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Evil Angels: Alexis Texas

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/1/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Evil Angels: Alexis Texas

Evil Angel

Genre: Compilation, Alexis Texas, Evil Angel scenes

Director: Varied By Scene

Cast: Alexis Texas, Jenny Hendrix, Rocco Siffredi, Tori Black, Billy Lane, Manuel Ferrara, Marco Banderas, James Deen, Belladonna, Rocco Reed

Length: 390:44 minutes (201:41 minutes & 189:03 minutes)

Date of Production: 2013 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

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Extras: There was a cast list and company website trailer on the first disc. The second disc repeated the cast list and added some trailers, a cumshot recap, filmographies, and websites.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Angels: Alexis Texas was presented in 1.78:1 widescreen as shot by nine directors at Evil Angel, the compilation picking some of Alexis Texas’s best scenes out of the many she has done for them. The overall visual elements varied with each of the nine scenes, the varied directors all shooting for something suiting their own tastes. That said, the general lighting, editing, and color tones were about the same as the last volume in this new compilation series, albeit not by a wide berth, so fans that missed some or all of the original movies these scenes came from will appreciate them all the more. The aural elements were also on the basic side, the vocals easily heard in most cases and the diversity of experiences not harming the compilation as a whole.

Body of Review: Evil Angel has long been one of the premiere gonzo production houses in the porn industry for fans wanting the very best in raw energy, chemistry, and excellent casting so it makes sense that when they decided to try a new form of compilation, applying scenes from as many of their directors as possible to provide a better, in-depth look at a particular lady in showcase form. The latest such release is called Evil Angels: Alexis Texas, the sexy blonde booty babe among the most fuckable in company history for those who enjoy curvy gals going all out in their sexual trysts. The double disc set offered a set of ten scenes by different directors, polishing up the series in some aspects while bringing out some of their best works by Alexis Texas together in a single compilation. One quick note for those uninitiated, some of the scenes appear to have been edited from their original versions; not always in a distracting manner but it should be noted that there were occasional, minor differences (or I’m just getting old).


The company website described the double disc compilation like this: “In the annals of pornography, there is no PAWG (phat ass white girl) whose name resonates like that of the legendary Alexis Texas. This seductive, stunning blonde has it all: a gorgeous face, slender frame and, of course, that massive, spectacularly round booty, a magnet for ass men everywhere. Now the collective masterminds of Evil Angel Video are showcasing this amazing performer in their newest special star compilation, "Evil Angels: Alexis Texas." Containing nine scenes from eight varied directors, this double-disc release reveals the many sides of Alexis' erotic personality. From sensuous tease to passionate lesbian lust to hard-core fucking to extreme ass play to outrageous femdom face sitting to kinky SM solo action, you get six-and-a-half hours of pure, uncut Alexis. The segments include her appearances in Rocco Siffredi's "Rocco's American Adventures" (with Rocco and Jenny Hendrix), Jay Sin's "Anal Buffet 5" (with Tori Black), MeanBitch Productions' "FemDom Ass Worship 7," Manuel Ferrara's "Fucked On Sight 2" (in a POV scene with Manuel) and "Slutty & Sluttier 14," Cruel Media's "Ass Titans 3," John Leslie's "Big Ass Crackers" (with James Deen), Belladonna's "Buttface" (with Bella herself) and John Stagliano's "Buttman's Stretch Class 4." This luscious starlet is a national treasure. A guided tour of the best scenes by the little lady with a heart and an ass as expansive as the Lone Star State, "Evil Angels: Alexis Texas" is a well-rounded "greatest hits set" from one of the finest porn performers of all time!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Rocco’s American Adventures: I love this movie already. The rest of it would have to totally suck for it to lose my recommendation, and I don't see that happening. So we start with Buttman shooting a kind of “Stretch Class” tease bit with the famous blonde booty queen Alexis Texas, and asstastic babe Jenny Hendrix. Admittedly, I am not a fan of either of these girls. I haven't bought into the Alexis hype as much as the porn masses have, and I've had a bit of a dislike for Jenny Hendrix since I first saw her in “Ass Worship 10” a few years ago (Even though she is SUPER hot in this scene). However, Buttman and Rocco bring out the best in both of them Here. Alexis is wearing black lingerie and Jenny is wearing a particularly sexy purple vinyl outfit. So Buttman buries his face in their asses and makes them do ass tricks for a while before Rocco shows up. These tease Rocco through the glass door before letting him inside. Right away we get into some face sitting while the girls trade of giving him Bjs and riding him. Rocco neglects Jenny a little bit in this scene, and primarily fucks Alexis doggie style, cowgirl, and spoon style. Jenny gets her dickings too, but not quite as much as Alexis. From there we get a lot of assplay where Rocco buries his face in the girls' asses in a variety of ways including something Alexis calls “The Texas Hold”, where she pulls his face into her butt and wraps her feet around his neck to hold him in place. After all of this Alexis jerks him off until he cums all over Jenny's cooch, and Rocco ends the scene by admitting that he is “Ass Drunk”. This scene is fantastic. It breaks away from all the typical porn formulas and treats us to a change of pace. An experienced viewer wouldn't have to see Buttman to know it's him shooting this scene, nobody shoots asses as lovingly as he does (Not even Jules Jordan). (review by Steve Ward)

