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Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 5/29/13

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Digital Playground
Directed and Written by Robby D
Date of Production: 10/16/12
Running Time: 1:45:20


Selena Rose
Riley Reid
Chastity Lynn
Vicki Chase
Nicole Aniston
Karlo Karrera
James Deen
Barry Scott
Ramon Nomar
Mr Pete
Erik Everhard

Special Features:

Trailers:14 trailers
Slide Show/Photo Gallery
Motion Chapter Index
Behind the Scenes: 9:46 with some footage of Riley warming up Mr Pete
Shot in HD

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 448 kbps

Video: AVC at round 17-20 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Vicki and Riley hook up with guys at work. After Vicki’s sex session with James, the girls get busted for their activities. To avoid charges being pressed, they take a community service offer of mentoring sex addicted girls. The Butterfly Foundation School for Wayward Sexually Addicted Girls is run by uptight Nicole, who helps horny hotties surpress their naughty needs. Riley is not buying it and takes the opportunity to bury Karlo’s rock hard rod deep into her tight pussy. At the insitute, over heated Chastity cuts loose and deep throats delivery guy Barry’s long hard package. Using her camera phone, Vicki catches Nicole pleasuring herself with a huge dildo. Turned on by this, Vicki seduces on of the local law officers, Ramon. Selena is one of the repressed girls who misses fucking her boyfriend, Mr Pete. With Riley’s help, Selena gets the sex she’s been craving. Riley shows lawyer Erik the hardcore video of Nicole before inviting him to fill up her sweet pussy. Will the wayward girls’ continue to be repressed under Nicole’s watch or will she be ousted by the Troublemakers?

After a little break, dealing with some mail issues, I am finally back to review mode, did you miss me. Well I decided to start things up with this Digital Playground release. I have a love/hate relationship with their movies, but I always keep coming back, cause they surprise me every once in awhile. And this one had some nice surprises, including 2 scenes with Riley, which are always appreciated, and check out the beginning of the BTS for more Riley fun. It was nice to see Ashley Fires pop up a few times, would have loved to see her involved in a scene, I think the Ashley/Chastity/Ramon scene would have been a nice touch to the movie. But as I stated in the review, you don’t see the star of this movie, Selena, in action, till the second to last scene. And that is it, so once again, their contract girls are getting out shinned by her co-stars. So take that as a warning if you a Selena fan, she’s only in one scene. And if it wasn’t for the two Riley scenes, which were definetly the highlights of this film, it would have gotten a worse rating from me. But thanks to Riley, this is worth a RENT IT for sure.

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Vicki and James

Seems these two really want to play doctor, if you know what I mean. And James gets her motor running pretty quick, as he ends up face deep in her pussy, as she spreads her legs wide for him. And after his mouth gets her pussy nice and ready, he slides in his cock for some missionary examination. Sorry I will try and keep the doctor jokes and references to a minimum. Well the missionary is short and she ends up on her knees, jerking and swallowing him, going deep as he face fucks her, and the spit begins to appear. Some nice energy from Vicky during her oral workout, and then ends up leaning up against the table as he slides back in her pussy from behind, while offering a few ass slaps along the way, which she doesn’t seem to mind. And James turns up the heat, as she gives her a few hair pulls and manhandles her, before he ends up face deep in her ass, giving both her ass and pussy a brief licking. They both end up on the table as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, really showing some nice energy as she rides him. She leans back and James takes control, and then sets her down beside him for some spoon, while he strums her pussy. I think I have been hit or miss with scenes with Vicki and I would say this one is somewhat leaning towards a hit, and I think that is partly due to her partner in this scene, James. It’s back to missionary and then he pulls out and he blasts her mouth and face with a decent money shot.

Riley and Karlo

This is such a crazy plan, of course nothing is going to go wrong. They meet Ashley and Chastity who both are having masturbation and oral fixations, and it doesn’t seem to be working. Too bad Ashley is wasted in that scene. But it’s time for Riley to finally get her sexy time with Karlo, and she is talking about sexual addictions or something, but I am checking out that booty in those shorts. She heads south and teases his cock through his pants, before unleashing it and working that magic tongue over it before swallowing it in her mouth. The spit begins to appear as she continues her oral workout, covering every inch. He moves in and gives her tits some love and then she stands up and slides off her shorts and showcases her ass for the camera, as he grabs and slaps it, but Riley ends up on her knees with more love for his cock to come. And it should be no surprise that she is going to have lots of time with his cock in her mouth. He picks her up and slides off her panties, and plays with her pussy, before diving in and giving it a nice lickfest. He slides in for some missionary, with some issues here and there. But he offers her feet some love, while she offers her pussy a helping hand, and all seems normal again. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and of course there is some squirting, but they move the camera as to hide it, but her pussy is soaking wet right now. She pulls out his cock and jerks him off and he spreads his cum on her pussy and thighs.

