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Nobody's Daughter

Studio: Hard Candy Films » Review by Rob Perez » Review Date: 1/10/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Nica Noelle

Cast: Veronica Avluv, James Deen, Mark Davis, Remy Lacroix

Audio/Video: Both audio and video were excellent

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Length: 2 hours, 12 minutes

Release Date: 7/9/13

Extras: Extras included Behind the Scenes, Bloopers, and Trailers

Condoms: No


Overview: In this well crafted feature, Remy LaCroix plays a young coed who essentially is Mark Davis’ live in girlfriend but really, he’s more of adult figure Remy needs in her life at the moment. She doesn’t appear to be in love with him but the two just use each other for sex but Mark, as the older, jaded writer, having a weird sort of control over Remy. James Deen plays a class mate of Remy who really likes her but Remy either doesn’t or will not let him get close to her. It’s a faux love story between two very complex characters, and we see how this unhealthy, “for the moment” type of relationship Remy is in takes an emotional toll on her. Director Nica Noelle does an excellent job of making this really dark, complex storyline work with really great sex scenes with four of the best in the industry. Remy and Mark’s characters have their issues that don’t necessarily make them too likable yet you feel an urge to see how this relationship will eventually play out while Deen is convincing as a sweet likable guy you cheer for even though he will never win Remy’s heart. Nobody’s Daughter is a virtually textbook example of how to make a feature, tie the sex in so it makes sense being there without it feeling like it’s thrown in there. Add to that great casting, sexual pairings, hot sex, and a solid smart story, this film is a winner on almost all counts.


Scene 1 Remy LaCroix, Mark Davis

After rejecting an invitiation from James and coming home to a grump Mark, Remy is sweet-talked by Mark and gives in to his charms despite him putting down the A she received in a Hemmingway class he lampoons, and really not seeming to care about her feelings. They do engage in a really hot opening tryst in which the two, despite their large age group the two really have a dynamic natural sexual chemistry. Noel’s tight camerawork really captures every thrilling moment as we see the two pound away at each other, their energy levels never going down, the two really being in the moment doing pretty much what they want to do. There’s no lack of strokability in this scene; there’s enough sexual thrills in this scene to make balls fill up and blast a hot load in one of the most amazing sex scenes in a feature of 2013.


Scene 2 Mark Davis, Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv is almost unrecognizable in her role as Mark’s e-wife/landlord who does nothing but berate Mark and insults his plaything Remy, showing no respect for either one. Veronica is very effective acting-wise in her dark turn as the jaded, jilted ex and is a perfect balance to the moody Mark who is a pushover when it comes to her. That changes after Veronica has a few words with Remy when Mark, suddenly manning up, forces himself on Veronica. The two go at it with no attempt to hide the noise they’re making in their loud fuck session all the while Remy can hear them from the bedroom. Veronica now does what Mark tells her, sucking him off gladly like a good little ex-wife. Mark pins Veronica down, grabs her neck, and holds her arms so she can’t move and Veronica loves everything he is throwing at her. Again, it’s another stroke-worthy scene between to performers who created sparks in this rather rough scene, rougher than most scenes Noelle directs but again, she captures every hot orgasmic moment. Both performers also score points for creating a real jerker of a scene that easily ranks as one the top scenes each performer has appeared in all year.


Scene 3 James Deen, Remy LaCroix

Remy is clearly distraught and demands Veronica not show up to the house of horrors again but as usual, Mark doesn’t listen nor is he hearing what Remy is saying. Remy finally decides to give James a chance but it’s obvious she’s using him for payback, unbeknownst to James. They meet up and James attempts to make conversation with Remy but doesn’t seem to be reaching her. Remy agrees to go back to James’ place for a cheap fling mainly to get back at Mark. Throughout the scene Remy is very convincing in playing up her disinterest, almost as if she’s not there. James tries to connect with Remy but seems satisfied going through the motions. That’s their characters, but as far as the performance goes between the two superstars it is first rate. Remy calls Mark but leaves the phone on so Mark can listen in on the two getting it on. The sex then gets going with Remy’s character still not their mentally but physically she begins to give in more to James. Mark listens in and he is visibly angry at what he hears, assuming Remy is having a better time with her new boy toy than she has had with him lately. Undressed, the two engage in a pretty hot and steamy sex session. Although Remy’s heart isn’t there and James mainly has to work with what he’s got both performers truly make their performance real erotic.


Scene 4 Mark Davis, Remy LaCroix

Mark, who is clearly angry with Remy, waits for her by the door and as soon as she walks in he forces himself on her. No words are spoken, Mark just throws her down on the bed and begins to have his way with Remy. He begins to lighten up a bit, removing her clothing for her but still asserting his control almost as if he’s saying to Remy she belongs to him. The sex that follows never gets too rough, it’s almost passionate but the mood is a different than the last time they had sex as this scene is more about Mark establishing his power and control over Remy. Remy appears to this new role so she succumbs to whatever Mark wants sexually from her. Remy starts off riding Mark then switch to Mark pounding her really deep in mish. As much as Remy seemed distant in the previous scene, she is more into Mark despite the fact that he is low life creep, the polar opposite of the really sweet and caring James. This scene just shows that when you live a life like Remy your instinct is to be more attracted to the negativity and have no idea how to deal with something positive. Remy really does a terrific job portraying such a character thanks to Noelle’s strong smart screenplay.


Summary: Nobody’s Daughter certainly goes down as one of Nica Noelle’s strongest features and just as good and on par with the best feature releases of 2013. The screenplay is excellent, the acting stellar and the sex scenes had a good amount of passion, eroticism and emotion. Actors can’t fake that, it has to come off naturally and with this winning cast they are virtually flawless. Nobody’s Daughter is one of 2013’s highlights and a film I Highly Recommend.

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