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Mother Suckers

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/3/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Blowjobs, MILF / Cougar, Older, Oral, P.O.V.

DIRECTOR: Mike Quasar

STUDIO/PRODUCER: OneLife Entertainment Inc. / My XXX Pass

MSRP: $19.99

LENGTH: 1 hr 41 mins 26 secs


AUDIO/VIDEO: As stated on the dvd cover this particular "Mother Suckers" feature is presented in full HD. Both the audio, and video quality reflects this sort of claim. When it comes to scenes they are shown in the widest of widscreen ratios limiting the black bars to a lowly 1 inch area at the top, and bottom halves of the screen. The camerman who worked with the director captured the onscreen action in a variety of different yet somewhat repetitive angles. Some of the angles included full body shots while others focused more on the female performers' faces as they were sucking. For good measure the cameraman also opted to include some P.O.V. angles making the onscreen sexual acts more personal, and more relatable in a fantasy sense of the meaning. Everything from the performer revealing intro to the scenes themselves were edited decently, and were transitioned well enough to make for a mostly pleasant viewing experience.

CAST: India Summer, Katja Kassin, Raylene, Eva Karera, Jennifer Dark



The studio behind this not so originally titled dvd release tries to improve on an already thought of idea. I've seen plenty of these "Mother Suckers" porn releases personally, and on the various retail websites across the internet. They all basically tie in the same subject matter only with different performers, and different roleplaying scenarios. With that being said "My XXX Pass" does good with what they offer the viewer, for the most part. There's plenty of sexy MILFs to watch, and gawk at as they do their thing with younger gentlemen. Keep in mind though that this five scene collection is anything, but purely oral sex. To keep things fresh the director has his performers switch things up with a mixture of handjobs, titjobs, and even some pussy on cock grinding. In my personal opinion it's a positive thing, because simply watching a girl suck cock for about thirty minutes at a time can become quite the mundane experience. Even with this plus side though you will find some instances where you wish things were changed up just a little more.




SCENE 1 (Eva Karera):


Eva Karera Language Tutor


This is actually the first time I've seen Eva Karera perform, and I have to say that she did the best job of the entire cast with her all inclusive oral sex engagement. The beginning skit between her, and her older gentlemen partner was a little cliche in nature with the whole teacher student bit, but thankfully it wasn't the main focal point of the scene. Eva ended up taking on the role of a hired European language coach, and was instructing her grown student on the various phrases associated with European conversation. It was her job to teach the man of the scene some simple quotes to help him make the most of him, and his friends' European vacation. In the end though the man's hints about visiting brothels abroad abruptly led to the sexual interactions between the two strangers shortly there after. Eva practically unwrapped the guy's cock like a kid opening an Xmas present, and began sucking away like nobody's business.


Eva Karera Cocksucker


Eva being the dark haired gypsy type that she is looked super sexy as she applied her sloppy deepthroat BJ. She made sure to lube the man's massive cock with her spit, and slobber often so that it would slide down her throat much easier. Aside from the hardcore knob gobbling Eva also applied a two hand handjob as well as a slow titjob later on in the sexual encounter. The highlights in this scene were definitely the times when Eva was actually sucking cock, but the position, and camera angle changes also helpd to keep things fresh. The cameraman, who obviously knew what he was doing kept the guy's face out of the picture, and focused on the actual oral aspects of the scene more. Between the two performers they switched positions about three different times. At one point the man of the scene layed down on a couch to let Eva suck while on top of him. The mixed oral sex was also captured as the couple had at it in the sitting position, and finally when Eva got down on her knees to receive the gooey finish. The cumshot which is the true highlight to many porn enthusiasts was equally as impressive as Eva's performance. She took the load in the mouth like a boss, and even got some cum splattered around her pink lips.


