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Rocco's Psycho Teens 6

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/10/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Feature Running Time:  2 hours and 40 minutes

Date of Production: November 2013

Genre:  teens, anal

Condoms:  No  

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Gina Gerson, Koko De Mal, Rocco Siffredi, Vittoria Risi, Alice, Omar Galanti, Sabby, Matt Bird, Mr. Clark, Jalace, Anita Bellini, Candy Sweet, Yanick Shaft, Titoo, April Blue, Lolly Pop, Marcus

Bonus Scenes:  No

Extras: Behind the scenes, cumshot recap, photo galleries, trailers, websites


We can always count on Rocco for some solid ass fucking of young, seemingly no limit, European teen babes. He’s done it again in Psycho Teens 6 and I highly recommend this movie. Anal sex lovers know they’re going to get raw, hardcore ass pummeling with Rocco and Psycho Teens 6 delivers. Jalace and Anita Bellini are the anal queens of the film, taking Yanick’s cock up the ass in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and deep doggy style. There are no holds barred when it comes to anal penetration in this movie and Rocco manages to keep the girls playful and tantalizing throughout. Add this one to the Rocco stash.  

Scene 1: Gina Gerson, Koko De Mal, Rocco Siffredi


Gina and Koko are outside watching Rocco fly his toy helicopter. Gina keeps trying to get his attention, pulling at him and trying to grab a hold of the remote control. She gets so desperate, she pulls off her panties.

They finally get his attention and he gets Gina on all fours on the chair with Koko stacked on top of her.  With his tongue starting in Gina’s pussy, Rocco licks all the way up her crack up to Koko’s pussy and ass and then back down to Gina’s.

He stands to help Koko undress while he drops his pants, revealing his hard cock. Gina and Koko fight over Rocco’s dick, angling to be the first to suck it. Rocco sits back on the chair, allowing both girls to swallow his cock with Koko sucking it and Gina licking his balls.

Koko is the first to get fucked, sitting on Rocco reverse cowgirl style while he and Gina suck on her tits. Koko begs to be fucked, telling Rocco to fuck her. She rides him harder and harder, grinding her ass in circles on his cock. 

The threesome decides to take their fucking action inside but not before Gina sucks Koko’s pussy juice off of Rocco’s cock.

They make their way inside to the living room where Rocco forces Koko to stuff a dildo up Gina’s ass with her mouth, sliding it in and out of Gina’s ass.  Rocco holds Gina’s ass cheeks open for the ass punishment. 

Gina says she’s ready to be fucked up the ass and Rocco is ready to oblige. Gina sits her ass down on Rocco’s dick reverse cowgirl style, moving up and down slowly at first, and then bouncing faster and faster up and down on Rocco’s prick while she fingers her clit. 

Koko sucks on Rocco’s balls while his dick is sliding in and out of Gina’s ass hole. Rocco performs ATM on Koko, taking his dick out of Gina’s ass and putting it straight in Koko’s mouth. She licks s up all the ass juices off of Rocco’s meat. 

Gina turns around into cowgirl position all the while taking Rocco’s cock up her ass. Rocco stands up, forcing Gina to ride him in a standing cowgirl spot, taking every inch of his prick.

Rocco lies back on the couch with his legs up in the air while both girls go to town on him. Koko is sucking and jacking his dick and Gina is licking his ass hole and balls. Gina keeps her tongue up Rocco’s ass while Koko sits on Rocco reverse cowgirl style, getting her pussy plugged by Rocco’s dick. 

He moves Koko into missionary position on the couch, fucking her pussy and then turning her on her side to continue the pounding. 

Koko gets on all fours and Rocco and Gina take turns tonguing her ass hole before Gina gets in doggy position allowing Koko to tongue fuck her ass hole too. 

Rocco moves in to fuck Gina doggy style up the ass, pushing his cock up her hole until it disappears, balls deep. Gina takes it all and Koko is on hand for more ass to mouth, licking up Gina’s ass juices off of Rocco’s dick. 

Rocco gets his ass hole tongued fucked again by Koko while he jacks his dick until it makes him cum, shooting in Koko’s mouth then in Gina’s. Both girls lick up the remaining cum off of his dick and then off of each other. 

