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Too Big for Teens 12

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 10/8/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Too Big for Teens 12
Reality Junkies/Mile High Media
Directed by Bobby Manila
Date of Production: Feb 14,23, 2013
Running Time: 2:19:53


Riley Reid
Billy Glide
Mia Malkova
Manuel Ferrara
Casey Stone
Jordan Ash
Staci Silverstone
Xander Corvus

Special Features:

Slide Show Gallery
Cumshot: 3:52
Solos/Striptease: 9:52
Behind the Scenes Footage: 20:32
Shot in HD
Trailers: 5:12

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 Kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-6 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

Riley is babysitting for Mr Glide. While sitting poolside Mr Glide comes out and lays down the rules for Riley, but rules aren’t going to stop her from getting what she wants.

Mia’s looking for a ride to San Francisco, luckily for her Manuel is driving by. Mia has no money to pay Manuel for the lift, so she offers him something that he can’t refuse.

Casey is really bad at golf and is in dire need of some lessons. Jordan comes along and helps her with her swing, but that’s not the only lesson he gives her.

Staci’s out walking her dog, when it takes a giant crap on Xander’s lawn. Xander freaks out at her. So she turns on the charm while Xander teaches her a lesson about doggy style.

When you pick up a movie because of one particular girl, you are always worried how the rest of the cast is going to stack up. And the last few times I have picked up a movie with Riley Reid in it, she’s been the only worth while thing in it. Well I am happy to say that is not the case here, as we get a spotlight scene with Mia and Manuel, and throw in a solid scene with the under-rated Staci. And when you throw in about 45 minutes of special features, there is no reason this shouldn’t get a RECOMMENDED rating from me.

Mia and Manuel (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

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See sometimes you get lucky when you pick up a hitchhiker, they all aren’t serial killers. Remember the rules of the road, and when a hot girl rubs your crotch, you are ready to drive her anywhere she wants to go. But first a quick stop at his house, and the hands do a lot of exploring as they find their way onto the couch. He teases her pussy through her shorts and as she grinds on his crotch you know something big is waiting to come out. Let’s just say those shorts are barely containing that ass of hers. She bends over, as he slides down her shorts and dives into her ass, as the heavy breathing begins. She can barely keep still as he works his mouth over her pussy, just one of the reasons the ladies love Manuel. She starts to show off the flexibility as she pins her legs behind her head, while he fingers her ass and licks her pussy, talk about multitasking. OMG you are so big, I have a feeling that will be heard in every scene. She strokes and jerks him off, adding in some mouth time as he shoves his cock in her mouth. He slides up next to her for some spoon action, along with some pussy strumming, really getting her motor running. Spoon has issues, so she climbs that booty on top for some cowgirl, with some nice mix of soft and hard thrusts from him, but no matter the pace, we are getting a nice booty show either way. It seems the second attempt at spoon is more successful for them. As she ends up on top again, he picks up the pace and her heart rate for some reverse cowgirl. He really has some fun, as she sits on his face and leans forward to give his cock some more oral love. The really turn up the heat as he fucks her from behind and pulls her closer by her hair, to give her a few kisses on the neck. With a booty like that, it’s hard not to want to give it a few smack while you fuck her. It seems she brings him to the verge of cumming a few times, as he takes a few seconds to compose himself. What a surprise, a scene with Manuel is in contention for spotlight scene of a movie. He pulls out and blasts her chest and face with a very impressive money shot.

Riley and Billy

I’ll give you a few guesses to figure out why I wanted to get this movie, and the answer is…Riley Reid. Her name caught my attention and when Mia and Staci were listed as well, that really sold it. When a pretty lady says she need help with the lotion, only a fool would say no. She guides his hand over her body and then falls to her knees and shouts out the magical phrase as he pulls out his cock. A few soft licks before she really goes to town on it, gagging along the way. She grabs his cock and leads him inside, as she lays on the bed and is right back to swallow his man meat. It doesn’t take too much for you to see her sexual energy switch into high gear, as she leans her head over the side of the bed to swallow him whole. He throws her down on the bed, and dives into her pussy and ass, giving them a nice teasing with his tongue. After a nice finger blasting, he slides his cock inside her as the moans increase and get a little louder which each thrust. She flips over with her ass out, as his tongue is back to darting in her ass, while she rubs her pussy. They are really using the bounce of the bed in this scene, as well as some great energy from Riley as she backs and bounces on his cock. And that energy continues as she takes a seat on his cock and he grabs on tight to her ass and picks up the pace. And her energy when it comes to her oral appreciation is also plenty to keep you hard and at attention. And when she flips around for some reverse cowgirl, the water works begin to flow from her pussy. She back her ass on his face and licks and sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock. After a long grind session on his cock, it’s back to some missionary, as he licks and sucks on her toes. She falls to her knees and get a blast of his lotion on her face, and then gives his cock a little more love, while she plays with her pussy.

Casey and Jordan

Let’s see how many bad golf puns I can use in this scene review. Be warned it’s going to get ugly. He shows her the proper grip and follow through. As she backs her butt in his crotch seems like his driver is awake. Some kissing and fondling from both, and she unleashes his cock and mutters the magic words before she swallows it. And there is plenty of gagging to be had, as he thrusts her head back and forth on it. They continue inside, as he slides off her top and she’s back to her oral stretches and gags. It seems like she doesn’t want to stop sucking on his cock, as the drool and tears continue to flow. But he takes control as he lays her back and spreads her legs as he licks her pussy, while applying a choke hold, guess she likes it a little rough. He slides in for some missionary, as he slaps and plays with her tits, and then back to the choking. She climbs on for some cowgirl as he is determined to make sure her ass is nice and red by the time he is done with her. There is something about this scene that seems off, this is the one you are going to want to play through quickly and move onto the next one. A slight turn in the right direction towards the end of the cowgirl, but seems like we end up back in the rough soon after. It just seems like she is not enjoying this at all. This one is not on par with the previous scenes and I just want it to be done, bring on Staci! After some doggy, he pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth

Staci and Xander

Why don’t girls like this walk around in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t care about some dog crap. It seems we don’t get to see much of this lovely lady anymore, which is too bad. It’s that sweet and innocent vibe with a little touch of dirty that gets me. He’s seeing it up close as she turns on the charm and rubs his leg, making her way to his crotch. She slides his pants off and teases him some more through his underwear, before uttering the magical words.  A few soft licks and sucks as she gets started on his cock, and then it’s all about testing the gag reflex. She bends over in front of him, and he slides her tight shorts to the side and makes his way inside her pussy. She ends up on her knees and sucks the taste of her pussy off his cock, adding in a little spit along the way. This little lady has quite the body on her. It’s back to some ball slapping doggy, and then the shorts come off, and she takes a seat on his cock for some reverse cowgirl fun. He picks up the pace as she rubs her pussy for some added moans from her mouth. She stands up and shakes her body and gives a little dance before she sits back down for some cowgirl. He turns up the pace once again and leaves her speechless at times. She also seems to be flexible as she pins her leg behind her head, as they continue with some missionary. He pulls out and shoots his load on her face, including some in her eye, I guess that is payback for the dog poop.

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