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Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/11/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody
Burning Angel Entertainment
Directed by Tommy Pistol and Joanna Angel
Screenplay by Tommy Pistol
Makeup/Special Effects by Melissa Makeup, Tommy Pietch, and Andrea Wiersma
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:10:21


Joanna Angel as “Lori”
Tommy Pistol as “Rick”
Skin Diamond as “Michone”
Kleio as “Andrea”
Jessie Lee
Brittany Lynn
Owen Gray as “Daryl”
Wolf Hudson as “Carl”
Tommy Gunn as “Shane”
Arabelle Raphael
Larkin Love
Danny Wylde as “Glenn”
Sierra Cure as “Sophia”
Phoenix Askani

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes-27:58, great look at the make-up process and once shows how much they are into this project and how much fun they had filming it.
Photo Gallery
Full Motion Menus

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-7 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

After months in a hospital bed, Country Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world has been overrun by zombies. One of notion that was especially troubling; these zombies are hungry for brains…and sex!! A jizz shot was the only sure fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! Will Lori continue to bang Shane or Rick? Will Michone and Andrea finally fuck? Will Daryl shoot his bow? Find out on the next episode of The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody.

Well a few things before we get to the review, first off, I have watched the first two seasons and both liked and hated certain aspects of the show. I been meaning to catch up, cause I heard this past season was good again. I am not a huge fan of the show as you can see, and I haven’t read the comic, which pretty much hurts my geek cred.

At last year’s AEE/AVN we spent some time talking to Melissa Makeup and Tommy Pistol, talking about this movie, as it got lots of early press and buzz from media sites, giving them some props on their makeup and special effects in the movie. And with Tommy’s history of small budget horror films, we knew this was going to be good.

Fellow reviewer Don Houston was the first to review this one, giving it a recommended rating, and after realizing I wasn’t going to review this one, I had to make sure I got a chance to see this one, and a few weeks later, my copy arrived in the mail and was ready for me to review. I kept up with my reviews and so I have some down time to review some of the movies I bought on my own, while I wait for my next batch of screeners to arrive.

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With the Burning Angel movies, you always know they have fun making the films and this one it’s even more apparent, as this really seems like a big project from Joanna and Tommy. The BTS shows that fun and heart and energy that they put into this one. They might not have the big budget some of the other studios have when it comes to doing parodies. But you don’t always need that big money and fancy sets to get your point across, some hot sex, along with plenty of nods and fan fair to make fans of the show happy. It’s not a straight rehashing of the series, a few changes here and there, giving it a sort of personal touch. Along with some sexy ladies, some great makeup and special effects, as you see I made sure and gave them so kudos in the beginning of my review, and some great humor that only Tommy and Joanna can bring.

I haven’t gotten a chance to see many of the parodies this year, but I really hope they get some attention when AVNs come around this year, cause I am going to give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and a must for Walking Dead fans, or just fans of zombie movies.

Phoenix and Tommy

Seems this zombie wants more than just brains as she goes for his cock and balls. He grabs her hair and face fucks her , and then jerks off as she gives his balls a nice licking. He jerks off in her mouth and that seems to put her down for good.

Jessie, Brittany and Owen

Well you know what they say two girls are better than one, and that seems to apply when they are zombies too. He gets hands on with Jessie and then pushes the girls to their knees and gives them some meat to enjoy. Some nice double teaming from the girls, while he throws in some face fucking with each of them. They may be dead, but there is plenty of spit and gag from the girls. They make their way to the bed, as Jessie climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, and then slides in for some hard and deep missionary with Brittany, as Jessie plays with herself. Both girls do a nice job of keeping up the zombie play during the action, instead of breaking character when sex starts. Some more face fucking with both girls and then it’s back to fucking Jessie’s pussy. Some choking and even some biting, cause apparently he’s even hungry for some flesh. He pulls out and jerks himself off, and shoves his cock in Jessie’s mouth before “shooting” (you will get that when you see it” a load in their mouths. 2 less zombies to worry about.

Joanna and the two Tommys  (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

And what a wonderful reunion, as he catches Tommy exploring Joanna’s ass. She stops them from fighting and declares a truce, and let’s both of them have some fun with her. She strips down and as one is licking her pussy, she’s filling up her mouth with the other. Some nice deep throating and gagging from Joanna as she concentrates on Gunn, while Pistol is off getting ready, it’s ok, he’s been in a coma for awhile. But he’s up to speed and ready as she works her hands and mouth over their cocks, making sure this reunion is going to special. And by special I mean two cocks in her mouth at the same time special. She climbs on for some ball slapping reverse cowgirl, while she sucks off the other. She bends over and waits for him to slide back into her pussy, while getting face fucked. I am sure there is tons of fan fiction out there describing exactly what you are witnessing with your eyes. The guys get plenty of time with her pussy and mouth as the fun continues. And we get some great looks at her magical ass, as she goes for some cowgirl and then adds a cock in her ass for a DP. That should get rid of some sexual tension between these three. She’s back to showing off her oral appreciation with both cocks, and then it’s back to the pussy and mouth combo. She takes a nice load in the mouth from one Tommy and then the other follows up with some cum on her chest and mouth.

Kleio and Skin

After saving her life and some zombie killing, it seems that Kleio is getting a little turned on. And Skin feels the same and she wants to taste Kleio’s pussy. She lays her down and plays with her tits, and then rubs her pussy through her pants, but those are off as we get a nice look at that very sexy body of hers. She spreads her pussy and gives it a nice tongue workout, followed by some finger action, which gets her motor running. And let’s just point out the obvious that Skin also has an amazing body and seeing this two together is quite wonderful. Kleio dives in for some pussy licking along with some finger action. She flips her over and continues to shove her fingers in her pussy, and plenty of ass and tongue licking. And both girls make sure that the pussy and ass area get plenty of tongue lashes as they 69, which gets Kleio’s toes curling. She flips her over and dives her tongue in her ass, while spreading her pussy, giving it a nice work over with her fingers. Plenty of tongue and finger action from both girls as they explore each other, along with some leg humping from Kleio.

Sierra and Wolf

It’s time for him to become a man and take care of her, giving her that last shot to finally end her. He dives in, after making a few jokes about her undead pussy, as the other watch on, showing disgust and a few cheering him on. He spits and tongue her pierced pussy, and then lays down as she works her mouth and hands on his cock, then leads her to his balls. She bends over and he slides in from behind, giving her some hard thrusts, as once again some funny actions from the peanut gallery. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, getting some nice air as she rides him. He slides off her shirt and you can see the extra mile they went with the makeup effects. Some spoon follows, as she rubs her pussy and then it’s back to some oral love, followed by some missionary, which leads to the final shot that after a little more cock sucking, puts an end to her zombie life.

A big ole orgy

They thought they found some place safe, but after getting through a wave of zombies, they realize they can’t keep this up and just so happens the next zombies, are a pair of big breasted ladies, Arabelle and Larkin, and so they all join in and try to help bring these girls to their final demise. The guys do the fucking as the girls help out keeping cocks nice and hard. If you are a big boob fan, you are really enjoying the ladies in this scene. Plenty of action to enjoy, as it seems like everyone is involved in some way, no one sitting around waiting for their turn. I would say that if perhaps they set the camera a little further away, we can see all of what’s going on. Tommy gets a nice look at some big butts as they zombie bend over in front of him, for some nice doggy. Joanna and Kleio cheer the guys on as they give the zombie girls their final shots in their mouth, Larkin with the freaky neck trick and Anabelle with the double shot in the mouth. I think some camera issues are the reason this didn't get my spotlight scene, still a good scene, could have been better.

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