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I Banged The Maid

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/9/14

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 45 minutes

Date of Production: October 2013

Genre:  all sex, uniform cosplay

Condoms:  No  

Director: Bud Fox

Cast: Starring Cameron Dee with Curtney Shea, Katie Summers, Riley Reece, Missy Martinez, Alec Knight, Tommy Gunn, Alex Gonz, Bill Bailey and J. Crew

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras:  Slide show, trailers, sex talk, Hustler.com, Hustler Hollywood


I Banged the Maid by Hustler sets up five scenarios that put our starlet maids at odds with their male bosses. None of them can clean worth anything and their male bosses are fed up. But instead of getting fired, these girls know how to work their magic and clean up in a different way. They are pro cock suckers and fuckers and manage to keep their jobs by not cleaning clocks, but cleaning cocks. And they’re damn good at it. Although the girls are buxom and beautiful and the cosplay with the ruffle filled maid outfits is a turn on, I say rent this one. Cameron Dee and Tommy Gun and Riley Reece and Bill Bailey bring great chemistry to their scenes, making them the two hottest scenes of the film. You’ll have just as much fun renting this one and enjoying the maid outfits and the big tits. 

Scene 1: Camoron Dee and Tommy Gunn

Cameron is hard at work cleaning the kitchen counters. She's dressed in a short maid’s uniform. But Tommy isn’t happy with the quality of her work. He has to show her how to clean his kitchen the way he wants it done.  Cameron is adamant that he doesn’t need to show her how to clean. She knows what she’s doing. In fact, she tells him he should do it himself. Tommy agrees that he may have to do it himself to get it right.

But Cameron says there’s one thing that he can’t do better than her, and she sets out to prove it. She unzips his pants and takes out his hard cock. She gets to work sucking and tugging on it, even taking a cock beating on her tongue. Tommy tells her suck his balls and jerk his dick. She gets that right as she slurps on his cock. 

Tommy grabs a hold of his prick and feeds it in and out of Cameron’s mouth.

He leans her over the counter and starts fucking her doggy style. Her ruffled maid’s uniform is pulled up over her ass and Tommy is fucking her, grabbing hold of her ass cheeks to keep her in place. Cameron begs to be fucked as she reaches back to pull on Tommy’s hair.  Tommy spanks her ass with his cock and then stuffs it back in Cameron’s pussy. 

Cameron gets on her knees to suck her own pussy juice off of Tommy’s dick before Tommy pins her up against the kitchen counter with her leg up over his shoulder. He continues to pound her pussy and grip her tits while shoving his tongue down her throat.

The pair moves to the floor for some fucking cowgirl style. Cameron rides Tommy’s cock, holding her ass cheeks back. Tommy is busy sucking on her nipples while she rides him. 

She switches to reverse cowgirl and gets to work slamming her pussy down on Tommy’s cock and fingering her clit. Tommy goes into overdrive, pounding her pussy until he pops, pulling his dick out and cumming on Cameron’s cunt. She grabs his dick and jacks it, making sure she gets all the cum. 

Scene 2: Courtney Shea and Alec Knight

Alec is asleep in the bed while Courtney is busy cleaning up his room. She’s a little horny and touches Alec, waking him up. Alec isn’t happy about being woken up, but Courtney says she needs to clean up now. Alec insists that this is the wrong time, but Courtney says there’s nothing wrong with it.  She rubs his thighs and tells him they don’t have to tell anyone about their escapade.

She leans in to kiss him and keeps rubbing his cock. She shows off in her new maid outfit and gets undressed, leaning over the bed so Alec can eat her pussy from behind. He dives right in between her cheeks, working his tongue all over her pussy and ass hole. 

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He stands up and drops his pants so Courtney can get at his cock. She grabs hold of it and starts sucking on it, deep throating him right away and talking about his fat dick. Alec tells her to lick his balls too and she gets right to it. 


He lays her on her back across the bed missionary style and penetrates her pussy with his prick, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder. Courtney isn’t shy, telling him to stick all of his dick up her cunt. Alec obeys her command, fucking her harder. 

She moves to fucking him cowgirl style, taking long strokes up and down his dick before leaning forward and allowing Alec to take control and fuck her pussy. 

Alec moves to spooning her and Courtney loves it, telling him it feels so good. 

They get into doggy position and Alec slaps his body against hers, pounding her harder and harder. 

She begs for his cum just as Alec pulls out and shoots his load all over Courtney’s back. 

Scene 3: Riley Reece and Bill Bailey

Riley is cleaning up Bill’s place but she’s moving too slowly and she’s on her cell phone while trying to clean up. Bill makes it clear that this scenario really isn’t working out. He explains to her that he only hired her as a favor to a friend, but she’s not really doing a good job. 

