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Cum For Cover 10

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/14/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Cum For Cover 10

Jules Jordan Video/Cruel Media

Feature Running Time: 3 hours 10 minutes

Date of Production: 5/22/13

Genre: Blow bang, multiple facials

Condoms: None

Director: Raul Christian

Cast: Katerina Cox, Victoria Shine, Roxy Rockat, Lolly Blond, Alexandra Gold, Vanessa Moore, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Keni Styles, Lauro Giotto, Mike Angelo, Mugur, Nick Lang, Reinhard, Sunny Green, Thomas Stone and Titus Steel

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: trailers, photo gallery, website previews

Scene Selection:  Multiple chapter stops within scenes

Video: Shot in HD. 16:9 Anamorphic

Scene 1: Katerina Cox, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, Mike Angelo


Katerina introduces herself to us in tight black pants and a bright pink tube top. She starts rubbing her pussy and her tits right away with her black leather gloves, telling us she’s 22 and from Hungary. The cameraman wastes no time, telling her to turn around he grabs and slaps her ass. He instructs her to wiggle it for us. By the time she takes her top and pants off, the camera guy can’t help himself, squeezing her pink nipples, fingering her pussy and getting it wet with spit. She’s enjoying it. Frank, James, Lauro and Mike enter the scene, rock hard and ready to make her dick drunk. The first guy starts slowing fucking her mouth as if he’s warming her tongue and cheeks up, but the second guy gets to work, forcing her to gag and clear her throat. It’s time for a throat bang. Katerina starts making passionate love to the dicks with her mouth in a round robin fashion while all four guys close in on her. But it’s time for some rough action. One after the other, the guys grab her pony tail real tight and skull fuck her. They make her lie upside down over the couch while they each stand and bend over her face and fuck her mouth. She starts spitting up now and has no choice but to deep throat the cocks while the guys’ balls smack her in the nose. She can hardly come up for air before the next dick is crammed down her pipe, and she’s keeping up. Her throat is wet as she gets on all fours to let the guys feed her hungry mouth. Suck it like a bitch! They tell her. And, that’s exactly what she does while transitioning into a 69 suckfest on top of a couple of the guys, dribbling from dick to dick. One guy starts slapping her face and popping her cheeks with his dick while another finally sticks his fingers up her box. There are some interesting cock sucking positions in this scene, when one guy bends, puts his ass in her face, sticks his dick between his legs and down her tube. After a little tea bagging, Katerina’s ready for sperm. She sits on the floor, then right on cue each guy, one after the other, shoots hot, wet cum all over her pretty, dolled up face. She’s happy now, putting a big smile on her face as cum drains into her mouth, across her teeth and down her cheeks.  


Scene 2:  Victoria Shine, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Reinhard, Titus Steel


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Victoria Shine is here for the blow bang, but she puts on a peep show for us first, with her seductive accent. She’s 20 years old, from Budapest and definitely knows what she wants with her flirty pink boa and tall glass-like stilettos. Seeing her crawl across the room with those dark eyes is a turn on, but she steams up the screen even more when she’s laying back on the lounge chair with her legs propped wide open, rubbing pussy and licking the juice off her fingers. She gives us some ass action too, standing in our face, slapping her ass and opening her crack. The camera guy calls her a little cock-sucking slut while he shoves his fingers in her mouth, slightly warming her up for what’s tom come. Four cocks step into view and Victoria starts working on the first one. She’s a noise maker. Gagging on the first cock and moaning and groaning as she goes from cock to cock, leaving wads of spit on the head of each one. She even bends her neck back to tea bag the balls of one of the guys. Victoria is a hard worker too, jacking one dick with her right hand and sucking another at the same time. But these guys want more. They flip her over on the couch on her back with her head hanging over the edge and do what they do best, make these girls choke and gag on dick. It’s serious now as Victoria’s eyes well up with water while spit drains upside down across her face. This is a blow bang. They force her to get on all fours and suck from all sides of her mouth. Victoria’s definitely the wet mouth of the bunch, because her mouth lube is draining down her chest now and she’s coughing more up every second. The guys lie down in a row for a 69 mouth fuck and Victoria obliges while they push on her neck, forcing her to deep throat. She 69s the guys from left to right and back, wetting any dry dick shafts on the way back. There’s no escaping the dick. She leaning back against the couch with her legs spread wide and her pussy centered on lower screen with deep-throating, ball-slapping mouth pumping action happening upper screen. The scene’s getting hot and Victoria’s pussy is getting fingered and wet. The guys pick her up by her legs, hang her upside in a standing 69 and force feed her. She’s still moaning and choking and loving it. Her hair’s a mess now in the upside down round robin. There’s only one thing left to do now, and that’s take a four-load full facial. She sits on the floor and each guy leaves his load on her face, aiming for her cheeks and forehead and leaving puddles of cum in virtually every contour of Victoria’s cute face. And the camera man rubs it in, literally rubbing the cum all over and around her face.

