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Fuck A Fan: Live From London Global Edition

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/11/14

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Blowjob, Oral Sex, Straight Sex, All Sex

DIRECTOR:Porno Dan / Dan Leal

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Immoral Productions

LENGTH:1 hr 24 mins 24 secs

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Being the reality based sort of porn show that this is you'll find that the video is a mixture of on the spot material mixed with professionally captured camera angles. As with most Immoral Productions dvds this is more, or less a game show style film filled with loads of raw sexual content. The fact that it's filmed over in the UK also changes the quality of the visuals somewhat giving it that European film appearance. I should also mention that the intro is a hodge podge mixture of childish animations, and montage oriented tourist content captured to add to the theme of the "Global" orientation. If you are looking for something along the lines of a Dorcel, or other well known high end studio dvd you will not find it here. Porno Dan is all about the live show scene, and will not forsake it to venture into the more professionally edited, and captured porn.

CAST: Chantelle White, Carla Mai, Scarlett March




The "Fuck a Fan" series, like a lot of other Immoral Production series takes in account Porno Dan's vision of game show inspired fun. In this particular "Global" presentation Porno Dan ventures out across the pond into the UK region where he picks up three lovely dark haired female performers who are each willing to participate in his onscreen shenanigans. Along the way he also invites three very lucky gentlemen from the residing UK area. These lucky few in turn get to bang away at all three of the hotties when their turn comes around. The catch to that plot twist though is that the guys have to participate in a childish coloring contest in order to see who gets to go first. After determinging the order the ladies, and gentleman involved get down, and dirty on the usual sofa prop offering supplied by Porno Dan. Dpending on the ladies enjoyment, and the man's stamina the group will continue with their sexual engagement until they've had their fill. I will say that one guy was severely short handed with sex time due to his small cock size. The other on the other hand faired well in that they got to spend a majority of the films time entertaining the ladies. I guess size does matter in the porn biz.

One thing to keep in mind when breaking into this dvd, if you should choose to purchase it is that the cover is entirely innaccurate. For one thing you'll find that each scene is not the 1-on-1 encounter that it is listed as. Secondly Chantelle White is not a big named porn star like advertised by the title. In fact Porno Dan introduces her, and mentions that this is her first time doing a porno shoot. Lastly you'll find that the pictures on the back cover do not correspond to the names listed. All of that info is out of order. These are definitely things to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing the dvd.




Scene 1 (Weeman):


Weeman vs The Tantalizing Trio


After the coloring contest is done, we (the viewer) find that a self-named fan "Weeman" takes center stage as the first UK fan to be fucked by the trio of sirens. Chantelle, Carla, and Scarlett try there best to make the most of this Weeman's cock, but try as they may the only thing they are really able to do with it is suck it. Scarlett being the prominent performer of the three takes the iniative to get things started, and sucks Weeman's wee cock like a pro. Even with the applied oral foreplay Weeman remains small in size. As Scarlett does her thing the other grils contribute in lesser supportive ways by pleasuring one another, and by doing some face sitting pussy first on the man's face as he lies reclined on the double sofa. From time to time the girls do try to mount, and ride weeman's small cock in the reverse cowgril, and cowgirl positions, but fail each time having to resort back to cock sucking. In the end Scarlett finishes the feeble show by jerking Weeman off until he comes on himself. It was a sad sight indeed, and was not even praiseworthy.

Scene 2 (Scooby Do):


Scooby Do vs The Tantalizing Trio


Like the first fan "Scooby Do" seems to be lacking in size. While his cock is a little longer in length than the previous fan's he does gain length as Scarlett, and her female companions once again do the cocksucking foreplay thing. Scarlett which is hands down the most beautiful of the bunch has a golden tan, raven black hair, and carries on her arms two tattoos of old American cartoons (Tweety Bird / Tom & Jerry). I think she even has an ornate tramp stamp just above her bum. Chantelle (the newcomer), and Carla both have similar yet distinct appearances. Chantelle chose to add a stripe of purple to her raven black hair while Carla went all natural. All three girls wore stockings, or socks of some sort, but not much else.


Scooby Do vs The Tantalizing Trio 2


Getting back to "Scooby Do" ... This middle aged porno fan did the film justice by allowing the girls to do as they pleased with his average sized cock for a majority of the scene. They sucked, mounted, rode, and face sat with him. The performance, or group sex egagement as it were was a constantly shifting display of busy bodies. The girls started off taking turns about sucking Scooby Do's cock, and slowly switched things up with bits of cock riding, missionary style sex, and girl-on-girl action. Scooby Do really pounded away at the girls at one point while they were in the missionary position, and they all seemed to enjoy his rough attention thoroughly. It was obvious by the end of the cumshot-free scene that Scooby Do earned some respect from Scarlett, Chantelle, and Carla. At the very end of the dvd he even scored one last cameo with the nude cast.


Scene 3 (Tom Boy):


Tom Boy vs The Tantalizing Trio


Like the rest of the ladies in this film "Tom Boy" also carries with him some tattooed markings. Some on his abdomen, and some on his arms. In general he's a buff older gentleman like the previous fan, and definitely carries with him some proper "Know How". Instead of letting the ladies do all the work this fan decides to give them the time of their life during most of the scene. As usual the girls do begin with the oral foreplay though, but from that point on Tom Boy takes charge of the situation, and pounds the girls from behind with some proper doggystyle. Other than that the rest of the scene's material definitely mirrors that of the previous two. There's plenty of girl-on-girl action thrown into the mix as well as cock riding in both cowgirl positions. I should also mention that condoms were used throughout all three scenes, especially when the girls chose to go for the penetrations. While this might be a turn off to some viewers the girls did at least suck on bare cock from time to time. By the end of Tom Boy's encounter we were once again left without a cumshot finish of any kind though. I don't know if he had spent his wad in the condom, or what, but it wasn't satisfying seeing the lack of a proper finish for the second time in a row.



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In my opinion Porno Dan has never really been what I consider to be a proper porn director. He's more of a showman with a three ring circus than anything. Most of his films, including this one come off as being boastful presentations filled with sexual content that glorifies the Immoral Productions studio, and Dan Leal himself. The girls, while often times beautiful end up being more like add-on features than the main focal point that they should be. It's sort of like watching a televised talk show with guests added in to spark interests. That of course is my own take on the whole "Immoral Productions / Porno Dan" phenomenon though.

As far as "Fuck a Fan: Live from London Global Edition" goes it is a mundane, and lacking collection of scenes. The fact that there's only three scenes in total with the same setup, and barely anything in the way of cumshots makes this dvd a quickly forgettable one. The sex in it is often times repetitive, and only varies slightly in the final two scenes. The fans that were chosen also presented an issue in that their less than porn worthy cocks made it hard for the girls of the scenes to really show off. The first scene in particular was about as awkward as it gets. With the man's cock constantly popping out of the girls' pussies it wasn't really a fun scene to watch. In the end I'm going to have to say pass on this one. It's just not worth the time, or the money. It's as simple as that.


VERDICT: Skip It!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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