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Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme

Studio: TROUBLE Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/25/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, BBW, BDSM 

Director: Courtney Trouble  

Cast: Courtney Trouble, April Flores, Kelly Shibari, Betty Blac, Kitty Stryker, Sadie Lune, Ava Solanas, Kathleen Diamond
Length: 95 minutes

Extras: On DVD, there is a bonus scene by Dav Noz which is a suspension bondage scene of Courtney Trouble. A nice looking  photo gallery and several trailers round out this section. The DVD also includes a digital download of the film for smartphone and tablet enjoyment. Since I saw this film online, I did not see any of these special features although at the start of the movie, Courtney is shown suspended in air.

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. On a DVD, it is presented in HD 1080 pixels, full screen at 16:9 and at 60fps – true HD on an all-region DVD.

Overview: Lesbian Curves 2: Hard Femme is a film by performer-director Courtney Trouble. This production is her follow-up to the successful and critically-acclaimed Lesbian Curves. As for this installment, the tone of the scenes can be described as "soft girls & rough sex." Courtney Trouble's own words are a very good description of this movie. We get a good amount of BDSM activity throughout this film. With superstar BBW performers April Flores and Kelly Shibari along with Courtney Trouble, Lesbian Curves 2 has solid star power.
Scene One: When the scene opens, Betty Blac and Kitty Stryker are already making out on a bed. Betty looks quite attractive in her purple dress and I like seeing the bespectacled Kitty with a white carnation in her hair. It does not take long for Kitty to want to see her partner's boobs. Once they are exposed, the playful and heated titty fondling play by both women occurs. Kitty really has a lot of fun punching Betty's breasts several times. I like how she punches them rapidly then, caresses them, and sucks on them. Betty enjoys it too. Afterwards, while Kitty is laying on her back, Betty runs her hands on the woman's tummy and kisses it. There is quite a bit of fondling activity from both ladies for a while. I enjoyed watching Kitty shove her face into Betty's big bosoms. Some face slapping and titty slapping occur too. The playful roughness increases by both ladies when Betty is mishing her and when Kitty is on her hands and knees on the bed. A good amount of spanking and punching occurs. I got pretty excited. Next, Kitty rolls her friend over onto her back and sticks her panties in Betty's mouth and places her hand tightly over it. After Kitty uses a knife to cut through Betty's panties, she sucks on the woman's crotch. Kitty's pretty face is quite appealing while going down on a woman. Meanwhile, we still get some slapping action on Betty's inner thighs. Her good work leads to a good fingerfucking session. At this point, Kitty is wearing a black leather glove in order to apply better stimulation. It works quite well since Betty's hips and thighs quiver. Next, we see Kitty strapped into a swing-like contraption with her mouth wide open from an open mouth gag. Her legs are spread open by the suspended straps. Betty fucks the woman missionary style with a strap-on. Kitty punches the woman's tits at times. After the mishing activity ends, Betty finger fucks and uses a dildo in her partner's wet vaginal tunnel. Later, when both of them are back on the bed, they apply to each other a pussy rubbing moment. Betty's entire body shakes from Kitty's well applied manual vaginal massage. The chemistry between the ladies is very good. They continue to get turned on and have fun with each other.
Scene Two: Courtney Trouble and April Flores are kissing and caressing in bed. The tone feels romantic. As soon as Courtney starts to suck on her pal's titties, the energy and playful levels pick up especially since she fondles April well. In the meantime, Courtney has a cute smile. The turn-on factor becomes high when pretty Courtney straddles April and then, lays on her while getting her titties sucked. Their fun-loving tossing and turning activity is fun to watch. At one point, I thought that April was going to fall off the bed. Later, the playful April is pretty slap happy with her friend's cool breasts. Afterwards, April kisses and sucks Courtney's ass a bit before she is sucking on the woman's strap-on dildo with good energy. Some very heated titty fucking moments occur too. Courtney has to stop since April's titty sucking actions get her so turned on. Next, April is laying on the bed as Courtney finger fucks the woman's wet pussy with her white latex glove. The best part of their scene occurs when Courtney fucks April missionary style with a whole lot of passion. It really heats up when her passion is combined with April's constant and rapid slapping activity on her friend. My body temperature rose immensely. An exciting titty fucking session follows with Courtney sitting on top of April. Later, Courtney squirts on her pal while April finger fucks her. I wish that we would had gotten a closer look at Courtney's pussy since she was spreading her pussy lips apart.