Chastity and Barry


Seems Chastity is finally going to get a cock to suck after working over that hot dog and straw like an animal. She ends up quickly on her knees and is definitely working out that oral frustration on Barry. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Lots of tongue action and spit, and he gets some use out of those pony tails she is wearing. She applies some spit to her hand and gives her pussy some attention, and Barry leans over and offers some love too. And after a job well done, he plants his seed in her mouth, followed by a few more licks and sucks before we are all done. Well that should hold her over for a few minutes.

Nicole (solo)

It seems the warden can’t control her urges either and have some solo time with the contraband sex toys. Some oral love and then the clothes start to come off and she rubs the toy against her pussy, teasing it, before she finally shoves it in her pussy. And this is when Vicki spies her and decides to record this for some black mail down the road.

Vicki and Ramon

Well it’s nice to see Ashley again, as they attack Ramon, but luckily, I think, Vicki saves her and she wants some time with the nice officer. She lays him down on the bed and slides off her shirt as he dives into her tits. He slides off her shorts and gets a handful of her ass, then he lays back as she gets a mouthful of his cock. She makes sure that every inch of his cock and balls are getting some attention, and then climbs on teases his cock with her pussy, before it ends up in her pussy, as she bounces on his cock. She climbs off and they continue with some 69 action, as he seems to be hitting the right spots for her. He lays her down in front of him and dives into her ass, giving it a nice licking, before he slides his cock in for some doggy. Onto some missionary and then back to some doggy. The one thing you gotta love about Blu-ray movies, you pretty much see every little detail. Either she needs to shave her ass or he is shedding on her as he slams his body up against her ass. He is working up quite a sweat already. And he gives her more doggy and then pulls out and cums on her ass.

Selena and Mr Pete

So we are almost to the end of the movie and we finally have a scene with our starring lady. Something doesn’t seem right about that. But anyways, they share some passionate kissing and then he gives her tits some love, before he lays her back and slides off her shorts, and then slides her panties to the side to give it some tongue and mouth action. His tongue and fingers do a nice job of getting her motor running. She bends over in front of him and as soon as the panties are off, he is face deep in her ass, licking and slapping it, but it’s finally her turn to show his cock how much she has missed it. Some short oral and then he is back to letting his fingers work their magic, and then he shoves his cock in her mouth and she lathers it up, before ending up bent over as he fucks her from behind. She rides his cock for a bit and then lays back as he works his magic fingers on her pussy, getting it nice and wet before he slides back in. And Pete works up a sweat as he fucks her pussy, it’s too bad it seems that he is putting more into this scene than she is. He pulls out and leaves a few drip of cum on her pussy, perhaps too much pre game fun with Riley?

Riley and Erik (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

She shows him the video of Nicole, and then climbs on him and turns on the charm and wants to know if he can help her, and I think his answer is a big fat yes. He sucks and plays with her tits, and then some heated kissing between them. He lays her down on the desk and dives in her pussy, giving it a nice tongue workout, getting this kitty to purr pretty quick. And I mean he really has his mouth deep in her pussy, making sure he hits her magic spot. She props her body nicely on the desk, showcasing her curves as she begins her oral appreciation of his cock. He leans forward and gives her pussy some finger love, as she continues to suck and swallow his cock, getting it nice and wet with spit. She takes a seat in the chair with her ass out, as he slides in from behind, and it seems the juices are already flowing in her pussy. And she leans up against the desk and works that booty on his cock before it’s back to some missionary as he strums her pussy. If the desk is a rocking, don’t come a knocking. And before he bursts, he dives in and gives her pussy some more oral love, before he slides back inside her. They make their way over to the couch as she climbs on and rides him for some reverse cowgirl fun, and it seems that she is about to squirt once again. It’s back to some doggy, as he continues to pound her pussy, giving it a few slaps along the way. He pulls out and covers her face and mouth with cum, as she smiles and gives it a few more licks with her tongue before the magic is all over.

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