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She-Male XTC 11

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/9/13

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Transsexual

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Acadia Veneer, Beatricy Velmont, Duda Lopez, Flavia Monteiro, Nicole Bastiani, Patricia Dal Vasco, Sheila Rodrigues, Stefane Marinho, Laisa Lins, Sabrina Suzuki, Isabela Sotami, Laryssa Hoffman, Michely Cinturinha  

Length: 169 minutes 

Extras: There are photo galleries, filmographies, a cum shot recap, several trailers, a cast list, and website information. 

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

Overview: She-Male XTC 11 is the eleventh installment to this well produced series by legendary director Joey Silvera. This series focuses mostly on masturbation performances. I have always been impressed with his admiration towards transsexuals. Also, much credit needs to go to the studio Evil Angel for supporting him through all of these years.        

Scene One: As soon as the scene starts, the camera focuses on Acadia Veneer's hard dick. Moments later, we see the brunette tranny rub it with her right hand. Her stroking rhythm is pretty steady as soon as she gets into the flow of things. Acadia does provide good eye contact with the camera and the viewers. Her right breast is exposed and minutes later, her left one is shown too. She is attractive enough for a tranny fan to be seduced by her. Later, a big dildo is slid into her asshole by her. Then, Joey starts to fuck the tranny with it while she is in doggie position. Once this toy play ends, we see Acadia sitting again while she resumes her masturbating activity. It appears that her dick is not as hard as it was earlier. She eventually makes herself cum.
Scene Two: In Brazil, Joey Silvera is shooting Beatricy Velmont as she drinks water from a glass. Afterwards, the lady slowly takes out her dick from underneath her panties. Then, the brunette Latina wiggles from side to side in a cute manner. Her side to side dick movement reminds me of how a puppy's tail would wag, but not so rapidly. Also, Beatricy's dick is pointing upward since she has a boner already. Later, the tranny begins to seduce the camera with her dick and boobs. After standing for a while, she is sitting and then, laying down as Beatricy resumes her masturbating play. The excitement level rises when the woman fingers her butthole. This anal play becomes the highlight of the tranny's performance especially when she is laying on her left side. At this point, Beatricy not only uses her finger, but also a sex toy to fuck herself good. That red dildo looks good in her. I also like her work effort as she also rubs her sexual package too. Beatricy breathes harder. Afterwards, she really strokes her dick with a lot of energy before she cums. She looks very pretty afterwards.

