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Just In Time

Studio: Other » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 5/29/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Just In Time (Nuru Massage)

Other/Nuru Massage

Genre: Nuru Massage, Oil, Vignette, Web To DVD

Director: No director credited

Cast: Maya Hills, Chris Strokes, Khloe Kush, Dick Chibbles, Mandy Armani, Marco Rivera, Ariel Rose, Joey Brass, Bailey Blue, Eric Masterson, Asa Akira, Kourtney Kane, Xander Corvus

Length: 125:33 minutes

Dates of Production: (in order of the movie) 7/2/2012, 7/21/2012, 5/21/2012, 7/9/2012, 6/11/2012, 8/29/2011

Extras: There was a separate set of screen shots from each scene but that was it (I know, pretty cheap) and a slip cover but that was all. Maybe it would be a better idea for the company to include a bonus where purchasers get some free scenes as a method of enticing them to join the website or some BTS footage too.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Just In Time was presented in widescreen color as shot by uncredited cameramen for the Nuru Massage website. This being a web to DVD production, I was not expecting much in the way of technical values but it surprised me with solid, flat lighting, accurate fleshtones, and unambitious but reasonably decent camera work. The bitrate varied but not much and the editing was pretty decent in most cases, a few needing some polishing up but still above average from most web produced material I’ve been made privy too, though the company watermark on the lower right corner was very noticeable. The aural qualities were decent enough too with the stereo English set much louder than most web productions I’ve listened to but the performers usually easily heard, though the gain control seems to have been jacked up a bit much too in a few cases. In all though, I was pleasantly surprised by the technical qualities.

Body of Review: From time to time, I take chances with productions that show some promise, movies that typically originate from smaller companies or distributed by folks who have learned what I like (and put their reputation on the line to get me to try something new). One such production is the forthcoming Just In Time by the Nuru Massage website, the “Nuru” gimmick being a special kind of slimy oil used in some Japanese massages (I believe it was used in the recent Evil Angel flick I reviewed called Snail Trails) where a happy ending is all but assured considering the women get naked too. That said, I had no exposure to the Nuru website but found this DVD to be extremely erotic, the technical values well done, and the casting pretty good too as the six scenes showed the ladies oiling up the men and themselves before various types of true sexual contact ensued after the teasing rubbing one might expect. With ladies such as Asa Akira, Mandy Armani, Maya Hills and others doing the dirty deed, I found myself wanting to see even more. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Each screen capture is linked to the scene specific trailer on the website, enjoy!

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Scene One: Complete Relief: Maya Hills, Chris Strokes, The company did not describe this one but that is okay, the scenario centered on Chris Strokes having a bad day and needing what he called “complete relief” from masseuse Maya Hills. She initially wore a flower patterned robe and skimpy lingerie underneath, peeling all of it off when the muscular man asked her to. Her red thong went last and it had already ridden up her curvy ass, the gal dropping down to jerk him off very briefly before taking him to the shower to clean up and add the nuru lube. She slobbed his knob in the shower and bath tub before applying lots of the lubricant too, sliding all over him and titty fucking him before he gobbled her gash. I love the wet look the lube provided and while her acting abilities were not overly confident, she knew what she was doing in regards to getting him off. Of special interest was the lengthy handjob as this was not a full service massage, her oral helping drain him of genetic juice all over her tits. 7/2/2012

Scene Two: Feeling Horny: Khloe Kush, Dick Chibbles: Khloe was a masseuse with a client completely taken by her, the guy bringing her a souvenir before they followed the formulaic strip and bathing. Her hands and mouth did all the work this time too, the oiled up body rubbing sure working for me at home to develop a sizable amount of population pudding left all over her hand. The company website described the scene like this: “Dick Chibbles has a little bit of an obsession with Khloe Kush. He brought her an antelope horn from Africa but she told him it was African men that she likes not African art. The awkward beginning slowly got better as Dick helped her undress. Though the conversation was strange, she stayed professional and did her job. First she washed him in the shower with soap as his cock grew harder. She gave him a relaxing massage in the bathtub by rubbing her pussy on his dick. Then she poured nuru massage gel on his back and slid her body on his. She had him flip around so she could suck on his cock and balls. She touched herself while giving him a hand job and opened her mouth wide to taste his cum. It was a sad ending when Dick professed his love to Khloe after she told him she has a boyfriend....but they'll always have Khloe's happy endings...” 7/21/2012

