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Sperm Swap In Europe 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 10/14/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 10 minutes

Date of Production: July 2013


Condoms:  No  

Director: Raul Christian

Cast: Dominica Dolce, Vanessa, Chyanne, Lilly, Ginna Brigitta, Lia Fire, Nicole Evans, Jazmin, Michelle, Stefy, Jane Zaubermaus,  Christin La Rouge, Frank Gun, Nick Lang, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto, Reinhard

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: trailers, photo gallery, websites


Raul Christian takes us on another cum swapping journey across Europe with buxom girls who are serious about being fucked hard and who beg for cum in Sperm Swap in Europe 5. I highly recommend this movie for its sexy girls, two in each scene; with asses you can bounce a quarter off of who enjoy nothing more than pricks in their mouths and dicks in their pussies. These girls have no aversion to capturing cum load after cum load in their mouths and sharing the spunk with their girlfriend, transferring it from mouth to mouth in a long, dribbley string.  In scene 4, Jazmin is the cum receptacle, taking the most loads under her tongue, three, then leaning over to share it with Nicole. The hard fucking action is superb and these girls hold their own up against the likes of Frank Gun, Nick Lang and Lauro Giotto who are wired for dick domination. I suggest you add this one to your cum swapping collection. 

 Scene 1: Dominica Dolce, Vanessa, Frank Gun, Nick Lang

Scene 1: Dominica Dolce, Vanessa, Frank Gun, Nick Lang

Dominica Dolce and Vanessa are out walking in their tight yellow and pink lingerie. They walk over to a couple of lounge chairs. Vanessa has on pink fishnets, showing us her big, juicy ass and Dominica opens her legs to rub on her pussy.  The girls keep rubbing on themselves with the cameraman, Raul, getting in on the action, instructing Vanessa to take off her panties so he can finger her pussy. He soon has the two girls kissing all over each other while they take the rest of their underwear off and make their way inside.  Dominica gets aggressive, smacking on Vanessa’s breasts and fingering her pussy really hard. It’s not long before she’s eating Vanessa’s pussy, licking and sticking it with her tongue.  Both girls sit on bar stools with their legs open, facing us, spotlighting their pussies.  Raul gets involved again, fingering them, spitting on their pussies and then chocking them around the neck.


Frank and Nick walk into the room. The girls crawl up to them and start sucking on their dicks with no hands, feeding on their cocks. Dominica starts deep throating Frank, slowly but surely getting to the bottom of his shaft. We’ve got a birds-eye POV now, looking down on both girls who are looking up at us with a dick in their mouths. Nick throat fucks Vanessa, then makes her move over to share feasting on Frank’s prick with Dominica.  Frank is moving his dick from mouth to mouth, going deep each time.  He sits Vanessa on the ground and forces her to lie back where he has to hold her neck up and then he stuffs her mouth with more cock, balls deep.


But Nick is ready to open Vanessa’s pussy up as he starts spoon fucking her on the ground. Frank and Dominica follow suit as Frank puts her on all fours and starts fucking her doggy style. We’ve got a rear-end view. Nick pulls his dick out of Vanessa’s pussy and gives it to Dominica. She smacks it clean. Frank spoon fucks Dominica now while Nick makes Vanessa ride his prick cowgirl style. Before you know it, Dominica is riding Frank reverse cowgirl while Vanessa starts swallowing up Nick’s balls.


Dominica is getting her pussy blown out missionary style on the edge of the couch from Frank and he’s showing her no mercy, pounding, slapping and chocking her. Vanessa gets spoon fucked then she’s forced to ride Frank cowgirl style on the couch. Both girls are yelling out as they take their cock punishment.  The foursome pauses for a moment just long enough to allow both girls to blow their respective dicks, then it’s back to the couch for some hard pussy fingering and missionary style fucking.  Ride ‘em cowgirl is the theme for the next few minutes as both girls show they’ve got what it takes to be on top.  


After Nick pins Vanessa up against the couch to fuck her doggy style, the girls drop to their knees to receive their cum loads. Frank pops in Vanessa’s mouth followed by Nick’s cum draining under her tongue. She captures all of it, both loads, and turns to Dominica to swap the cum, letting it drain out of her mouth directly down Dominica’s throat. They kiss passionately with the cum splattered around their mouths. 