Scene Two: Anal Buffet 5: Alexis Texas, the attractive bleach blond featured on the front cover, and beautiful brunette Tori Black, were up first as they played around lesbian style while dressed in lingerie. Alexis’ booty was not as large as usual due to her losing weight but she bent over a lot to compensate, a fact not lost on frisky Tori who caressed and ate out her friend nearly as aggressively as the reciprocation that occurred. Both ladies took toys in their asses, the slow pace a bit awkward compared to the foreign gals that followed in the rest of the scenes. It was a performance rather than the gals getting off on one another, still a welcome sight given the amount of dedication to the anal acts they provided. The company website described this one as “We begin with the American beauties: brunette stunner Tori Black and heroically proportioned blonde Alexis Texas, who go at each other with an escalating series of anal invasions, using toys and tongues to expand their backdoor horizons. Fans of Jay's anal-lesbian niche will find plenty to explore, watching Alexis get off while her huge, sumptuous ass is plowed with a big, red sex toy, then rimmed deeply by lovely Tori.”

Scene Three: Femdom Ass Worship 7: Alexis Texas, the curvy blond featured on the center of the front cover (in her black fetish outfit), was up first to set the stage of the entire show. She teased the camera with her fine fleshy ass, using extensive dirty talk to make the most of the role she was playing. The room was a basic bedroom set, Billy Lane reading off a letter sent as she berated him, the gal soon sitting on his face to start their role playing scenario. There was a lot of rimming and foot fetish involved, even her pussy getting serviced extensively before she rubbed out a load of genetic juice from his modest member.

Scene Four: Fucked On Sight 2: Alexis Texas, the great looking gal featured on the front DVD cover in the fishnet pantyhose, was up next and she was another reason I was interested in seeing the DVD. I've been seeing a lot of her work lately and while she is still new to porn, I like routing for the hometown gals; especially when they are as good looking as Alexis. I wasn't expecting her to be as skilled as the previous gals (they've been around awhile and have built up their skills through hard work and dedication) but she has been getting better with experience of late and that body of hers is simply outstanding! She teased on the staircase indoors with the fishnets enhancing her curves, with silver gloves and thigh high boots adding to the visual treat she provided. She was playful and perky, showing that she really wanted to prove herself to studly Manuel Ferrara; him not wanting to share her as he did some of the other ladies. The freshness factor was nearly off the charts as she coyly showed him what he paid for, the camera giving the audience a solid view of all she had to offer and more as a result. He was infatuated with her for good reason and her athletic body was in no rush to finish him off as the two played together. She blew him like she was on the bonus plan and he wanted to suck her ass so badly he could taste it by the comments he made. The standing hummer looked really appealing and her overall attention to detail in the multitude of oral positions throughout the scene showed her superior aptitude for using her mouth to service men. The vaginal screwing was not nearly as common in this scene and she was not even close to being as active as her peers here but as much as I long for the day when she is as good as they are, it was still a solid little session of pork the pussy to enjoy. As expected, he launched his load of population pudding into her mouth to close things up; the hotty giving some post coital sucking before giving the world one last look of her bent over on the couch. Yum!