 Scene 2: Vittoria Risi, Alice, Omar Galanti, Sabby, Matt Bird, Mr. Clark


Alice and Omar are flirting on the construction site, but Vittoria, who is clearly the boss, walks up and breaks up the flirting. Omar tries to show Vittoria the progress made on the construction site, but Alice is busy causing trouble with all the other guys. She’s getting her pussy fingered by Matt Bird while Omar and Vittoria continue to review the construction site.

But Omar soon grabs Vittoria by the hair and pins her up against the metal cage, pulling down her top and exposing her big tits. The other guys come over to help subdue Vittoria, taping her in place to the metal bars and sucking on her tits.

Omar sticks his dick in her pussy from behind, making her fuck his cock standing doggy style.  Meanwhile, Alice is surrounded by the cocks of Matt, Sabby and Mr. Clark and she’s in a round robin of dick stuck down her throat. She fingers her pussy while deep throating each dick. 

Even Vittoria gets in on the cock sucking action, breaking loose of the red tape that was confining her and grabbing hold of two cocks and sucking them. 

Omar comes around and pins Alice up in the air up against the bars of the cage and eats her pussy. He slides her down the bars and then fucks her from behind too. The other guys all cum in Vittoria’s mouth while Omar keeps fucking Alice standing doggy style. He moves over and skull fucks Vittoria, who is still on her knees with cum dripping from her mouth. 

Alice, Vittoria and Omar move inside now to finish what they started.  Vittoria buries her face and tongue up Alice’s pussy and ass while Omar holds Alice’s ass cheeks open.

Omar lays Alice back on the couch spreading her legs open and forcing Vittoria to lick Alice’s pussy.  He then force feeds Vittoria his cock some more, making her gag and spit up all over it. 

Alice takes her cock pounding first, lying on her back on the couch then on her side as Omar stands over her fucking her.

Vittoria is a good pussy to mouth angel, licking Omar’s cock clean right out of Alice’s pussy. Even Alice gets in on it, sucking her own pussy juice off of Omar’s cock too. 

Alice gets on top of Omar cowgirl style and gets fucked hard while Vittoria slaps her ass and licks Omar’s balls. She is the recipient of more pussy to mouth action, keeping her face locked between Omar’s dick and Alice’s pussy. 

Alice lies on her back while Vittoria sits on her face. After fingering Alice’s pussy and making her cum, Omar moves in to fuck Vittoria up the ass doggy style as she squats on all fours over Alice’s face.  This puts Alice in position for ATM action, licking Vittoria’s ass juices off of Omar’s dick.

Omar lies on his back and Vittoria gets on top of him in 69 position, putting her pussy in Omar’s face. Alice is busy sucking Omar’s cock but he soon takes it and stuffs it up Vittoria’s ass reverse cowgirl style. Both she and Alice take it and suck the ass juices off of it. 

Alice moves in for her turn in reverse cowgirl, taking it up the cunt and fingering her clit in the process. Omar spoons her, keeping his cock in her pussy the whole time. 

He pumps her, pulling out quickly to shoot cum all over her feet and toes. Vittoria is on hand to lick up every morsel. 

Scene 3: Jalace, Anita Bellini, Candy Sweet, Yanick Shaft, Titoo


Yanick and Titoo are busy working on model airplanes and helicopters in their workshop.  Jalace, Anita and Candy want to get in on the model planes as well, but the equipment is too expensive for them to play around with.  Yannick gives Jalace and Anita a cheaper model plane to play around with and they rush off outside to fly it. 

Jalace and Anita leave Candy in the shop while they go outside to play around with the remote controlled plane. It’s not long before Candy and Titoo find themselves playing around in the model airplane store room, kissing all over each other until Titoo pulls down Candy’s white shorts and sticks his tongue up her ass hole and pussy from the back. She’s standing near a table full of planes as Titoo eats on her cunt. 

Titoo pulls out his cock giving Candy something to suck on. She’s an aggressive head giver, jerking his dick back and forth while she sucks it. Titoo tries to fuck her, but she says no. They must fly model airplanes first. 

Meanwhile Jalace and Anita break their model airplane and bring it back into the workshop for Yanick to fix. Yanick is upset but the girls believe they have a remedy that will make him forget all about the broken model airplane.

