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I Like Black Boys

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/2/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

I Like Black Boys 9
Devil’s Film/Giant Media Group
Directed by
Date of Production: 7/8/13 (release date)
Running Time: 2:14:41


Riley Reid
Andrea Sky
Aria Austin
Alice Frost

Special Features:

Shot in Widescreen HD
Photo Gallery
Popshot /Gallery-4:00
Music On/Off Option
Auto Repeat

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-7 mbps

Overall Thoughts:

I get a few minutes into this movie and I think I already have the planning of this movie figured out. They have a bunch of scenes laying around, with pretty much unheard of girls, so let’s start with the girls who name starts with A, and to make sure people will even look at this one, let’s add a Riley Reid scene in and put her on the cover. Well played, but luckily for you folks, if you do end up watching this, although I doubt I would recommend that, you can at least fast forward through the bad parts. Cause this is getting a SKIP IT from me and perhaps you can wait for compilation to check out the Riley scene. I seem to be saying that statement a lot lately.


She barely waits for him to be out the door before she is all over him. Her bra comes off, showing off her pierced nipples, while she reaches over and teases his cock through his shorts. She gets on her knees and pins her arms back and works over his cock with her mouth, swallowing him whole. Lots of spit and drool begin to pile up as she bobs her head on his cock. Definitely give her an A for effort on the oral appreciation, she’s doing a fine job there. After about 10 minutes or oral, he lays her down and shoves a few fingers in her pussy, then dives in for some tongue work, while teasing her ass with his finger. His finger work in her pussy seems to get her motor running, and then she ends up bent over, as he slides in for some doggy. And they move onto some reverse cowgirl, as she props herself on his cock, short session as she is back to sword swallowing, before continuing. He grabs onto her hair and she opens her mouth and receives a few drops of his love in her mouth, giving it a few last licks with her pierced tongue.


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Seems someone’s been partying too much, but she wants to continue to have some fun, as she climbs on top and grinds on his crotch. She sucks on his chest and then closes in for some tongue hockey. She stands up and slides off her shorts, as he sneaks up behind her and gets a hand full of ass. She turns around and works her tongue and mouth around his sword , and then makes her way to his balls. She reaches down and teases her pussy, while she continues her oral appreciation. She lays down and slides off her panties and continues to work her pussy with her hand, before he dives face first in her pussy and some tongue in her ass. He slowly slides his cock deep in her pussy, and then after lots of issues and awkwardness, she climbs on for some cowgirl, as he grabs onto her ass. It really seems like she has that drunk girl vibe during the whole scene, or maybe it’s just me. Seems the reverse cowgirl works a little better, but still nothing to get my attention. And thankfully this scene finally ends as she lays down and he gives her a few drops of cum.


So they are going to make me sit through another scene before we get to the real reason I wanted to review this movie. Hopefully this one is not as bad as the previous. Well she’s a pale girl with long red hair, so that’s a good start at least. And we are merely seconds into the scene and she is already naked and his face is deep in her pussy. And then it looks like he’s going to need some help getting ready for action, so it’s back to pussy licking as he jerks himself off. After some work he seems to be more prepared for action, as he slides into her pussy, and she gets a little vocal with each thrust. She offers some oral love and then climbs on for some ok cowgirl, as it seems like she is giving a little more than he is. The camera seems to sneak away as he finally picks up the pace for a bit. She flips around and continues with some reverse cowgirl, and it seems they are finally in synch a little. They follow up with some ball slapping doggy, and then picks up the pace, but then slides out and jerks himself off until he gives her a nice facial, finally something good to write about.


She’s fantasizing about some big black cock, and can’t keep her hands off her pussy, giving it a nice work over until her dad catches her. But he’s going to help with her cravings, as he invites the man of her fantasies to come visit. And once he gets a look at that smile and that outfit, and she wastes no time flirting and putting the moves on him. They sit on the couch and she slowly runs her hand on his body and then moves in for some deep kisses. He tries to get her to stop, but how can you honestly want this lady to stop doing anything to you. Off comes her shirt and shorts, followed by her bra, and then shows off the booty as the panties come off. She falls to her knees and gets her hands and mouth all over that cock she’s been fantasizing about. The spit begins to fly as she works over his cock, testing how far she can shove his sword in her mouth. You can say I’m a fan boy for giving her the spotlight scene, but there is more heat and intensity in this scene, in the first few minutes than the other scenes combined. As she works his balls, you get to realize how big he is packing, he’s bigger than her head. After her oral appreciation, she takes a seat on his face, letting him get up close with her pussy and her little patch of hair. He teases her ass with his finger, and then she backs up and sets her pussy down on his large rod, working that booty as she rides him. And it’s not long before the juices start flowing and cover his cock. They both get in some oral time, and both are fans of using lots of spit, and he’s going to lube up her pussy before he slides deep inside her pussy. Some teasing of his cock in her ass, which I know people are waiting for, but you are going to have to wait  for that special moment. She really gets going with the moans and purring as he slides in from behind, I am expecting to see some waterworks soon. She looks back and gives him that sexy stare and he’s guaranteed to keep plenty hard for her. After some reverse cowgirl, she climbs off and takes a money shot in the mouth, and you know she’s going to make sure she gets every bit of cum before we are done with this scene.

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