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Fuck Yeeaaah!!!!

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 8/25/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 44 minutes

Date of Production: August 1, 2013

Genre: gonzo, anal, rough sex

Condoms: None

Director: Nacho Vidal

Cast: Samia Duarte, Carol Vega, Jakeline Teen, Marta La Croft, Franceska Jaimes, Penelope Crunch

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Motion chapter index, multiple chapters per scene, photo galleries, cast list, cumshot recap, trailers, website promos


If there’s one thing Spanish stallion Nacho Vidal shows us in Fuck Yeeaaah it’s how to have acrobatic, almost cirque du soleil style dirty sex with young, horny girls. Nacho is known for his no-holes barred, ass-banging, pussy pounding movies and this one has some elements of that. Scene 2 is definitely the hottest one of the film with Penelope Crunch and Franceska Jaimes, Nacho’s wife in real life, going after each other like savages. The tongue lashings and pussy playing get your attention and the anal and acrobatic sex keep your attention for the rest of the scene. Scene 1 has a similar flavor with Samia being fucked silly every which way on the floor in Nacho’s studio. Because the remaining scenes are shot POV style with Nacho working the camera, they lose some of the sexual lust and momentum the other scenes have simply because Nacho spends a lot of time starting and stopping to re-adjust or reposition the camera. Even so, those girls are hot, especially Marta La Croft with those plump ass cheeks and voluptuous tits. She more than makes up for any shaky camera work in that scene. All in all, I recommend this movie. It’s great to see Nacho and his wife have hard heated sex with another girl, and the sexiness of the remaining starlets keeps the heat meter running high.  

Scene 1: Samia Duarte and Nacho Vidal


This scene begins with Samia Duarte at Nacho’s house, posing on the floor for a photo shoot. She’s topless and wearing a short blue skirt pulled up over her ass. In no time, Nacho drops his camera and slides up under her ass between her legs and starts dining on her pussy. She’s grinding her ass in a circular motion, burying his face in deeper with every twist. She’s groaning as we hear the sound of Nacho slurping on her clit. Nacho stands up in his camouflage pants, takes out his dick and slides it in her mouth. Samia wastes no time slobbering all over it, looking up at Nacho while she jacks his shaft and sucks on his dick head. She’s sitting on the floor and she leans back, allowing Nacho to squat straight down and penetrate her. He stands again, forcing her to feed on his cock and attempting to deep throat it as she leaves trails of spit all around. Nacho puts her in the doggie position on the floor and he gets on his knees to fuck her. She’s starting to scream now as he moves to the old “up and over” squat fuck, completely filling her cunt with cock. We’re close up on her face, watching the creases in her brow as she cries out in ecstasy. Nacho rocks back and forth, wrangling his dick even further down her hole. Then he shows us his athletic prowess by turning 180 degrees, leaving his dick in her pussy the whole time, getting on all fours facing in the opposite direction from her but with their asses banging together (you gotta see it to understand!). So now she’s pushing back on his dick which is sticking straight back between his legs. She’s controlling her own pleasure. They pull apart and Nacho sits on the floor, allowing her to ride him in cowgirl position with her feet up on his thighs, showing off her bouncing ass. She lifts up off his dick, hovering in place, fingering herself until she cums and sitting back down on Nacho’s pipe. Nacho’s whispering to her in Spanish and rubbing her clit while his cock beats her cunt. They switch to reverse cowgirl and Nacho takes her to town, pummeling her from underneath with fast, body-slapping strokes. He lays her on her side to spoon, keeping his leg up in the air and his dick deep down her trap. The camera brings us closer and closer into the pussy penetrating action when Nacho unexpectedly pulls his dick out to release a few drops of pre-cum. Samia is still on the floor on her side as Nacho puts his dick back to work spreading her walls apart. They move to a standing doggie but Samia contorts her body back up against Nacho’s chest and bends her neck back to kiss him. Nacho pulls her over to the couch, slamming her down on his dick reverse cowgirl style while sucking on her tits. Nacho picks up the pumping pace before pulling his dick out and jacking it feverishly, cumming on her clit and screaming like a baby. They both laugh as Samia finishes the jacking. 


