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Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 9/14/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 53 minutes

Date of Production: August 6, 2013

Genre:  anal, rough sex, group sex, gonzo, double penetration

Condoms:   No                 

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Taniella, Nadia Bella, Michelle, Alice Romain, Angel Wicky, Wendy Moon, Bernice, Ann Marie La Sante, Rocco Siffredi, Omar Galanti, Ian Scott, Mike Angelo and David Perry. Non-sex performer Michael Chapman

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Behind-the-scenes footage, trailers, cumshot recap, photo galleries, multiple chapters per scene, motion chapter index


Rocco Siffredi takes us on another slutty girl excursion across Europe in Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6. Highlighting Russian starlet Taniella as a skinny girl that everyone should check out because of her ability for multiple orgasms, Rocco lines up a wild and sexy crew of uninhibited girls who are out for pure pleasure from start to finish in this film. For Rocco fans, we know to expect the nonstop anal fuck action and ATM scenarios these girls find themselves in with Rocco, Omar, Ian, Mike and David. Any girl showing up for a Siffredi film is there to be fucked in every which way known to man.  This one had a minor underlying plot that was funny more than anything else. These girls are trying to learn English and soon learn that “A” is for ass, “B” is for bitch, “C” is for cum-in- my-mouth and “D” is for dick.  I recommend Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6. Solid Rocco fans know what to expect from these European girls and they deliver all the hardcore anal fuck punishment you expect.

Scene 1:  Nadia Bella, Taniella, Rocco Siffredi


We come up on Taniella all dressed up sitting at the dining room table. Rocco is talking to her but she barely understands English as he reaches out to play with her nipples. Nadia Bella interrupts, telling Rocco that Taniella barely speaks English. Michael Chapman, the “English teacher” walks in to give the girls a short lesson, telling them that “A” is for ass, “B” is for bitch, “C” is for cum-in- my-mouth and “D” is for dick.  Michael takes Taniella away to continue the English lesson, rubbing her hand on his dick, playing with her nipples and rubbing her pussy. Taniella soon gets the message and starts rubbing on Michael.  Rocco and Nadia walk up, upsetting Michael who eventually leaves the room. Rocco picks up where Michael left off, tearing Taniella’s panties off to the side, flipping her legs up over her head and licking her pussy while dropping spit balls down her ass hole.  


Rocco whips out his dick and drives it straight into Taniella’s tight ass.  He picks her up and lays her on top of him in a 69 position so he can continue eating her pussy while she sucks his cock. Then Taniella sits on Rocco’s cock in reverse cowgirl position taking it up the ass, slowly at first, but soon she’s taking Rocco’s full cock. They transition to a standing 69 that drives Taniella crazy because Rocco has complete access to her pussy now, sliding his tongue in and out of her. The ass fucking continues with Taniella straddling Rocco with her ass hole gripping his dick cowgirl style.

Nadia appears out of nowhere and pulls Rocco’s prick out of Taniella’s ass to suck it clean.  Nadia gets her pussy penetrated cowgirl style with Rocco opening her ass first with his fingers and then with his dick. Taniella moves to do some dick cleaning too, taking an ATM from Nadia’s ass.  The ATM continues with Nadia on her knees doggy style and Rocco moving his dick in and out of Nadia’s ass and into Taniella’s mouth.  She starts deep throating his cock, coming up for air and swallowing spit balls from Rocco.


Taniella wants cock too and takes Rocco doggy style over the couch, making him pull out and cum in her mouth. She goes mouth to mouth with Nadia, sharing Rocco’s cum.

Scene 2: Michelle, Alice Romain, Omar Galanti

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Michelle is outside on a construction site mixing concrete and Omar is trying to woo her with flowers. She’s having none of it and dumps the concrete on Omar’s head.  She moves into the interior of the construction site where Alice walks up and tells Michelle to forget Omar and leave.  Omar hangs Alice from the ceiling using construction chains and when Michelle tries to help, he entangles her in the chains too.  The only way Alice is coming down is if Michelle sucks Omar’s cock, and that she does to help her friend. 