Jalace and Anita start rubbing on their pussies as Yanick moves them closer in to each other and goes back and forth in between them sucking on their nipples. He pulls down Anita’s shorts and kisses all over her ass cheeks. 

He then moves to work on Jalace, burying his tongue between her ass hole and pussy. He does the same to Anita, moving back and forth between both pussies, wetting them up with his tongue. 

Yanick stands up as the girls help him out of his overalls, exposing his already hard cock. Anita starts sucking his balls while Jalace sucks his dick.  Yanick holds Jalace’s head in place over his cock. Both girls continue their oral fixation on Yanick’s dick, attempting to deep throat it, sharing it sparingly among each other. 

Anita takes the plunge first, sitting down on Yanick’s cock reverse cowgirl style. She starts riding up and down slowly but Yanick soon grabs hold of her waist, forcing her up and down his dick faster and faster.  He leans her back into him, prying both legs wide open while Jalace licks on his balls. 

Yanick feeds Jalace his dick right out of Anita’s pussy. She says it tastes so good. 

Jalace stands up to let Yanick finger her pussy hard. Then she takes her turn sitting down on Yanick’s cock in reverse cowgirl while she fingers her clit. Anita rubs Jalace’s pussy too and plays with Yanick’s balls. 

Jalace decides she can take Yanick’s cock up her ass and he sticks it up her hole in reverse cowgirl, later feeding it to Anita directly out of Jalace’s ass. She keeps taking her ass fucking but this time cowgirl style, bobbing up and down on Yanick’s cock. 

Anita climbs back on top, taking it up the ass hole reverse cowgirl and gripping her feet around Yanick’s legs. Jalace does more ATM, sopping up Anita’s ass juice. 

Both girls get on their knees as Yanick stands up and cums in Jalace’s mouth. She turns and swaps the cum with Anita. 

Scene 4: April Blue, Lolly Pop, Marcus


April is busy teasing Rocco making him crazy, but she says he can’t fuck her because she has a boyfriend. In fact, her boyfriend Marcus shows up with Lolly Pop and April is not happy. She slaps Marcus when he walks in. But Marcus soon convinces April that she is number one. He grabs her ass and squeezes her, kissing all over her ass cheeks and then pulling her panties to the side to lick her pussy. 

Marcus stands up and drops his pants so April can blow him. She sucks on his dick, jerking it back and forth. 

The pair gets into 69 position with Marcus splitting April’s pussy with his tongue.  She’s deep throating his cock while Lolly Pop looks on through the window. 

April starts riding Marcus reverse cowgirl style and then Marcus stands them up, continuing to fuck her in a standing doggy. Lolly Pop is still looking on desperately wanting to join them. 

They sit back down on the couch into a reverse cowgirl with April grabbing hold of Marcus’ balls. 

They move into a reverse cowgirl fuck and April turns over to suck her own pussy juice off of Marcus’ cock. Just then Lolly Pop walks in and picks up where April left off, sucking Marcus’ dick. 

Marcus puts Lolly Pop on all fours and eats her cunt from behind before stuffing his dick in there doggy style. April moves in and puts her pussy in Lolly Pop’s face. Lolly Pop eats on April while being fucked doggy style. 

Marcus moves April into a standing doggy fuck and then pulls her back on to her side on the couch, fucking her while April sucks on her tits.

Marcus forces April back into missionary position and crouches over top of her, fucking her deep while April fingers her own pussy. 

Lolly Pop gets fucked reverse cowgirl and has her nipples sucked by Marcus and April at the same time, but April gets too horny and she pulls Marcus away from Lolly Pop and gets on all fours to take her doggy style fuck. Lolly Pop looks on as she plays in her pussy.

Marcus steps off of April and cums directly in her mouth. April sucks all the remaining cum off of Marcus’ cock. 

Final Thoughts

Rocco usually doesn’t leave much to the imagination with his films and once again he’s taken a group of young, sexy, European teen starlets and plucked their ass holes in Psycho Teens 6. I highly recommend this movie. Rocco fans already know what to expect with his movies, so get ready for some raw, deep ass fucking. Pick this one up and add it to stash. 

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