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Ink Girls

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/11/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Ink Girls
Wicked Pictures
Directed by Brad Armstrong
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:09:37
Vignette/All Sex


Christy Mack
Daisy Marie
Gia Dimarco
Helly Hellfire
Jessa Rhodes
Kayla Carrera
Lolly Ink
Romi Rain
Sarah Jessie
Barrett Blade
Barry Scott
Brendon Miller
Danny Mountain
Derrick Pierce
Marcus London

Special Features:

3 Bonus Sex Scenes: Christy Mack and Richie from Hall Pass Ass (22:46), Jessa Rhodes and Tyler from Talking Shop (16:25), and Daisy Marie and Charmane Star from L.A. Lesbians (16:06)
Photo Gallery
Trailers (2 before main menu) 7 in Special Features

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel at 48 kHz and 384 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Wicked Pictures and Award Wining Director Brad Armstrong bring you Ink Girls, al all sex ink-splattering extravaganza, featuring the hottest and most tatted vixens in the adult industry. Tattoo artists from all over the planet have used these beautiful women as their canvas, and now you get to see them up close and personal, doing all kinds of dirty deeds. Sleeves, full back pieces, tribal, traditional, black and white, and of course the ever-popular “tramp stamp!” They’re all here, decorating the best bodies in town. So if you like your ladies a little more colorful than most, you’re gonna loooove Ink Girls.

It’s seems like it has been awhile since I have gotten the chance to review a Wicked film. And that means something considering I have been a big fan of most of their movies. They definitely go the extra mile in the production quality and technical aspects of the movies, one of the few studios that offers 5.1 on DVD format, and the action always looks crystal clear and focused on the action. And you can’t go wrong with the selection of ladies in this one, a few familiar faces, and a few that surprised me. But I can also say there was  little disappointment too. Gia was plagued with some performance issues from one of her studs and some of the scenes had some parts where it seemed like it was going through the motions and positions.  But I will say that overall, the good seemed to outweigh the bad and I think we had very solid last two scenes to help bump up the score a little and get a RECOMMENDED rating from me. I have yet another tattoo movie to review soon from Elegant Angel, which should be interesting to watch now that I have seen this one. Granted two different genres, but it’s nice to see that taboo of girls with tattoos going away. But can we all just remember who started this whole thing, Joanna Angel and her Burning Angel girls.

Jessa and Barrett

And our first lady up, decked out in some sexy rock n roll clothes, has a few tats on her arms, and as she turns around it seems she is rocking the infamous tramp stamp. Barrett joins her on the couch and after a brief guitar session, she is straddling his lap, and he is giving her booty a few slaps. Her wife beater and bikini top come off and out come her perky little tits, as he plays with them, giving them a few sucks and licks, as he slowly makes his way to her pussy. He teases it with his tongue, getting it nice and wet, along with some finger action in her ass. She bends over with her ass out to the camera, and she grabs onto his balls and sucks and jerks him off, making sure his cock is nice and wet when she is done with it. She bends over in front of him, and after he slides on a condom, he is giving her some decent doggy, along with some ass slaps. Add in some dirty talk from her and we are headed in the right direction. He gets a few handfulls of booty as he continues to fuck her from behind, as she begs for him to go harder. She climbs on his cock and works that booty well, bouncing and grinding on his cock. After the cowgirl, it’s onto some missionary, as she lends a helping hand while he continues to fuck her pussy. He pulls out and he gives her a bigger money shot than she was expecting I think. She gives his cock a few last licks and sucks before it’s all over.

Gia, Kayla, Brendon and Danny

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And we have joined a few sexy rock a billy girls, who are in the middle of a heated card game. I can say that Gia easily has my attention from the start, those cut off shorts, and that amazing body of hers. The girls seems more interested in the guys than the game of cards, as they lock lips with their guys, as the hand exploring begins. The clothes start to come off, as the guys take in the girls, enjoying the curves along with the tattoos. Some pussy licking from the guys, and it seems that Gia is the more vocal of the two, as Brendon licks her pussy, with a little patch growing just above it. Gia lipstick is already a mess, and she bends over and gets some more tongue  and finger action from Brendon. But then the girls are going to work, servicing the cocks waiting for them. And Gia is not afraid to make sure both guys are satisfied, making her way over to Danny, offering some oral attention. She bends over in front of him and he slides his finger in her pussy, giving it a few licks, while Brendon has re-appeared and is getting some oral love too. Danny slides his man meat into Gia’s pussy, while she’s got a few fingers in the lovely lady in front of her. Remember how I said Gia was going to have my attention during this scene, yeah that is not a lie. I believe we have some anal fun between Gia and Danny, while the other pairing is doing their best to keep up. The girls climb on the cocks for some nice riding and grinding. Both giving us a nice view as they do it. It seems that Gia is able to bring Brendon to life and then she is bent over again as he slides into her ass, once again garnering most of the attention from the camera. It’s a shame that Brendon seems to be having some issues in this scene, definitely hurting the overall tone of this one, cause this foursome ends up being a threesome most of the time. The girls are back on the table, with some heated kisses between them as the guys continue to fuck them, and it seems we have some anal loving for both of this ladies now. Brendon pulls out and jerks off on Gia’s ass and back, followed by Danny blasting his lady in the mouth, with a nice money shot. She goes over and licks the cum off Gia before going back to Danny’s cock giving it some more attention.