Scene 2: Penelope Crunch, Franceska Jaimes and Nacho Vidal

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This is definitely the steamiest scene of the movie. Once again, we meet up with Nacho in the middle of a photo shoot, this time with Franceska (his wife in real life) and Penelope who are dressed in see-through, lacey lingerie. They’re posing together with their tits popping out of their bra tops, perched up on a lounge chair, across the bed and in various sultry positions. Cut to Penelope and Nacho getting to know each other. She’s teasing him with her eyes and he’s rubbing his fingers across her lips and tongue, down her chest and around to her ass, squeezing her cheeks in his hands. He can’t take it anymore and finally makes his face disappear between her ass cheeks, inhaling everything in his path. Nacho is still fully dressed and Penelope still has on her lingerie but Nacho takes out his tool and begins fucking her from behind, she’s almost toppling over, standing up in those high heels. We’re seeing the action from below as Nacho’s pipe slides in and out of her, getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. He turns her around to face him. Still standing, he holds one of her legs up in the air and penetrates her before pushing her to the floor to make her lick his dick. Franceska walks up, wanting in on the action and Nacho obliges, spanking her ass hard and tonguing her down her throat before she shares in the dick prize with Penelope. They’re both blowing him now, one swallowing the head and the other licking his shaft. But it’s Penelope and Franceska’s turn to play while Nacho undresses. Franceska deep fingers Penelope’s pussy across the lounge chair until Nacho comes back to play. Franceska is bending over the chair and Nacho walks up and sticks his cock in her cunt, pulling her lace panties off to the side of her crack as the sound of her fingering Penelope’s pussy gets louder and louder. Nacho is really pumping her now and she stops eating Penelope’s pussy, crying out with pleasure. He pulls her down on top of him on the bed in reverse cowgirl and Penelope burrows her tongue down Franceska’s pussy with Nacho’s dick pumping in and out of it. Penelope sits on Nacho’s pole in cowgirl position while she continues to dine between Franceska’s wide open legs. Everybody’s moaning. Penelope starts riding Nacho hard and Franceska sits fully on Nacho’s face. Both girls are getting hot and Nacho takes full advantage. He puts both girls on their sides as if they’re spooning each other and he starts fucking Penelope whose pussy is gaping now. He positions them on top of each other, continuing to pound Penelope doggie style. He pulls his dick out of Penelope and pushes it into Franceska who’s lying on her back. It’s her turn to scream, and she does. Nacho contorts his body again, moving from doggie position, flipping 180 degrees and sticking his dick back between his legs to fuck her with both of their asses slamming into each other’s. The bed sheets are wet with sweat as Nacho lays back to host Penelope in the reverse cowgirl position. Meanwhile, Franceska proceeds to eat Nacho’s ass and slob all over his dick. He comes around to fucking Franceska doggie style, this time in the ass, freeing her up to munch on Penelope’s slit, but she has to stop, screaming from the pounding she’s taking from Nacho. The ass fucking continues with Franceska flat on her back, taking Nacho’s girth. Penelope and Franceska are 69ing each other with Penelope on top with Nacho plowing Penelope’s ass doggie style while Franceska licks up the juices from underneath. Nacho feeds her his meat right out of Penelope’s ass before continuing the pounding. Nacho pulls Penelope by the hair and pins her in place with his foot, punishing her pussy from the side and slapping her in the face. Franceska takes it up the ass again, riding Nacho cowgirl style while playing tongue games with Penelope. Franceska’s ass is gaping open before Nacho buries his dick back in it. He flips Penelope over on to him and fast fucks her cowgirl style before commanding Franceska to pull his dick out and jack it until he cums. Nacho screams out, ending the scene as we look at a completely soaking wet bed. 


Scene 3: Carol Vega and Nacho Vidal


Carol is walking into Nacho’s bedroom and we’ve got a full screen view of her ass in tight, cut-off denim shorts. She’s tall and slender, writhing her body, making a figure 8 in front of the camera. Nacho is encouraging her as she drops her top with Nacho squeezing her nipples. She slips her shorts off, revealing a g-string. Nacho puts the camera down and walks straight into Carol’s pussy, eating her out as she’s standing over his face. He stands up behind her, takes his dick out and starts beating her across her ass cheeks with it before sticking it in her and pounding her in the standing doggie position. She’s got both of her hands behind her back on Nacho’s shoulders and she’s already yelling with pleasure. He pins her up against the mirror and stands in front of her to push his dick in her pussy. We’re in POV mode, so Nacho stops the fucking to grab the camera and showcase more of Carol’s body as she teases us, fingering her pussy for the camera. Nacho helps her, pushing his fingers up her cunt before forcing her to dribble and gag on his dick. She’s got spit draining down her chest and Nacho’s balls at the same time. Nacho fucks her in standing doggie again before laying on the bed to pound her cowgirl. The POV has us seeing what Nacho’s seeing, her pussy riding up and down on his dick as he plays with her clit. He puts the camera down across the room and positions Carol on top of him in cowgirl position. She’s riding him and looking back over her shoulder, teasing us with her lips and eyes. Nacho picks up the camera again, giving us the POV perspective as Carol slowly rides him reverse cowgirl. It’s too much for Nacho as he pulls his dick out and squirts a big cum load on his stomach with Carol looking on. 


