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I Have A Wife 25

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/9/13

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production:  October 2013

Genre:  All sex, cougar

Condoms:   No 

Director: Unlisted

Cast: Natasha Starr and Ramon; Rikki Six and Alan Stafford; Christy Mack and Mike Vegas; Britney Young and Guy; Raven Bay and Ryan Driller

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Slideshow, trailers, interviews

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If you don’t already know, the girls in the I Have a Wife series really don’t care that the guys are all married. What they care about is getting their pussies fucked in the short period of time they have before the wife gets home. I Have a Wife 25 keeps that tradition going with five gorgeous babes who find themselves in close quarters with five married men. Needless to say, these buxom babes always get their man, married or not. I recommend this movie. It puts these girls in a variety of troubling predicaments from breaking and entering to a car that’s not running, and these girls get themselves out of these situations the best way they know how: they fuck their way out. You’ll enjoy the quirky predicaments and really enjoy the way Natasha, Rikki, Christy, Britney and Raven all take command of the married cocks in the room.

Scene 1: Natasha Starr and Ramon

Natasha Starr and a man decide to break into someone’s back yard to go for a swim in their pool while no one is home. Natasha gets completely naked and starts splashing in the water. Just then, Ramon sees them and comes running over. The guy gets away but Natasha gets caught. Ramon threatens to call the cops and Natasha is running after him naked, begging him not to call the police. She tells him they can work it out without calling the cops. She starts rubbing her breasts and says they should have some fun.

Natasha unzips Ramon’s pants revealing his already hard cock; she gets on her knees and starts sucking on it, rubbing her pussy at the same time.  Natasha deep throats Ramon’s dick until he starts forcing it down her throat, making her blow spit bubbles all over it. 

Ramon moves her over to the chair and pulls her down on top of him cowgirl style.  She rides it real hard, bouncing her ass up and down, but Ramon grabs hold of her and starts fucking her from underneath.  Natasha climbs from on top of him to suck her own pussy juice off of Ramon’s prick. She gets back in cowgirl position and keeps riding and grinding in a figure eight pattern. 

Natasha turns around reverse cowgirl, spitting on his cock to wet it even more before Ramon starts pumping her pussy. He’s gripping her around the waist and pulling her up and down on his cock. She grinds on it too, making it disappear up her pussy. 

Natasha grabs hold of it and sucks it clean once again before Ramon puts her on all fours over the ottoman and plucks her doggy style. Natasha pushes her pussy back onto Ramon’s cock and then grabs it to suck him off again. 

Ramon lays her over the ottoman missionary style, grabs one of her legs over his shoulder and keeps the fucking going. Natasha is fingering her clit while being pummeled until Ramon pulls out, stands up and cums all over her cheeks, letting it drain down her neck. 

Scene 2: Rikki Six and Alan Stafford

Rikki drives up to Alan’s garage to get her car fixed.  Alan is really busy but Rikki begs him to fix her car and she won’t take no for an answer. Alan says he’s not a mechanic and that he just fixes cars for a hobby. She decides she’s not going anywhere and she closes the garage door and walks over to Alan seductively rubbing her hands down his chest and making her way down to his cock. Alan says he’s married, but that doesn’t stop Rikki. She pulls his pants down, takes out his dick and starts sucking it, licking his balls every now and then.  She’s got Alan pinned up against his tool chest, swallowing his dick and licking around the head while she’s down on her knees.  She says she could suck this cock all day, and it’s clear that she means that with the way she’s tackling Alan’s cock. 


Alan stands Rikki up and starts sucking on her tips, licking around and around her nipples and then up her neck to her lips. He turns her around making her bend over the tool chest so she can take her panties off and eat her pussy. He’s on his knees pushing his tongue up Rikki’s pink hole and pulling both ass cheeks back with his hands. He’s fingering her now, stuffing three fingers up her snatch.  

Keeping her bent over the tool chest, Alan slips his dick up Rikki’s snatch doggy style and starts pounding her. Rikki loves the fucking as Alan orders her to arch her ass up so he can get in there. Alan grabs Rikki’s ass and pulls her back on to his dick, making her moan and slamming his body up against hers. 

Alan moves over to the couch and sits back so Rikki can sit on top of him cowgirl style. She rides Alan and Alan has got Rikki pinned, holding her legs down on either side of him. The couple is getting sweaty now as Rikki decides to ride Alan reverse cowgirl. She climbs up on top of Alan and does what she does best, ride cock.  

Alan gives her an old-fashioned pounding from underneath before flipping her onto all fours on the couch so he can continue his doggy style fucking.

Alan slips his dick in and out of Rikki’s pussy, slowly teasing her with his meat in doggy position. He lays her on her back for some missionary style fucking, pinning her thigh back along her stomach and penetrating deeply and slowly into her pussy. 

Rikki begs for more, wanting Alan to cum in her pussy and that he does, pulling out to shoot a few drops of cum on her clit and then sticking his dick back in her pussy, filling her up with the rest of his load. 


