she rubbed her cleanly shaven pussy while discussing events with the director, her firm body ready to rumble as she teased the camera. This led her to putting on a blue satin dress and climbing on the lap of Vin Deacon, her use of a blue riding crop to guide him into position helpful. He worshipped her as ordered and kissed her feet, the guy eating her tits and ass before she blew him. There was a titty fuck and some face sitting after that, the guy sucking her dildo off before she started fingering his ass with multiple fingers until he begged for her to start pounding her strap on dildo into his ass. She built up some speed and was relentless about drilling him, the gal choking him as she went balls deep and made him do ATM. Angel then actively rode his cock in her snatch, blowing him until he unleashed his seed of genetic juice by his own hand and had to lick her tits clean.

Scene Three: Strap Attack 14: Allie Haze, Gabriel D’Alessandro: Allie Haze, a very cute young lady with a smoking hot body, was up next as she masturbated with a toy from Evolved Novelties. She rubbed it through her white shorts and put on a camera show for her online friend Gabriel, the guy visiting her quickly in order to suck her “cock”. She was always in charge as she ordered him about, the gal sucking him off and massaging his prostate while using various toys and her strap on dildo to open him up. All the toys slid into him with practiced ease, her hand to gland combat enhancing his life substantially as she tossed him off onto her toy so he could suck his own spunk off of it as she sat on his face.

Scene Four: MILF Strap: Raquel Divine, Christian XXX: Raquel Devine, another busty brunette and the most experienced gal of the show in terms of longevity in porn, was up next as she showed she had aged fairly well while interviewed by Joey in a living room. They discussed role playing and power exchange, enough so that I felt she was well versed in the subject "off camera". Her ass was still as appealing as ever and she changed into a fetish nurse outfit complete with cock and harness, Christian XXX sucking off the clear toy as if it were the best tasting steak the Texan ever had. Her nipples became hard and her respiration rate elevated, Christian an expert at the task at hand. She aurally encouraged him and sat on his face, fingering his ass until it was time to get down to business. He was a more active rider this time, receiving her clear cock in his ass with ease, Raquel offering some limited oral along the way. She also broke the illusion by addressing the camera too much but as far as this type of thing is concerned, it worked out fairly well for all involved. She then actively rode his pecker vaginally before blowing him while fingering his prostate until he came a whole lot in her mouth, the pair kissing to share what she didn't miss during the cumswap.

Scene Five: MILF Strap: Diamond Foxxx, Vin Deacon: Diamond Foxxx, the blond featured on the front cover of the movie, was up next as she displayed her cover attire proudly on the deck of a large house in the shade. She provided some trash talk to the camera and fussed about the shirt worn by Vin Deacon, suggesting his manhood was lacking due to his poor choice in sport teams. Always playing the sub, Vin enjoyed when she pressed her fleshy body against him, the couple moving to the bed for him to vaginally drill her and get a hummer before she reversed roles on him. He sucked cock like a seasoned professional, her verbal abuse pouring out as he slobbed her knob aggressively, some face sitting leading to her donning rubber gloves with which to prepare him for her charms. He took multiple fingers with ease and she jerked him off to limit his discomfort, replacing her hand with her strap on dildo as he passively took all she could stand to offer him. It was curious that she wore a condom when she fucked his ass, the guy less reticent about doing ATM than most anything else in the show. He even became more active at her insistence, impaling him until she jerked him off into her hand to feed him, the population pudding coming from his small rod minimal before she paid him $20.

Scene Six: Strap Attack 14: Tanya Tate, Gabriel D’Alessandro: Tanya Tate, the blond Brit who has been making scores of fans at comic conventions due to her costumed cosplay efforts, was up first as a wealthy woman deciding the gardener, Gabriel, would be better suited to working inside for a change. She was all over him in the living room and started stripping to get him horny, pushing his limits a bit by smothering him with her boobs and ass while making him service her feet. She sucked him off as he ate her ass, just enough to keep him rock hard, and that was when the dildo came out for him to suck. He was a seasoned professional at sucking the fake cock, Tanya tossing his salad and giving him a prostate massage before using the toy as a penetrative device, Gabriel just as at home with the cock in his ass as it was in his mouth. He did some taste testing (ATM) and he was rewarded when she fingered his ass while jerking out a load of splooge from his pecker (Tanya then licking it up and feeding it to him).

Scene Seven: Strap Attack 12: Phoenix Marie, Christian XXX: Phoenix Marie, a curvy anal queen typically on the receiving end of a cock in the ass, was up next in a role reversal with her boy toy Christian XXX. She wore a sexy red & black outfit that left little to the imagination, her dirty talk elevating the quality of the scene even before he started orally worshipping her form as ordered. He blew her and she reciprocated, shoving a toy in his ass to prepare him for the strap on dildo. They then got down to business as she pounded his ass, then mouth, then ass again in several positions. He liked getting taken this way and she sure liked giving it to him, Phoenix using clamps on his nipples and rest of his body as well as give her some cock in the ass too. This caused him to unleash his spunk onto his lower abdomen, the clamps pushing him over the edge as it were, Phoenix making him eat his own semen.

