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Erotic Massage Stories

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/3/13

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Erotic Massage Stories
Pure Passion/Digital Sin
Directed by Brother Love
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:50:09


Breanne Benson
Holly Michaels
Aleska Nicole
Anissa Kate
Samantha Saint

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Chapter Index
Pick Your Pleasure

Technical Specs:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Prepare yourself as 5 alluring beauties get their tender bodies massaged and worked into an orgasmic frenzy. Holly, Aleska, Breanne, Samantha and Anissa are ready for a deep tissue rub as their curves and erogenous zones get caressed to the next level. Get ready for total relaxation and satisfaction, because these erotic massage stories always have a happy ending.

Well there is no denying how beautiful these scenes look, everything looks crisp and the colors, jump out nicely. And the ladies add a nice little something to the visual aesthetics, as they are very pleasing to the eyes. I will say that hearing the director give the performers directions during the scene, really takes you out at times. I guess one other to point out, is the editing, as we seem to get things out of order at times, or just re-showing us something we already saw, but perhaps at a different angle or closer to the action. I will say that perhaps a little more editing here and there, would really boost the rating on this one even more. I am sad to say I am giving this one a RENT IT, and perhaps a little fine tuning can fix that next time.

But it’s not all bad, cause if you are a fan of the boobs, none of these ladies are lacking in that area. And these bodies look amazing covered in oil as they are being rubbed down.


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And we are starting off with the very sexy and curvy Holly Michaels, who is actually a contract girl for them, so it should be no surprise that she gets to go first. Her pink bra is off and he heads for her boobs, and then she lays on her stomach as he is exploring her body with his hands. Her underwear comes off and he dives right in her ass, as she is already hot and horny from the looks on her face, but let’s not forget about the massage, as he oils her up. Her whole body moves as she moans while he rubs her whole body down. As he leans over her body, she opens his pants and begins to massage his cock with her mouth and tongue. Just when things were really going, it seems we have gone back in time, to the foreplay that we caught the end of when we started this scene, if that makes any sense. We get back to her naked on the table as his tongue is giving her ass and pussy a nice massage, as she lets out a few moans of excitement. As we are back to her massaging his cock with her mouth, getting it nice and wet with some spit, he leans over and shoves a few fingers in her pussy. After she is done, he is back to inhaling her pussy, making her body move and twist with delight. Another plus to scenes from this company, always lots of heat between the performers, and they really know how to keep the heat going as the scene continues. Lots of deep kisses and plenty of hands all over their naked bodies. She moves to the end of the table as he slides into her pussy, as they keep the intense stares into each other eyes while he fucks her. The table is a rockin as she reaches down and gives her pussy some added attention with her hand, while he is giving her some hard and fast thrusts. She ends up back on her stomach, and from this position we get to enjoy that amazing body of hers, while he mounts her from behind. As the doggy continues, he shoves a finger in her ass to make sure all holes are being massaged in some way. They follow that up with some spoon, as she strums her pussy. As he lays down, she gives his balls and cock some more time in her mouth, then makes her way north and takes a seat on his face. Holly climbs on his cock and shows off that great energy and body movement we expect in her scenes, and as we are enjoying the moment, someone flashes in the scene and makes an adjustment or something. Our attention is back, as they give us a screen full of her ass riding him, and then he pulls out, as a stream of cum comes out, but she’s not done yet, as she guides his cock right back in her pussy and goes to town again. And for some reason as they are kissing, it seems she is riding him once again, but the camera is fading out.


