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Snort That Cum 10

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Charles Bukkake » Review Date: 11/12/13

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Fetish, Gonzo, Oddities

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Angelina Valentine, Jennifer White, Ava Devine, Taylor Wane, Alexis Monroe, Rikki Six, Zoey Nixon

Length: 1 hrs. 57 mins.

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Trailers

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Fair Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD:$21.65

Overview: This tenth installment in the Snort That Cum series features performances from industry juggernauts Ava Devine and Taylor Wane, along with performances from the likes of younger talent like Jennifer White and Alexis Monroe. The hook in this series is that select members of the female cast snort the jizz that their male partners expel from their yogurt cannons.

The Movie: We’re first introduced to our host—an Asian guy with frosted hair who’s donned in black horn rimmed glasses. He’s picking his nose before realizing he’s being filmed (always a classic) and behind him Porno Dan and Zoey Nixon parade around naked.

With arguably one of the worst British accents this reviewer has ever heard, the Asian host sheepishly proclaims: “Today, we are back once again to film the exploits and the revealings of what these girls do.”

Already I can tell that the Immoral Productions’ people are making an attempt at humor here, and as the film goes on to include more and more of this guy’s witless commentary, the comedy consistently falls flat.

Anyway, Mr. Frosty Tips ends his bit with a glowing observation. He says, “First of all, we have a random person interacting with another person and perhaps most importantly of all, the classic of snorting cum. Let’s observe this one.”

Zoey Nixon, a redhead with pale skin and a nice set of cans kicks this thing off by blowing Porno Dan. In what’s become typical of virtually every Porno Dan performance, a sex toy is introduced within the first few minutes of the scene. While Zoey gets fingered, the purple pleasure toy hums away on her clit and she’s forced to squirt.

Next, the nimble redhead rides Dan and then he gives it to her doggy style on a couch that the starlet positively ruined with her juices only moments ago. After the doggie Zoey rides Dan to holy hell and he stops her abruptly and runs off-screen, where he presumably curses under his breath as he ejaculates a little earlier than he cared to.

After a weird cut he’s back in the rough of it with Zoey, and again, a sex toy is introduced. Dan cums in Zoey’s mouth and after another film edit, the starlet rides Dan once more until he tosses her aside and makes a mess on the cover of a nearby DVD. Zoey is handed a straw and she snorts all of Dan’s sperm sauce up her nose.

The next scene features Angelina Valentine and industry veteran Taylor Wane. This scene is a disaster. Taylor has seen better days, she’s clearly had work done and is well, old. If you’re a fan of the starlet, then more power to you, she’s just not for me.

By contrast Angelina Valentine is noticeably younger, but her fake cans, collagen lips and positively weird behavior make this portion hard to sit through.

Things start with Angelina manhandling her partner’s cock, ripping it out of Taylor’s mouth and placing it in her own. She forcefully jams the dick down her throat, makes weird gagging noises, spouts obscenities and demands that the crew join in so she can suck them all off. All of this is done in a way that just wasn’t sexy, and makes Angelina come off as a crazy person.

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To her credit Taylor Wane is a professional throughout and despite her age she puts on a good show, saddling Dan’s face while she grinds her pussy in his mouth. It turned out to be a solid effort from her. Of course an off-putting Angelina Valentine, who gets more and more bothersome as the scene unfolds, overshadows the veteran star’s performance.

Towards the end, Angelina and Taylor swap Dan’s cum after he fires off a load and then, after a scene cut, the two starlets move on to fuck other partners.

Taylor blows this one guy for an extended period of time, which makes for some nice content, but then Angelina shows up again to continue an already cringe worthy performance. 

She’s wearing glasses this time around and during a blowjob her partner cums allover her lenses.

“Now this is what I call real drugs you guys, you ready for some real drugs?” shouts Angelina, in reference to the cum caked on her glasses.

And then, you guessed it. She snorts it. Making weird faces, she purses her lips and hollers, “That kind of burned a little bit,” and “Dat’s some fire dawg!” And that’s about it.

As the film progresses you see a halfhearted performance from another industry veteran, Ava Devine, who’s well past her prime along with performances from younger talent like Alexis Monroe, who performs opposite Ava along with Jennifer White—who’s just great.

Following the Angelina-Taylor scene, Snort That Cum Vol. 10 becomes a bit more enjoyable. And this is especially true during the last leg of the film, which features Alexis and Jennifer pleasing each other and their male partners well until the end of the flick.

Rikki Six is also there, but she generally doesn’t do much safe for providing viewers with some eye candy. The girl looks good— blonde hair with a cute face. She’s wearing a slutty referee’s uniform and is charged with the task of determining the victor of the movie’s last scene. Will it be Alexis or Jennifer? Really, it doesn’t matter.

At the conclusion of the movie, Jennifer decides to slurp up some cum that landed on Rikki’s titty with a straw. Clearly not wanting to snort the jizz, she instead sucks it into her mouth. In a display of solidarity Alexis joins Jennifer in deciding not to snort any cum, either. Probably because it’s a silly premise to base a movie around, and at the end of the day, who the fuck would want to huff spunk?

Final Summation: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that this reviewer did not enjoy this film as a whole. Individually there were performances that were great and translated to titillating content that was easily enjoyable. These scenes included Zoey Nixon at the start of the presentation, who looked great and really brought her A game. And of course, the young performers at the end of the film, Alexis and Jennifer—who were both fun to watch. Some of this stuff, however, was unwatchable. For one, the production value was awful, the shooting was entirely sloppy and the cuts used to transition between takes in the footage were noticeable, some were jarring, and all took away from the viewing experience. Second, some of the performers proved to be unappealing. Whether it was their old age, their noticeable cosmetic surgery that really put a damper on things, or just the type of attitude they brought to the set. Combine them all and you’re left with a sour taste in your mouth. Lastly, and possibly the film’s most fatal flaw was its premise and a failed attempt at injecting humor in the form of actual commentary. Now, I understand that there’s a market for this stuff, and I’m okay with there being a viewer base that’s into it, but it just wasn’t for me. And from the look of it, some of the starlets (namely Jennifer White and Alexis Monroe) wanted nothing to do with snorting cum, and who can blame them. Skip it.


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