Scene Five: Ass Titans 3: Alexis struts around in front of Marco as only she can, showing off those backdoor curves that have made her a household name around these here parts. They head indoors and she bends over the couch and jiggles them cheeks before going outside where Marco, dressed in a chef's outfit for whatever reason, buries his face in there. His pants come down and his cock magically finds its way into her mouth and she goes down on him, working the camera with her pretty eyes before getting on all fours in front of him for some doggy style fucking. She rides him cowgirl style and then sucks and strokes him some more before switching to reverse. They go at it missionary style and then she takes it from behind again before some more oral, some spoon fucking and then yet more oral still finishes it off with a big old gooey facial that Alexis seems quite pleased with. (review by The Mooninite)

Scene Six: Big Ass Crackers: Alexis Texas, the blond hotty featured on the front cover wearing her pink stretch pants, was up first as she engaged in a lot of booty tease bent over a chair. Her legion of fans will appreciate that her sweet ass was shown walking through the house, up some stairs, and with varying amounts of clothing propping up her cheeks, James Deen entering the picture about 12 minutes into the movie to be shown admiring her ass with his hands and mouth. She smothered him with her ass cheeks and he oiled her up, the two actively boning as her labia engulfed his rod. Alexis went all out this time and it was one of her best recent performances, the illusion of chemistry provided and enhanced by the manner in which she slobbed his juice-laden knob as she maintained eye contact. This continued until he rubbed out a wad of genetic juice to her ass cheeks, Alexis smiling at the effect she had on the lad.

Scene Seven: Belladonna’s Buttface: Alexis Texas, a bountiful blond bombshell with a bodacious booty, was up first with sexually charged Belladonna, the setting of a large white lit platform in a barren room perfect for keeping all eyes on the ladies. They wore colorful bikini outfits, Alexis in a pink accentuated one and Bella in blue, the director stuffing her face in Alexis’ ass repeatedly as she savored the smell of her friend at length. Alexis reciprocated and the replay value was enough to elicit some spunk as the fingering progressed and the ladies proved to be dripping wet, the idea that catering to such a basic idea would be so erotically charged drilled into my head time and time again by the way they seemed so at home with doing some nasty oral on ass. Bella’s energy was infectious too, her desire to go all out on beautiful Alexis making this a great starting point for one of my favorite titles of the year so far.

Scene Eight: Buttman’s Stretch Class 4: Alexis Texas, the ever-popular blond babe featured on the front cover, was up first as she walked into the room wearing jeans so tight that they looked painted on. She berated John for his long running promises to shoot her in scenes and he apologized profusely while mentioning some of the other directors in the company distribution network that have successfully shot her. This led to him stuffing his face between her clothed ass cheeks, the tease moving forth to showcase her tiny red thong, some nipple clamps, and the gal masturbating with a series of toys including a black gnome; her pussy and ass violated quite deeply. It was a fun showing and her wonderful ass was spread in all sorts of positions, the scene lasting over an hour.

Scene Nine: Slutty & Sluttier 14: Alexis Texas, a well rounded blond that has become almost an icon in the industry since joining several years back, was up next but only with Rocco Reed. He played a pretty boy more interested in videogames and lounging around than taking advantage of her horny state of mind, Alexis dropping major hints as to what she wanted from him as he ignored her. This included a lot of booty tease as her blue jeans were pushed ever lower, the outfit changes showing she was forced to wait for him until she took matters into her own hands. While not even close to the same league of performer as Manuel, Rocco did an okay job of going down on her, being blown, and pounding her pussy in various penetrative positions, Alexis displaying some enthusiasm for his modest member entering her mouth and pussy. There were a lot of doggy style variations to highlight her fleshy ass too, the well lit room helping maintain the visual appeal of the moment as the pair boned. With frequent taste testing, the scene closed up with a decent facial of population pudding that Rocco tossed off to her face, Alexis happy to receive his spunk with a smile (the gal even licking some off the wooden floor).

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Summary: Evil Angels: Alexis Texas by the directors of Evil Angel had no new material to speak of and Alexis Texas was not brought in to provide any scene introductions or new bonus material but for those who find her as sexually charged as I have over the years, this double disc set will be worth a rating of Highly Recommended if you do not already have the scenes in your collection. There was a willingness to show the leading starlet in a plethora of situations, from her dominating others to lengthy selections of tease material from the leader of the company to some lesbian action, and more. The extras were on the light side but the technical values were generally very well done, the devotion to keep the material as good looking as it was originally certainly appreciated. In short, Evil Angels: Alexis Texas will hopefully be the beginning of a wonderfully appealing showcase compilation series, Alexis Texas herself having enough solid stroke material to commission at least a couple more volumes in the series though I would suggest a number of others that would benefit from the treatment here as well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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