Scene 2: Chyanne, Lilly, James Brossman, Lauro Giotto

We meet up with Chyanne and Lilly feeling on each other’s asses. Chyanne is licking all over Lilly’s ass cheeks and slapping them as she goes. The girls enjoy each other’s breasts as they strip down, making their way down the stairs to where their cocksmen are waiting.  James and Lauro are already hard and they walk their dicks right into the girls’ mouths. Lilly just loves licking all around James’ balls and then licking all the way up his shaft until she puts his dick head back in her mouth.


The boys reciprocate the oral pleasure by positioning the girls side by side on the couch, laying them on their backs and tonguing their wet pussies. James and Lauro lick all over the girls clits and grab at their tits at the same time. Nothing is left uneaten as James makes a figure 8 with his tongue going around and around Lilly’s pussy.


Chyanne is the first to get her snatch popped by Lauro’s dick, riding him cowgirl on the couch and clapping her ass cheeks together around his dick. James fucks Lilly’s wet box missionary style but quickly takes his dick from Lilly’s pussy to Chyanne’s mouth. The girls share James’ cock but then Chyanne takes it all to herself, sucking on it while still riding Lauro’s peak. Lilly straddles James on the couch in a reverse cowgirl right next to Chyanne’s cowgirl.  Lauro soon moves Chyanne into a missionary fuck on the couch with her feet pushed up high into the air.


Lilly takes James doggy style now and Chyanne has flipped around into a reverse cowgirl, bouncing up and down in long strokes, showing us her gaping pussy in between strokes.  Chyanne is insatiable so James grabs her and moves her into a standing doggy fuck, making her do a pile driving squat on his cock and tasting her own pussy right off of his dick.


We get some side by side reverse cowgirls from the girls on the stairs and a smooth transition into a side by side standing doggy along the sides of the steps. The girls move back to reverse cowgirl fucking on the couch followed by sloppy cock sucking and continued pussy pounding.


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Chyanne is the first to get a hot healthy dose of cum with James shooting off in her mouth first.  Lauro follows suit, filling up Chyanne’s mouth with the white stuff.  The cum is already starting to drain out of her mouth before she can get over to Lilly. But there’s enough in there to make for a big wad of sperm dripping down onto Lilly’s tongue. The girls play cum swapping games as they kiss and lick over each other’s mouths. 

Scene 3: Ginna Brigitta, Lia Fire, Frank Gun, Lauro Giotto

Ginna and Lia are outside playing with each other up against the wall. Lia is getting aggressive with Ginna, slapping her on the ass and grinding into her from behind.  They make their way inside for more ass play. This time Ginna starts licking Lia’s ass and pussy, spreading her cheeks wide.  Just then, Frank and Lauro come out of nowhere with goggles and flippers on, holding and spraying water guns over the girls.


Both girls get down to business and start blowing Frank and Lauro side by side, taking a tongue beating with the guys cocks and getting their hair pulled tight behind their heads. We get a good shot of the dick sucking from over Frank’s shoulder, looking down on Lia whose mouth is full with dick as she looks up at us with her pretty eyes. Frank takes advantage of Lia’s mouth, fucking it and causing her to gag. Lauro does the same, chocking Ginna on his dick.  The guys pick their prizes up and take them across to the other side of the room to munch on and finger their pussies.


Ginna is the first to host cock up her pussy, taking Frank doggy style on the floor while she and Lia share sucking on Lauro’s meat.  Lia finally get her prick, riding Lauro cowgirl style on the carpet as her friend Ginna has moved into a reverse cowgirl on top of Frank and she’s taking a ball-smacking.  Both pairs switch to a hard spoon fuck on the floor and the guys switch partners in the middle of it with Ginna continuing to take a pounding while Lia goes back to sucking Frank’s cock clean of Ginna’s pussy. Lia takes yet another doggy pounding as she looks back at us. Meanwhile, Ginna is being plowed missionary style by Lauro on a beach chair nonstop.  Her pussy is gaping wide open as Lia moves in to lick it up.


