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Load My Mouth 2

Studio: JM Productions » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 8/15/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Category: Blowjob/Cum Swallowing


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Cast: Veruca James/Rikki Six/Mia Gold/Mira Shine/Zoey Monroe/Alexis Monroe/Nike Natat/Lana Fever/Nadia Pariss/Nikki Chase/Hailey Holiday/Kimberly Kendall/Bella Young/Cherry Kiss/Kassy Scarlett Monroe

Director: Brandon Iron

Extras: Trailers/Web

Release Date: 6/17/2013

Runtime: 6 Hrs 43 Mins

Click on the pic to view the OFFICIAL trailer for 'Load My Mouth #2'!


           **Note:Screencaps are only listed for notable scenes**


Scene 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mira Shine
Tease/Blowjob/Footjob/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The premiere scene in Brandon Iron's 'Load My Mouth #2' begins with Mira Shine giving us a striptease, in a form of dancing I'm not familiar with, but it's hot nonetheless. Mira looks great as the scene continues forward, and performs a sensual blowie, mixed in with some footjob action in the middle stages. The scene is a pretty good watch and a nice start to the movie, ending with a load provided to Mira before she swallows up the goods and gives us another tease in the outro.
Scene 2:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Zoey Monroe 
Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cunnilingus/69/Doggie/Cum Swallow (Medium Volume)
Next up is supercutie Zoey Monroe, who opens the scene by giving us some info about her tattoos and personal sex life before the blowjob sets in. The bj here has some nice energy, with Zoey offering up some pretty solid deepthroats throughout, and having some nice camera interaction as well. Brandon works this tipsy-looking babe over pretty well by the time it's all said and done, even giving her a thorough doggie pounding before releasing his sack sauce into her mouth for the obligatory cum swallow. Pretty solid scene from Zoey here, liked it. 
Scene 3:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Veruca James
Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cumplay/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Next up in the Load My Mouth cavalcade is one of my absolute favorite girls, Veruca James. Veruca explains a little about her experience in porn and her journey to porn starlet before sucking the life out of Brandon's meat whistle. The  opening moments are wonderful, with Verica showing her skills front of the camera before saying, "I'm taking you BALLS DEEP mister". Nice. Just as I thought, Veruca is outstanding through this entire scene, throating and choking on Brandon's jizzstick before sharing a little more about her previous adventures in cocksucking. Loved Veruca here, this girl can do no wrong in my eyes. 
Scene 4:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alexis Monroe
 Tease/Blowjob/Cunnilingus/69/Cumplay/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)

