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Foot Fanatic

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Charles Bukkake » Review Date: 11/20/13

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Fetish, Feet, POV, Threesomes

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Director: Grazer

Cast: Asa Akira, Anikka Albrite, Riley Reid, Kennedy Leigh, Lexi Belle, Bailey Blue, Lia Lor, Gia DiMarco

Length: 3 hrs. 9 mins.

Date(s) of Production: 07/07/13

Release Year: 2013

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Website Information

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent Quality – Shot in widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9

Price of DVD: $24.99

Overview: Elegant Angel brings us Foot Fanatic, a film that’s geared towards foot fetishists, but one that can also satisfy a general audience with segments that cater to viewers who fancy girl-on-girl stuff as well as those interested in group sex. This project has some big names attached to it, too. Lexi Belle, Asa Akira and Riley Reed immediately stand out in my mind, and are given ample room to shine. And with over a three-hour runtime, Elegant Angel doesn’t skimp on the action.

Scene 1 –Asa Akira and Anikka Albrite: (4/5) Asa Akira wears a skimpy lingerie getup in black and the camera closes in on the Asian starlet as she gracefully walks down a winding staircase. The camera goes into a wide shot and Anikka Albrite is now in frame. The hot bleach blonde starlet is wearing a pink bra with matching panties. And while some light music plays in the background, the camera fixes on both performers who shake it to the beat. We then find the two lying down on the glossy wood floor. Anikka removes one of Asa’s black heels and starts caressing her sole and toes. The two begin to make out with special attention paid to the feet of both starlets by their trusty camera guy. Next, Asa removes Anikka’s footwear and the camera alternates between medium and tight shots of the two making out, along with close-ups of the girls’ feet. Both of them are naked safe for their panties, and engage in some heavy foot worship. You could say that no toe goes unsucked. This goes on for quite a while, and I would venture to say that the first 20 minutes of the scene feature some great girl/ girl play along with footage that no foot fetishist could pass up. Eventually the male talent shows up and what follows is some nice POV footage where both starlets jerk the dude’s dick with their tootsies. Asa briefly sucks the stud’s shaft and then she finger bangs Anikka who continues with her footjob. The two share the dick, each of them sucking it while taking the time to taste each other’s toes. Anikka ends up riding the stud and they each grab hold of either of Asa’s ankles and lick and suck on her feet during the sex. Asa gets fucked doggy style and what unfolds is an excellent threesome. The girls satisfy each other as well as their male partner who puts the starlets through their paces by fucking them in an array of positions. This guy has his hands full, but gives a commanding performance. The scene ends with jizz sprayed on Anikka’s foot. Asa slurps it up and then the two starlets swap cum with their mouths.

Scene 2 –Riley Reid and Kennedy Leigh: (4/5) Riley and Kennedy sit on white sofas opposite each other in a white-walled room while wearing colorful garb and knee high socks. After the camera highlights each of the lovely ladies, we get a wide shot showing them inching towards each other for a little kiss. The camerawork is pretty excellent here, and as the duo make out, we get shots of their firm asses. Much like the scene that precedes theirs, Riley and Kennedy show off their good while making it a point to lick and suck on each other’s feet. But unlike the opening scene these two girls are much more talkative and make with some pretty playful banter. Riley breaks out some whipped cream and coats her toes with it—a welcomed surprise. Kennedy gingerly licks it off and then Riley returns the favor by licking the white confectionary from Kennedy’s toes. You get some really smart camera angles here that capture every detail. Kennedy grinds her foot against Riley’s pussy for a while and things begin escalating. The whipped cream makes a second appearance as the starlets slather their feet in it and apply an ample amount allover their male partner’s junk. Riley keeps the cock steady while Kennedy throat fucks the throbbing member. Riley also gets her turn at deepthroating the kielbasa. It’s messy fun, with footjobs given all around. Eventually, Kennedy slips the guy’s dick in her cooch and the two really have it. Riley wraps her puss around the stud’s thick tailpipe and rides him reverse cowgirl. The scene plows ahead with Riley and Kennedy getting tossed around and fucked silly. Honorable mention goes to Riley who gets throat fucked while Kennedy’s size 7-and-a-half is also crammed into her mouth. This scene was pretty kinky and loads of fun.

