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Anal Fanatic 5

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/5/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


Click for Trailer; individualized trailers linked to the screen caps for the scenes below

Anal Fanatic 5

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

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Director: Grazer

Cast: Sheena Shaw, Manuel Ferrara, Asa Akira, Mick Blue, Bonnie Rotten, Erik Everhard, Bailey Blue, Mia Gold, Ramon Nomar; Rachel Roxxx & James Deen in bonus scene only

Length: 176:26 minutes

Date of Production: 4/29/2013


Extras: There was a 11:53 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included some actress comments after their scenes were over, a pop shot recap, a photogallery, spam, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Fanatic 5 was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen as released by director Grazer for Elegant Angel. The camera work was decent in most scenes, not as crisp as previous volumes in the series at all times but a step up from Mick’s earlier efforts. The editing by Michael Cates was good though, usually helping make the raw footage stand out, the lovely young ladies looking quite good under the plentiful lighting. There was no continuous company watermark on the right corner (or elsewhere for that matter) here, something a few readers seem to care about. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English was sharp enough (as usual), the vocals as crisp as ever and not interrupted by musical tease sessions in this sparse but welcome release. The volume of said vocals was consistent too, something not every company can say about their own movies, all music for the tease montages coming through via Productiontrax.


Body of Review: Grazer is the directing name of Mick Blue when he works at Elegant Angel, his works sufficiently good looking enough to merit some positive accolades in most cases. His latest release coming in for review is called Anal Fanatic 5, the movie coming out earlier this year but lost in the shuffle. Of interest to me most of all was Sheena Shaw, Bonnie Rotten, and Bailey Blue, but one can hardly complain about babes like Asa Akira and Mia Gold in scenes, especially anal scenes, so I thought this might be a solid effort on the part of the European lad to sell a series I have had mixed reviews over. The premise was basic enough though as the women were all geared up to take a pecker in their pucker, some of them vastly better than others but all of them having some fun. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Sheena Shaw, one of the upcoming anal gonzo queens of the past year (before she “retired” in a huff), was up first as pictured on the front cover. With a juicy ass (again, look at the front cover or the above screen captures) and a decided willingness to do anything and LIKE IT, she really elevated the game compared to the teenagers some fans prefer. This scene was with Manuel Ferrara too, one of her best playmates, which escalated the quality of the tryst substantially over so many of her good but “could be better” scenes, the opening tease on the staircase in her black cover attire really heated. The droning music was really weak but her polished moves as she stripped were great, her pretty eyes and all natural hard body sure to please as she masturbated to a state of readiness. Once the music was over (the tease was otherwise too short in length), she continued to show off for the camera in the white room with a glass anal plug stretching out her perfect pucker, Manuel cuddling with her before gobbling her gash, Sheena giving him some enthusiastic head before he was tapping that ass like he owned it. There was a lot more oral after that but what really stood out was how actively she rode his pecker in her pucker, her eye contact among the best in the jizz biz here as she tore into the cock so adoringly at all times. It ended when she was in doggy and Manuel plastered her ass with his genetic juice, the baby batter oozing down as she gave the camera a naughty look suggesting she was ready for round two. The company website described the scene like this: “Sheena Shaw struts her stuff and shoves four fingers into her asshole, to start us off in this 32 minute scene from Anal Fanatic. It doesn't matter if she's got class, she still loves to take it in the ass! Our guy practically pulls her sleeve out with his cock, but she's still throbbing for more... this scene doesn't end until a huge puddle of cum is squeezed out of Sheena's ass!”