Daisy and Romi

It seems that after a long break, we are lucky enough to have Daisy and her lovely tattoos, back in the industry. And since she has returned I believe she is strictly doing G/G , and boy does she have a lovely girl joining her today. Plenty of curves and tattoos for your eyes and other body parts to enjoy. She bends over in front of Daisy as she teases and plays with her ass and pussy through her cutoff shorts, and then slides them off, and gives her pussy and ass a nice licking. She slides a few fingers inside her pussy, getting her nice and wet inside, getting her motor running. She falls to her knees and slides off her belt and tight red shorts, taking in Daisy’s body, before spreading her pussy with her fingers and going in with her tongue. She slides a few fingers in her pussy and that seems to get her motor running, as she reaches down and offers a few fingers to help her out, as she cums. She climbs on Daisy’s leg and after some brief grinding, the girls finger their pussies, with some tongue wrestling and boob play in between. Daisy is back on her knees, showing off her curves to the camera, as the licking and fingering of her pussy continues. Daisy heads north and gives her boobs some attention, and then leans over the side of the car, as her pussy is getting some finger and tongue action.

Lolly and Derrick

And we can’t have a tattoo porn, without having some sex in a tattoo parlor. This busty blonde has fully tatted sleaves and it seems that Derrick is here to add in some more work, but perhaps something else will get his attention. She looks back at him and gives him those come fuck me eyes, as they come together for some kisses, and he has his hand working over her pussy over her striped panties. Her panties come off, as he slides his gloved up fingers into her pussy. She gets a case of the shivers as he finger bangs her, then she falls to her knees and after some teasing, unleashes his cock and shows off some ok oral work. This long oral session wouldn’t be bad, if it was a little more exciting, luckily it is over and she climbs on top and bounces those huge tits in his face, while he fucks her. Luckily they are showing some energy and enthusiasm in this position, otherwise this would be a rather blah scene. Some decent doggy follows as she bends over the table. And I guess for the ladies, we have a guy who has a few full tattoos covering his body. She lays on her back and grabs onto her tits, as they continue with some deep missionary and then she ends up on her knees and takes his load in her mouth and of course some drips down on her huge tits.

Christy and Marcus (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

The lovely Christy is wearing nothing but a wife beater, teasing and staring us down with those sexy eyes, as she shows off her lovely curves for the camera. Marcus appears and takes her in, before he kisses her leg and makes his way to her neck. Some heated kisses between them and he lifts up her shirt and sucks and licks those wonderful tits. He reaches down and fingers her pussy, getting her motor running he continues to have a mouthful of her tits in his mouth. She lays back as he heads south and really goes to town on her pussy. She once again is wearing those cat like claws on her fingers, which I am guessing most of us would love scratching our back during some hot sexy time. They both give her pussy some finger love, then he dives in and works over the finger and tongue combo, letting her lick his fingers before he slides back in. She gets on all fours and introduces his cock to her mouth, showing some energy and nice tongue work as she works him over. The spit begins to build up as she works him over, and he leans over and can’t keep his hands off her body. He lays down and she sits that sexy ass on his cock and goes for a ride, filling up the screen and giving us plenty to enjoy. And he gives her plenty as we get some spurts of some hard pounding from him when she’s not bouncing on his cock. This was the other scene I was looking forward to watching, and she doesn’t disappoint. After some nice cowgirl, he slides in from behind, giving her pussy some nice pounding, as the kitty’s motor is moaning and purring. I know I have been somewhat disappointed at various times in this movie, but the one thing I can say, I love the set pieces in each of the scene, work well in the movie and it’s nice when people go the extra mile. She ends up on her back for some missionary and some finger play, while she grabs on tight to her boob. He speeds up the thrust, giving her some hard and deep thrusts, before stopping to kiss her neck and head south. They continue with some spoon, as he strums her pussy, and then pulls out and blasts his load, with most of it landing on her arm, and she licks it up, as she once again stares us down with those sexy eyes.

Helly, Sarah, and Barry

As we reach our final scene, we have two busty blondes, sort of going with a heavy metal/goth vibe. Both decked out in some black leather outfit, and both having some fun with chains. Barry shows up and looks over the girls and it’s not long before he is surrounded by them, as the lick all over his body, and then it turns into a hand exploration from all of them. Helly falls to her knees and offers up some oral love, gagging on his cock, while Sarah is sucking on his nipples and lips, before she heads down and the girls double team his cock. I was thinking that maybe the previous scene might get our spotlight scene, but this two lovely ladies are giving her a run for her money. Sarah takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl, while Helly plays tongue hockey, and rubbing her pussy. Helly bends over with her ass to the camera, as she plays with her pierced pussy, while Sarah continues to ride Barry. Helly sits on his face before she ends up pressed against the wall and he is spreading and licking her pierced pussy, before sliding in with his man meat. It’s back to Sarah as she is bent over in front of him, getting fucked from behind as she finger bangs Helly. Well that is something you don’t see everday, as Sarah slides a lighted candle, in Helly’s ass, while her mouth is wrapped around Barry’s cock. I have to say that this is a different side of Helly from the previous movie I saw her in, and that’s a compliment. Sarah blows out the candle, and Barry is back inside Helly’s pussy, while Sarah fingers her pussy. He pulls out and blasts Helly’s pussy with cum and they rub it into her skin and share the extra between them.

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