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Born Flirty 2

Studio: Other » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/21/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Born Flirty Vol #2
Teen Fidelity/Kelly Madison Productions
Shot, Directed and Produced by Kelly Madison
Date of Production:
Running Time: 3:20:29


Veronica Rodriguez
Cassandra Nix
Madelyn Monroe
Kennedy Leigh
Kira Sinn
Ryan Madison
Kelly Madison

Special Features: (all on second disc)

Shot in 1080p HD
Scene Selection
Chapter Preview
Interactive Menus
Photo Gallery
Behind the Scenes Gallery
Behind the Scenes Video/POV Fluffing Cam 1:19:54 run time
Q and A Content-text

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Well after three commercials spotlighting their various websites, we finally get to the main menu and can start this review. Well we have a short commercial that showcases Kelly and her tits, and a few of their scenes together.

I can remember last year during AVN voting time, being excited that we got to check out the Kelly Madison family of websites, and I remember spending some time enjoying a few of the scenes with a few of my favorite ladies in them. I was looking forward to checking this one out, just to see what they have been up to, and plus with a few familiar names included, how can we possibly go wrong.

I can say that were some instances where I was a little under whelmed with this one, but I have to say I was really going back and forth on what I was going to give this one. Kennedy scene was an easy choice for spotlight scene. If you are a fan of girls with big tits, you have Kelly, and her huge tracks of land, showing up in a few scenes. If you like young girls, well we have that covered for you also. Internal cumshots, we got that too, even multiple cumshots. Some good audio/video quality, with some minor issues here and there, and like I said in the review, last two have a bump up in video quality. And we get a second disc full of special features, and I would like to give some kudos to the BTS/fluffer scenes, which are almost good enough to be a movie in it’s self.  And with all that in mind, I am giving this a RECOMMENDED rating.


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And as soon as she arrives, they are already getting a little hot and heavy on the steps. Some nice foreplay, as he sets her on his knee and kisses all over her body, and then begins to slip her out of her clothes, kissing her perky little tits and then showcases her booty for the camera. She falls to her knees and slowly works over his cock in her mouth, gagging as she tests her deep throating skills. He leans her up against the railing and slides in for some doggy before he takes a seat and she rides his cock. Seem to be losing a little of that heat from the foreplay. And she lays down and he drives his cock into her pussy, and he comes inside her, as we see the cum drip out. And we also get a little window showing her face during the cumshot. But we are not done with her, as she gets all made up in a sexy blacks dress and it seems that she has left the cum inside her. It’s time for a photo shoot, but she wants more cum inside her, kudos for that. And he seems to agree with her without much of a fight, perhaps the crotch rubbing, followed by some dick sucking,  might have something to do with it. And it seems the drool is flowing this time as she works his cock, definetly an improvement, which is nice, cause she looks amazing and you hate to see pretty girls who can’t hold their own in a scene. She leans up against the window and after some finger fucking, slides right back into her pussy from behind. After the doggy it’s onto some balls deep cowgirl, as she props her body on the chair, wow, what a great view. And once again, some missionary on the floor leads to him filling her pussy with cum and getting her to squirt it out on the floor, somebody get a mop. A shower and another sexy outfit and it seems like he is ready for round 3, before she leaves. Some hands on time with her tits, and then some heated kisses before she is back on her knees, ready for his cock in her mouth. Some nice tongue work and some spit this time around. He lays her down on the desk and dives his tongue into her pussy followed by his cock which has had lots of fun with her already today. It’s back to a chair and we are once again getting a great view as she rides him, and his balls slap against her pussy. And as they make their way to the floor and back to some missionary, I have a feeling a third cumshot is coming soon. This time we get a little begging from her before he explodes in her pussy, and even a little more squirting from her.

