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Road Queen 27

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 1/6/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Road Queens Part 27
Girlfriends Films
Directed by
Date of Production: 11/01/13
Running Time: 2:32:04
Alice March
Heather Starlet
Randy Moore
Shyla Jennings
Charlotte Stokely
Adriana Chechik
Elle Alexandra
Special Features:
Our Girlfriends
Previously In
Trailers: 6
Technical Stats:
Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps
Video: Mpeg 2 at around 4-6 Mbps
Overall Thoughts:
Well it's back to the Road Queens series, and we had a rather lackluster installment last time, let's hope that maybe things get a little better this time around. In my review of the previous volume, I had wished for Elle to join in the fun with Adriana and Shyla, well still not going to happen in this one, but I do get Adriana and Elle, so that is something I am really looking forward to, and I will have to wait till the end to see it.
And I can say that things are moving in the right direction indeed, as this next installment in the series is going to get a slight bump up and get a RECOMMENDED from me. I am not sure if is the cast or perhaps just a few different pairings, but we had a solid start with only a slight hiccup after that. Shyla and Charlotte get the spotlight scene for this one, but I have to say that Alice/Heather and also the anticipated pairing of Elle/Adriana were both contenders as well.
Alice and Heather
Alice has just dropped the lesbian news to her mom, and Heather is here for some moral support and to enjoy her new lifestyle choice. Dressed for bedtime, Alice does a little hand exploring of Heather, teasing the magic spots along the way. Lots of touching and teasing between these two as the foreplay turns up the heat in this tryst, and there is lots of buildup in this pairing. Alice gets hands on with Heather's boobs, before moving in to suck and lick them. She slides off her bottoms and getting her motor running as she works her fingers over her pussy. Heather spends some time with Alice's perky boobs, and then some heated kisses are exchanged before she lays Alice down and kisses and teases around her pussy. Some finger action gets her motor running and then they both get going as they rub their pussies together. I believe that Alice was part of the spotlight scene from the last installment and when she climbs on top of Heather for more grinding, you can see why. Alice bends over as Heather dives in and gives her pussy  some attention from her mouth, increasing the moans and the legs shakes from Alice. And you might think that this little tryst is over, but Alice is far from done, as she mounts Heather's leg and grinds her pussy on, as her leg and knee find their way on Heather's.
Deauxma and Randy
Deauxma apologizes for the bombshell that was dropped on Alice's mom, Randy, but perhaps she has a lesbian secret as well. Deauxma begins to test the waters as she runs her hands up and down her legs, inching closer and closer to her inner thigh. She moves in for a kiss and Randy seems to into her and can't seem to keep her hands off Deauxma. She opens her robe and seems that both of these ladies are not lacking in the chest area. The robe comes off and Randy is left in her lace bra and panties, as the kissing continues. And as the bras come off, you can clearly see that Deauxma wins in the chest category and that explains why Randy seems to head there first. Deauxma shoves her hand down Randy's panties and warms her up as they lock lips. After her panties come off, she really warms her up as she dives face first in Randy's pussy, getting her whole body moving. As Randy rubs her fingers in Deauxma's pussy, it's not long before the juices are flowing as they wet spot on the sheets grows. We seem to lose a little of that intensity as the scene continues. There is a little something for the foot lovers out there, as Randy sucks on Deauxma's toes as they grind together.
Shyla and Charlotte (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)
The sexy plumber Charlotte is back and it seems she is ready to fix the problem, and just like that it's fixed and it's time to work on Shyla, and perhaps express her love via a message on a plate. I think it has been awhile since I have seen Charlotte in action, but it's nice to see her back. She moves in for some kisses and hand exploring, as Shyla wraps her legs around her. She slides off her pants and kisses all over her body before sliding up her shirt to give Shyla's tits some attention. As the clothes come off, and it's down to the panties, they continue to kiss all over each other, making sure to cover every inch. Shyla's panties are off and Charlotte is really giving her pussy a nice lapping with her tongue, getting her purring and moaning. And when Shyla dives in, she also does a great job of hitting all the right spots, driving Charlotte wild. Shyla lays on top and they continue to share kisses as they bump and grind, before Shyla lays down and let's Charlotte take control for a bit, flipping her over and admiring the view from behind, before diving in with her tongue. They continue with more bumping and grinding before Charlotte lays on top of Shyla and falls asleep in her chest.
Adriana and Elle
Adriana has packed up her things and left Elle, but we are going to flashback to the last time they shared a moment together, even though it's a sad moment, there will be some rejoicing from me, with this pairing. Lots of kissing and intensity between these two are going to be enough to keep you all warm inside during these cold winters days. Elle gets rid of her shirt and then helps Adriana get down to her panties as well, as she grinds on top of her. Elle slides off Adriana panties and dives in and gives her pussy a nice tongue workout, as she clenches the sheets. It seems that Elle is the one who wears the pants in this relationship as she continues to dominate Adriana, making sure she is moaning and breathing heavy along the way. It finally ends up Adriana's turn to return the favor, as she dives in and works over Elle's pussy with her fingers, before she shoves her head down to let her tongue do the work. She climbs on top as they both dive face first into each other's pussies, giving them plenty of tongue and finger pleasing. Elle takes control as she straddles Adriana and grinds them together, picking up the pace, which picks up the moans from Adriana.

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