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Red Hot Lesbians

Studio: Filly Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/4/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Red Hot Lesbians
Club Filly/Filly Films
Directed  and Written by Lily Cade
Date of Production: 12/8, 12/10. 12/15/2012
Running Time: 2:36:29


Marie McCray
Elle Alexandra
Lily Cade
Scarlett Fay
Ashley Graham
Veronica Ricci
Jodi Taylor
Pepper Kester

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Stripteases: 11:13
Behind the Scenes: 2:50
Trailers: 10

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-5 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

I loves me some redheads, and I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. A few familiar faces in this one, plus a few new ones to me, but the important thing for me, is the red hair. What can I say, it must be the Irish in me.

One downside of this movie to point out, there are times during dialogue where it’s hard to hear them, I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but figured I should at least point it out. And I can say that was the only real problem with this movie. We had a great cast of sexy redheads, in some hot and passionate sex, and we got what the title suggested. We don’t get a lot of movies for us redhead fans during the year, but the good news is that I have been lucky enough that the two I got to watch and review were both great. I give Filly some credit for letting the ladies get behind the camera and involved in the movie making progress, cause it sometimes helps having someone who knows the scene, involved making sure it turns out nicely and something she would enjoy seeing. I give this ginger loving film a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.


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Lily and Marie are celebrating their anniversary together, and Lily gets Marie a purse, while Marie on the other hand has a great gift, the sexy Elle. She is wearing a long black coat, but it’s quickly off and she is showing off that pale body in some sexy black lingerie with some sexy red stockings. Yeah I am pretty much in love right now, as in Lily, who decides to share her with Marie. Some heated kissing between the girls, with Elle being the center of attention of course, a gift worth sharing indeed. Lily plays with Elle’s pussy with her fingers, but then figures she would rather get some time in with her tongue, as she licks and plays with her pussy. The finger play continues as the moaning and heavy breathing get louder from Elle. And the red theme continues as they are all wearing red and some black lingerie, very nice combo. They help each other out of the their clothes, as Lily and Elle strip Marie down and double team her pussy with their tongue and fingers. I am going to say that we are starting off with a great scene, and I can only hope that continues with the rest of the movie, would hate to go downhill after this scene. The girls turn their attention to Lily and her pierced pussy, as she sits on Elle’s face, while Marie slaps and plays with her booty. She flips around and Elle is right back to giving her pussy a nice workout with her tongue, while Marie goes for her tits, sucking and licking them. And from the sound coming from Lily, I am going to say that Elle is doing a great job down there. It’s back to Elle, as Marie dives in and gives her a tongue lashing, while Elle and Lily are kissing each other all over. Some heat and chemistry between these ladies, they have their moments of nice and gentle, with some hard and rough thrown in, but they still giggle once in awhile from the fun they are having. They get Elle to cum and let her catch her breath, then it’s Marie’s turn as she dives her tongue in Lily’s pussy, getting her all hot and bothered again. The double team her pussy with their fingers and then its back to some kissing before they move onto Marie, with Lily using her fingers and Elle is in there with her tongue, getting her to squirt a little as Lily has a few fingers shoved in her pussy. But wait, just when you thought it was over, we are not done yet folks, as they get a nice train of licking going, with Lily in Elle’s pussy and Marie giving Lily’s ass and pussy some attention from behind. Lily gets to be center of attention again, as the other girls finger her ass and pussy, see it’s good to be the director sometimes. And Lily returns the favor as she multitasks and fingers both of the girl’s pussies. One last session for Elle and she nearly faints from Lily’s oral skills.

Ashley and Scarlett

It’s someone’s birthday, but it seems that no one got the invitation and she is all alone. After an ad for a bachelor party service, Ashley gives them a call and orders herself a redhead to entertain her. Scarlett shows up and some flirting between the two and Scarlett says she can make her forget about all her friends not showing up. And with that, cue the music, as Scarlett teases and shows off the goods to Ashley, who seems to really like what she sees. But remember no touching, which has got to be hard, when Scarlett is on your lap grinding. Add in some groping from Scarlett and she is really testing her, how long before she can’t take it anymore. She slides her panties down a little and is back to grinding in her lap, and from the look on her face, Ashley is about to crumble, as her tits are in her face. The music stops, but Scarlett doesn’t think things need to end, as she lifts up her short and sucks on her nipple and then helps her out of her bra, and continues to fondle and play with her big boobs. And with that, the no touching rule is out the door. She slides Ashley out of her tight pants and teases her pussy through her panties, then clears the way as she gives her pussy a few soft licks and sucks. And for those that care, there is a little pussy patch above her pussy, nothing too extreme. She adds in some finger play to her pussy, giving it the best of both worlds, as Ashley gives her a few smiles and moans. Scarlett goes in for some more time with her tits and a few more kisses before the birthday sucks on her tits, then heads south to her thighs before making her way slowly to her pussy with her tongue. She licks her fingers and slides them in her pussy and then adds in some tongue action, making her eyes roll back in her head. Scarlett leans over and gets a few handfuls of booty, then slips a few fingers in her pussy, getting her motor running again. They both give her pussy some finger love as Scarlett tells her she can’t cum just yet. Ashley lays back on the couch and Scarlett and her tongue are back inside her pussy, giving the birthday girl some attention on her birthday. But while she is face deep in her pussy, she reaches back and gives her pussy some finger love. Scarlett takes a seat on Ashley’s face and she works her tongue in her pussy and even gives her ass a few slaps while she is down there. The birthday girl is getting plenty of attention in this scene from Scarlett. But don’t worry, Ashley gives her many more reasons for her eyes to roll back into her head too.

