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Buttman Focused 5

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/9/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

Porno movie stalwart John Stagliano, better known in some circles as Buttman, offers you what the packaging describes as ‘a focused perspective of what you obsess over’ with his latest release, Buttman Focused 5. This six and a half hour long two disc ass-centric extravaganza stars a veritable who’s who of hardcore and offers up such kink specific pleasures as camel toes, tit torture, pussy close ups and sixteen others, each starring a different lady or series or ladies – most of whom previously appeared in the various other Stagliano directed series. Yup, just like the earlier entries in the line, this is a compilation release. There’s no new footage here but if you’re a fan of Stagliano’s particular brand of pornography and don’t already have the single disc releases that these clips are culled from, you might find a lot to like here. So without further ado…

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Buttman Focused 5

[Watch the trailer for Buttman Focused 5]

Disc One:

Chapter 1 - Wedgie: Dark haired hottie Alison Tyler struts around in white stretch pants and shows off her ass as Stagliano plays with her cheeks through her pants. After that, pretty blonde Aiden Aspen follows suit, although her stretch pants are a hot neon green. Mariah Mars is up next, once again in white pants, and then Lea Lexis in some lime green mesh pants. Roxy Raye looks good in orange hot pants – this is just girls with tight pants wedged into their ass cracks walking around and bending over. Next!

Chapter 2 – Camel Toe: Cute Allie Haze is up first, she shows off the shape of her hoohaw through some white pants before Brooklyn Lee shows up and does the same in yellow pants and them Amy Lee in pink pants. Kelly Divine and Mariah Mars are next, then Leah Lexis and Roxy Raye followed by Aiden Aspen. This is basically the same as the first chapter, it’s just the girls are facing forward instead of showing off their behinds. If it’s your thing, you’ll dig it, if it’s not then you won’t. Stating the obvious? Yeah, sorry about that.

Chapter 3 – Waking Butts: Mariah Mars walks around in those same tight white bands and the camera watches her ass it bounces while she struts. The pants come off and she wanders around in some short shorts, then they come off and she sticks a plug up her ass before going for a little stroll. Kelly Divine’s big shapely ass is up next, no clothes here, just flesh. Roxy Raye starts off in pants and stays in them and Aiden Aspen follows next, wearing those same lime green pants. They come off, then her panties too, and she also walks about with a glass plug stuck up where the sun don’t shine.

Chapter 4 – My Nose, Your Crack: Alison Tyler is the first to squash her ass against Buttman’s face and wiggle. She keeps her pants on. Kelly Divine is up next, but her pants come off. Mariah Mars starts off with pants on, then gets down to her undies, while Leah Lexis in her mesh pants does some face sitting next, followed by Aiden Aspen.

Chapter 5 – Tights Clothes And Ass: This sequence starts off with Kelly Divine’s big shapely ass wrapped in a tight dress, walking around showing off the goods. After that we get more of the same with many of the same girls we’ve seen so far – Mariah Mars, Lea Lexis, Alison Tyler, Roxy Raye and Aiden Aspen.

Chapter 6 - Boobs: Alison Tyler is the first to release the hostages for the camera, showing off her cleavage first and giving us a bit of a tantalizing tease before showing off the full deck. From there we get similar demonstrations of lovely lady lumps from Kelly Divine, Mariah Mars, Lea Lexis, Roxy Raye, Aiden Aspen. There’s a lot of nipple tugging and a lot of the girls drooling and spitting on their tits and rubbing it all in. It’s pretty great.

Chapter 7 – Tit Torture: The next logical step after that chapter is this one, where we see the girls indulge in some rougher stuff. First up we get Mariah Mars in a nice rope play session. This is followed by work from Alison Tyler, Lea Lexis (whose session involves more contraptions than the others and is a bit more daring), Roxy Raye, and Aiden Aspen. On a side note, while I was watching this my wife commented that it didn’t seem very realistic because the girls all had big smiles on their faces. She had a point. Still kinda hot though, if you’re into boobs and rope and tape and clamps.

Chapter 8 – Pussy Tease: Kelly Divine is the first to spread her legs and let Stagliano play around a bit downtown. What does he do? Well, it’s called Pussy Tease so it probably won’t shock you to learn that he watches her tease us with her pussy. Fingers and tight clothes and stuff like that. After she shows off her skills, we get exhibitions from Mariah Mars and Aiden Aspen.

