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Hot Body Ink

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 6/25/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Hot Body Ink
Elegant Angel
Directed by William H
Date of Production: 3/24/13
Running Time: 2:19:05


Bonnie Rotten
Christy Mack
Bailey Blue
Dana Vespoli
Sarah Jessie
Mick Blue
Erik Everhard
Manuel Ferarra

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Behind the Scenes:16:41
Cumshot Recap:2:47
Photo Gallery
Web Info

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 2-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

And after going through a bunch of blow bang titles from various studios, it seems that next up is going to be titles that focus on the tatted girls. I had a previous review of a Burning Angel movie, a Wicked Picture movie and now it’s time to see what Elegant Angel and William H bring to the table. On a side note, I believe this might be one of the last William H titles from Elegant, as he, along with a few others, have moved on. I feel sorry for those that are going to try and replace William H, but let’s not worry about that, let’s sit back and watch some lovely ladies with some tattoos, show us their sexy and dirty side.

And this is a title that has already been reviewed by one of my fellow reviewers and was given a recommended rating from him. So let’s see how this one stacks up in my books. And after watching this one, we had a very nice start with Bonnie, no surprise, and then a little hiccup before Bailey and Manuel were able to steer us in the right direction, followed by a solid scene with Dana and a nice finale with Christy. And I think I am going to give this a slight bump up from my fellow reviewer and give this a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The other title I review had some scenes that had potential, but fell flat at moments, and this one did not have that. It had some great looking action, filmed nicely by William H, and of course some very lovely ladies, with some varying degrees of tattoos. I think this sudden increase in tattoo themed movies means that they aren’t as taboo as they used to be. But please let us not forget who started this movement, Joanna Angel and Burning Angel, just saying.

Bonnie and Mick (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

I am surprised to see that our cover girl is up first, but I am not complaining. This is not a bad way to start the movie at all. Some tease footage gets us started as they showcase her pretty much naked body and of course her tattoos, which there are plenty. Enjoying the tease footage as she makes her body shine in the shower. And as the fun stuff begins, she is wearing a black two piece outfit and she is on the couch with Mick, getting the purrs and dirty talk going. He offers her tits some love and then gives her pussy a few slaps, along with some hair pulling and that just seems to turn her on even more, as she wraps those legs around him. He opens his pants and she has her mouth and hands wrapped around his cock, as he leans over and gives her pussy some attention. Lots of spit and energy from Bonnie as she gives him some very nice oral love. He gives her pussy some nice finger banging, getting it nice and wet, as the squirt starts to drip from her pussy. She bends over as he slides in from behind and she gets very vocal as she begs for some spankings as she is on the verge of cumming. She reaches back and shoves a finger in her ass, and continues to beg for more and more from him, and we like to see some energy from the performers and she is at 11 right now. But it’s time for something a bit bigger to end up in her ass, as she bends over with her ass up, and he slides in and continues to keep the momentum going with some nice anal. They continue the anal play in some great reverse cowgirl as she plays with her pussy and eggs him on not to stop fucking her. After the anal domination, he dives in her pussy and works his tongue over it and continues to drive her to the verge of cumming, then mounts her and is back to the anal domination. She climbs on for some cowgirl and seems to haven’t slowed down a bit, as she keeps things going, although he gives her a chance to catch her breath a little before he is back to working his cock deep in her ass, while he gets a face full of her tatted boobs. She begs for his cum and as she ends up on her knees gives her a nice shot in the mouth with a few spurts on the face. I would say we have an early contender for spotlight scene.

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Sarah and Erik

I am pretty sure I saw this lady in Inked Girls, I think she was in the threesome with Helly. Well this blonde with the big tits, is wearing a silver top, a black bikini thong and some knee high leather boots, so yeah she’s sort of got my attention. She a full sleeve tattoo on one of her arms and a nice back piece. Erik greets her on the couch and dives right into her pierced pussy, working that magic tongue of his. And after he is done, it is time for her to wake up his cock, as she sucks and swallows it, along with some face fucking. He gives her pussy more oral love and then slides inside and turns up the pace, as her pussy wraps around his cock. She gets rather vocal as he gives her pussy a few strums with his fingers, and then pushes her legs back and mounts her. She climbs on and spreads her legs as he is back to giving her pussy plenty of attention with his cock. He reaches around and strums her pussy, as she seems to have some fun with her tits. She bends over in front of him and he slides in for some doggy making sure her moans and screams get louder, and even he seems to get a little vocal, as he slaps her ass a few times. She reaches back and shoves a finger and in her ass, and then he follows up with some more finger banging, while he works his cock in her pussy. After some more reverse cowgirl she climbs off and sucks the taste off his cock and then is back on board for some cowgirl, as he gets a face full of tits, and I can say she is also showing some nice energy at times, and this position seems to be one of them. He inhales her pussy and then slides in for some missionary, which leads to some nice standing action, as she hops on his cock. Watch out for the ceiling fan!! Back to normal missionary until he pulls out and leaves some love in her mouth, and she gives his cock some more love with her tongue before we call it quits.

