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Boob Science

Studio: Score » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 10/4/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Category: Big Boobs/Feature/All Sex
 Cast: Daphne Rosen/Eva Notty/Contessa Rose/Aileen Ghettman/Maggie Green/Angel Gee/Seth Gamble/Levi Cash
Release Date: 9/16/2013
Runtime: 113 Mins
Extras (Second Disc): Interviews/BTS/Blooper Reel/Deleted Scenes/Web
 Introduction to Review:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Boob Science is a large chested take on 80's blockbuster flick Weird Science, and just like the actual film, it centers around two super dweebs who wouldn't know the first thing about dating a girl, or even asking one out for that matter. Bo and Sheldon are at the end of their rope as far as their sex life goes, but when Bo conjures up a plan to create his own big-boobed super goddess, well let's just say that the future start looking brighter for these two goobers. Boob Science takes us on Bo and Sheldon's adventurous trials and tribulations in creating their own buxom beauty to have sex with, as well as groom them to become the cool and popular ladie's men that they've always wanted to be. 
Premiere Scene:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The film opens as Sheldon and Bo attempt to pick up a babe in a local parking lot of all places. Sheldon approaches the super-boobed hottie played by Eva Notty, as his hesitant pal Bo watches with binoculars from behind the bushes a couple yards away. She ultimately gives Sheldon the cold shoulder and the two retreat to their apartment to drown themselves in their own misery. Moments afterwards, a light bulb goes off in Bo's head and he realizes the possibility of actually making his own girl. After Sheldon's initial disbelief, the guys eventually put together a machine made out of what looks like a bunch of computer scraps. Bo does some more calculations and after downloading a bunch of porn into her main server the "hallelujah" moment eventually comes to fruition. Their large-breasted creation has arrived in the form of Daphne Rosen. They name their creation Mandy, and the films early moments continue forward with some semi-laughable moments before Mandy gives the boys a lesson in how to please a woman. 

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Sex Scene 1:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Daphne Rosen/Maggie Green
Tit Play/Cunnilingus/Strap-On Play/Doggie/Tit Fucking/Fake Cum on Tits
The premiere sex scene in the film kicks off with Daphne Rosen and Maggie Green getting hot and heavy in a boob-focused lesbianic fuck fest. Daphne is providing a lesson in how to please a woman with large breasts, and as the scene continues forward, Sheldon and Bo watch attentively at their television screen. This instructional sex show put on by Mandy is pretty slow moving overall, having some decent moments, but as far as notably solid sex goes, it's a pretty dry effort. After some strap-on fucking provided by Daphne, and a pretty lackluster sex scene, she fires off a fake jizzload from her apparatus that lands over top of Maggie's large breasts and the scene closes. I wasn't much for this scene, I love watching Daphne, and Maggie is pretty hot as well, but I felt like the acting in the scene took away from any hope of a solid sex scene. 
Sex Scene 2:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Contessa Rose/Seth Gamble
Tit Play/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cowgirl/Missionary/Spooning/Facial (Medium Volume)

The next sex scene in the film is between fair-skinned Score girl Contessa Rose and Sheldon. Contessa plays the role of Sheldon's brother's girlfriend, and after Mandy rids his evil brother from the equation, Sheldon decides to have some fun with her. Some nice action here to kick things off, with tons of tit fucks and bj action that interlude an eventual cowgirl fucking given to big babe Contessa. Sex reaches a nice level, eventually capping off with a facial rewarded to Sheldon's new fuck buddy for her efforts. Overall, this was a pretty nice scene, one that was certainly short in duration, but certainly kept my interest better than the last one.