Scene 3 –Gia DiMarco and Bailey Blue: (4/5) Gia and Bailey sport flashy platform heels and frilly undergarments with pantyhose. Gia undoes her bra to reveal a nice pair of tits, and together with the tattooed dirty blonde Bailey, the two sit down on the tiled floor. Pantyhose are removed to expose the starlets’ painted toenails. Of course the starlets make out following the removal of Bailey’s black bra, and feet get smooched and sucked on. You know the drill. A close-up of their pretty twitching toes is interrupted when some oil is introduced and the duo’s feet take on the look of club salads drenched in Caesar dressing. Not too long afterward, the male talent shows up and it’s up to Gia and Bailey to massage and tease the dude’s cock with their slippery wet feet. This goes great of course and what we get is an excellent footjob take. Each starlet has her turn at sucking dick while the other holds the cock steady between her feet. Occasionally they’ll turn blowing the stud into a group effort, but all of that is put to rest when Gia climbs on top of him, spreads her legs wide and rides his cock. From there on you’ve got the stud taking his turn banging each of the lovely ladies individually. There’s some doggy style sex with Bailey’s puss being the target of some thorough dick pounding and then before you know it, both starlets retreat to the bedroom and are joined by Cap’n Stabbin’. This portion of the scene was pretty great. Both girls get a good rogering and after doing the dick in a cascade of sexual positions, the vignette winds down with Bailey getting fucked from behind and Gia fingering herself savagely. The stud pulls his wanger out cums on some toes, and the girls clean up the gooey mess with their tongues. Nice.

Scene 4 –Lexi Belle and Lia Lor: (5/5) Lexi and Lia are both wearing lime green bikinis and heels. They sway back and forth, touch themselves and wiggle their asses as some music plays away. Lia sits in a shallow pool of water and lets Lexi paint her toenails for her. Before long, both starlets are in the water, with their bikinis removed, just smacking away at each other’s toes. There are some neat underwater shots that focus on the girls’ feet and legs and these bits of footage are used pretty liberally. After a little playful banter the stud shows up and Lexi makes with a foot job while Lia does her share to knead the dude’s balls, letting her soles dance along the length of his shaft. Lexi ends up sucking her partner’s dick before they move into a ‘69’ where Lia holds the cock steady with her pedicured feet. The three of them end up taking the party indoors, where they are promptly fucked in an array of sexual positions. In the bedroom, things start off with the stud fucking Lexi incredibly hard from behind. Afterward he bangs Lia doggy style while she eats out Lexi. The sex here is top notch, and of course when jumping through one sexual position after the other you can expect an emphasis on feet. At one point I think Lia is force-fed one of Lexi’s feet, prompting the starlet to gag on it quite a bit, which was interesting. Finally, in what is a porno first for me anyway, viewers are treated to the sight of Lia lying on top of Lexi, the stud stands over them and Lexi uses her feet to rub the male star’s peter until he busts his biscuits allover Lia’s ass.

Final Summation: Foot Fanatic is an Elegant Angel release, and I’ll refrain from gushing over EA, but what I will say is that this particular studio knows sex and they sure as hell have the right crew to shoot and edit it beautifully. There are few film flaws to name, and any “issues” fade away with the next enticing shot—the editing here is really that seamless. So, we’ve got some big named starlets in this one, and I’m pleased to say that not a single performer lacked the enthusiasm and raw energy needed to make this film a memorable one worthy of repeat viewing. If you have a foot fetish, then this film will tickle your privates, pure and simple. For everyone else, you’ve got a film that’s put together well with a sexy cast and a whole lot of quality fucking that ranges from sensual to intense, but always raw and without restraint. Of course, being a foot fetishist certainly won’t hurt when it comes to appreciating this film in the way its makers likely intended. Foot Fanatic comes highly recommended.   


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