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P.O.V. Punx 8: Teenage Sluts

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/5/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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P.O.V Punx 8: Teenage Sluts
Burning Angel Entertainment
From the POV of Mr Pete
Date of Production:
Running Time: 2:27:34
Vera Drake
Sierra Cure
Tara Toxic
Mr Pete
Special Features:
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps
Video: Mpeg-2 at around 5-7 Mbps
Overall Thoughts:
These teenage sluts break all the rules! It's five of your favorite young punk whores fucking and sucking just for you.
As I stated in the review, when a movie comes my way that has a cast of ladies that are new to me, it seems like you are always looking for someone to grab you attention. And I can say that there are a few companies that do a great job of surprising me, and Burning Angel is one of them. There were a few ladies who stood out in this one, with Vera Drake getting the edge over Elydia for the spotlight scene of this movie. I would say that this is a solid release from Burning Angel and you can see why the previous installment was an AVN nominated release. And so with that, I am happy to say that after a rather blah start to the year, we get a solid RECOMMENDED rating for this one, heading in the right direction indeed.
A nice game of pool, well mostly it is just him checking her out at first. She's got long dreaded up hair, but not too extreme, for those that are worried. A few piercings, and at first glance, not much for tattoos. Some nice little tits and a bigger than expected booty pretty much round out this new girl. She climbs up on the pool table and lets him take her in for the camera. He gives her ass a little finger tease and then she comes off the table and on her knees, where she strips down and finds his cock. Some nice tongue action, followed by some tip work as she jerks him off. She climbs back on the table, as he slides into her pussy. She makes her way over the couch, as she bends over and presents her ass to him, and then slides back into her pussy. They both continue to tease her ass with fingers, perhaps this rookie is going to give us a first viewing, and just as I say that, he slowly makes his way inside her tight ass. Doesn't seem to work out, but give her an A for effort at least. Some more oral work before she climbs on for some cowgirl fun, as she gives her pussy a little more attention with her fingers. A nice smile and energy from this girl and she is making a great first impression for me. He gives his last move, as he gives her a few drips of cum, and she follows up with some clean up work with her mouth and tongue.
A brief interview with the shy Vera get this scene started, and she's a young one, 18. Well I am pointing out the obvious as most of the girls are going to be around that age. She gives us a tour of her tattoos and then unleashes the tits, which are nice and turns around to show off the booty, perhaps she isn't that shy. Off come her panties as she shows off the pussy and ass for the camera. She flips around and spreads her legs and goes to work on her pussy, giving it a nice work over with her fingers. And when she turns her attention to his cock, boy does she gives a great show, with some great energy and spit, as she works him over. He gives her some words of encouragement to show his appreciation for a job well done. And now that his cock is nice and wet, she bends over and lets him slide into her pussy, this girl is not shy at all. He gives her ass a few slaps as he fucks her from behind. I might have said that Vada was making a first impression in her scene, and I would say that Vera is doing the same, as well as giving us a possible spotlight scene for this movie. It's nice when you get a movie with girls you don't know for the most part and they really show you some great work. She lays back for some missionary, as she strums her pussy while he continues to penetrate it with his cock. It's back to some doggy as his finger is once again testing the waters in her ass. She ends up on her knees and begs and pleads for some cum, which he spreads on her face and in her mouth, and she is sure to make sure she gets every last drop of it.
Sierra Cure
Next up, we have the petite blonde, who we last saw in the Walking Dead Parody, decked out in a sexy red dress, but have no fear, it's not going to stay on long, as she gives us a strip tease as she shows off her body. He gets some hands on time with her ass, grabbing and groping before he makes his way to her pierced tits. Actually there are a lot of piercings on this one. He gives her some spit as she is bent over and gives her pierced pussy, some finger love. He adds in some finger in the ass action, before she shows off her split tongue (it's not her whole tongue, so no need to get worried, you prudes), and then goes to work on his cock, slow at first before she adds in some hand action to the mix. And with those eyes of her, you can't help to be drawn in even more when she is sucking him off. She bends over for him, as he slowly makes his way inside her tight pussy. She adds in some more finger teasing in the ass during the doggy, and then strums her pussy, as they continue with some missionary. After all the anal teasing in this movie, she is the first to give us some full on penetration. And she's going to keep the anal going in a few positions as well. As much as we appreciate the anal, just wish there was a little something more to this scene, perhaps some of that energy and enthusiasm from the previous scene. He speeds up the anal doggy and then gives her ass a few drops of cum.
Tara Toxic
I would say that this lady is pretty much the most "punk" girl in this movie. And I need to say that I am not pointing this out in a bad way, but with the half shaved head, numerous tattoos and piercings, and even a little of that don't fuck with me attitude, this is what you picture a Burning Angel girl will be like. But like I said, I don't mean that in a bad way. I love and appreciate the various girls that Joanna shoots in her films, they don't always have to be the extreme punk, both sides get my attention. She is a fan of the no panties rule and her ripped jeans give them easy access to her pussy. It seems that Pete is going to be a little rougher with this one, but she seems to like it that way. She pulls out his cock and grabs on as she swallows and bobs on it, giving it a few licks with her pierced tongue here and there. She makes her way on the bed, lays down and thanks to the ripped jeans, he is able to slide right inside her pussy. He grabs on her throat for a bit as he continues to fuck her, and the moans seem to get a bit louder and frequent. The fun continues as he lays on the floor and she hops right back onto his cock and keeps the fun going. She lays down on the bed, with her ass up, and after a few more tears of her pants and a few ass slaps, he slides back inside her some nice doggy, especially as he picks up the pace. She offers one last oral session on his cock before he delivers his cum to her.  
 And we are going to end with this blonde beauty, who can't hide her pierced nipples through her wife beater, and then turns around and shows off her big booty, which really seems to garner the attention of Mr Pete. We get a little wet T-shirt competition as he continues to giver her tits some love, playing with her piercings. We uses her top to wipe up the water, but turns around to show off her ass and nice back full of tattoos. His cock appears and she grabs on and smiles as she sucks and strokes his man meat, showing off her deep throating skills. But this lady is going to make sure his balls get plenty of attention as well. I am loving her playful attitude and smile, and if that doesn't do it for you, she shows off her ass again, before rolling over and playing with her pussy. And since we know his affinity for big butts, should be no surprise that we start off with some doggy as her ass fills up the screen. She continues to drive him crazy with her oral skills, throwing in more deep throating and balls love, before climbing on for some cowgirl fun. We are also given some nice missionary, as it seems that perhaps this might be another spotlight scene contender. And she's going to up the ante, as she lets him slide into her ass, which is tight to begin with but seems to open up nicely for his cock. And the anal doesn't stop there, as she bends over in front of him and he goes right back to giving her ass a nice hard cock inside it. She cleans his cock off with some oral love and then some long ball swallowing as he jerks himself off and delivers a few drops of cum in her mouth.

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