The girls make their way to their knees and wait for their cum gift. Ginna gets her mouth filled first by Frank’s load followed by Lauro’s wad.  She moves over to Lia, opens her mouth and lets it drain down Lia’s tongue. To finish up, the guys grab the girls and jump into the pool. 


Scene 4: Nicole Evans, Jazmin, Frank Gun, Nick Lang, Reinhard

Scene 4: Nicole Evans, Jazmin, Frank Gun, Nick Lang, Reinhard

Nicole and Jazmin are standing around in really short, ruffled looking tennis skirts with their asses peeking out from underneath. Sexy! They tell us they’re both 19 years old as they move to a lounge chair and start playing with each other. Jazmin buries her face between Nicole’s crack when Frank and Nick walk up with their cocks a-blazin’.  They both go straight for Nicole’s mouth, giving her a menu of two beef options.


Nicole goes back and forth from dick to dick when Nick decides to feed Jazmin his dick. She puts it all in her mouth. Frank does the old up and over to make sure Nicole swallows his whole shaft. Both girls’ mouths are stuffed.  Reinhard walks up, moving in on Jazmin first, giving her his hard cock to suck on while Nick eats her pussy, getting it ready for a standing doggy fuck. Raul is demanding the girls deep throat the guys’ dicks, and Jazmin follows her orders completely as Nick goes in, fucking Jazmin standing doggy style.

Frank has Nicole pinned over the lounge chair as well in a doggy fuck position. Reinhard takes his dick to Nicole’s mouth so she has something in it while she takes Frank’s cock.  The doggy fucking punishment continues until Nick and Frank move both girls over to the couch. Frank sits under Nicole and pulls her down on him cowgirl style. She does her due diligence, riding Frank’s cock, bouncing her ass up and down and holding her cheeks open with her hands. Nick moves Jazmin into missionary position, laying her back on the couch and holding her legs open. Reinhard shoves his prick back into Nicole’s mouth as she continues to ride Frank.


It’s on to Jazmin’s reverse cowgirl on top of Nick as Nicole gets spoon fucked by Frank. Reinhard’s cock is in Jazmin’s mouth now and he soon pulls her into a doggy position over the couch and fucks her. Nicole is double stuffed now with Nick’s cock in her mouth and Frank’s meat in her pussy spoon fucking her. Nick takes Frank’s place, pummeling Nicole from the side, but the only thing that quiets her down is taking Frank’s prick in her mouth.


Nick takes full control of Nicole, pinning her down tight into a doggy style fuck on the couch where she can’t move. Reinhard goes right in, giving Nicole no breaks and spanking her on her ass.  Frank continues a marathon doggy style fucking of Jazmin on the couch before he finally goes back to Nicole, laying her on her back and hard fucking her missionary style.



The girls’ only reprieve is to take three cum loads in their mouths.  Jazmin is the cum receptacle, taking Reinhard’s load, followed by Frank’s then Nick’s.  But she’s not greedy. She shares her cum prize with Nicole. The two girls swap spit and cum before waving goodbye. 

First load...


Second load...

Third load...

Cum swap...

 Scene 5: Michelle, Stefy, Lauro Giotto

Michelle and Stefy heat up the camera at the beginning of this scene with their large breasts, pushing them together and rubbing them around and around in circles; showing us a little tongue in between.  Stefy is especially busty in her tight white corset.  Raul instructs them to turn around, giving us a straight on view of their asses while they drop their tight skirts. We’re looking up underneath them for a moment as they rub their pussies and bounce their asses in our face.


The girls get together, rubbing their tits up against each other’s before Lauro walks into the scene with his dick hard and ready. Michelle is the first to grab for it, licking on his balls while Stefy puts his cock in her mouth. She’s loving it, making it wet already while Lauro grabs her by the hair. It’s Michelle’s turn to suck cock and she bobs up and down Lauro’s shaft, stopping only to lick his balls again. These girls are doing a good job sharing prick, double teaming Lauro in a cock sucking, ball licking exercise.