SCENE 2 (Katja Kassin):  


Katja Kassin German Tutor


-- sponsored by --

Katja Kassin makes for a perfect inclusion in any oral sex oriented dvd. She's one of the rare female performers who really goes all out when giving head. She's been in a lot of deepthroating, and hardcore sperm heavy flicks. In this particular scene Katja is rocking a new blonde haired look, and is looking more like a MILF than I remember. Her youth is definitely not as prominant as it used to be. She's a little more plump in certain areas, and her choice of blonde hair coloring has added to her aging persona, unfortunately. Her skit which almost mirrors the first scene has her teaching some poor clueless sap the conversation requirements of the German language. The difference in skit this time around lies with the fact that the man of the scene is the spoiled brat of a rich family. It is actually his well off parents who bought Katja's services as a language tutor. Unfortunately for her the man before her is so out of tune with pronunciations, and such that she has to choose a different way to service the man.


Katja Kassin Handjob


Being the honest tutor that she is Katja decides that she has to repay the young man's parents in some way, or she'll feel guilty for not doing her job. Her choice, which will not likely surprise anyone here is to give this clueless guy a blowjob. Her blowjob which starts of hot, and heavy with the usual hardcore deepthroating slowly, but surely tapers down to a mundane mixture of hanjobs, and tip sucking. The couple does good in continuing the position variety, but fails to keep the scene from becoming dull towards the end. Like the previous scene the cameraman continues to do right by the viewer by keeping the male performer's face out of the picture, and solely focuses on Katja's dirty deeds. In the end, with the oral cumshot & swallow tallied in this scene winds up being simply alright. If Katja hadn't of lingered so long on the P.O.V. tugging, and tip sucking midways into the scene it would have been a whole lot better.


Scene 3 (Jennifer Dark): 


Jennifer Dark Maid


Jennifer Dark was also another first for me. I guess I've spent so much time reviewing French porn that I've lost touch with American goings on. That of course is a different story for a different time though. In this scene the director strays from the language tutor theme shown in the first two, and opts to go with something more unique. The man of the scene, which happens to be more like a college emo has set his attention on the family's hired hand who just so happens to be Jennifer. Jennifer is reluctant against the young man's flirtatious advances at first, but soon gives in to his lustful desires just to get him off her case so that she can get back to work. The oral sex which is about as dull as it can get begins in the laundry room where Jennifer got so rudely interrupted, and slowly moves to the living room area where the two continue making good on their deal. The deal in question had the young emo agreeing that he'd leave the older Cougar alone forever if she gave him a blowjob. Of course this desperate dude agrees immediately.


Jennifer Dark Cock Surprise


It ended up that the width of this guy's not-so-lengthy cock made it hard for Jennifer to go down deep at all during the sexual encounter. In fact, when sucking Jennifer never really got past the tip. This in itself limited the sexiness of the scene, and limited what Jennifer could do with the cock. Even with these physical limitations Jennifer, and her male partner did manage to keep things interesting in a small variety of ways. Jennifer, for one applied a tugjob, and ball suck combo. She also licked the guy's cock like a lolipop from time to time. On the guy's behalf he was able to switch positions a few times in the standard standing, lying, and sitting orientations. As usual the cameraman did good to capture the scene's focal points in a manner that kept the guy's face out of the picture, and kept the scene's sex more personal to the viewing audience. The cumshot at the end was about as pitiful in presentation as the rest of the scene though. Jennifer ended up getting a little dab of goo on her chin, but nothing noteworthy. She closes the scene by reminding the young lad of their deal with an unusally stern glare.


SCENE 4 (Raylene): 


Raylene Massage


Without trying to sound too repetitive Raylene was another MILF hottie that I've never heard of before. In the face this auburn haired beauty really had it going on. The odd thing though was at the midway point in the scene certain body imperfections showed through, and put a damper on the rest of the sexiness that the scene had to show. Through onscreen actions on Jennifer's behalf (the covering of her underboobs) I could tell that she knew the cameraman had captured her bad side. Before I get too far ahead of myself though let me tell you about the plot material. In this scene the lovely Raylene was tutoring an even younger looking lad who was obviously having trouble with advanced mathematics. Raylene just kept on rattling off terms from the school book, and could not for the life of her get the young man to comprehend any of it. Seeing his frustrated state Raylene decides to relax the boy a bit by giving him a massage. This seemingly innocent massage ends up turning out like any other porn related massage does. Raylene's touch goes a little out of bounds, and one thing leads to another.