Michelle gets on her knees and gets busy hugging Omar’s cock with her mouth. Omar twists Alice upside down in the chains, hanging from the ceiling, forcing her to suck his cock and lick his balls. He’s moving his dick back and forth between her mouth and Michelle’s but he soon focuses on Alice only, putting her into a standing 69 gag fest in chains. He finally unchains her and takes her over to a pile of construction material to ravish her, putting her on her hands and knees and burying his face between her ass cheeks, gobbling her pussy and ass. Michelle, who’s left to watch, finally gets pulled into the action, licking Omar’s tongue after he pulls it out of Alice’s ass.  Omar soon forces his dick up Alice’s ass, performing ATM from Alice’s ass to Michelle’s mouth. He flips Alice over on her back to get even deeper into her ass, spreading her legs out while Michelle sucks on her tits.  Alice’s ass is gaping now as Omar pulls his dick in and out of it, slurping up her juices in between and biting on her nipples.


Michelle waits for her turn patiently as Omar fucks Alice in the ass doggy style on the pile of construction materials. She’s taking it all, spreading her ass cheeks open with her hands, showing us her pink pussy. Omar only stops to eat her ass and pussy some more before driving his prick back up her hole.  Michelle, who is now lying flat on her back just under Alice pussy, licks Alice’s ass juices off of Omar’s cock. He almost chokes her, force feeding her with dick.

It’s Michelle’s turn now and Omar pulls her on top of him into a reverse cowgirl with her panties pulled down and stretched around both ankles. She’s bobbing up and down on Omar’s dick, taking it in the pussy and then straight up her ass. She doesn’t miss a beat, grinding on Omar’s meat. Alice soon comes around, pulling the cock in and out of Michelle’s ass and sucking on it in between. Michelle is still in reverse cowgirl, her legs strewn wide open from side to side as she leans all the way back on Omar. She turns around into cowgirl, controlling her ass, swallowing up Omar’s cock in fast strokes.  


Alice’s face is buried deep in all the action, licking Omar’s balls while he fucks Michelle. But Alice takes to riding dick reverse cowgirl herself, climbing on top of Omar to finish the job of getting her ass hole fucked.  Omar is taking no prisoners as he gets back to destroying her ass hole while chocking her with his fingers and smothering her with his hands. She’s screaming now, grasping for breath while being pounded.

Michelle stands up against one of the wooden posts and Omar walks up behind her to fuck her in standing doggy. She bounces her ass back on him, taking control of the fucking action in her high heels.  Her pussy is wet and open now driving Omar to pull out and pop over Michelle and Alice who then play cum games, licking it up off of each other’s faces.


Scene 3: Angel Wicky, Wendy Moon, Ian Scott


Angel Wicky is sitting on the couch reading as Ian Scott walks up complaining that Angel is always reading and not interested in the work he does. Ian wants to talk about it and invites Angel over to view his wooden sculpture of two people fucking in standing doggy. Busty blonde Wendy Moon walks up and tells Angel to forget about the sculpture because it’s time to learn English.  Wendy takes Angel over to the couch for a quick lesson in English, going over words like lips, belly, hands, boobs and legs, rubbing her hands all over Angel while she demonstrates.

Angel is having a hard time concentrating because she keeps looking back at the sculpture of the two people fucking. Wendy gets frustrated and walks out of the room, but Angel is really intrigued now. She walks up to Ian and says she wants to try the standing doggy position like the sculpture.  


Ian grinds into her but then flips her school girl skirt up over her ass and starts devouring her ass hole and pussy with his tongue. You can tell that Angel is really enjoying it with her giggling and quivering. Ian drops his pants, revealing his hard cock. Angel gets on her knees and makes the head of Ian’s dick disappear down her throat, looking up at Ian while sucking his cock and licking his balls.

Angel straddles Ian who is standing up and Ian soon lowers her into a standing cowgirl to take his dick, her legs wrapped around his waist.  After some hard pounding, she falls to the floor on her knees and tries deep throating Ian’s cock. She acts really hungry, wanting to swallow all Ian has to offer. They move back into the standing cowgirl where Ian simply pounds her balls deep.

They’re in a standing doggy fuck, just like the sculpture, for more cock pummeling and Angel is taking it deep, bent over the edge of the couch, giggling in pleasure. They transition into a spooning position on the couch and Ian is holding one of Angel’s legs back and giving her cock. Just then, Wendy walks back into the room, carrying a dildo. She gets right into the middle of the action, kissing on Angel and playing with Angel’s pussy while it’s being fucked.  


Wendy pulls Ian’s prick out of Angel’s pussy and sucks it clean. She drops her top, revealing her big tits, giving Angel a quick taste of them. Angel is now riding Ian reverse cowgirl in the ass and Wendy loves the ATM right out of Angel’s ass. But she’s also giving Ian a good titty fuck too. In goes Ian’s dick back into Angel’s ass when Wendy asks politely to have her pussy licked. Wendy lies on top of Ian 69 style to have her pussy devoured by Ian’s mouth while she and Angel share his cock down on the other end. 