Scene Eight: Strap Attack 13: Sophie Dee, Deviant Kade: Sophie Dee, a popular anal queen with pretty blue eyes, was up next sporting a large black dildo, her tits barely held into her loose fitting shirt in the living room. She had some fun with the tease and found Kade to be a new student in female domination 101 for the camera. Initially, she choked him after displaying some kinky toys, sitting on his face before offering him her cock to suck and tits to smother him with. He was a low end loser but seemed to appreciate all she had to offer, Sophie blowing him briefly before torturing his nipples with a suction device. She then sucked him off some more and rimmed his ass, putting on rubber gloves to stretch his ass out with her hands and some toys. Sophie called him her slave and used him as such, her inflatable dildo pushing his limits a lot whether it was in his ass or mouth. This continued until she jerked him off as he applied the prostrate massaging vibrator to his ass, Sophie feeding him his nut of population pudding as he greedily consumed it.

Scene Nine: Strap Attack 8: Hannah West, Britney Stevens, Jagger: Hannah West and Britney Stevens, the ladies seen on the upper right hand corner of the cover, were up next with Hannah a first timer. Britney said she loved doing it the first time as it gave her a sense of power so she came back; this not exactly a heavily covered niche in most movies these days. Britney played a subordinate in a mechanics shop, forced to suck fake cock since her cleaning skills were lacking, eventually leading to both of them giving Jagger the standard drilling (by each of them). He wanted a job and Hannah offered him the opportunity to apply "if" he took it in the ass. He blew them and did as they asked, the ladies pointing out how experienced he seemed to be ("very" experienced). He worked them both like a seasoned professional and Britney pissed in his face, the emphasis on oral antics eventually giving way to the expected penetration of the guy's backside. He was another passive ride and Hannah even sucked off his tiny dick a bit to motivate him but it took a handjob for him to orgasm (the guy eating his own spew...ick!). (at the end of the scene, some footage of him getting some pussy was shown)

Scene Ten: Strap Attack 9: Chayse Evans, Christian XXX: Chayse Evans, the redhead featured on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next and with little tease, she showed how exhilarating it was to be able to push around subservient Christian on the small set. She prepared her pink flogger to leave some welts (like nobody else), taking a break to give Joey an interview where she claimed to be a former Marine. She had a stern look to her and a nice ass, her pucker a bit worn but this was her first time as a "man fucker" so she relished her role. Her domination act was a bit underwhelming but she went through the motions fairly well, choking him with her whip before slapping him around and using verbal abuse to weaken his resolve. Chayse spanked him and forced her strap on dildo deep inside his mouth, her anger growing at the fact that his skin showed marks from her beating. While Christian could have broken her into a bunch of little pieces were he not into the action, it was still amusing to see her try and use her hands to choke him unaided (she couldn't get them all the way around his neck, even breaking out laughing after it was time to "reward" him with a toy in the ass). She put on a plastic glove to finger his ass as a means of stretching him out, jerking him off with the other hand and licking him a bit on the head of his cock to spice things up. He almost came too soon so she slowed down, his rug burns showing on his thighs and his ass readily accepting the dildo as she increased the tempo. She took his ass in several positions before letting him fuck her pussy, more choking (his face turned beet red!) and even a blowjob given to him before she polished him off with another toy in his ass while he beat off to unload a small load of population pudding on his leg. They kidded around at the end with her attempts to choke him out, a dangerous practice but encouraged by Christian (and they showed some BTS material after that).

Scene Eleven: Strap Attack 7: Vanessa Videl, Jason Crew: Vanessa Videl, the MILF on the upper right hand corner of the cover, was up next as she sexually harassed the pool boy while he tended his duties. She was determined to surprise him so she dressed in a pink nurse outfit, dragging Jason Crew back inside the house while they examined each other. They pawed each other and removed most of their clothing with limited tease, Vanessa slobbing his knob in a more traditional sense as both of them became increasingly into the action. He might have looked gay but his cock didn’t care given the oral skills “Mommy” was showing him. He reciprocated on her snatch, her sharp tan line acting as a roadmap for his tongue to move about her body. That led to him banging her pussy after sucking her ass, but not for long as she had something for him; the surprise including gloves, lube, and a dildo that all had his ass in their targets. She opened him up with her fingers, increasing the number of them penetrating him as she used her other hand to stroke him off. She then made him suck her toy a little before tapping his ass, Vanessa doing all the work as the pillow biter held his cheeks wide open for her. He then did ATM before she went back to plundering his booty, the two closing things out in a 69 position where she took his wad to her face.

