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Damsels In Distress

Studio: Juicy Entertainment » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/12/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Damsels In Distress

Juicy Entertainment

Genre: BDSM, Feature

Director: Jim Powers


Main Cast: Nikki Hunter, Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, Jodi Taylor, Evan Stone, Maia Davis, Filthy Rich, Ike Diezel
Guest Stars: Master Liam Lockran, Slave Tasia Lockran, Chad Diamond, Alice Frost, Dominik Kross, Faelin Kae, Slave T, Master R.

Length: 167:30 minutes

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Date of Production: 5/27/2013, 5/28/2013

Extras: The only extra was a 7:01 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Jim Powers, the director interviewing some of the cast to make sure they were willing participants.

Condoms: None noticed

Audio/Video Quality: Damsels In Distress was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Jim Powers for Juicy Entertainment. As a long time fan of both the company and the director, I knew this movie would be special, the cover calling it “The biggest movie of the year”. In technical terms, Jim was the main cameraman and one calling the shots, writer/producer “Count Gregor” credited with the thematic material that Jim caught so well. With such a heavy emphasis on dungeons and BDSM gear, Jim made the conscious decision to keep the lighting low, boosting the sense of dread and/or loss of control the slaves had at any given time but it was a stylish approach that some may not care for as much. In most scenes, there was so much taking place that you won’t catch it all in a few viewings so be forewarned. Hashiell Dammett was credited as editor, most others taking a back seat to Jim in terms of who did what. As far as the aural components of the show, suffice it to say that the vocals could almost always be heard despite all that was taking place, the music and ambient noises blended in to make it an atmospheric fuck flick you won’t soon forget, even if the vocals were kind of hollow at times.

Body of Review: Jim Powers has been an award winning director of hardcore porn for longer than many people in his current movies have been alive. His longevity in the industry is due in part to his ability to push the limits of porn, his works at places like Juicy Entertainment admittedly not usually as kinky as what he used to do elsewhere a few years back. Well, Jim set out to make a blockbuster BDSM movie with all sorts of kink to appreciate, the usual role reversals, domination themes, cool bondage gear, and such thrown into the mix to make Damsels In Distress. The movie largely starred Nikki Hunter as a dominatrix who rules roughshod over her female minions, expanding her repertoire into males by using her ladies to seduce the men, and then fate intervening to force her to service them in a turnabout of fair play angle. Despite what you may have heard, the story was not overly complex but it allowed the evolution of Nikki and her stable to progress with a lot of hardcore sex you just don’t see in a bondage movie that often. The back cover described the movie like this: “Based upon a true story from the Counts' adventures as a young man, this tale of debauchery and servitude centers around a very wicked Madame who kept a harem of nymphets to do her every bidding. Like sirens of yore, they lured young men into their den of decadence where they kept as sex slaves to be used as meatpoles for the women to get off. Nikki Hunter leads the pack of slaves as they get their pussies and assholes plowed and stretched in some of the largest orgies done since the golden era of porn. A massive and an uninhabited cast make this movie one for the ages!”


