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Cuties 5

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/23/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Cuties 5

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Youth

Director: Grazer

Cast: Kennedy Leigh, Mick Blue, Chloe Amour, James Deen, Adrianna Luna, Veronica Radke, Toni Ribas, Maddy O’Reilly

Length: 211:40 minutes

Date of Production: 6/2/2013


Extras: There was a 13:23 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included some actress comments after their scenes were over (they all sported semen on their mug), a pop shot recap, a photogallery, spam, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Cuties 5 was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen as released by director Grazer for Elegant Angel. The camera work was decent in most scenes, not as crisp as previous volumes in the series at all times but a step up from Mick’s earlier efforts. The editing by Bruce Carter was good though, usually helping make the raw footage stand out, the lovely young ladies looking quite good under the plentiful lighting. There was no continuous company watermark on the right corner (or elsewhere for that matter) here, something a few readers seem to care about. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English was sharp enough (as usual), the vocals as crisp as ever and not interrupted by musical tease sessions in this sparse but welcome release. The volume of said vocals was consistent too, something not every company can say about their own movies.


Body of Review: Grazer is the directing name of Mick Blue when he works at Elegant Angel, his works sufficiently good looking enough to merit some positive accolades in most cases. His latest release is called Cuties 5, the director taking over from Mason to showcase some of the youngest new starlets in the jizz biz. Of interest to me were that only three of the ladies were truly newcomers, sexy covergirl Kennedy Leigh, perky Chloe Amour, and bootilicious Veronica Radke, though seasoned hotties Adrianna Luna and Maddy O’Reilly certainly earn a spot in any movie focusing on “cute” performers as far as I’m concerned. There were fewer extras this time but on the plus side the movie was longer, Mick adoring the ladies enough to give them more of a chance to talk about themselves. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


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Scene One: Kennedy Leigh, the 19 year old Minnesotan featured on the front cover, was up first, Mick Blue interviewing her in a public park. She wore blue jean cut off shorts and squatted while sitting on her ball to give a near naked shot of her sweet crotch, the scene picking up in the house after she gave some background data, allowed to masturbate before the director claimed her as his own prize rather than share her with some other mope. She slobbed his knob with enough skill that I knew she was no stranger to a cock in her mouth, focusing mainly on the head while allowing her hand to gland friction excite him yet throated about half his rod when called to do so in POV. She gave good eye contact throughout the scene and had a playful sense of mischief about her, those pretty eyes alluring on multiple levels. Rather than gobble her gash, Mick went right to plowing her pussy, the perky young babe a passive rider until she was on top and warmed up (well worth the wait by the way). There was some 69 here and she did do some taste testing, the sexy young lady earning her modest facial of genetic juice that she thankfully swallowed down. The company website described the scene like this: “Kennedy Leigh is on the field and geared up for high impact sport, at the start of this 44 minute hardcore scene. This slutty athlete didn't wear that nipple hugging top or those short shorts planning to play on turf, though! This 44 minute couch romp from Cuties is so high on the ''must see'' list, we decided to release the scene to our members a little early... settle in and prepare for almost an hour of Kennedy getting licked, kissed, and fucked, and opening her mouth for the cumshot!”


Scene Two: Chloe Amour, a lean brunette in red bikini top and tight blue booty shorts, was up next on the basketball court showing how little of the game she remembered though she got more baskets than I do when blindfolded and certainly looked better doing it. She is from Texas and 21 at the time of the shoot, losing her virginity late in life at 18 to the director’s amazement. She finished up on the court to end up in the relatively barren living room, bouncing her all natural boobs before showing off her bald beaver and masturbating. It was a fun interview and she ended up with James Deen as a partner, my preference being that Mick could have had her but James toned down his rough sex act enough to merit an appreciative nod. He kissed her and warmed her up orally quite well at that, going down on her at length to her appreciation. In return, she playfully blew him using her mouth and hands in expert fashion, squeezing his balls with one hand and jerking him off with the other as she enveloped his turgid member with her mouth. It was a short hummer but led to her actively riding him vaginally, her perky ass bouncing wonderfully even if the excess lubricant looked gross, James slapping her ass a little along the way (and holding her arms behind her to assert dominance). She kept fair eye contact and he plastered her mug with population pudding by his own hand, Chloe giving him some post coital head before the camera faded out. The company website described the scene like this: “Chloe Amour is out on the basketball court just looking cute, to start this 44 minute hardcore scene. Dressed like that, letting her body language flirt the way she does, ''just looking cute'' is bound to get interesting! Time to protect her perfect tanned skin from the sun, and - whoa! As soon as she steps in the door, she starts getting naked! We hope this is what your summer looks like... quick, hot connections and hot sex!”