Scene 3: Christy Mack and Mike Vegas

Christy isn’t feeling well and goes to see the doctor. She’s in the waiting room and strips down to a robe as she waits for the doctor to come in. Doctor Mike walks into the office and sees Christy kneeling on all fours on the floor.  He asks her what is she doing here again, and she says her arm hurts. But doctor Mike is buying it. He says she can’t keep doing this; she just keeps coming in to see him.  Mike says he’s got to get home to his wife and that he can’t keep doing this over and over with her.

But Christy is determined to get her man and she grabs Mike’s hand and puts it on her breast saying that her breasts need fixing too. The temptation is too great and Mike gives in, ravishing her, kissing her all over her tits and fingering her pussy. He moves right in to tonguing her cunt while holding her legs wide open on the examination table. Christy doesn’t sound so sick now as she moans in pleasure. 

Christy climbs down from the examination table and grabs Mike’s cock, swallowing it whole, gagging on it. Mike realizes he should have examined her a lot sooner as she spits up on his cock leaving dribbling trails draining down his balls. Christy plays with her pussy while hosting Mike’s cock down her throat until Mike puts her back up on the examination table on her back for a full-fledged physical. He fucks her missionary style, grabbing hold of her thigh and keeping her legs open on the table.  Christy plays with her tits as Mike helps her down off of the table and sets her up doggy style over the edge. 

He grabs her around the waist and pulls her ass back toward him, filling her pussy with cock and licking the back of her neck. Mike lies down on the table and Christy gets on top of him cowgirl style, riding him. She grinds down into him and then takes his dick out to suck on it. She turns around into a reverse cowgirl, fingering her pussy. 

Mike gets up and puts Christy back into a missionary style position over the table and penetrates her.  Christy keeps fingering her clit and licking her tits while Mike keeps fucking her.  He turns her on her side and continues to slam her pussy with his cock until he pulls out and pops all over her ass cheek. 


Scene 4: Britney Young and Guy


Britney and a guy walk into the living room. Britney is planning a trip to Europe and needs a back pack. She decides she likes the one the guy is carrying and she takes it off his back and starts rummaging through it. He tries to stop her but it’s too late. She stumbles across his porn stash in his backpack. The guy is extremely embarrassed and begs Britney not to tell his wife because she doesn’t know he watches a lot of porn. Britney herself is turned on by the guy’s porn stash and it makes her hot.  She starts touching the guy who is reluctant at first because his wife is expected home at any minute. But Britney wins him over with her passionate kissing and rubbing. 

Britney makes her way for the guy’s dick, taking off his jeans and taking out his cock putting it in her mouth. She’s giving him a blow job and rubbing her hands up and down his stomach. The guy starts throat fucking her and she starts spitting on his cock. He soon starts kissing on her tits, helping her take the rest of her clothes off before moving her to the couch to each her pussy. 

He goes in for the kill, tonguing her clit. It’s driving Britney crazy as she grabs a hold of his head, pinning it between her legs. Britney makes her way on top of the guy, cowgirl style, riding his dick. He grabs a hold of her ass as she slams down into him. She pauses long enough to suck his dick clean before getting back on top of him in reverse cowgirl

The pair transition to doggie style with Britney on all fours on the couch being drilled from behind.  He lays her on her back and pounds her missionary style with one of her legs up over his shoulder. 

But Britney wants more dick in her mouth and she takes charge, sucking him off before he puts her back in missionary style and plucks her pussy with his prick. 

The pounding continues until the guy is ready to pop, making Britney get to her knees and accept his cum load around her mouth, cheeks and chest. 

Scene 5: Raven Bay and Ryan Driller 


Raven comes over to meet with Ryan’s wife about her breast augmentation. Unfortunately, Ryan’s wife isn’t there. She’s at the store. Raven decides to take opportunity into her own hands and tells Ryan he’s really hot and that his wife must be really lucky to be married to him.  Raven is definitely the aggressor her, kissing Ryan and reaching for his dick. 


Raven takes Ryan’s cock out and starts deep throating it, covering his shaft in spit. Ryan helps her to her feet and undresses her from behind, cupping her big breasts in his hands. He lays her on her back on the couch and pulls her panties off, kissing on her tits the whole time. But he soon makes his way down to her pussy, using his tongue to lick it up and down from stem to stern.  Raven is getting hot, screaming out in pleasure. 

Ryan sits on the couch and helps Raven get on top of him to ride his dick cowgirl style. Raven is holding on to the couch while she takes her drilling. Ryan grabs hold of her ass and keeps her well positioned to take all of his dick. Raven turns into a reverse cowgirl spot, grabbing hold of her own tits while riding Ryan’s cock. 

 Ryan moves her into missionary position on the couch and pumps her pussy while she fingers it. 

They soon switch to doggy style fucking and Raven continues to hold on to the couch while Ryan drills her from behind, grabbing hold of her ass. Raven starts sucking her own fingers as she gets fucked. Ryan pounds her until pulling out and cumming on Raven’s tongue.

Final Thoughts

I recommend I Have a Wife 25. The five scenes all put our beautiful starlets into some difficult scenarios, from needing a checkup at the doctor’s office to needing a backpack for a trip to Europe. Either way, these girls all make short work of their married male encounters, grabbing a hold of their dicks and fucking their way out of each and every situation. 

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