Scene Three: Headmistress Amory is upset with student Kathleen Diamond who continues to dress and behave provocatively. Her punishment starts off with a spanking where the headmistress uses a long ruler and hits her in the ass ten times with it. Next, Kathleen puts a condom on Amory's strap-on dildo and sucks on it with driven effort. A lot of lipstick smear is on the covered dildo and also around her mouth. This very lengthy bj session is cool. Afterwards, Amory is flogging the woman's body especially her tits with a whip. Next, the headmistress slaps her face a couple of times before fingering and then, fisting her wet pussy. At this point, I was getting so turned on. I enjoy watching fisting scenes and this one is a very good one especially the juicy wetness that develops. An exciting anal doggie screw follows with some dirty talk provided by Kathleen. The various camera angles are very good. Then, Kathleen is sitting while the woman is using a dildo to fuck her. Since Amory is using a lot of drive, Kathleen gets off so well. Later, we see Kathleen fingerfucking the headmistress. I like the amount of wetness that it produces. This incredible performance has a lot of replay value and turn-on factor.
Scene Four: Kelly Shibari has her way with her sex slave cute Devlyn Red in her dungeon. I enjoy that Devlyn has sensitive tits. It shows when Kelly continues to fondle and slap them. When the cute woman is chained down by her legs and wrists, Kelly smothers Devlyn with her breasts. Then, the woman uses a Valentine's-themed paddle to spank her clit. Afterwards, clothespins are placed on Devlyn's pussy lips. As she spreads them apart, Kelly tapes the clothespins onto Devlyn's skin. Devlyn's inner pinkness looks appealing. The open mouth gag has nipple clamps connected to it. They are clamped onto Devlyn's nipples. Later, Kelly sticks a glass dildo into Devlyn's open mouth. Then, I cringed when Kelly removed the tape and clothespins from Devlyn's skin. Devlyn screamed. Kelly rubbed the woman's pussy before fucking it with a glass dildo. When Devlyn screamed again, I cringed again. I continued to act this way as this scene progressed on. Devlyn's nipples are pointy after Kelly pulled the nipple clips from them. An electronic vibrator is used on her clit. Some of these moments is pretty intense. Devlyn really feels the effects from it. 
Scene Five: Ava Solanas is making fruit salad in the kitchen. Suddenly, Sadie Lune grabs her and shoves an orange slice into her mouth. She also ties her wrists behind her back. The tone of this scene is quite intense. After Sadie kisses the woman, she slaps her tongue with a long spatula. The slapping activity moves onto Ava's tits. Then, Sadie opens the oven door and has her get on her knees while Ava leans towards the oven. Sadie spanks her ass with a potato masher. Even though the potato masher moments were sort of boring, their performance picked up a notch when Sadie started to punch Eva's butt hard. Some kissing action occurs before Sadie punches the woman's breasts very hard. The tone of the scene shifts from rough to tender several times since after the rough stuff, Sadie kisses her friend affectionately. Later, Sadie puts a bunch of tiny clothespins on Eva's boobs. Eva continues to look at Sadie affectionately. The intensity and cringe factor heightens when Sadie slaps her breasts with the spatula and her hands. Eva has a lot of tolerance for pain. I'm impressed. Then, they kiss again. While still on the floor, Eva gets fucked with a dildo as she is in doggie position. Next, an electronic vibrator is applied on her clit while Sadie rapidly fingerfucks her juicy pussy. Moments later, Eva reaches deep into her pussy and makes herself squirt a whole lot. It's cool. Afterwards, we see Sadie rubbing Eva's head on the floor momentarily. Then, a dildo is strapped to Sadie's left leg. Eva rides on it. Next, Sadie is using an electronic vibrator on herself as Eva fingerfucks her. She gets off so well from it.
Final Thoughts: I enjoyed how the roughness of the sex increased throughout the film. I even cringed in some moments. This film utilized BBW's and BDSM well. The rough behavior in the first two scenes had a more playful tone while in the final three scenes, the roughness was very intense with a mixture of playfulness and punishment. The two best performances were the Amory-Kathleen Diamond and Ava Solanas-Sadie Lune ones. Devlyn Red and Ava Solanas showed a good amount of tolerance for pain in their performances. As for playful passion, Courtney Trouble and April Flores showed it the best. I can see this highly recommended film be nominated for an AVN Award and a Feminist Porn Award.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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