Scene 3:  Roxy Rockat, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, Mike Angelo, Titus Steel


We meet Roxy standing outside in sexy white and black lace. She’s 26, from Sweden and she’s clearly horny as she pulls the crotch of her lace panties up her crack. Her ass is perfectly perched up in the air and she’s flaunting it in our face. She makes her way inside now and says she’s ready. She proceeds to introduce her mouth to five new dicks, taking her time, jumping from one to the other. But Roxy’s still horny and she’s got a hungry mouth, getting into it right away and leaving no cock unjacked or unsucked. Sensing the desire, these guys decide it’s time to deep throat her, flipping her over the couch with her head over the front edge and jamming their dicks in her mouth full throttle. She swallows cock in style, looking into the camera while her windpipe is stuffed. Her eyes are turning red and she’s running out of air but keeps eating dick. These guys have got her right where they want her and one of them makes her cough up a shit load of spit. But there’s no mercy. The next dick dives right in while she tries to catch her breath. They finally give her a break by flipping her on to her stomach, with her hands behind her back holding on to those high heels while she gets face fucked. She’s dripping spit on dicks and all over the arm of the couch too. The guys lie on their backs on the floor, lined up right next to each other and put her in a 69 position, tossing her from dick to dick to dick. She’s having so much fun, the camera guy has to tell her to move on to the next dick as she says “give me the dick!” Roxy is definitely passing her five-guy dick exam, getting every move, position and slobbering tongue action just right. After a tight, closed-circle round robin, the guys peel out into a straight line and Roxy’s mouth makes it way down the line, leaving no dick lonely. She kneels down to take a cum bath but she has trouble staying still. Even so, the first four guys leave enough cum to cover her nose, mouth and cheeks. The final pop shot places a bright, white load of semen on her forehead.   

Scene 4: Lolly Blond, Frank Gun, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, Mike Angelo, Titus Steel


Hungary is taking over as we meet Lolly Blond, a 20 year-old standing outside in her patriotic, wonder woman looking bra and panties. Lolly’s got charisma. She’s enthusiastic about deep throating five guys and talks about sucking her first cock at 14. She slips her red, white and blue panties down mid-thigh to get at her pussy crack. She's playing with her clit and teasing us while she licks her fingers. Her tits are out now and her nipples are hard. She gets bold, putting her right leg up on a broken piece of pipe so she can really dig into her couchie. She’s ready to suck cock, walking inside, finishing her pussy play in our face.  Lolly goes for the money shot straight away by lying on her back and deep throating dick number one, already leaving a trail of spit down the side of her face. She’s got five dicks to swallow and halfway through she’s almost gagging as spit drains into her eyes. One guy pries her mouth open with his fingers, making room for his dick. Lolly moves to her knees with her tits still peeking out of her stars and stripes bra top, allowing each guy to pierce her throat with his penis. No hands here. Mouth and cock only and Lolly has got nowhere to go but to the next dick.  She keeps her legs open, showcasing her pussy while making cocks disappear down her blow hole. After a hard finger bang by one of the guys, she kneels to get a better angle on the dicks, taking direction to spit on the cocks. It’s a hard throat bang now, with threads of spit dripping off of Lolly’s thighs. The action gets rougher as one guy pretends he’s in a wrestling league, grabbing Lolly and pinning her mouth down on his dick. But she’s not out for the count yet; she’s keeps sucking as she takes slaps on the back of the head and attempts to swallow two dicks at once. She crawls over each guy one at a time, eating his pecker balls deep before moving to the next wood. After being surrounded by dick, Lolly’s ready for sperm. The first guy shoots an arsenal of cum all over the left side of her face, covering her check and forehead. The other guys fill in the blank spaces, leaving Lolly’s face a cum-soaked masterpiece. 