The press release for the movie described it this way: “Get ready for the biggest blockbuster film of 2014. Damsels in Distress is the new movie from Jim Powers Presents that promises to break records moving off the shelf! Nicki Hunter, Jodi Taylor, Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, and Maia Davis just returned from the AVN Expo in Las Vegas promoting Damsels in Distress where the reaction was monumental! This huge production has over-the-top sex at every turn with a massive 17 person fetish orgy, elaborate dungeons, no holes barred sex, and extreme acts of anal and double penetration at every turn! Raw action so bent and twisted that porn aficionados will riot to get it off the shelves and prudes will demand it be banned! The story is about an evil Dominatrix played by Nikki Hunter who sends her slaves out to kidnap men for her personal satisfaction. The men are kidnapped and tied down as sex slaves to be abused at her whim. Nikki Hunter says, "Damsels in Distress is the best movie that I've made for Jim Powers to date! If you ever want to see fucking, licking, cumshots, me beating the shit out of some beautiful girls and boys and turned around and being fucked for it in every single hole, this is the one you want! There is a twist at the end, I'm just going to say that, but it turns into a huge orgy. I'd say that if you ever like to see group sex this is the movie for you! Damsels in Distress, go check it out! The release date is January 29th 2014." Melody Jordan was ecstatic saying, "I enjoyed it so much because I got to work with Nikki Hunter and she got to Dom me so that was very hot! There's a lot of hot kinky sex — it was two days of just nastiness! It was SO much fun, and I LOVE it!" Damsels in Distress has an elaborate storyline reminiscent of the Golden Age of porn when the story actually mattered. Couple that with nasty steaming hot sex and dark BDSM action and you have the perfect storm of a movie! Jodi Taylor exclaimed, "My favorite part of the movie was kidnapping Evan and taking him into the room and putting the little chastity belt on him, that was really fun! Evan is hilarious so the whole scene is us trying not to laugh! There was the cast and the orgy scene had tons of people! I've worked with Melody before, Maia Davis, Alice Frost and all the guys before, so that was a fun movie. It's always fun when you see people you've worked with before and you already love! I've worked in a lot of movies Jim has shot. This was really fun!" Maia Davis adds, "I was first contacted for Damsels about two weeks before we shot the movie. Jim knows I like bondage and it was awesome! I've worked with Melody Jordan and Jodi Taylor, but never with Shay Lynn or Nikki Hunter which I was excited about…" Shay Lynn said, "I did my very first boy/girl scene for this movie! I wanted to save it for something special, and when I read the script this was it! The story is fabulous and I had so much fun doing it!" You won't be hitting fast-forward while watching this film! This storyline will captivate you like the films from the glory days of porn when these massive fetish orgies are done with a true tongue-in-cheek flair. The close-ups are extreme and explicit! Get Damsels in Distress starring Nikki Hunter, Shay Lynn, Melody Jordan, Jodi Taylor, Maia Davis, Alice Frost, Evan Stone, Ike Diesel, Filthy Rich, also with Master Liam Lockran, Slave Tasia Lockran, Chad Diamond, Faelin Kae, Dominik Kross, Slave T, and Master R. Damsels in Distress was written by Count Gregor, and directed by Jim Powers.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Nikki Hunter, Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, and Jodi Taylor, were all up first as the movie established some basic sexual themes. Nikki walked in to waken her slaves, the redhead steaming that they were not already up serving her needs, the lady flogging them while verbally berating her slobbering minions. This led them all to the dining room table where one licked her shiny boots until Nikki wanted to chastise them some more with her large, heavy flogger. The ladies gobbled gash and ass as directed, their bondage gear allowing for easy access to Nikki to punish them. Nikki then donned a large black strap on dildo to pound her slaves vaginally and anally as she saw fit, making them beg for her attentions as she stretched them all out in turns. Once satisfied they’d learned their lessons, Nikki allowed them the pleasure of orally servicing her pussy and ass, a black dildo deployed only briefly before the next scene set up.


Scene Two: Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, Evan Stone, and Nikki Hunter were up next after Nikki sent out her minions to seduce men on the prowl. Keeping in mind that I’m mostly familiar with Nikki, Melody, and Evan, any mistakes in names are solely laid at the feet of the producers that didn’t think a formal cast list was needed in such a major production. In any case, the gals were wearing slutty, skintight attire and they led Evan to the bed where the slobbed his knob and he gobbled their gashes, all their hands exploring each other though the ladies slowly but determinedly locked Evan into restraints. Melody was on fire as she teased him into submission, drawing him into their trap. Once he was tied to all four bedposts and left struggling until Nikki came into the room with her ladies in tow to use him. Nikki sat on his face as the other two slobbed his knob and nuzzled his nuts to prepare him for their mistress, Nikki actively riding him as her gals rimmed her at length. This continued until the oral and vaginal sex had Nikki squeezing his enormous balls, no sign of genetic juice or population pudding as she cut him off and had her bitches put him in a chastity device.