Veronica and Lily

Veronica is out relaxing in the pool, naked of course and Lily happens to catch her. Veronica seems into her and doesn’t seem to hide it too well, as the flirting continues, as she makes Lily dry her back, and then turns around and tells her to fuck her, and the heavy kissing starts. She lays her down in the couch and goes right for the boobs, as they inhale each other via kissing, talk about passionate. She lays her back and slides in a few fingers and along with some tongue work in her pussy, and we have another girl whose eyes are going to be rolling back in her head from the excitement. I’m starting to think I may need to pay a little more attention to Lily Cade, she really brings a little something extra to her scenes, and really knows how to please the ladies. She bends her over and gives her ass a few slaps, before going in with her tongue, while fingering her pussy. Veronica tells her to take off her bra and goes for some quality time with her tits, along with some grinding on her lap. Lily bends over and Veronica slides off her tight pants and panties and then dives right into her ass with some tongue work, making her way to her pussy, sliding a few fingers inside her. She lays Lily down and continues to work over her pussy, as she tells her she is doing great and not to stop, as the shakes and shivers begin. And Lily has no problem giving the shakes and shivers to Veronica when she is back to working over her pussy with her magic fingers. And she likes it a little rough as we have some biting and some choking from Lily. Lots of finger play from both girls, along with some boob fun, cause neither girl is really lacking in that area either. And some nice hair pulling from Veronica while she reaches back and continues to work over her pussy. Lily spends some quality time with Veronica’s pussy as she sits on her face, followed by more cuddling and kisses.

Jodi and Pepper

It seems she is done writing her masterpiece and is completely turned on as she shoves her hand down the front of her pajamas, then decides to slide them off for easier access, as she really goes to town on her pussy. But just as she gets going, she gets interrupted by a call. It seems that she was writing some stories and Jodi is impressed with her stuff. During their meeting it seems some heavy flirting starts up between the two and this business meeting is heading towards a more personal and fun time. Jodi leans in and they share a few passionate kisses, and just like that we are in the bedroom and Jodi is on top, continuing to kiss, as they start to help each other out of their clothes. Jodi was one of the ladies I was introduced too in Vegas last AEE and was pretty much on the lookout for any of her stuff after that. Like I said, I am a sucker for the redheads. Some tune in Tokyo time with Jodi’s nipples, followed by some rubbing of her pussy through her panties. But those are off and Pepper dives in like an animal and goes to town on her pussy. She follows up with some nice tongue and finger action, as Jodi is grasping for something to hold onto. Some tongue wrestling between the girl and then Pepper bends over in front of Jodi, as she reaches around and teases her pussy through her stockings. There are two ways to deal with stockings, and Jodi decided to take the sexier approach and rips them open and goes to work on her pussy, which has a little patch of red hair above it, guess we know she is a real redhead. Jodi takes a seat on her face and lets her get up close and personal, then leans forward and shoves a few fingers in her pussy, finger banging it, as we hear a few muffled moans from Pepper. Jodi gives Pepper perky little tits some attention, then bends over in front of her, as she doubles the finger pleasure in her pussy and ass. And fingers and rub Pepper’s pussy, getting it nice and sensitive, as she squirms with the slightest touch. And I am guessing that Pepper really likes it when she has a pussy on her face, as she ends up underneath  Jodi, going to town on her pussy. But Jodi gets in on the face sitting fun for a bit, then bends Pepper over and rips her stockings some more and slides a few fingers in her pussy and dives her tongue in her ass. Few more kisses and some more sucking and licking of some boobs, before it’s back to some pussy licking and fingering, as Jodi spreads her pussy and works her fingers and tongue in it, followed by a few fingers, getting her motor running again. And some last kisses and playful giggling and I would say this meeting went very well.

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