Raylene Backside BJ


After agreeing to the sexual break Raylene takes advantage of the young man's sexual curiousity, and gives him the blowjob of his life. This of course is done on, and around the restaurant style table that the two were previously working at. When it came down to performance Raylene's oral sex tactics were a lot like the other MILF's in this film's presentation. She used her mouth only part of the time, and used her hands for the rest. The positions she put herself in also gave a little extra variety to the scene in that we got to see Raylene's plump backside as well as her exposed pussy. The downside to this obviously coached position change though was that Raylene accidentally exposed here wrinkled body parts to the viewers. I do realize it was a slip up, but it's the type of thing that should have been edited out, or redone before commiting to a final presentation. It was, in retrospect the scene's unfortunate buzzkill. After seeing the older looking body parts, any other sexiness that followed was nullified by the thought of what had just been seen. Even the cumshot at the end meant absolutely dick after that.


SCENE 5 (India Summer): 


India Summer Payment Plan?


India Summer is without a doubt one of my all time favorite female performers. While she definitely falls into the MILF category, this raven haired beauty keeps her body slim, trim, and young. Even in this scene her youthful appearance shines through, and her infectious smile as well as her naughty nature keeps the viewers' eyes glued to the screen indefinitely. I will say that her roleplay scenario does come off as being retro-cliche though, but it was interesting enough to hold even my wandering attention. The plot which includes a heating & air man required that India play along with the obvious script leads. Thankfully though India did well by playing both innocent, and dominating at the same time. She ended up using her charm to get out of an expensive payment plan, and also got to suck one of the largest cocks of the film.


India Summer Cocksucking in Style


India's soft spoken voice added a sensual edge to the already sexual atmosphere of the scene, and helped her to deliver one of the best oral sex performances of this dvd. In fact I'd go so far as to say that her scene was up there with Eva Karera's. With India sticking mainly to the oral aspects of the "Oral Sex" genre she rarely strayed to include excessive hanjob applications, or other things that aren't exactly cocksucking. Little things she did like wiggling the guy's cock in her mouth while she was deepthroating, and grinding on the guy's cock with her pussy really added to the effectiveness of the performance. I loved whatching India perform from beginning to finish. The fact that she ended the show by taking a massive cumshot blast to the face, and mouth really made me proud. Seeing her spew out that impressive load of seed was purely icing on the cake. The added smile, and "Thank You" directed to the male performer also did good to send the viewer off on a good note.



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This dvd offered a lot in the way of variety. It utilized other sexual deeds than mere cocksucking, and in turn made things interesting. The position changes, and expertly captured camera angles made for good viewing. With that being said all was not exactly perfect with this film. The revealing of Raylene's physical flaws made for a poorly captured scene. It was one of those "I can't unsee" moments that the viewer will no doubt wish they could unsee. It did Raylene an injustice, and in all honesty should have been edited out before copies were ready for sale. Raylene, as all of us has flaws, but it's something that doesn't bode well for a beautiful looking woman in the porn biz to be associated with. Another downside, or downsides were the occasional bits of lackluster cocksucking content. I know that not all performers can go deepthroat on a cock, but Jennifer Dark didn't exactly impress with her limited cocksucking skills. I fully understand that the guy's cock before her was massive in width, but guys at home want to see more than just tip sucking.

With all the good, and bad weighed this dvd didn't end up being all that bad. It was at least worth a recommendation, and did have two exceptional scenes (Eva Karera & India Summer). While I could easily go with the "Rent It" verdict it still offers enough enjoyable fapping material that it's worth adding to anyone's porn collection. The added fact that it will only set you back $20 makes it even more worth the buy. If you are a oral sex lover like myself, and love to see the ladies sucking, and handling cock then this dvd will make a welcome addition to your porn library. Trust me.


VERDICT: Recommended

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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