Scene Three: Adrianna Luna, the most seasoned young lady of the entire cast and an exotic beauty to say the least, was up next as she climbed on the playground equipment in her peach shirt and white shorts. She put on a girlish accent in a squeaky voice for some reason, the 23 year old just having a birthday and more than willing to discuss her early sex antics while flashing her panties. Adrianna then ended up by the pool in the back yard, her martial arts moves allowing Mick Blue to see her boobs even before she stripped off her top and remove her shorts and panties. The muscular tone of the gal was appealing and she exercised for him, moving into the house to masturbate with her legs spread wide. As she became juicy from rubbing herself, Mick came over to over the shaven slut his pecker, Adrianna slurping on his very aggressively. Her eye contact added to the fun as did her polished skill set, the guy propping her up on the garish pool table to bone her like he owned her vaginally. She did oral between the positions and actively impaled herself on his cock when doing cowgirl variations, her tits bouncing and both of them getting all sweaty as a result. The ending nut of spunk was delivered to her face by his hand as she kneeled before him and opened her mouth, the gal not swallowing his baby batter so much as rubbing it into her skin. The company website described the scene like this: “Adrianna Luna combines masturbating and chatting with the crew, to start this 39 minute hardcore scene from Cuties. That dark skin, bald pussy, and Adrianna's easy- going lust combine to give this video's solo intro some serious brevity - because the male talent can't just stand back and watch a display this hot, when his job is to get in there and fuck this scorching, horny Asian cutie until she creams!”


Scene Four: Veronica Radke, a lean brunette with very pretty eyes, was up next in a public park with a ball to bounce around while she was dressed in her frilly purple top and blue jean skirt, her moves a bit unpolished but the gal showing no self awareness whatsoever. The scene soon left the park to end up in a kitchen, her all natural tits not bouncing much but her sheer purple panties showing a slice of heaven many fans would love to play with. She teased as directed and then stripped down to masturbate, warming up when rough Toni Ribas entered the picture. Given some of the minor issues with the camera not being steady when Mick was the male performer in the movie, I had the impression that Toni might have been the alternative cameraman, thankfully not used for this scene behind the camera as he was the player this time. He kissed her and she bent over to blow him, the gal at this point reminding me of a younger, cuter version of performer Stoya at another company. Her eyes lit up at his pecker and she maintained some seriously strokable eye contact with him when able, her inexperience showing as she tried to get about half his rod into her mouth to pleasure him. Veronica was an active rider from the start and had a shaven crotch to look younger, some taste testing leading to her earning his smallish wad of splooge as she squeezed out every last drop to savor and swallow. The company website described the scene like this: “Veronica Radke betrays what a slut she is as soon as she's asked to take off her clothes - because she gets a mililon times more comfortable chatting with the camera, once her panties are around her hips! This 41 minute fill 'er up is from Cuties, and this petite brunette is about to prove that big sex drives come in adorable packages. You might find it hard to believe a sweet little lady like Veronica could take this much sex...”


Scene Five: Maddy O’Reilly, a very attractive young lady who was the second most prolific lady of the cast, was up last in her bright pink tank top and tiny cut off jean shorts in the house. Of all the cast, she was the only one not given a chance to play in a public park, her flexibility demonstrated in the house as the North Carolinian proved to have one of the tightest little asses of the cast. Her nipples were erect enough to poke through the shirt, some dance moves shown before she slowly masturbated. This warmed her up during the interview and it came as no surprise that Mick Blue wanted her for himself, her allure going deeper than some of the newcomer trim in the other scenes. Fans of pronounced tan lines will appreciate her ass a bit extra and she sported a bald beaver too, her continuous smile and laughter adding to the amount of fun factor appeal she had too. The solo work over, Mick gave her his cock in POV to suck, her skilled abilities having her use mouth, hands, and face to pleasure him really well, even including some ball sucking and throating amongst the streamers. This lengthy blowjob and handjob led to her bending over on all fours with her face down and ass high in the air for him to spank, then dive in to rim her in a successful effort to get her totally into the action. They fucked like a couple of horny teenagers on prom night from there, the vaginal penetration positions including Mick going down on her regularly (which was uncommon in this movie for him) until he unleashed his ball batter all over her hair and the surrounding furniture for her to lick up in slutty fashion. The company website described the scene like this: “Maddy O'Reilly could be the picture in the dictionary next to the word Cuties! Check out this outgoing brunette as she wows the camera in this 41 minute hardcore scene. She's not just here to show off... this cutie might look sweet, and she is, but she's also proof you shouldn't confuse sweet, for innocent! When she's got a cock inside she transforms into a wild beast who lives to feel one more stroke driving up in her wet pussy!”

Summary: Cuties 5 by director Grazer for Elegant Angel was a solid title for fans of the youthful female cast, earning a rating of Recommended thanks to the enthusiasm and youthful zeal of the performers. I am generally not a huge fan of newcomers since their performances tend to be so inconsistent but the sheer fun factor some of them provided means they will likely continue on to bigger and better things as they learn the proverbial ropes, should they decide to stay in the wacky world of porn. Each of these fuck bunnies was an attractive lady with a sexy hot body worth some attention, a few of them currently making the rounds all over the map even if this was their first title for a “name” company in the gonzo field. In short then, Cuties 5 was a very strokable set of scenes focusing on youthful ladies getting off as they engaged some top talent sexually, the technical aspects by director Grazer (Mick Blue) and the extras helping it stand out from a crowded pack so pick up a copy if you enjoy this kind of thing.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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