Wendy maneuvers her way into a reverse cowgirl and grinds her big ass up and down Ian’s cock. She turns 180 degrees to ride him cowgirl up the ass, spreading eagle so we can see the action.  Wendy gets on all fours on the couch, propping her ass high up in the air. Ian straddles over her and fucks her deep up the ass. She’s taking every inch now with her ass juices flowing. Angel is right in place for an ATM right out of Wendy’s hot ass over and over again. Wendy is truly being fucked and she roughly fingers her pussy while screaming out. Ian keeps pile driving Wendy’s ass before pulling out and cumming all over her bit tits and in her mouth. Wendy sucks up what cum is left on Ian’s dick and then has Angel lick the cum up off of her tits. She licks on her nipples too, teasing us.

Scene 4: Ann Marie La Sante, Bernice, Mike Angelo, David Perry


Ann Marie La Sante and Mike Angelo are having fun climbing a rock wall. Bernice and David Perry ride up on a motorcycle.  David lies on the mat underneath the rock wall and instructs Ann Marie to jump off the wall and land on his face. She does. Ann Marie and Mike are having fun swinging on the ropes just off the rock wall while Bernice and David get busy undressing. Bernice is  backing into David, grinding into him while jacking his dick. She quickly moves to sucking his hard cock like there’s no tomorrow. Mike is busy eating on Ann Marie’s pussy as she hangs in the air from the ropes.  

David and Mike focus on Ann Marie first. David is rough tonguing her pussy from behind while Mike gives her his dick to suck. Bernice is watching jealously from the sidelines, but the guys don’t leave her waiting too long. Mike grabs her and flips her on her back over the couch, spreading her legs wide open and continues to dine between her ass cheeks, sucking and licking from pussy to asshole and back again. David is doing the same on Ann Marie.


Bernice straddles Mike in reverse cowgirl and takes his cock in her ass first with her panties pulled off to the side. She’s enjoying the fuck so much she’s getting goose bumps and dripping like a faucet. These two are going at it like they’re in a wrestling match, pinned to a mat but not out for the count.

David is spoon fucking Ann Marie but she soon moves into a cowgirl fuck, getting her ass slapped while she grinds her ass around and around on David’s dick. She’s being bombed from underneath and David picks up the pumping pace. Ann Marie is screaming now. Bernice gets into cowgirl position on Mike’s dick, taking it up the ass. Mike pulls his dick out, gaping her. That gape gets David’s attention. He walks over to initiate a DP on Bernice, his dick in her ass and Mike’s dick in her pussy. She’s crying out with pleasure, cumming as she goes.

The couples switch out now, with David ass fucking Bernie reverse cowgirl style and Mike fucking Ann Marie’s mouth. But Bernice takes another DP, this time in reverse cowgirl with David below and Mike on top, slapping her at the same time. She’s yelling out to be fucked. Mike beats Bernice’s pussy with his dick and this gets Ann Marie’s attention. She gets into the action, licking Bernice’s pussy while she’s being ass fucked, then performing an ATM, pulling David’s dick out of Bernice’s ass so she can suck it.


The guys position Bernice on the floor on all fours. David crouches over top of her to drill her ass hard and deep. Mike pins Ann Marie to the couch on her stomach and lies on top of her, fucking her from behind.

David pulls out of Bernice’s ass and blows a load of cum all over her tongue. She immediately exchanges it with Ann Marie, who is being pounded from behind by Mike.  Just then, Mike pulls out of Ann Marie and pops in Bernice’s mouth too, making her share the cum with Ann Marie.

 Final Thoughts:

I recommend Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6.  Rocco succeeds again at bringing us hot, young European girls who love taking dick up the ass and sharing cum.  These girls don’t disappoint and they don’t shy away from a hardcore fuck, especially the skinny Taniella and her ability for multiple orgasms.  Watching Ann Marie La Saint getting her pussy devoured while hanging from the ropes next to a rock climbing wall is worth it. She’s helpless and at Mike’s mercy. The little under story of these girls trying to learn English will make you smile and Angel’s giggling when she’s being pummeled by Ian Scott lets you know how much she’s enjoying hosting his cock. Check out Slutty Girls Love Rocco 6. Another solid installment from Rocco Siffredi. 

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