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Lesbian Masseuse 4

Studio: Girl Candy Films » Review by Bobby B. » Review Date: 11/8/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Category: All Girl/Lesbian


Cast: Gracie Glam/Alyssa Reece/Megan Salinas/Lea Lexis/Veronica Snow/Alex Chance

Director: Nica Noelle

Extras: BTS/Bloopers/Trailers

Release Date: 10/21/2013

Runtime: 135 Mins


Scene 1:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Lea Lexis/Star Nine
The premiere scene in Nica Noelle's Lesbian Masseuse 4 begins as we see Lea Lexis, playing the part of Gaia, a massage therapist who has been referred by a psychotherapist to assist in help with a patient. Caroline, played by Star Nine, who is unhappily married, has recently been troubled by recurring lesbian dreams and her therapist believes that an actual lesbian encounter would be a therapeutic way of releasing some of the stress and uncertainty that her mundane home life seems to be playing a large part in. Lea begins the massage session only a couple moments after the introductory segment, and after some mild conversation and attentive detail to Star's various oiled body parts, action sets in with a hesitant Caroline accepting her massage therapists proposition. Sex begins slowly, with Gaia 'feeling out' her client, before thrusting her hands roughly in Caroline's nether regions. The scene continues with a very believable feel to it, and progresses nicely with a seemingly nice chemistry shared among the two stars. As with any lesbian scene there is the standard amount of cunnilingus, but positioning doesn't seem to stay in one place for too long a time, and at the same time it doesn't look forced. There are certainly some slower moments, but I don't think they played detriment to what the director was trying to capture in this scene, and I do think viewers who enjoy a more sensual and realistic style of lesbian encounter will enjoy this one. Lea and Star performed well, and seemed to enjoy each other, making for a nice viewing for the lesbian connoisseur. 
Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gracie Glam/Megan Salinas
The next scene begins again with a testimonial, this time from super-hottie Gracie Glam, who plays a massage therapist by the name of Rachel. Rachel's client for the day is Laura, (played by Megan Salinas) who comes from a conservative family that believes lesbianism is unhealthy and impure. Laura's therapist referred Rachel as a way to help release some of the recent lesbian urges she's recently been having, and she plans to do her best to help Laura understand herself a little better. Some picturesque views of Laura's oiled body engulf most of the scene's introduction, and after the two share in some conversation Laura accepts her massage therapist's invitation to a lesbian encounter. Gracie is outstanding in her playing of the unassertive yet eager sexual mentor to Megan's character here, as is Megan in her countering to her more dominant and experienced partner. Both girls looks great through most of the scene, but there are parts that tend to waiver on the less energetic side of things in all honesty. After each of them have received their jollies, Laura says she has a special friend who Rachel could perhaps give a special massage to as well. The two share a kiss and screen fades into the next scene between Rachel and Laura's girlfriend.
Scene 3:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gracie Glam/Alyssa Reece

The beginning of the third scene introduces Alyssa Reece into the film, who plays the part of Laura's friend in the film. The funny/ridiculous part about all of this is that Laura is now being called Rachel by the girls, and some massive confusion could take place, so I'll simply call them by their actual names, Gracie and Alyssa. After a less drawn out introduction than the previous scenes, Gracie and Alyssa get down to business in a hurry with Gracie again playing the more dominant role of the two, initiating sex with some thorough hand-to-pussy jostling and a muff munch soon follows from Alyssa. The scene continues forward, differing in almost no ways from the two scenes that preceded it, but having a few less points of noteworthiness. There was still a decent chemistry among the stars, and the scene mixes in some energetic dry humps and a 69 that make for a nice viewing, but as the scene progresses it ultimately gets worse and worse in terms of intensity. It all finishes out with a nice camera angle of a hot and sloppy kiss between Gracie and Alyssa before the screen eventually fades into the next scene.
Scene 4:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Veronica Snow/Alex Chance
For the final scene in the film, Veronica Snow plays Victoria, a former teacher who has an unexpected massage client played by Alex Chance. Sarah (Alex Chance) is a former student of Victoria's, and after a relatively uncomfortable introduction, both decide to move along with the massage. Victoria pries deeply into some matters that Sarah has recently been dealing with in her love life, and after a solid rubdown and Sarah admitting that she used to have a crush on her former teacher, the action sets in. After the standard rigor of muff munching there is a lot more attention to tit-play portrayed in this scene, as is understandable with these being the 'chestier' of all of the stars in the film up to this point. Alex and Veronica certainly have more of a conventional look than most of the other stars in the film, with less than toned bodies and very little makeup, but I suppose that offers up a more realistic view to the whole thing; unfortunately it may not be as titillating in some viewers eyes. The sex does carry some intense characteristics, especially from Veronica before it ultimately ends with a kiss shared between the two. I was on the fence about this one, because while I did feel that it had some relatively good points, it also did nothing for me in terms of sexual appeal. 
Nica Noelle's Lesbian Masseuse 4 has a couple of noteworthy moments laced throughout the contents of a rather boring group of sexual encounters, that gets progressively worse and worse as the movie goes on. Now, I'm absolutely positive that I'm not the demographic for this movie, so some of my views may vary from the many fans of Nica's previous works, but my opinions are sincere and truthful, as I did watch this movie with an open mind, but just couldn't find the good in most of it. Sexual intensity never had an overwhelming effect on me at all, but I thought the chemistry between Lea and Star in the first scene was pretty nice nonetheless. I thought that the stories of all the girls being morally incarcerated in their personal lives because of their sexuality was pretty stone-age and generic in all honesty, and the fumbling of the names in between the second and third scene was just ridiculous to me. If casting is unimportant to you, then why give names to the stars? Why not just call them their stage names? If you make a porno giving different names than their own to certain stars within a movie, and have them portrayed in an ongoing story line, then you should at least take the time to remember the names that you gave them. Moving on, extras in the film are fairly sparse, with a snoozeworthy BTS segment, and a one minute long blooper reel which I didn't even crack a grin at. If I were to give advice on this one, I'd probably inform you to steer clear of it; It just lacked the intensity that it needed to make the film great. Skip it.


i apologize for any grammatical errors, i was beating off when i wrote this.

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