Michelle gets her pussy pumped first, riding Lauro reverse cowgirl on the couch. There’s no question she’s enjoying it as we watch her pussy get wetter and wetter, and as she directs Lauro to “fuck me, baby.” She’s sitting high and riding low down on Lauro’s prick, and he’s making sure she gets every inch.  Michelle lays back on Lauro to take a break and Stefy moves in immediately to lick her wet pussy.


But Stefy gets ready for a cowgirl ride herself, bouncing her ass up and down on Lauro’s meat, making it disappear up her pussy. Michelle in turn sucks Stefy’s pussy juice off of Lauro’s cock in between poundings, especially after Stefy switches to a reverse cowgirl fuck position. Lauro’s pounding from underneath has gotten even harder and faster now and he moves Stefy onto her side on the arm rest of the couch and fucks her like never before.


Stefy is the first to take anal in this movie, and she’s taking it on her side just as hard as she did up her pussy, while Michelle fingers herself and rubs on Stefy’s tits.  Michelle follows suit, taking cock up the ass in reverse cowgirl and Lauro is showing no mercy, punishing that hole.  Stefy starts tonguing Michelle’s ass too, before she soon finds herself hosting Lauro’s cock up her ass in reverse cowgirl.


Stefy is the one to take Lauro’s load, opening wide while he shoots cum inside her mouth. She shows us the load nestled under her tongue then slowly moves over to Michelle, aiming directly for her mouth and letting the cum drop in. Michelle swallows all of it. 


 Scene 6: Jane Zaubermaus, Christin La Rouge, Lauro Giotto


Jane and Christin are outside on a rooftop rubbing on each other and themselves in their fun lingerie. They tell us they’re in Berlin as Jane spanks Christin’s ass real hard. Christin returns the favor by sucking on Jane’s tits and telling us how nice they are. Jane reciprocates, lashing her tongue all around Christin’s tits. Raul even gets in on the action, rubbing all over Christin’s breasts as well. The girls keep stripping down in front of us, slowly, but before Christin can get everything off, Jane gets busy fingering and eating Christin’s pussy while she’s standing.  


The girls move inside to finish what they started. This time, Christin is eating Jane’s pussy while Raul makes Jane swallow two of his fingers. The pussy eating continues over on the couch with both girls bent over, positioning their asses in our face. Lauro decides to break up the pussy party, waving his hard dick in front of the girls. Christin grabs it and goes to town on it, blowing it from top to bottom. But it’s Jane that does a true deep throat, all the way down to Lauro’s balls. The girls share their dick, each deep throating it one after the other.


Christin decides she’s tired of sucking dick and that she’s ready to fuck. She straddles Lauro on the couch, cowgirl style, and the two go at each other, Christin slamming her ass down on Lauro’s cock and Lauro pounding his dick up Christin’s pussy. Jane slaps Christin’s ass for good measure, reminding us just how big and firm it really is. Jane gets in on the pussy to mouth action, taking Lauro’s dick out of Christin’s pussy and licking it clean right before she gets fucked reverse cowgirl style on the couch. Lauro spreads Jane’s pussy wide after pounding it.


The girls go into doggy fuck city for the next few minutes; each take the full force of Lauro’s pounding doggy style on the couch. Lauro then puts each girl into missionary position side by side on the couch and takes his dick back and forth from pussy to pussy, fucking them. He moves into a side spoon fuck of Christin and then another missionary fuck of Jane before the girls move into place for their lesson in cum swapping.


Christin starts sucking Lauro off first, getting him ready. She gets her reward, a hot load of cum in her mouth that she happily shares with her girlfriend Jane. 

Final Thoughts:

For those fans who love to watch a beautiful European girl get on her knees and catch hot cum loads in her mouth then spit it into her girlfriend’s mouth, here’s the film for you. We know director Raul Cristian for his hot gonzo-style porn, and we get six brand new scenes in his Sperm Swap in Europe 5. I highly recommend this one. The girls are beautiful and hot and they all have the best asses. With two of these bombshells per scene, it’s hard not to get turned on. The fucking is hardcore as you would expect from Raul, and these girls are cum lovers, sharing the white stuff with each other, dribbling it from mouth to mouth. Pick this one up; you’ll enjoy this trip across Europe in six hardcore, memorable scenes.

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