Chapter 9 – Pussy Close Up: This scene leaves nothing to the imagination and when it starts cute lil’ Roxy Raye has got her legs up and most of her hand crammed into her snatch. She gives it what for and then we see close up action from Aiden Aspen, Kelly Divine and Lea Lexis (she gets some toys involved and gets quite acrobatic).

Chapter 10 – Suck It: Making her first appearance on this disc is Claire Adams and when we meet her she has a giant black toy crammed down her throat, slobbering away and sucking it as far down her throat as humanly possible and then some. From here we see her sword swallow a few other sizeable toys after which we see more of the same from Aline, Angel Vain, Lea Lexis, Roxy Raye, Alison Tyler, Aiden Aspen. Angel Vain and some of the other girls get bonus points for sucking on a giant garden gnome?

Chapter 11 – Hot Babes: London Keyes shows up because she is a hot babe I guess. No argument here. At any rate, she smiles and giggles and then shows off her body, titties first then the rest. She gets fondled and that’s more or less it. Franceska James shows up next and does more of the same, mostly just standing around looking like a ‘hot babe.’ After that we get appearances from Kara Price, Briella Bounce, the lovely and talented Alexis Texas, Angel Vain and Brooklyn who finishes this sequence up by crawling naked on the floor with a tailed dildo up her ass.

Chapter 12 – Mirror Kiss: There’s not really much to explain here that the title doesn’t give away: this is footage of girls kissing their reflections in a mirror. It’s kind of hot in a weird sort of way and we get to watch some slobbery self love courtesy of Chastity Lynn, Liza Del Sierra, Franceska James, London Keyes and Alison Tyler (who wins this round by spitting onto the mirror, letting it dribble down, and then licking it up a few times – she gets an A for effort).

Chapter 13 - Orgasm: Like the title says, this is a collection of clips featuring hot girls getting off, mostly with toys. Here we get to witness the heights of physical ecstasy being hit by Aiden Aspen, Kelly Divine, Roxy Raye and Mariah Mars.

Disc Two:

This second disc features one fetish and one fetish only: bare ass and gapes. That’s it, that’s all she wrote. So if that’s your thing, you’re in luck. It is, however, broken down into the following chapters:

Chapter 14 – Jynx Maze And Angel Vain: Jynx goes first, her cheeks spread and peeled apart and she plays with herself. She shows off her ass and fingers it a bit and then Stagliano gets his hands on her to poke and prode. After that she sits on some glass and more or less opens herself up as far as she can. After that, Angel Vain basically follows the same pattern, but hey, we get a brunette and a blonde, so all is well with the world. We also see Angel play with a pink butt plug.

Chapter 15 – Kelly Divine And Mariah Mars: Kelly’s ass is the next victim, it gets rubbed up and poked at and even measured at one point. She shows it off and shakes it around and plays with it for the camera while Buttman fondles her and grabs at her. Kelly’s got serious junk in the trunk, this is a fun one. Not that the other ladies are lacking, mind you, but Kelly’s ass is impressive in both size and ability. Mariah Mars is the next one to play, this little blonde shows off her lovely shapely and curved behind. It’s a work of art, really. You could bounce quarters off of that thing. She follows the same pattern as the others have so far. This is all very repetitive if you haven’t noticed yet.

Chapter 16 – Lea Lexis And Roxy Raye: Lea and her green mesh pants strut around, they get pulled down and she shows off her asshole and squeezes her cheeks before getting on the floor and sticking her as up in the air. After that Roxy and her orange pants give us a show, the pants come off, there’s more ass poking and prodding and more cheek spreading. Some nice pussy spreading here too but it’s definitely ass-centric.

Chapter 17 – Alison Tyler And Aiden Aspen: Lovely Alison drops her white pants to the ground and basically does what the other girls have done so far. She gets points for being remarkably flexible, ears to ankles style. Aiden is next, pulling her cheeks open and showing off her backside curves and just getting it all out there, wide open style.

Chapter 18 – Roxy Raye: Hey, now we get to watch Roxy fuck her own ass with a finger first, then a few fingers after. Lots of gaping here and then she sticks a rubber ducky up there. Really. It’s quite a sight to see. What inspired this is anyone’s guess but she wanders around with it and lets it slide in and out of her ass for quite a long while. After that she does the same thing with a green frog before using a white dildo mounted on a table to pound her hole. She then goes for a clear butt plug and goes back and forth with a few other toys too, some in her pussy but most in her ass. She even gets an inflatable toy inflated up her ass. It’s some seriously crazy stunt fucking, really. It’s amazing that she didn’t break anything. That stuff shouldn’t be able to fit up there, but my hat is off to you, madam, for making it work.