Cassandra and Madelyn

It’s prom night and the girls seem to have had some fun before the night even began. It’s always nice to see Cassandra, don’t nearly get to see this beauty enough. It seems their date is missing, so Kelly and Ryan have an idea on how to save the night for them. He puts on a tux and brings in some champagne to get the mood going. The panties come off and the girls get a little pussy attention from Ryan, working his fingers over their pussies. They lay the girls on the bed as Kelly dives into Cassandra and Ryan into Madelyn. Kelly unleashes the tits and the girls can’t seem to keep their hands off of them. Kelly is the first to get some time with his cock, and then finds it’s way into Madelyn’s pussy. The girls bend over and present themselves as he finds his way into Cassandra’s pussy, and then some quality time in her mouth. Nice triple team of his cock, he must hate his life sometimes. Kelly climbs on his cock and the girls suck on her giant tits. Madelyn climbs on for some decent cowgirl, while Cassandra sits on his face, and then gets her shot, as she sits on his cock. They dog pile on Kelly and he gets a triple layered pussy treat to enjoy. Not sure what it is, but it seems like this scene is missing a little something, perhaps my expectations were a little too high. I think it might be the “directing” he seems to need to do with the girls. The girls 69 as he fucks Cassandra from behind and Kelly begs him to cum inside her pussy, and after a few more thrusts, he fills her pussy. But if we have learned anything so far, is that he is not done spreading his love, and he fucks Madelyn and lets out some cum on her stomach.


And from the first time she pops on screen, you can easily see why this lovely lady caught our eye at AEE last year. And need a little more convincing, don’t worry the top comes off and she’s showing off her perly little tits before it’s booty time. Seems they have oiled her up a little, as her body shines for the camera, as she shows off her curves. Ryan applies more oil and rub her body down, making sure to cover every inch. Dear God, don’t let this scene suck, cause this intro is amazing. She seems to have a hard time keeping her hands off her pussy, but Ryan covers it in oil before he dives in with his tongue, and then adds a few fingers to fun. He leans forward, as she strokes his cock through his pants, but lets out a few purrs and moans as he finger bangs her. I will say that this scene seems the crisper and clearer scene so far. He cock finds it’s way out and ends up getting some attention from her mouth and hands. After a nice oral session she climbs on his cock and hops and grinds her pussy, really working her body nicely. She leans back and continues to ride him, then gets flipped over on the table and he mounts her from above, pinning her arms back. Back to some oral love, as she deep throats him as the spit begins to pile up. The oral appreciation continues in some 69, and then ends on her back, as he slides back inside her, strumming her pussy with his fingers. He gets her juices flowing as he goes deep in her pussy, followed by some nice tongue work on his cock, and lets throw in some titty fucking as long as his cock is nice and wet. It’s back to some balls deep pussy pounding, and then cums inside her pussy, and goes right back to fucking her, as the cum drips from her pussy. Perhaps a second load ends up in her pussy, and then she falls onto the floor, seems like she is cum drunk and he’s back inside her, going for another round.


Some tease footage before she heads into the shower, and that extra little bump in the video quality continues from the previous episode, perhaps the first two scene were a little older. A quick change in outfit and she is all prettied up and on her back, playing with her pussy. Ryan comes in and gives her tits some attention, while she continues to play with her pussy. And to distract her from her pussy, he’s got his cock out and she’s introducing it to her mouth, with a little help from Ryan as he shoves in deep in her mouth. She climbs on top and guides his cock into her pussy, and it seems to work better when he is control. But I will say with those perky tits and those red stockings, still worth watching. It’s onto some nice missionary, which usually means he’s about to burst for the first time, but we will put that thought on hold for now. With the fact these last two scenes had very little dialogue, this sort of reminds me of some of the New Sensations stuff. He lathers his cock and slides it in between her tits, before bending her over and sliding in for some doggy, which seems to be working quite nice. He gives her a nice hard and deep pounding, and then it’s back to some oral appreciation and some two fisted jerking, getting him to the verge of cumming. Few position changes and it’s back to some missionary as she spreads her legs wide for him, as he speeds up the thrusts, and then we get the little face cam in the upper corner as he drops his load in her pussy and it streams down, but he’s going to keep going. He’s determined to fill her up. 

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