Bill says he just can’t keep her on as a maid, but he says maybe she can work a different position for him as he finds her attractive. They agree to help each other out. 

Riley starts rubbing Bill’s thighs while Bill begins loosening the strings on Riley’s maid outfit, making her boobs pop out. Bill likes what he sees and starts sucking on Riley’s tits. 

He soon moves in to finger her pussy, driving her crazy while she’s sitting on the couch. Bill slips her panties to the side and keeps fingering her cunt. He licks her pussy, driving Riley up the wall. She gets on all fours on the couch allowing Bill to tongue her ass hole and cunt from behind. 

He quickly gets undressed and is already hard. He takes advantage of Riley being in doggy position and sticks his cock up her cunt. Riley is holding her ass cheeks open, instructing Bill not to stop.

Bill keeps up the doggy style fucking and then sits back so Riley can suck his cock. She deep throats him and cups his balls, leaving his cock soaking wet with spit.

He helps her out of her maid uniform and sucks on her nipples again before sitting back and pulling Riley down on top of him in a reverse cowgirl position. 

Riley bounces up and down, riding cock like the pro she is then she turns to suck her pussy juice off of his dick. 

Riley takes more dick but this time cowgirl style, holding on to the arm rest on the couch as Bill plugs her pussy with meat. 

He licks her pussy again then lays her on her side across the couch and keeps the fuck session going, keeping Riley’s legs propped open while he pumps in and out of her. Riley wants cum and isn’t shy about asking for it. 

Bill pulls out, stands up and shoots hot cum all over Riley’s chest and in her mouth. She sucks the remaining white stuff off of his dick. 



Scene 4: Missy Martinez and Jay Crew

Missy isn’t the best working maid and she's fast asleep on Jay’s couch. Jay walks up on her and explains that he needs her to clean up because he’s got guests coming. She explains that she was out all night and she’s tired. 

Missy isn’t getting it and she’s busy texting on her phone. She offers to suck his cock and tells him to whip it out.

Jay drops his pants and Missy grabs his dick and puts it in her mouth. She sucks on it, telling Jay that she’s much more skilled at cock sucking than at cleaning. 

Missy keeps sucking, making Jay’s dick hard. 

Missy lies back on the couch with both legs back behind her ears, telling Jay that if he wants to fuck her pussy he has to get it nice and wet. Jay dives in deep with his tongue, licking up and down her cunt, getting it wet. 

He gets on top of her while she’s in missionary position and starts fucking her. Missy screams in pleasure, grabbing a hold of her big tits and shaking them together. 

Jay sits back on the couch allowing Missy to suck him off again before she gets on top of him cowgirl style, riding him hard.  Jay buries his face in her tits while she rides him.

She sucks him off again and moves into a reverse cowgirl fuck, instructing Jay not to let her escape his cock because she’s cock hungry today. 

Missy gets on her knees so Jay can fuck her from behind doggy style. Missy’s ass is red now from all of Jay’s ass slapping. She screams that she can feel Jay’s dick in her stomach as he pounds her over and over. 


They get back into missionary position and Jay is pumping her hard now while she squeezes her tits together. He pulls out and makes his way to her tits, cumming all over them. 

Scene 5: Katie Summers and Alex Gonz

Katie is complaining that she can’t keep the place clean when Alex is around. He’s leaving his shoes all over the house and she’s sick of it. To make him pay for what he’s done, Katie tells him he’s got to eat her fucking pussy.  That will teach him a lesson to put his shoes away next time.

Alex starts eating Katie’s pussy, making it wetter and wetter as he pulls her closer into him. She’s sitting back on the couch with both legs wide open as Alex slips her panties to the side and buries his face between her legs. 

He wastes no time getting right to the fucking action, pulling his cock out and slipping it up her cunt missionary style. He’s fingering her clit hard as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy. 


Alex stands up so Katie can suck his cock and she slobbers all over it before Alex sits back and pulls her down on top of him cowgirl style. Alex does the work, pounding her from underneath before laying her on her side, spoon fucking her. Katie rubs her clit while her pussy gets fucked.




Alex moves to get on top of her missionary style, pinning her to the couch, beating her pussy with his dick. He picks up the pace, kissing on her tits and stuffing his fingers in her mouth with his dick deep in her cunt. 

He pulls out as Katie rushes to her knees and opens her mouth just in time to take a big load right on her tongue and down her throat. 

Final Thoughts

I say rent this one. It has its hot moments, especially with Cameron Dee and Tommy Gun and Riley Reece and Bill Bailey’s scenes. You’ll enjoy the sexy, maid outfits and all the fantasies they trigger, especially with all the ruffles and the fishnet stockings. The Select a Star option from the main menu makes it really easy to pick your favorite starlet for replay and to get to the hot scenes quickly. The girls are sexy, the butts are big and the tits are fuckable. 

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