Chapter 19 – Amy Brooke: Amy takes a glass dildo up her ass first with another toy on her pussy. She struts around and pulls it in and out and gives us a nice show, the camera man shooting POV style getting in on the action here and there. Amy uses mirrors nicely to let us see everything from every angle and then it’s time for more bath toy ass play before fucking her ass with a big purple vibrator. She seems to really enjoy this part of the session.

Chapter 20 – Angel Vain And Kelly Divine: Blonde Angel starts things off – some gaping and icky flexing going on before she gets down to showing what she can do with a selection of toys. Kelly follows suit, playing with a purple vibrator and then a series of glass dildos and butt plugs. She shows some impressive muscle control here and really seems to get off on that purple vibrator just like Amy did before her.

Chapter 21 – Jynx Maze And Mariah Mars: Jynx looks great nude, showing off her curves and taking some toys up the backdoor. She gets on all fours and uses a vibrator on her pussy before taking another one up her ass, really grinding into it and obviously getting off. it’s pretty hot. Mariah goes next, getting o nher back with her legs up, high heels flailing about and a glass toy crammed up her asshole while an old school white Magic Wand works her pussy over. She bends over for more, gets pummeled with metal and glass plugs up her ass and generally proceeds to just show off. It’s quite a sight to see.

Chapter 22 – Lea Lexis: Lea’s green mesh pants are still around as she opens up and says ahhh to a pink vibe up her ass. She gets on all fours and takes it in and then rolls over and shows how flexible she is by bending over and then sitting back with that toy still up there. That garden gnome from earlier makes an appearance where a garden gnome should never appear and more bath toys get fucked.

Chapter 23 – Alison Tyler: Alison sits back in a leather chair with her legs open wide fucking her ass with a medium sized glass plug. From there she wanders a bit and then uses a vibrator up her ass. She bends over and takes a glass toy in there and wanders around with it hanging out for the camera to ogle. After that? Bath toy fun as froggie goes cave diving. From there, more glass toys, some gaping, another vibrator and more gaping.

Chapter 24 – Aiden Aspen: Last but not least, blonde Aiden gets down like a bad girl should. She takes a glass toy up her ass while holding her cheeks open for the camera man to shove it in and out. They go at this from a few different angles and with a few different toys, including a ribbed one that seems to get quite a reaction out of her. She goes for a walk with the toy up her ass and gets down on all fours for more of the same. We get a few nice shots of her shaved and pierced pussy while all of this is going on, and then we get a lot of gaping. What’s next? More bath toys! After that a bit of gyno play and then the scene ends with a simple butt plug of the stainless steel variety.



This shot on digital video production looks pretty clean presented here in a reasonably stable 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen presentation. There is some mild edge enhancement in a couple of spots and a noticeable bit of mpeg compression evident throughout in the darker scenes. Skin tones look nice and natural, the compositions are dead on (though some of the camera work in a couple of spots is quite shaky), and aside from the fact that this digital video production looks like a digital video production and as such suffers from the minor defects usually associated with the format, everything looks as good as you’d realistically expect it to.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. The dialogue comes through cleanly and clearly as do all of the moans and groans. There is no background music used anywhere during the feature aside from the opening credits and the levels do tend to fluctuate quite a bit from scene to shining scene but aside from that there isn’t much to whine about here. The audio is fine.


Disc one is features cast lists, trailers and web links in addition to animated menus and chapter selection, will disc two features some filmographies, some still galleries and a few more trailers – that’s it as far as the extras go.

Final Thoughts:

Buttman Focused 5 doesn’t break the mold set by the first four entries in the series, in fact, it doesn’t even try. But then, when it delivers exactly what it promises to – some very kink-centric clips geared to some pretty specific fetishes – it really doesn’t need to. Yes, it recycles a lot of footage that we’ve seen before but it does so in a pretty creative and interesting way. If you’ve got the singe disc releases that these were taken from then there’s not much point in bothering with this release but if you don’t and your tastes lean towards the fetishistic, consider this one. Like the other entries, it’ll more than likely leave you quite satisfied. Recommended.

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