Scene Three: The Usual: Mandy Armani, Marco Rivera: Mandy, the gal from the cover, was up next in a blue robe as she invited Marco inside her place to start things off, running his credit card before they joined each other in the large sunken bathtub. She sucked him off and applied the oil, masturbating him with her ass cheeks though no vaginal or anal penetration was observed before the ending spunk flew forth from his nads, the baby batter coming out in plentiful quantities thanks to her rubbing while oiled. The company website described the scene like this: “Marco Rivera was looking for the usual from Mandy Armani. The young blonde had to live up to what Marco was used to from the Nuru masseuses. Mandy convinced Marco to try a new technique that she had set up for him. This new technique let her have full access so she could have her hands rubbing his balls while her mouth was on his hard cock. She gave him a taste of the usual with the Japanese massage and her sweet wet pussy.” 5/21/2012

Scene Four: I Was Wondering: Ariel Rose, Joey Brass: Ariel brought Joey into the familiar setting of the dark living room to take payment, soon moving him to the well lit bathroom where her blue satin kimono was tossed. Her booty short panties followed and she stripped him too, the couple showering before the oil process was applied. Unlike the previous scenes, she blew him but followed up with some vaginal fucking, the couple continuing the oral and vaginal riding until some rubbing took place with the nuru oil. This caused him to gush spunk all over her ass and the scene cut away quickly. The company website described the scene like this: “Joey Brass was really tense and stressed out, so he came to Arial Rose for a massage. She was instantly attracted to him because he looked so much like her ex-boyfriend. Joey was already hard when she started stripping off his clothes. She washed his entire body with soap and sucked his cock taking him deep in her throat while she was down on her knees. She couldn't help herself from putting his cock in her pussy and fucking him in the wet shower, until he demanded the massage he paid for. She rubbed Nuru gel on her body and slid down his back, pushing her breasts down the full length of his body. He was ready to cum but he politely asked Arial if he could fuck her some more. She was quite eager and bent over so he could fuck her from behind until he came right above her ass” 7/9/2012

Scene Five: Just In Time: Bailey Blue, Eric Masterson: Bailey portrayed the GF of Eric’s friend, his need to work out a kink in his shoulder (and crotch) leading them to break the rules by following the usual dynamic of bathing, blowjobs, and oiled body rubbing. This was the sole scene where the audio was really low, the ending titty pop having no cock to pussy contact at all before the resulting round of baby batter flew forth. The company website described the scene like this: “Eric Masterson is not supposed to be getting a massage from his best friends’ girlfriend, but Bailey Blue gave in and let him stuff her mouth with a big hard cock. She gave him a nice massage in the bathtub. He threatened to get her fired if she didn't suck his dick, so Bailey had to do everything Eric asked. The sexy blonde gave Eric a Japanese massage until he exploded on her chest.” 6/11/2012

Scene Six: Threesome Surprise: Asa Akira, Kourtney Kane, Xander Corvus: In this scenario, Xander played a guy named Steve that had been out the night before, masseuses Asa and Kourtney both remembering him as having pulled a muscle dancing. He paid for both and they followed the formulaic approach closely, the fun factor higher due to there being two ladies to service him orally and using body gliding action once the showering and initially blowjob took place. All three of them did oral though and the lesbian play enhanced things nicely too, I just wished it was a longer scene before he launched his goo all over their hands. The company website described the scene like this: “Steve arrives for his appointment at the Nuru Massage Parlor and meets his masseuse Asa. Steve had never been here before, but he and Asa both feel like they know each other. When another masseuse, Kortney, walks into the room she reminds them that all three of them met last night at the club. As they all remember the night Asa offers Steve massage with her and Kortney together. He jumps at the chance of getting a two girl massage. They take him to the room, everyone strips and they get into the shower. They wash him down and tease his cock with their mouths. After having him sit in the Sukebe chair so they can take turns giving him head they take him to the mattress, cover all three of their bodies in Nuru gel and start sliding around on his body. The ladies are clearly horny. Asa licks Kortney’s pussy then she slides down Steve’s body and starts sucking his cock. While she gives him head he plays with Kortney. The whole thing is so overwhelming he can’t hold out long and shoots his hot load into Asa’s mouth.” 8/29/2011

Summary: Just In Time was admittedly off the beaten track for me since there was so little actual fucking and so much actual tease but I had fun and having explored the company website just enough to appreciate the sheer number of ladies who have been on it, I thought this made a good introduction to the company website more than a standalone release. The cast of ladies was well picked though I would have made different choices from the company archives if allowed to, the gimmick of the oiled up friction play seemed strong enough to merit a rating of Recommended or better for those willing to expand their horizons a little. Heck, I’d like a nuru massage myself, even if it meant no penetration or blowjob, given what I saw here. In short then, Just In Time was a nice change of pace for me and full of fun factor action, the tease sufficient to draw me in time and again so give it a look if this sounds interesting to the rest of you as well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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