Scene Twelve: Strap Attack 8: Brianna Love, Nika Noir, Jacklyn Case, Christian XXX: Brianna Love, Jacklyn Case, and Nika, the attractive ladies dressed in religious fetish outfits as seen on the upper left hand corner of the cover, were up last with Christian. The gals were all giggles and handcuffed him, toying with him before getting him hard with blowjobs and face sitting. There was even salad tossing and fingering but it was clear from the start that Christian was equally versatile as a partner. The multiple fingers were replaced with toys, the ladies banged him silly, and he did plenty of ATM before they rewarded him with active rides on his rod. In a sense, it was the only scene of the movie that offered up a fair balance of action, a lot more vaginal action needed to merit highest marks but giving it replay value for me. He gave up a facial and assisted in their fantasies until the show ended, making it a good scene if slightly flawed.

Scene Thirteen: Strap Attack 9: Sabrina, Tony Lee: Sabrina, a hard looking brunette with pretty eyes and a lean but sexy body (seen on the lower left hand corner of the cover), was up next as she put on some white lingerie including a camisole, garter, and stockings to go with her stripper shoes and dominating attitude. She spoke in a foreign tongue (French?) while teasing the camera in what appeared to be a motel room setting, Joey making sure to capture a lot of ass tease before moper Tony Lee joined her. Tony supplied her with a large black cock in a harness to put on, his own erection far smaller and a ball gag in his mouth (she removed it so he could service her ass). She liked the attention and he seemed well versed in blowing her dildo while stroking his pecker, Sabrina blowing him to reciprocate before opening his ass up with a gloved finger or three. She then got into a rhythm of pumping her strap on dildo inside of him, the guy getting a chance to slowly insert his rod into her pussy too. He popped almost immediately after that into her mouth, ending a weaker scene in the series.

Scene Fourteen: Strap Attack 10: Monica Santhiago, Pablo Montejo: Heading all the way down south to Brazil, Monica Santhiago heats things up on the beach. She's soaking up the sun with her gorgeous tanned body. The scene transitions from the oiled up Monica at the beach to a bedroom where she's being nice and rough with her boy toy. Her scene stands out as being the nastiest one here and the two performers certainly show no inhibitions. He gets fucked really hard by Monica, but she's nice and allows him to fuck her in the ass as well. I could have done without the ending where Monica gets an ass-load of milk, which she sprays everywhere and forces her boy to drink, but I suppose you take the good with the bad. (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Fifteen: Strap Attack 10: Mz Berlin, Christian XXX: Mz. Berlin gets Strap Attack #10 started off on the right foot, or is that clothes pin? There's a brief interview segment at the very beginning as Berlin talks about BDSM, inducing pain, and what she likes about the fetish. All the while her tits are basically falling out of her incredibly hot leather bodice and you'll wish you were in the room with her. Soon enough the scene cuts over to the action which is ready to begin as she gets to work on her next victim. Right from the start Berlin takes control of the scene by suffocating him within her massive tits and attaching clothes pins to his cock and balls. After a couple minutes of torturing him in this manner while sucking on his dick, the pins come off and she gets to work with her strap-on. She forces him to suck it and eventually gets to work on his ass. There's a lot of fingering before she starts fucking him, and most all the focus remains on her and what she's doing. I must say that this is my first time watching this particular kind of show and I'll be damned if Mz. Berlin didn't do a great job of tantalizing you. She simply looked amazing and took control of the scene from the very beginning. She really pushes her slave around and does a great job of playfully abusing him while fucking him in the ass. Even up to the cumshot at the end and time after it's not only clear that they both had a good time, but that Mz. Berlin really knows what she's doing. (review by Harry Johnson)

Scene Sixteen: Asian Strap: Asa Akira, Wolf Hudson: Asa Akira, the young hotty featured on the left side of the front cover, was up last, the "Best New Starlet" nominee providing the shortest interview before Wolf Hudson was licking her feet while she jerked herself off. She posed for the camera a bit and then had him engulfing her newfound manhood, sitting on his face before rimming him in preparation of his ass being planked by her toy. She played the rusty trombone and fingered him with a glove on, slowly driving her strap on inside of him as he told her what he liked. The doggy style dominated the anal penetration but she finished him off in missionary, jerking and sucking him off as she saw fit. She put clothespins on his nipples and sucked out his wad of spew, sharing it with him before ending the scene with a kiss.

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Summary: The True History Of Strap Attack by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel was lengthy, had some great scenes from the vaults, and while I would have swapped out about a third of the scenes for others from the related titles they came from, I cannot deny that genre fans should find this one to be worthy of being Highly Recommended if they do not already own the associated fuck flicks. I was curious why this was not called volume two of the Pegged: The Best of Strap Attack given it picked up where that one left off but in terms of truthfully advertised action and decent technical values, I doubt anyone into the genre would find much fault with the resulting double disc title. In short then, The True History Of Strap Attack (AKA: “Pegged 2”) might have offered no new extras or unreleased footage and/or scenes from the past but it did give a very strong selection of scenes that might interest folks wanting to experiment with something well off the beaten track, the ladies among the best you will find in the genre.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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