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Alexis Monroe is our next girl, introducing herself and teasing the camera before a nice bj scene that waivers more on the soft, sensual side as opposed to the previous scene. It gets bit on the lengthy side in parts, but watching Alexis's hot and hungry face receive a cumload to the tongue in the finale is certainly a nice sight.  
Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nike Natat
 Tease/Blowjob/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Nike Natat starts our next scene by introducing herself in broken English, and follows with a seemingly uncomfortable tease sesh set to some music. The intro is long, but if you're turned on by awkward tease sequences, as I'm sure some may be, you may like it.  The blowjob eventually starts much like the introduction, with Nike being a pretty shy with Brandon before slightly opening up in the later moments. Not a great scene here in my eyes, but there were a few noteworthy moments if you can stomach the slowness.
Scene 6:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nikki Chase
Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Ass Eating/Footplay/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The sixth scene presents able-bodied Nikki Chase to us. Nikki's playful demeanor throughout the scene is quite nice, giving some relatively solid deepthroats before Brandon gives her a nice doggie style fuck against the couch. The sex is pretty solid in this scene as well, and Nikki takes the best pounding provided thus far in the film before receiving her prize in the form of a Brandon Iron cum drizzling to the mouth. This scene was a nice surprise, it was my first time seeing Nikki, and I look forward to more from her! Sweet! 
Scene 7:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Lana Fever
Tease/Blowjob/Cum in Mouth/Cumplay 
Another fabulous body encapsulates our view in the next scene, as Lana Fever provides a nice tease set to the sounds of uRban. It begins with Brandon chatting it up with Lana in her native French language, as subtitles are placed at the bottom of the screen to help us non-French speaking people understand what exactly is going on. The blowie here is fairly slow once it begins, and unfortunately didn't capture my attention for very long. 
Scene 8:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nadia Pariss
                          Blowjob/Footjob/Light Facefucking/Ass Eating/Cum Swallowing (Low Volume)
This scene seemed to be a filler scene, as I couldn't really even find a reason to mention it other than it seemed to take up around 30 minutes of my life.
Insert Disc 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Scene 9:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hailey Holiday
Blowjob/Cunnilingus/69/Rimming/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
The second disc in this marathon of mouth loading introduces us to Hailey Holiday. This scene starts off much differently from the previous ones, in that it begins with Brandon picking up Hailey in his car before it eventually cuts to the action which takes place back at Load My Mouth headquarters. Some decent bj activity captured here, as Hailey does do some solid deepthroating and even a little rimmimg in the later stages, but there were definite moments of slowness as it went on. Hailey's a definite babe, but this scene was just ok for me at best. 
Scene 10:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kimberly Kendall
Tease/Blowjob/Deepthroating/Cum Swallowing (Mdium Volume)
Kimberly Kendall is next, as she opens the scene by giving us a little introductory talk and tease. Kimberly is a hottie, and gives some stellar dirty talk into the camera as she stares upward during the initial POV blowie, before moving on with a hot determined look in her eyes through much of the scene while she jams Brandon's throbber down her throat. We cap off with a mouthload rewarded to Kimberly for her efforts, well done. Pretty nice scene here. 
Scene 11:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bella Young
Blowjob/Reverse Cowgirl/Cowgirl/Missionary/Doggie/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Bella Young is next, looking quite adorable I might add. She's apparently nervous, because after she introduces herself there is a disclaimer on the bottom of the frame that reads, 'Bella is really nervous and didn't know what to say, so I gave her that line.' After some relatively uncomfortable conversation things get moving with a pretty nice bj that evolves into some solid sex. It would have been nice for Brandon to have a cameraman in this scene, because the sex seems like it's going really well, but a fixed view is all the viewer gets to watch with, until he does some POV fucking midway through. The scene goes much longer than the ones that preceded it, as Brandon is looking to get his money's worth with this cutie. Bella was pretty good in this scene, and did her best in swallowing Brandon's load while making an unpleasant face before smiling into the camera in closing. 
Scene 12:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Cherry Kiss
Tease/Blowjob/Cum in Mouth/Cum Swallowing/Female Masturbation
A tease session by Cherry Kiss opens the next scene, and after a short interview the blowjob ensues. Unfortunately this was a relatively forgettable segment of the film for me, the bj was pretty mechanical and substandard. Not a great scene here, seemed to be more of a filler scene in my eyes, but I suppose there are some that may find it more watchable. 
Scene 13:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rikki Six 
Blowjob/Footjob/Cunnilingus/69/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Next up is Rikki Sixx, who graces the screen wearing the pig nose that we've seen a couple other girls wear in Brandon's previous installment of the Load My Mouth series. Rikki looks awesome as always, and the pig nose is certain to give the perverts a nice variation of jerk material here. The bj begins in a POV format, and Rikki looks magnificent as it does, staring blankly into the camera in the early moments before taking off her shoes for some footjob fun. The scene continues well, with Rikki looking absolutely adorable throughout all of it before receiving her reward in the form of a jizzload from Brandon. Sweet!
Scene 14: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Blowjob/Rimming/Doggie/Missionary/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Porn newbie Kassy comes next, giving us another decent bj scene with some moments of absolute horribleness. She actually attempts to give Brandon a rimjob midway through, and after making a face off utter discontent she says that she's going to throw up. I lol'd at that. Anyways, as this scene goes on it only gets worse, and eventually becomes apparent that this girl really doesn't want to be there, and for me that just makes the scene that much worse. Not good. Oh yeah, and the face she makes when she swallows Brandon's load is god-awful. Complete boner killer.
Scene 15:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Scarlett Monroe
Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Newbie Scarlett Monroe is next up, as she gives us some pretty solid action after a very slow moving intro. Scarlett has a very good energy throughout the scene, which is pretty uncharacteristical of the latter half of this film. It's nice to see an actual porn girl, doing actual porn things because the girls featured thus far on the second disc have been pretty terrible for the most part. This scene is probably among the best in the film, but unfortunately I still can't say that it was all that great. At this point I'm just waiting for this fucking movie to end.  I would have liked this scene a lot more if it wasn't surrounded by amass of bad scenes around it.  
Scene 16:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Mia Gold
Blowjob/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/Rimming/Facial/Cum Swallowing (Medium Volume)
Finally we've reached the closing scene, relatively but not not completely unscathed by the 15 scenes that preceded it. A new favorite of mine by the name of Mia Gold is here to kick it off, so let's hope she gives us something to give this film even the smallest glimmer of hope. The scene begins nicely with Brandon groping her ass as she prepares herself for what is definitely the best and most energetic bj of the film. Mia slops it up well here, and gives us some really nice cock chokes in the midst of it, while continuously making a valiant effort to jam Brandon's entire dong down her throat. The scene ends with a facial, that is followed by Brandon spooning up his sauce from her face before she eats it all up. Nice. Mia was deinitely a breath of fresh air, a diamond in the rough if you will. 
Phew, this one was quite the task, almost 7 hours of content and more than half of it being some pretty horrendous stuff in my opinion. That being said, I did think that a small handful of the girls provided us some fairly nice stroke material, but unfortunately I thought that about 2 and a half hours of this marathon dicksucking session was relatively unwatchable.I wouldn't recommend this one, and for the simple fact that there was so much filler throughout the entire film, I'd tell you to skip this one altogether.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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