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Scene Three: Duda Lopez is in a pink outfit as she is quite aware of the camera. Joey focuses on her dick quickly with effective close-up shots. After some stroking action, the tranny begins to rub her titties momentarily. However, it does not take long until the woman is back to rubbing her meaty pecker again. Her performance becomes more appealing when Duda stands so that we can salivate at her hot body. However, she does not stand long enough. Soon, we see her on her back on the bed while she sticks a pink popsicle toy up her ass and strokes her dick with good quick rhythm. The camera focuses mostly on her cockstroking activity and not much on her ass.               
Scene Four: While wearing a white bra and panties and heels, sexy Flavia Monteiro poses for Joey Silvera. Moments later, she walks up the stairs. Joey follows her butt. Later, she continues to tease the camera slowly as it takes qa while until we see her fully exposed cock. Next, the scene shifts to where we see Flavia naked. Her attractive body is good eye candy. But, having her naked, the scene loses a good amount of appeal since her white undergarments made her more appealing. Joey starts to pan her body while Flavia strokes her dick and shows off her asshole. Minutes later, the tranny's solid stroking rhythm makes her cum.
Scene Five: Nicole Bastiani is talking Joey while wearing her purple and black panties, stockings, and heels. She is smoking a cigarette. This lady is a bit playful as she blows smoke at the camera. Afterwards, this 20 year old tranny walks up the stairs. Then, we see her in a bedroom where a tease occurs. After some butt shots, we see Nicole sitting and plaything with her dick. She is not as active in the stroking action than the previous performers. She poses with it for a while before beginning her masturbation hands-on activity. Overall, this performance is lackluster even when the anal toy stuff is added. 
Scene Six: Patricia Dal Vasco is wearing a pink outfit is with her friend Sheila Rodrigues in the back seat of a car. They are going to have a good time with the driver. Once indoors, the women are on their hand and knees as their rear ends are facing the camera. Soon, we see the guy suck on their tasty snatches. Their performance gets better when he kisses Patricia and then, Sheila. Afterwards, his cock becomes a tasty treat for the two very hot trannies. I got so turned on watching them work on it at the same time. I wanted to be the guy so badly. Next, the stud sucks Sheila's cock well. Both she and her best friend continue to look amazingly beautiful as they get their peckers orally massaged by him. We can tell that he is really getting into it as he has their dicks in his mouth. His cock suck of Patricia's meaty hard-on is the wettest of the two. Later, he fucks both of them with dildos. The time comes when Patricia is sucking on the man that leads her to cum on herself. Meanwhile, Sheila is stroking her dick beside them. Next, a very passionate kissing session follows between the man and Sheila as both of them stroke their own dick. It leads to Sheila jacking off. Afterwards, the man cums on their boobs. I loved everything about this scene.   
Scene Seven: Stefane Marinho is sitting and smoking as she stares at the camera and blows the smoke. She shows off her tits and then, strokes her dick. The tranny continues to smoke. Once indoors, her fella is sucking her cock with good passion. Stefane slaps the side of his face a couple of times. I like both his effort and Stefane's mouth fucking rhythm too. This cocksucking session is pretty hot and intense. The man gags on her dick a couple of times. Then, Stefane sits and even bounces on his face. She has a nice looking butt. I got turned on watching him lick her snatch as she humps his face. More intense action occurs when Stefane shoves her hard on into the man's mouth and spits in his face. Afterwards, she mishes the guy. When the spooning screw occurs, the tranny pulls his dick with a pretty firm grip. Then, when they kiss, the tone feels playful and personal. The tranny strokes her own dick well. The following cock suck by the guy looks more gentler. Finally, Stefane jacks him off.
Scene Eight: Laisa Lins has her dick sticking up from her small black panties pouch. When her panties come off, the tranny starts to play with her dick against the mirror. This activity looks good. Then, Laisa is on the bed masturbating a bit before she adds anal fucking on herself. The long spiral glass dildo looks good in her ass. Her self pleasuring face is stimulating for the viewer to watch. She ends up cumming on her body. Laisa looked good in her red heels.
Scene Nine: Sabrina Suzuki is looking at the lap top and the naked photos on it. She is also quite sexy looking especially her legs. A shot of her crotch follows with a bulge in her white panties. She takes out her penis and it's pretty big and hard. I liked looking at her while she is standing since we get a better view of her entire body. A nice amount of butt shots are provided. However, when her performance is focused on masturbating, Sabrina looks best  while laying down. Eventually, the tranny strokes herself off.
Scene Ten: Michely Cinturinha and her Isabela Sotami show off their boobs and play with them a bit before focusing on a guy's crotch and hard cock. The two women take turns on orally pleasuring it. Afterwards, the scene is indoors and the camera focuses on Isabela's crotch and her constant rubbing actions. Unfortunately, Michely is no longer part of the scene. It's a big let down. After teasing the viewers with some titty, bootie, and cock shots, the guy appears and kisses her. Moments later, he is seen sucking her dick. I liked his lengthy cock and snatch work especially while Isabela sat on his face. Next, the tranny spooned him. But, the best moments between their one on one performance occurred whenever he applied his oral action on Isabela's meaty plaything. In the end, the man cums in her mouth.
Scene Eleven: Cute Laryssa Hoffman tries on a couple of pink outfits. She licks her lips briefly. The tranny and Joey talk a bit. Later on, Laryssa rubs her crotch a bit before taking out his already hard cock. Her performance is more appealing whenever we got to see her face and body along with her stroking behavior. Her facial expressions show that her masturbation activity turns her on. After she gets naked, her stroking rhythm becomes slower. The excitement level picks up when she fucks herself with a dildo. I like her effort and eye contact towards the camera. Next, while she lays on her back, she does a nice job in shooting her cum on herself.          
Final Thoughts: The scenes in this film are good enough for a rental. The best performance is the three-way with Patricia Dal Vasco and Sheila Rodrigues with very hot cocksucking action. Duda Lopez and Laryssa Hoffman were the runner-ups. A major reason why this movie receives a rent it rating because it needed better trannies.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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