Scene Three: The next scene was a 5 girl orgy where Nikki Hunter, Melody Jordan, Maia Davis, Jodi Taylor, and Shay Lynn, engaged each other as Nikki allowed. The primary focal point of the scene was to bring Maia into the fold, the blond with a partially shaven head taken out of her cage to beg to join the group. After she and Shay licked a large snake (ewww), Maia was tied to a chain web to be flogged and beaten with a red ball gag preventing her from screaming out. After an extensive round of flogging, Maia was taken down to get some of Nikki’s metal strap on dildo, Melody allowed first dibs before Nikki moved on to the others. The ladies did as they were told from there, Shay licking Melody and all the ladies allowed to worship Nikki as she sat on her throne, various toys deployed for the fans at home to appreciate with rounds of spunk.


Scene Four: Nikki Hunter, Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, Jodi Taylor, Maia Davis, Evan Stone, Filthy Rich, Ike Diezel, and the various guest stars were present in the next orgy in a large living room with obnoxiously loud music. Nikki sat on the red couch drinking her booze, soaking it all in, many of the 17 person orgy fucking, sucking, or otherwise taking advantage of her hospitality. The vaginal and anal play was more interesting to me than the spanking until bloody or other fetish acts but again, there was so much going on that the eye candy value alone will keep you in replays for quite some time. Several of the ladies took to getting pounded in two or three holes at once, still others going down on other women as a man would take then as he saw fit. By the time all the guys started unleashing their splooge into the waiting mouths of the women to swallow or wherever else the ball batter ended up, the next step in the capture of males (Evan again, Ike, and Filthy) began for the final scene.


Scene Five: The final big revenge orgy was up last as Evan Stone, Filthy Rich, and Ike Diezel, found themselves trapped naked in Nikki Hunter’s jail. The men were resourceful though and soon plotted to escape, taking Melody Jordan, Shay Lynn, Jodi Taylor, and Maia Davis unaware while they slept upstairs. The men were upset and took out their frustration on the minions, Nikki soon joining the group after the men had punished the “evil bitches and cunts”. Nikki was irate and stormed in to try and reestablish her role as the boss but the men weren’t having it, Nikki soon compromising to “share” her slaves though the guys wanted a whole lot more from her. This led to Nikki being forced on her knees to power suck their turgid peckers, jerking one off while blowing another, rotating through all three of them as her helplessly restrained minions watched. The guys fucked Nikki silly in her mouth, pussy, and ass before she was made airtight with all three of them inside her holes at once. She actively rode them though and showed she was up for anything they could throw her way, the other ladies let free to join in with an emphasis on oral though the guys seemed to fuck everyone in sight. Maia proved to have some superior oral skills and the sheer amounts of baby batter tossed around were impressive, Nikki taking the brunt of it before her gals licked her clean (to a degree).

Summary: Damsels In Distress by director Jim Powers for Juicy Entertainment did not look as crisp as more mainstream porn flicks nor was the writing and acting significantly better than most cheap BDSM flicks. What Damsels In Distress did have going for it was grandeur of vision and the combination of excellent casting of performers into BDSM in the first place, as well as using hardcore sex acts along with restrained men and women; something the industry shied away from for years due to the Cambria List. That said, this was a fuck flick for BDSM aficionados more than a general audience so my rating of Recommended should serve as a starting point that could be higher for BDSM enthusiasts or lower for the squeamish that just don’t care for the genre at all, the movie almost certainly positioned to win all sorts of awards later this year in and out of the genre. For that, I have to hand it to director Jim Powers as one of the few with the balls enough to find the right people to make the kind of movie he wanted to make rather than cater to corporate interests.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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