Sex Scene 3:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Levi Cash/Aileen Ghettman 
Tit Play/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Missionary/Cum on Tits (High Volume)
The next sex scene in the film is introduced in an office setting, where Aileen Ghettman plays a big-boobed business exec who isn't pulling her weight, so to speak. Mandy has obviously used some of her voodoo again, because when Aileen gets called into the office to meet with the bigwig, it ends up being her who reprimands Aileen. Bo plays the mailman in the office, and of course after a sequence of silly events, Aileen and him get hot and heavy per Mandy's request. Bo plays with Aileen's tits for what seems to be an eternity in the preliminary moments, before she eventual gives him some blow-j action. Aileen plays a pretty horrible 'bitchy office lady' and the acting is almost as painful and insincere as the foreplay is. Once the sex begins things do get a bit better, having some moments that seem to have a decent amount of energy, but as the scene continued forward I believed less and less in it. By the end of it all I felt that it was pretty awful, Aileen certainly has some strong fetish qualities about her build, and monster natural tits to boot, but her presence in the scene was mainly awful. 
Sex Scene 4:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Eva Notty/Seth Gamble
Tit Play/Tit Fucking/Blowjob/Cunnilingus/Missionary/Reverse Cowgirl/Facial 

The next part picks up after the second sex scene in the film, with Sheldon walking out of the bedroom where he fucked his brothers girlfriend. Mandy then decides to take them to the salon to refine their looks in a way that their current nerdiness will not allow. Eva Notty is a stylist at the salon, and as soon as Sheldon sits in her stool the heavy petting sets in. Action again introduces itself with a huge focus on Eva's beautifully bodacious breasts, before she pulls Sheldon's pants down and starts giving him a ball-sucking bj. Some good energy to kick off the introductory action, again with tons of tit-fucking that eventually leads into the sex, beginning in a missionary style thumping given to the gorgeous Eva. A pretty decent scene here overall that has its moments, ultimately ending with a massive jizz shot facial that unfortunately goes everywhere but Eva's face. Facial fail.
Scene 5:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Angel Gee/Daphne Rosen/Seth Gamble/Levi Cash
Tit Play/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Missionary/Doggie/Reverse Cowgirl/Anal/DP/Facials (High Volume)

The final sex scene in the film comes after Angel Gee and her biker crew come to crash a party at Sheldon's house, but a sequence of events leads her to seduce the boys into a 2 on 2 sex romp between Sheldon, Bo, Mandy, and Angel. Action is of course focused on the gigantic set of tits on these two hotties, with lots of tit-fucks and blowjobs to initiate this foursome. The sex takes a while to develop, but eventually does so with each of the girls getting banged in a missionary and doggie style position. The scene progresses pretty well and has some solid sex as it moves on. I am a huge Angel Gee fan, as well as Daphne Rosen, and I thought the girls made a solid case for making this scene the best one in the film. It includes a short DP/Anal stint and finishes off with two pretty worthwhile jizzloads squirted over each of the girls' faces. Sweet!

Overall, this movie made me smile, and being in my early 30's I actually do remember how amazing Weird Science was when I watched it as a kid. The scenes in this movie were taken almost frame by frame from the actual movie, making it weird science with big boobs, Boob Science! Get it? Anyways, I've been a Score Magazine fan and buyer for quite a while now, and I was pretty honored to be reviewing this film. I love the Score brand, and feel that fans of the magazine are probably well aware of this movie as it's actually been around for quite a while now, but I'll still give my thorough opinions for readers who have yet to see it. There were a lot of funny moments, and I really loved Daphne's array of outfits throughout the film, as well as the huge extras feature that Scoreland provided with the DVD. Some of the sex in the film was pretty meager in all honesty, but it actually didn't have a huge impact on my personal enjoyment of the film. This isn't a gonzo movie, it's a funny movie made for dudes who like full-figured babes with big boobs. Mission accomplished. There were actually parts of the extras that I  really enjoyed as well, mainly Eva Notty's wardrobe changes, and some of the bloopers were actually really funny. Much funnier than your average run-of-the-mill fake porno comedy.This is a really fun movie, which makes it that much more enjoyable. If there are Scoreland fans out there who have yet to check this one out, you are certain to enjoy it. I would also recommend this to any fans of the big boob genre. Check it out!


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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