Scene 5:  Alexandra Gold, Frank Gunn, Keni Styles, Mike Angelo, Sunny Green, Titus Steel




Alexandra joins us, dressed in her patriotic stars and stripes bra and panties as well. She’s 25 years-old and from Budapest and she knows how to move her ass. Her poor English makes her seem more attractive as she twists her body toward the camera. She moves her panties to the side so she can rub her clit, then she finally slips them off to give us a full frontal. She moves inside, completely naked and we see just how tall she really is. Her slanted eyes make her pussy rubbing even more sexy as she spreads her legs open on the lounge chair. The cameraman reaches in with his fingers, shaking her clit and making her moan. She’s loving it. Just then, Mike Angelo walks in, followed by Frank Gunn, Sunny Green, Keni Styles and Titus Steel. Mike wastes no time stuffing her throat as Keni spits on and plays with her pussy. It’s a five-man throat bang and Alexandra’s up for the challenge. The guys have her hair pulled back into a knot while they force her face into their dicks. The mouth fucking moves into piston pumping as the guys stand over her one at a time with her head between their legs, deep throating her. So much so, she has to lean over and breathe and spit. The piston pumping doesn’t stop. This time they turn her around so her face is upside down in the camera. One guy holds her nose shut while another beats her brow with his balls. She’s in deep. They guys lie down in a straight line for her and before she blows the line, one guys spits in her mouth, helping her slob on his dick. She goes all the way across the line and on the way back has to handle two dicks at once. Alexandra moves up to her knees and the deep throating and spit throwing is better now. Mike makes her gag on his cock while he puts his hand around her throat and squeezes her nose shut. She leaves hanging lines of spit everywhere on Mike before moving on to the next cock. The guys throw her over the couch where she tries to swallow cock, balls and all in one swoop, deep throating a dick and sucking the guy’s balls into her mouth at the same time. It’s sperm splattering time and each guy leaves his mark on her face, some in thick globs that stay in one place and others in long strands that run from one side of her face to the other. The camera guy finishes her off at the end, rubbing the wads of cum into her face. 

Scene 6: Vanessa Moore, Mugur, Nick Lang, Thomas Stone


Vanessa Moore is a 24 year-old brunette from Budapest who says she has experience in everything sex. She lets the cameraman rub on her tits in her pink silky bra top and isn’t afraid to take them out for us, slowly rubbing around her nipples, cupping her boobs and bringing them closer together. She’s clearly getting off, rubbing her pussy, standing outside in the back yard. The cameraman asks her to show us how she comes and her moaning and groaning intensifies. She walks into the house where the three guys are already lying in a straight row on the floor, dicks at attention. Vanessa slowly strips, losing the bra first then slowly dropping her g-string. She gets on all fours and starts working on the first cock, looking into the camera as she licks and sucks dick number one. She’s taking her time on these cocks, moving to dicks two and three, making sure she wets every inch and throwing spit balls here and there.  She makes her way back down the line to cock number one and starts over. The action starts to heat up as Vanessa gets on her knees and devours each dick. When compared to her other five cast mates, Vanessa seems a bit more subdued in her cock conquest with very little gagging and sloppy swallowing. But Nick Lang starts to get her there with his deep throating attempt over the chair. This opens up her throat for the next guy who is able to feed her everything. In preparing for her frosty finish, she does another down the line blow bang moving from standing dick head to standing dick head before the guys take aim at her face. She’s definitely in the land of thick cum wads as these guys make their cum form puddles on Vanessa’s face. Of the six scenes in the movie, this one is the weakest in terms of hard pumping, deep throating action, but it has its moments when Vanessa is lying upside over the chair having her throat opened up. 

Final Thoughts:

Raul Christian’s Cum for Cover 10 puts six starlets in the middle of some cum blasting action from nine horny guys. Each of the six scenes opens with the girl performing a seductive tease, playing with her pussy and ass hole and rubbing her tits and clit. Even the cameraman gets in on a little of the action, fingering a few pussies and rubbing cum all over the girls' faces. These girls have learned the art of cock sucking, spit balling and gagging, and their mouths are hungry for dick. Most of them take on three or four guys at a time, but Roxy Rockat and Lolly Blond show us they know how to take on five cocks in one sitting. It’s not long before our starlets find themselves lying upside down on the couch, having their throats inspected by multiple dicks, gagging on each one with tears and spit rolling down their faces. I think some upbeat background music running throughout each scene would have added a little more excitement to the movie. There are definitely some hot, high spots throughout, especially with the HD quality of the film and the sometimes extreme closeups of the dick pumping action. But there are also a few slow spots in there. There’s no bonus or behind-the-scenes footage but the photo slideshow offers a few more nuggets from each blow bang. Even so, I recommend Cum for Cover 10. In the end, the movie puts you front and center in the middle of each blow bang with six orally-hungry girls. They swallow their cocks whole in a myriad of positions, standing, sitting, kneeling, upside down and more. It's like a game of twister, except everywhere these girls turn, there's a dick in their mouth followed by cum splashing all over their faces. Enjoy!

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