Next up we have another curvaceous lady, the sexy Samantha Saint. She slides off her bra and then wraps a towel around her body and then lays down and prepares for her massage. He comes in and gives her a few soft kisses on her neck and back, and then we get to see him slide off her jewelry twice, cause you know you wanted to see it again. He makes his way to her thighs, giving them a nice rub down, as he teases her pierced pussy as he gets closer and closer. He spreads and rubs some oil on her ass and pussy, making it shine as it fills up the screen. She rolls over on her back as he lotions up her tits and stomach, getting a few handfuls of her great boobs, and her very erect pierced nipples. It should be no surprise that he is spending lots of time on them either. He heads south to her pussy, giving it a little tease with his fingers, before letting his tongue do the talking. She lets out a few moans as he slowly slides his cock inside her pussy, as she reaches down to give a helping hand. Don’t get me wrong, she has a great body which is nice to look at, but I am going to need a little something here to make this worth my while, some emotion or energy would be nice. She climbs on top of him and slowly grinds her hips on his cock, and I guess things get a little better as the camera goes in for the close up, but not really. She lays on her stomach, once again a nice position to show off those curves, as he mounts her and kisses her back. After some doggy, she gives her oral skills a go, and I am still waiting for something exciting to happen. She gives him a wet BJ and even tests out the gag reflex a little. She sucks and jerks him off until he cums on her tits.


She is going to start off with a brief shower and then finds Bill, ready to give her a massage, although he seems more interested in a little more than that, as they kiss, and he bends her over the side of the table, rubbing his hands all over her back. She takes a seat on the table as he focuses on her legs and feet, while she spends some time fondling her boobs. She lays down as he takes over boob fondling duties, getting them nice and oiled up. She follows that up with some mouth massaging of his cock, followed by some oral appreciation as he licks her pussy. We are a few minutes into this scene and it seems these two actually have a pulse compared to the last scene, yes, progress. He wraps his arms around her as he slides into her pussy, for some nice missionary with some kisses exchanged. He picks her up, and without pulling out, takes a seat on the table, as she bounces up and down on his cock, while he enjoys her big tits in his face. That energy continues as she grinds on his cock before it’s onto some doggy, as she leans up against the table. Back to some missionary as he drops his load inside her pussy and we see it drip out. But much like the Holly scene, we are far from done, as he slides back in and thrusts his cock deep in her pussy.


She’s ready for a nice relaxing massage outside by the pool. He instructs her to take off her white bikini and as she lays down, he is working her back, rubbing that oil deep into her skin. But his next stop after her back, he slides his finger in her ass, as the moans start up. After the anal massage, he moves onto her tits, once again, seems to be a favorite body part for her partner to enjoy. He makes his way down to her legs, but seems to be drawn to her pussy, as he slides his finger inside her, and then ends up back in her ass. Another fine example of why editing needs to be utilized more, as the camera moves in closer to the action, as he continues to finger and lick her pussy. After his long oral session, she ends up on her knees as she returns the favor, for a few seconds, and then lays back, as he slowly slides inside her pussy. The breathing gets heavy and the moans a little louder as he slides into her ass, as it seems both holes are getting some attention today. As much of a redhead fan I am,  I would say that I loves me some dark brunettes with long hair, and to be honest the big boobs are an added plus too. He bends her over the table for some nice doggy, showing some nice energy, as he gives her some hard thrusts. But it’s back to some anal fun, as he slowly turns up the pace. And with big tits like those, we are getting some nice titty fucking as his cock seems to get lost in the valley. She climbs on for some cowgirl action, as she hops and grinds on his cock, and with keeping with the theme of this scene, some time in her pussy, and then it’s back to the anal massage with his cock. He drops a load in her ass as we wrap up this scene.


A nice day to relax in bed, in some sexy lingerie and look over a book. Johnny comes in and immediately gets her attention for some heated kisses, as she slides off his shirt, while his hand spends some time exploring her curves. She strips down and lays down on the table, as he breaks out the oil and begins to rub her down. He spends some time on her feet, and then uses a piece of ice, as it drip down on her ass and pussy, before he spreads her cheeks and dives in with his tongue. He seems to work over more of her body, but like most, has a few longer stops at her tits and thighs, before he is naked on the table, with his face deep in her pussy. He pins her legs back and slides into her pussy, giving her some nice thrusts, while also keeping the love for her feet going. And let’s throw in some  brief choking to the mix. He lays back as she sucks and swallows his cock, and then rotates around and lets him enjoy her pussy, while she continues to work over his cock. She works her hips, grinding on his cock, as the moans start to get louder. Some decent doggy follows, as he brings her closer and grabs onto her neck. He jerks off, as she massages his balls, as he unleashes his load on her face.

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