Bailey and Manuel

And we have one of the ladies who definitely caught my attention at AVN last year, and I hope to see her again, and perhaps even get an interview with this lovely lady. But enough of that, she is wearing a sexy black and gray lingerie set, showing off her curves and tattoos for the camera. She has a few above her pussy and one of her arm and back. She finds Manuel and some passionate kissing and tongue wrestling, as he has his hands down her panties, rubbing her pussy, as she begins to moan and move her body. He slides off her lingerie and dives in and works his magic on her pussy, while grabbing on tight to her perky tits. He gives her ass some tongue and finger action while she strums her pussy. After more sucking face, she falls down and begins to worship his cock, with her hands and mouth. She climbs on the couch next to him and he reaches over and shoves his fingers in her ass, while she continues to gag on his man meat. He slides up next her and slowly enters her pussy, and speeds up the pace, while offering her some kisses. Without leaving his cock, she ends up on top for some reverse cowgirl, as they take turns strumming her pussy as she begs for him not to stop, as she seems to be on the verge of cumming. And as they move onto some spoon, he whispers sweet nothing as he slides in her ass, and she strums her pussy until she can’t concentrate any more. And the anal fun continues as he penetrates her from behind and bends her back, before speeding up the pace and getting her to cum once again. The first scene was great and this was is too, but this is more of an intense great, as these two seem to play well with each other, big surprise I know. She climbs off and sucks and swallows the taste off his cock, giving his balls some love, before sliding forward and setting back on his cock for more anal. As the thrusts get faster, he throws in some ass slaps, getting her cheeks nice and red as she rides his cock. She continues with some side saddle, as her ass fills up the screen and then its back to some intense and energetic cowgirl, as they both seem to feel the need to slap her ass. He lays her down and grabs onto her throat as he is back in her ass for some spoon. He may be rough at times, but he is not afraid to stop and share some intense and heated kisses in the middle of the action, such a ladies man. She falls to her knees and worships his cock, and then stands up and jerks him off, as the ass slaps and choking continue, before bending her over the couch, and you guessed it, is back in her ass. She shows off her gape as he slides in and out of her ass,  and then grabs her hair and pulls her back as she begs for his cum. And after some ball sucking and licking, he gives her a shot in the eye and then the rest ends up in her mouth.

Dana and Mick

Next up we have the lovely and talented Dana, who enjoys being on both sides of the camera. And much like my previous ink movie, we have our tease footage in a tattoo parlor as she shows off her curves, in her sexy skirt, nylons and leather boots. She has a few tattoos on her arm, cause remember this is all about the ink. As she stands before Mick, he is giving her tits some love, while also fingering and teasing her pussy. I would say that she is really enjoying the boob love, as she can barely keep still. His cock is out and ready, as she gives it a few soft licks with her tongue, before wrapping her lips around it and swallowing it. He grabs her hair and thrusts his cock in her mouth, testing out her gag reflex, which gets the spit flowing on his cock and all over her face. She bends over the chair, and Mick is deep in her ass, getting her to moan and purr, as he shoves his fingers in her ass. After giving it some natural lube with some spit, he mounts her from above, for some ball slapping doggy. It seems that intensity from the previous scene has carried on into this one as well. They lock eyes as she whispers some dirty talk before getting distracted by his cock. And I learned from my interview with her, is that she is really enjoying Mick as he is licking her arm pit. To each his own, as they say. She ends up on her back as he dives in and gives her pussy some tongue love, and then she’s on top, taking his cock in her ass, while she strums her pussy. I thought for a second we were going to get a squirt show. She climbs off and sucks the taste of her ass off his cock, and after some nipple play, she applies some spit and slides his cock back in her ass. They are able to both fit on the chair, as he slides into her ass, and gives her some choking, while she plays with her pussy. As she cums for him, he pulls out and gives her some cum in her mouth, followed by some more attention. I am not sure why, but that seemed like a rather short scene.

Christy and Mick

And the other girl who seems to turn up every time there is a tattoo themed movie, is Christy Mack, and you won’t hear any complaints from me. Not only does she have tattoos, but some killer curves all over her body. She’s wearing a black leather one piece that show offs those curves I was talking about earlier. After some time by the pool, she takes the tease inside, giving us some glimpses of her tits, while she slowly undresses. She got tats on both arms, neck, stomach, and a few on her legs, just so we have that covered. She is naked sitting in the chair, teasing her pussy, then turns around to showcase the booty and her back tattoos. Next time we see her the black one piece is back on, and she is sitting next to Mick, in some heated kisses, while he plays and dives in her boobs, as she reaches down and unleashes his man meat from his pants. He gives her ass a few slaps, as the kissing continues. He tries to get his pants off and she doesn’t want to let go of his cock. He lays back and she grabs on tight, stroking it, while swallowing it, getting it nice and wet, for what is to come later. He reaches over and gives her pussy some finger attention, while he is shoving his cock deep in her mouth. She lays on her back, as he slides inside her, while she strums her pussy. And she once again is wearing those extra long and sharp nails on her fingers, and like I have said before, who wouldn’t want those things digging deep into your back in the middle of some fun in the sheets. He speeds up the tempo, and then slides off her suit and spreads her legs, as he works his tongue over her pussy, and then brings her forward as she takes a seat on his cock and he turns up the pace, for some booty slapping cowgirl. And because her big tits are in his face, he gives them a few sucks, before she takes a seat on his face for more tongue fun in her pussy. They seem to split the couch into two, and she bends over as he slides in from behind and once again, giving her some deep and fast thrusts in her pussy, as she braces herself up against the side of the couch. He takes a seat and she hops on for some side saddle, giving her ass a few slaps, as he pounds her pussy. She climbs off and is back to suck and swallowing, as she sees how much of him she can take inside her mouth. He finger bangs her while his face is in between her two mountains of fun, and then she climbs back on for some reverse cowgirl. She ends up on her knees and takes a nice money shot to the side of her face.

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