Scene Two: Asa Akira, the Asian anal queen so well known in the industry, was up next in a purple bikini teasing in the modern home, peeling it off ever so slowly, seductively squirming and gyrating her tasty ass before fingering her asshole, the music stopping to allow her to warm up with a glass dildo inside her precious pucker. She continued to masturbate until Mick Blue walked in POV fashion over to her with a turgid erection, Asa doing what comes naturally for her and inhaling it orally with all the trimmings as she continued to plunge the toy in her ass and taste it. Mick handed off the camera and joined her on screen to rim her as he diddled her slit, slowly entering her ass before rapidly pounding away at it like he were drilling for gold. Asa was screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain at this point, the gal pushing back to meet his thrusts at times as Mick’s nuts slapped against her so rapidly. They moved into various positions to continue the tryst and she did some fine taste testing, her eye contact also solid throughout the scene. For the record, Asa had the largest anal gape of the cast here, her flexibility established early on in the scene. She helped get herself off by stuffing four fingers in her ass and another four in her pussy at the same time, Mick jerking off a large wad of population pudding to her open mouth to swallow with a smile in the chemistry filled scene. The company website described the scene like this: “Asa Akira is, without a doubt, one of porn's hottest Anal Fanatics! Watch the Asian with the perfect curves and the naughty mind as she writhes around the spot and warms up her tender butthole, to start off this 36 minute hardcore scene. Both of her holes need to be fucked... she shows us that as soon as she gets her hands on some toys. She keeps her pussy happy with her whole hand while a stiff dick satisfies her anal cravings!”


Scene Three: Bonnie Rotten, the lean and heavily tattooed brunette making such waves of late, was up next with Erik Everhard. She wore a patterned green bikini for a short time, peeling it off as needed to dance around to some upbeat music, her body definitely built for speed over comfort as she teased in the living room of the contemporary house. Bonnie’s slutty look and playful nature shined here as she gave herself some physical pleasure, her bald beaver looking as fresh as ever as she proved her own flexibility and applied a double headed dildo to herself aggressively. Bonnie enjoyed the taste of her ass via the device and she even jammed it into both openings at the same time, Erik walking over to replace the toy with his pecker in her ass as he rapidly fingered her drenched pussy with his fingers. She was loud in her enjoyment and took a technical DP with ease, the gal another extremely active anal rider who showed a love of getting planked in all sorts of positions. I was almost surprised that Bonnie also appreciated getting fucked in the pussy by this point given she had shown such a propensity for anal but she connected with Erik and couldn’t look away from him, his spunk unleashed all over her anal gape as he hammered away at her ass in a modified doggy position (she was on her stomach with her legs spread); her baby batter sliming the white couch. The company website described the scene like this: “Bonnie Rotten is back for more - when she heard there was a casting call for Anal Fanatic, this tattooed bombshell couldn't resist another romp! This brunette slut shows us what a real woman can take, first with the toys, and then with Erik's cock - she even keeps the toy around to turn this anal reaming into double penetration! The scene ends with a close-up of one massive anal creampie!”


Scene Four: Bailey Blue, an all natural lean gal with a splendidly tight ass was up next having changed her hair color once again to blond. She shook her ass and body like a seasoned stripper in search of tips, her skimpy black bikini hardly covering any of her even before she started taking it off for effect. The tease inside the house (I always prefer outside under the full sun) included some time in the glass shower and on the floor, the upbeat music working better this time as she kept such positive eye contact with the camera, later focusing on scene partner Mick Blue. While no stranger to hardcore and anal sex, Bailey has always seemed a nice mix of tattooed sluttiness and youthful freshness, her solo efforts with an odd shaped black dildo proving her oral skills as much as her ability to enjoy a thick object in her ass. Unlike a few of her peers though, she took some time working it inside of her shapely ass, panting at the effort involved but seemingly appreciating the combination of pleasure and pain. She pulled it out to taste it repeatedly, rubbing her increasingly moist (and nearly bald) snatch, Mick encouraging her to enjoy herself by whispering various comments to her as she continued in front of him. She then sucked his cock and balls aggressively, stroking his rod while largely focusing on his head in her mouth but keeping great eye contact in POV before impaling herself on the erection. She put it in and she did most of the work, Mick looking scruffy when seen full blown on screen in his unshaven look. In any case, they banged rapidly and nonstop other than some taste testing, Mick giving her a small stream of splooge on her face to savor with a smile. The company website described the scene like this: “Bailey Blue starts the show in the bathroom, and turns herself on for the camera in this 36 minute scene from Anal Fanatic. On the way to the scene of the action, she keeps stopping for a moment's masturbation. When she gets her hands on a big butt plug, the smile on her face lets you know - this is going to be one slinky ride in and out the back door! This horny blonde can't get enough anal, but a guy can only last so long in that ass...”