Scene Four: Marta La Croft and Nacho Vidal


We’re close up on Marta’s ass in a pair of tight blue jeans as she walks into Nacho’s bedroom, stretching and teasing us with those big ass cheeks. She straddles a white chair with her perfect ass checks hanging over the edge as she rubs on her tits. Marta is definitely heating up the screen. Nacho is rock hard already just watching. He’s controlling the camera in POV mode and he puts it down for a minute to walk up behind Marta and pump her over that white chair. He grabs the camera again as she kneels to suck his cock. We have a tight view of Marta’s face and her pink lips as they wrap around Nacho’s cock. He’s gagging her throat and pulling her long black hair back tightly. The throat gagging is getting louder and faster as Nacho jacks his dick deep inside Marta’s mouth. He tittie fucks her up through her sports bra, tongue kissing her simultaneously. She finally loosens that bra top and we see her huge, bouncy tits right as Nacho starts sucking them. He sits on the floor and she stands over him, giving him full access to eat her pussy. Nacho stands up and starts fucking her from behind in front of the mirror and with the camera stationary across the room, we’re seeing Nacho’s pipe plow in and out of her with those jeans turned down halfway down her thighs. She’s definitely enjoying it. After some shaky camera work that has us looking at the wall (this probably should have been edited out), Nacho makes her get on all fours on the bed. He licks her cunt first then stands over her with one foot up on the bed and the other on the floor fucking her. But she soon starts fucking him, pushing her pussy back roughly on Nacho’s cock. He has to adjust the camera again so we get a good shot of Marta on her side hosting Nacho’s pipe. He eventually gets on his side too, spoon fucking her, keeping one of his legs up in the air, giving us a clear view of the penetration. It’s time for some front on POV cowgirl. Marta grinds really slowly in a circular motion on Nacho’s meat, gripping each inch. But she soon picks up the pace, pounding her ass down on him while riding his dick. Nacho puts her back into doggie position on the bed, gripping her hair and pounding her pussy before making her ride him cowgirl once more. He puts her on her back and continues the penetration before pulling out to finger her and make her squirt all over the sheets. Nacho’s fingers are drenched. He flips her over onto her stomach and gets on top of her, drilling her cunt, fast then slow before grabbing the camera again to give us POV action as he pulls out and cums all over her ask cheeks.


Scene Five: Jakeline Teen and Nacho Vidal


Our final startlet, Jakeline, is posing in pink and white frilly lingerie in Nacho’s bedroom. She’s working her ass for us, rubbing her fingers all over her body as Nacho zooms the camera in closer to her nipples. It’s not long before he gets up under her to smack on her clit as she leans up against the mirror. Nacho wastes no more time and stands up to fuck her from the back with her white frilly panties turned down just below her ass cheeks. Nacho is taking his dick in and out of her as she groans, looking back at the camera. Jakeline’s into it now, grinding her pussy and ass back up against Nacho, taking his entire dick in the process. She stops the fucking and gets on her knees to eat Nacho’s cock. She’s wrapping her mouth around his shaft as he forces it deep down her throat, making spit dribble out the sides of her mouth. She can barely get a breath of air before Nacho pushes his dick back down her throat. Jakeline gets in doggie position over the side of the bed and Nacho sticks his prick up her cunt. We’re watching the action in POV now, seeing her ass the way Nacho is, bumping back into his dick. Every now and then he quiets her screaming by shoving his tongue down her throat. Nacho positions the camera across the room so we get a full view of Jakeline lying on her back taking his dick. They move to the cowgirl position and the POV perspective has us right up against Jakeline’s pussy as it jumps up and down on Nacho’s dick. The camera’s back on the nightstand and now we’re seeing Jackeline work Nacho’s dick from behind, cowgirl style. She’s definitely in control here, riding fast then slow then in circles down on his cock. She's back in doggie position as Nacho pile drives his dick straight ahead into her hole. She lies on her stomach and Nacho stretches out over her, keeping her pussy stuffed the whole time. Nacho has to adjust the camera several times here, stopping the fucking to change the zoom and the framing. This takes away from the heat of the scene as it slows the action down. He finally gets the camera the way he wants it and starts spoon fucking her, holding one of her legs up in the air. We haven’t seen this kind of pounding for most of this scene, so the body slapping sound is welcomed. He lies on his back and instructs Jakeline to suck him off, and she goes after his dick like never before, jacking him hard, making him scream as his cum pours out down his shaft and her fingers.


Final Thoughts:

One thing you can count on is that a Nacho Vidal movie will get you off. He always finds the hottest girls that seem to have very few limits. That coupled with his insatiable need to fuck the shit out of them also makes for a good movie. Fuck Yeeaah!!!! gives us voluptuous European women who know how to steam up a scene. These girls learned early on how to take dick and enjoy it at the same time. Nacho’s athletic abilities clearly shine through in a couple of scenes in this flick, the way he contorts his body to get his dick positioned to pummel these girls’ pussies like a mad man. Then add the fact that Nacho’s wife joins him in the hottest scene of the film, scene 2, we’ve got a winning combination. I recommend this movie because it gives us some solid, hardcore ass pounding in a couple of scenes, and then smoothes the action out a bit in the remaining scenes with a POV perspective.  

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