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Jewell Marceau's Suspended Desires

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 5/7/13

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Genre: Bondage

Director: Jewell Marceau

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Cast: Jewell Marceau, Darling, Blaze

Length: 78 minutes

Extras: There is a nice photo gallery.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

Overview: Suspended Desires is a film by Jewell Marceau. In this production, we get a kind of acrobatic type of feel since both Jewell and Blaze are placed in awkward positions. There is plenty of rope usage in order to tie these performers securely as well as make it look quite pleasing to the eye. The suspension technique of placing Jewell and Blaze in the air is done very well by the master of rope tying Darling. I could sense the high trust level between he and Jewell. Since they really work together so well, it's a good match.

Scene One: Blaze is tying Jewell's arms behind her back. He has her legs tied too. An electronic vibrator is positioned well on her crotch. She also has a ball gag in her mouth. While the woman is suspended in the air, the sexual toy is stimulating her sexual region. She moans a bit with some higher pitches as the sexual device makes her clit and pussy more sensitive. As the scene progressed on, there is saliva dripping from her red ball gag. In the meantime, I enjoy seeing Jewell in her black body outfit and red heels. The tightness looks good on her. If one was laying on the floor and looking up at her, she would be a delight especially if she was naked and without the ball gag. Later on, Blaze is seen untying Jewell.

Scene Two: Blaze is tying an almost naked Darling. The woman is wearing nude nylon leggings from her waist to her feet. She is also going to receive a similar treatment that Jewell had just gone through. I have to admit that since this scene shows nudity, the fans will enjoy this one much more. As she is suspended in the air, Blaze begins to moan with additional emotion especially when the electronic vibrator is placed onto her crotch. Saliva begins to drip from her black ball gag. She looks pretty hot and for fans who enjoy watching this kind of fetish and bondage play, this scene is a very effective one in turning them one. I really appreciated seeing the camera pan along her body and not rely on mostly one shot angle.

Scene Three: Jewell is laying on her back as Darling ties her snuggly so that she can be suspended in air. She is not wearing her black outfit any longer. The woman looks nude. A nylon legging from her waist to her feet is the only item that she is wearing. In this scene, Darling is taking a longer time in tying and securing all of the knots. For me, I found it interesting since I have always had an interest in fetish bondage activity. The camera also pans her body nicely. Later, her body is lifted from the floor with only her head and toes still touching it. Jewell looks pretty cool in this position. The electronic vibrator is right on her pussy. It is making her moan quite nicely. I also enjoyed watching her squirm a bit. During this scene, I kept on imagining if a dildo was inserted into her pussy and it kept on fucking her, how much more intense moaning would Jewell make. In the end, Jewell is laying on the floor while Darling removes the ropes from her. She looks quite beautiful and her smile is cute as she is glowing nicely.

Scene Four: Blaze is on her back while Darling is tying her up. The hot looking woman has a ball gag in her mouth. Her arms and hands are being tied behind her back. She is wearing black nylons and black heels. Her left leg is sticking straight up and tied up in the air. Blaze's form looks quite sexy. Her right foot is tied to her hands. One can expect that this scene might be the hottest one in this film. While she is hanging upside down, Blaze looks so hot. She moans nicely too and it gains in intensity. I really enjoyed looking at her hot tits. An electronic vibrator is placed on her pussy. Her ponytail looks cool as it hangs and touches the floor. Later on, we see Jewell untying the woman. It was very hot to see her caress Blaze's tits.

Scene Five: Jewell is getting tied again. This time, she is in a sitting position with her legs straight out. Her head and torso are covered with red nylon while her mouth has a gag in it. I like her sexy black nylons and heels. She gets suspended in the air. She is forming a "L" shape. When the electronic vibrator is placed on her crotch, she moans with good emotion. Her arms are tied a good distance from her back. I like listening to her once in a while high pitch moans. Afterwards, Darling unties her and removes the red nylon garment from her head. Now, we can see Jewell's pretty smile and face.

Scene Six: Blaze is upside down with her hands on the floor and her body stretched straight up. Her ankles are strapped to an iron bar as her legs are spread apart. Her lengthy body is a turn-on. The close-up shots of her body are cool. I like her pointy nipples. Her arms are tied behind her back by Darling as the tip of her ponytail hands along the floor. Blaze moans quite consistently and with solid conviction as the electronic vibrator gets her quite stimulated. She squeezes her fingers several times.

Final Thoughts: After watching this fetish bondage type film, I wanted to see Jewell Marceau and Blaze fuck. It's a good foreplay flick for viewers since the sight of these two hot ladies will make them want to see a Jewell or Blaze screwing movie afterwards regardless if they are paired together or not. Overall, in a non-sexual bondage fetish type of manner, Suspended Desires is an effective teasing film for Jewell and Blaze. It's a good rental to check out especially for those who enjoy watching women be suspended in air. If it was combined with a sex tape where Jewell is making out with a guy or woman, then this film would deserve a higher rating.


Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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