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Personal Desires

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/25/13

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Genre: Masturbation

Director: ?

Cast: Evelina, Darcie, Gina, Lena, Brooklyn, Lewa, Sofia, Samantha Jane, Zoey

Length: 106 minutes 

Extras:  There are several trailers.

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

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Condoms: None

Overview: Personal Desires is a film from the successful studio AbbyWinters.com. In this film, most of the performances are solo acts in the sense that a woman only plays with herself sexually. Luckily, we do receive one sweet lesbian scene.  
Scene One: Evelina is looking out her glass door while running her hands along her body. As she continues, her hands are underneath her red floral shirt as she caresses her breasts. Soon, the woman starts to caress her butt and eventually guide her hands to her crotch region. Moments later, Evelina starts to shove them down her jeans to feel her wetness on her panties. Her touchy-feely behavior roams along on her clothes and pussy until she removes her shirt. Her hands start to really focus on her titties as she caresses them tenderly. Her hands also move down to her tummy and eventually the woman takes her pants off. Her panties slide down her legs. Then, Evelina leans back against the wall and stares through her glass door while rubbing her vaginal plaything. As her active rubbing motion gets her off well, Evelina looks upward to take the whole thing in. Later, she turns around to face the wall. The camera shoots her backside while the woman resumes her rub-a-dubbing. It does not last too long until we see her facing the camera again. This time, her pussy rub becomes more intense. She has to squat down in order to brace herself against the wall. Evelina looks pretty happy in the end.  
Scene Two: Darcie starts to masturbate on the floor right next to her open front door. Some type of animal appears at the door that frightens her. The moment that Darcie tries to cope with the intruder is silly. Nevertheless, her solo play proceeds on. She lays on the floor and spreads her legs wide. A tiny vibrator is applied to her clit for a moment before a bigger one is used to penetrate her sexual tunnel. Her solo play is steady, but with not much emotion.
Scene Three: Lena stops by Gina's place to bring some clothes for her. While they browse around the items, Lena helps Gina put on a blouse. First, she helps her to remove her shirt. Next, Gina removes her pants and puts on some panties. Soon, Gina helps her friend to undress. Both of them get naked. As they briefly talk about their pussies, the friends begin to pleasure themselves. The progression of their solo play is not stimulating for the viewer. However, Gina was more into pleasuring herself rather than Lena.   
Scene Four: Brooklyn lays on a couch. She gets down to her bra and panties. The woman rubs her crotch and sticks both of her hands underneath her panties. Her mouth is open while she continues her hands on activity down there. When her undergarment is removed, we get to see her pussy. It's too bad that we never get a good enough view of it. Later on, her solo activity becomes a bit intense. She then, uses a vibrator and gets herself off well.   
Scene Five: Lewa and Sofia are laying back on a sofa while the camera is shooting them from above. Lewa feels her friend's leg a bit. Then, Sofia removes her skirt in order to show off her rainbow styled panties. As the scene progresses, the two pals place one of their legs on top of each other. More nice touchy-feely behavior by them continues as they remove their bras and touch titties. I like listening to their giggles. The playful actions by Lewa are sweet as she runs Sofia's panties along her body. The giggly girls then, start to rub their pussies while Lewa rests the back of her head on Sofia's hip. Some nice titty caressing occurs. Some titty sucking and kissing activity follows by them. The chemistry between Lewa and Sofia is the long lasting image that the viewer leaves with once the scene is over. Later, Lewa sucks on her pal's breast as Sofia rubs her own pussy with more energy. They talk a while at the end of the scene.   
Scene Six: Samantha Jane sits down on the floor and removes her black shoes. She removes her shorts and rubs her polka dot panties. She starts on the outside and then, sticks her hand in it. Moments later, Samantha removes her bra and then, her panties. The dark-haired cutie makes herself comfortable by laying on her back and spreading her legs apart to rub her vaginal plaything. Her finger fucking effort is heated. As a matter of fact, when she has her fingers in her pussy and her other set of fingers rubbing her clit, one set is always working her over with a quicker pace. Later, Samantha applies a vibrator on herself. When she gets on her knees, she sucks herself from behind as the camera shoots her butt. Samantha sucks the toy item briefly before using it again for self-pleasuring. She still does a good job in her combined efforts.  
Scene Seven: Zoey awakens and stretches her arms. She puts on her glasses and starts to run her right hand along her panty-covered pussy. I like seeing this woman lay in bed. Her body is quite appealing. When her panties come off, Zoey rubs her sexual muffin with more fondness. Her good pace looks soothing. You can tell that her constant motion gets her off as she leans back. I like seeing her somewhat exposed tits. Overall, this scene is one of the best in this film.
Final Thoughts: Most of the sexual activity here are simple and smooth. However, the standout performances go to sweet duo Lewa and Sofia and simmering heat Zoey. This film is going to be pleased by loyal Abby Winters fans. It's for that reason alone why this film is a rental.   

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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