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Cheer Squad Sleepovers 5

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 5/10/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Cheer Squad Sleepovers 5


Genre: Made For Women, All Girl / Lesbian, All Sex, Cheerleaders

Director: ??

Cast: Courtney Cummz, Amber Chase, Chastity Lynn, Lily Carter, Sovereign Syre, Cherie DeVille, Sadie Holmes, Sara Luv

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

Length: 3 hours 7 minutes

Release Date: 4/12/13

Extras: Extras included Behind The Scenes, Slideshow and Trailers

Condoms: No


Overview: Cheerleaders have been the object of lust for guys forever but who knew lesbians were also captivated by their spunk, sexy dance moves, tight bodies and revealing uniforms? In Cheer Squad Sleepovers 5 Girlfriends Films revisits this fantasy/fetish series with a top notch squad of some of the sexiest women in porn who will definitely give you B-O-N-E-R-S, what’s that spell, boners!


Scene 1 Courtney Cummz, Lily Carter

Here you have a pairing you have every right to expect an amazing scene from. Courtney Cummz, one of the all time best ever up with Lily Carter, one of the best performers around today. Here, it is the normally charged up Courtney playing the seducee as Lily succeeds in getting Courtney under her spell. Like I said, you expect a great scene from two great performers but, there are problems here. For one, there’s just no natural chemistry between the two ladies. For the most part it’s forced which sometimes works, especially if you have experienced performers, and they do make an effort, but there’s no magic in this scene. If ever a scene called for massive editing, this is it. Plus one of my biggest issues is scene length and this scene drags on and on for over 50 minutes, with tons of talk beforehand. It took over 20 minutes of a cat and mouse game before anything of any heat could be generated and once it began, the scene couldn’t end soon enough for me or for the performers for that matter. There’s a point near the end where Courtney has to stop Lily to instruct her how many fingers she wants in her pussy and how fast she wants it, which was obviously not meant to be a part of the scene. Lily pretty much plays the same character she plays in the Please Make Me Lesbian series, and while I enjoy how she seduces her lovers, I never found it convincing in the way she seduces Courtney. Courtney makes an effort being the older but submissive MILF but this is Courtney Cummz, an explosive performer most guys can’t even handle. I just got the feeling Courtney really had to act to play this character instead of letting it come out of her naturally. Would this scene had worked if Courtney were the seducer? Perhaps but again, performer chemistry is key to any scene and there just weren’t any visible sparks here. This is definitely a scene if you decide to sit through, to keep your remote nearby and have your finger on the fast forward button.


Scene 2 Sadie Holmes, Sovereign Syre

After a little girl talk Sovereign suggests to Sadie she should try on her softball uniform since Sadie has expressed interest going from being a cheerleader to softball, hoping to be on the same “team” Sovereign is on. Seeing her get undressed and becoming aroused at the sight of Sadie in her new uniform Sovereign just goes in for a hard kiss on Sadie. Sadie isn’t exactly put off by it by is a bit unsure of Sovereign’s true motives in befriending her. Once she gets the hint she does what the more dominant Sovereign orders her to do. She undresses once again in front of Sovereign, getting herself worked up at Sadie’s tiny little body, then lays her down and sticks her tongue down her throat. Sovereign pins down Sadie and slowly works her way down to her pussy, pulling her panties to the side and lapping up her juices. Sovereign tribs Sadie, getting her own pussy drenching wet, then proceeds to eat out Sovereign who begins to tremble the moment Sadie’s tongue touches her clit. A truly amazing scene that will get you more than worked up for what follows.


Scene 3 Chastity Lynn, Cherie DeVille

Chastity learns that Cherie is going through problems in her relationship then opens up to Cherie that she likes girls. She goes over to sit next to Cherie but her intentions are really to seduce Cherie and make her Chastity’s. Cheri resists especially since she doesn’t appear to approve of Chastity’s lesbian leanings but succumbs to her advances and that Chastity just looks so damn sexy in her cheerleading uniform. They move on to the bedroom and Chastity unleashes all her sexual energy to get Cheri off. Cherie becomes puddy in front of Chastity, allowing herself to be dominated by the spinner and giving up control. Chastity is now barking orders at Cherie who does exactly what Chastity says including a sizzling ass eating moment that causes Chastity to erupt as Cherie tongues her ass. Cherie is captivated by Chastity, especially when she undresses in front of her causing Cherie to start feeling her up and helping Chastity removes the rest of her clothes in an apparent unscripted moment. There is no doubt of the amount of chemistry and physical attraction between the two ladies but having Chastity play the more dominant performer was ingenious as she is more than able to hold her own convincingly with the usually dominant Cherie, herself playing the more submissive role equally convincingly.  


Scene 4 Amber Chase, Sara Luv

Amber takes Sara upstairs to give her a new pair of cheerleader appropriate underwear and asks Sara to remove the pair she has on in front of her. Sara is confused by her request but ends up doing it anyway. Amber asks if she can hold onto the old pair, with Sara again not sure what to make of it but Amber is insistence, so she gives them to her. Amber immediately sniffs them, places them on top of Sara and begins making out with her. Sara enjoys how Amber’s tongue glides all over her young, nubile body and as soon as Amber gets down to her pussy, Amber sucks on Sara’s camel toe lips. Sara gets off on it as we watch Amber with a mouth full of Sara’s pussy, literally, getting Sara to squirm and her legs to shake uncontrollably. Amber easily takes control of the much smaller Sara who perfectly plays the sexually naïve spinner but also managing to get Amber off as she laps her clit. The two engage in tribbing getting each other gushing before the scene ends with Sara laying on top of Amber, making out with her before the scene fades to black.


Summary: Normally one truly lackluster scene, an opener for that matter, can set the tone and affect the quality of the rest of DVD. Despite a disappointing opener, scenes 2-4 define why Girlfriends Films is the leader in lesbian porn. The sex is sizzling, with tremendous amount of replay value here. The best recommendation I can give any adult title is to put the remote away when you come upon these scenes. You definitely don’t want to fast-forward through any of these performances. Sovereign Syre is unrecognizable in her role as an All American softball player with a nasty sexual streak but her performance here is typical Sovereign who manhandles her little friend Sadie, taking absolute control and showing why she is one of porn’s unsung superstars. Chastity is at her best here, dominating her older fuck toy Cherie and showing that spinners can dish it out just as well as taking it. Cherie, a tall commanding presence in any scene she appears in, nicely submits to her charge and also giving one of the very best performances of her career. And Amber proves that looks may be deceiving. She may normally play the more submissive performer but she blasts tons of sexual energy unto her very pretty and naïve new friend Sara, who nicely handles her own against the more dominant Amber yet, still convincingly plays up her inexperience, sweet persona that gives this scene lots of added spice. The chemistry in each of these scenes is unbelievable; such an amazing pairing of performers that it’s more than enough to erase from your mind whatever imperfections from this volume. Yet, it is as a whole I must rate this DVD. With three powerful performances minus the one, it does manage an extraordinary feat of capturing a Highly Recommended rating!

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