Scene Five: Mia Gold, another adorable young lady with dark hair and a fetching ass, was up next teasing outside by the dirty pool on a sunny day, even going inside it to reveal a great tan line and delightful wet look on her ass. This welcome tease was too short by half but much appreciated, the montage ending to show her on the white living room couch masturbating with a black anal plug. She worked it slowly but surely, soon paired up with Ramon Nomar and helpful Erik Everhard, Erik drilling her in doggy vaginal while the toy held steadfast in her ass. Mia really liked the feeling of fullness and Erik kept at it until removing the toy to replace it with boy, meat that is, her brilliant eyes looking up at him in a lustful gaze that showed she knew she was getting it good from a top notch name. While most of her 44 credits in porn (per the IAFD, at this writing) have been second and third tier companies, Mia has also accumulated some very impressive nods for works in upper tier outfits as well, her active riding in both pussy and ass showing she is climbing the porn pantheon nicely. She gave some good tasting and eye contact, also doing more than some of the bigger “names” of the cast by virtue of handling two men at once, her ability to enjoy a DP elevating her game more than a little bit. She pushed back to meet their thrusts and took them both balls deep, the cascades of ball batter left in her mouth for swallowing (the load by Ramon) and in her anal gape (by Erik) before the credits rolled. The company website described the scene like this: “Mia Gold warms us up with a welcoming look at her naked body, when she gets the camera all to herself for the first minutes of this scene from Anal Fanatic. One look at her, bent over with that perfect ass spread wide as she stares back with that horny smile, will turn you into an anal fanatic, too! She warms up with a butt plug before Mick and Erik take over, to give this horny brunette all the anal and double penetration she wants!”


Bonus Scene Anal Fanatic 3: Rachel Roxxx, James Deen, Ramon Nomar: Rachel Roxxx, the lean little brunette with various tattoos featured on the front cover, was up first with a seductive booty tease. She looked best in the sunlight by the pool and she was already preparing for a cock in her ass by stretching herself with an anal plug (that she licked clean) and toys. The tease and solo portions of the scene were good but she seemed more at home when joined by Ramon “Navaro” Nomar and James Deen, the two men warming her up roughly as she rested on all fours in a prone position. They worked her asshole with the toys and fingers, Mick vocally appreciative from behind the camera as she slobbed their knobs and sat on face to get head. Some active vaginal riding with toy in her ass led to anal and the advertised double penetration (DP), her limited experience with doing two cocks at a time made clear in the BTS. She was active at riding throughout the scene and while there was minimal chemistry, the performance by all was pretty solid overall. I liked that she kept her fishnet stockings and boots on, doing lots of taste testing and ending up milking the men of their genetic juice on her ass crack and mouth to close it up. The company website described the scene like this: “Rachel Roxxx has a sexy secret under her bikini, in the outdoor introduction for this 32 minute hardcore scene. When she pulls down her bikini bottom, we get to see the toy she's been shifting around in her ass this whole time. She's all about the anal toys, to start this scene off, because she's about to get stretched out hard from the inside! By the time they're through, Rachel's ass is raw and full of cum!”

Summary: Anal Fanatic 5 by director Grazer for Elegant Angel earned a huge nod as a Highly Recommended production, perhaps stronger if you really adore the casting here. Sheena clearly earned her spot on the cover as the featured act, Bonnie again displaying the skills the tattoo crowd appreciates, and Asa Akira was again on fire with Mia Gold and Bailey Blue showing off their lovely features quite well. The technical aspects seemed stronger than the last few volumes of the series as I recall them and I have long stated I prefer domestically grown ladies in the action, even most of the men providing an upgrade over the mopes that are all too familiar in cheaper gonzo outings. What really impressed me was how consistently the high quality ladies (and men) passionately enjoyed themselves, projecting their heat and chemistry with such polished ease. In short then, Anal Fanatic 5 was a strokable set of scenes focusing on youthful anal princesses getting off as they took control over their personal appreciation of anal sex, each of the ladies contributing to the replay value and strokability fans have come to expect from the company so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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