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Filthy Family 10

Studio: Reality Junkies » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/18/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: All Sex, Roleplay

DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Reality Junkies / Mile High Media


LENGTH: 1 hr 40 mins 46 secs

AUDIO/VIDEO: Like a proper HD production "Filthy Family Vol.10" does it right in regards to visual, and audio presentation. The display is consistently HD in quality, and maintains an almost full screen appearance regardless of it's less than intrusive widescreen bars. Each individual scene comes to life in an "In your bedroom" style mannerism with accented sexual encounters filled with heavy breathing, orgasms, and ambient sound. It's almost as if you are in the room with each of the performers as they are doing their dirty deeds. In the way of performers you'll find an odd mixture of cast members which compliment each other for the most part. Musclebound men, and a majority of physically fit women grace each scene with their curves, and contours. Each background the performers play in sets up the scenes that are to play out properly. You'll find sex in different locales such as a coach's locker room, an office, and even the living room area of the family's home. All locations are color coordinated in a manner that accents the bodies in motion.

When it comes to camera angles the director, and his camera crew did good to capture the action from multiple perspectives. Seeing as the sexual positions are constantly shifting as the performers continually seek out more complimentary vantage points you'll find that this movement is a huge plus in that it lets you enjoy a more indepth viewing experience. There are a mixture of close-ups, and distance shots which also capture both performers in their best possible points of view. Of course the more intrusve, and more hardcore of close-ups involving genitalia, and penetrations are never really explored that often. The director aims to keep the viewer focused mainly on the performers, and not their more private parts. In that sense I think the director did well. Overall it is a visually appealing sexual adventure that skips the taboo theme, and only hints at a make believe dysfunctional family.

CAST: Lia Lor, India Summer, Dillion Harper, Mackenzee Pierce, Manuel Ferrara, Johnny Castle, Erik Everhard, Kris Slater





FF10 Scene Selection


When it comes to information filled dvd covers "Mile High Media", and "Reality Junkies" do good to include an all inclusive format that not only gives the viewer insight on the product, but also helps them to better know the performers involved. On this slip cover covered dvd you'll find in place such a welcome feature as the one previously mentioned. Everything from a scene-by-scene breakdown to a proper listing of performers, and accompanying photos is included to help you become more familiar with the performers that you have grown to admire, or those that you are just now seeing for the first time. It's a rarity to find such an information filled dvd cover, and having that as a reference is definitely a godsend for a porn journalist such as myself.

When it comes to plot material this particular film definitely has that story element in place even though it may be vague. At the heart of this seemingly taboo porn presentation you'll find a dysfunctional family who uses sex as a means of revenge. Unlike true revenge porn though there is no brutal, or incestual sexual encounters involved. Only make believe family members who think that the best way to get back at each other is to fuck someone else who is close are shown. This filthy family which is made up of India Summer (Mom), Manuel Ferrara (Dad), Kris Slater (Brother), and Dillion Harper (Sister) each have their own family-like squabbles, and in turn seek out-of-the-ordinary methods of revenge when their world is turned topsy-turvy due to backstabbing, or cheating. As far as taboo incest simulation goes you will find no such content here. The director does good to avoid that type of sex, and only covers the theme of the taboo family in an indirect sort of way.




SCENE 1:(Mackenzee Pierce & Manuel Ferrara)


Filthy Family Breakfast


Like any unfaithful husband 'Manuel Ferrara' does his wife an injustice in this scene by cheating on her with her best friend. While it isn't exactly clear as to how long this affair has been going on due to the limited skit between characters it is certain that the parties involved had this rendezvous planned for quite some time. After dismissing himself from the family breakfast table this lust filled man high tails it to Mackenzee's home ten minutes after Mackenzee's own husband had left. Initially shocked by his early entry Mackenzee shakes off the near miss, and gets down to business with her secret lover using her, and her husbands marital bed as a playground for their sinfully sexual encounter.


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Manuel Ferrara Eating


Being the stand up kind of guy that he is Manuel opts to go down on Mackenzee first, and spends some quality time eating her out in the missionary position before allowing her to return the favor. Once Mackenzee gets her turn at the foreplay it's obvious that she enjoys slobbing the knob as much as manuel seemed to enjoy eating pussy. The sex that follows is constantly shifting as the two lovers take full advantage of a variety of penetrations, and positions. There's plenty of cock riding (Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl), Spooning, Missionary, and Doggie Style shown. As mentioned in the "Overview" the camerman does good to capture the action from the best perspectives, and only ventures into the close-ups ever so often. After pounding away at Mackenzee in the various positions, and engaging in additional foreplay Manuel chooses to finish off the the scene with a tittyjob following up immediately afterwards with a cumshot. The cumshot which came directly after the final titty fuck ended up all over Mackenzee's chest, and face. It was a powerful finish, and complimented the onscreen action well.


SCENE 2: (Dillion Harper & Johnny Castle)


Dillion Harper Coach


America's favorite porn cutie 'Dillion Harper' takes on the role of the sister, and daughter in this interesting revenge plot. Seeing as her brother is going to college, and succeeding Dillion wants to mess up his chi by obtaining a job as an assistant coach for his team. Upon arrival at the coach's office Dillion practically demands the job, or at least a crack at it. After refusing her due to gender preference the coach realizes that his job might be in jeopardy, and unwillingly grants her a challenge that she must complete if she wants to try for the position. This challenge of course requires Dillion to immediately do 100 push-ups, and 100 sit-ups. Dillion gives it a try, but realizing that she can't perform the physical excercises she gathers her things, and prepares to leave. Before she has a chance to go though Johnny stops the little lady with a forceful kiss, that is folled by an equally forceful demand by Dillion. It seems she likes to be the forceful one in a sexual situation, and she lets this be known to her new admirer.


Dillion Harper BJ


Once the two lovers have a mutual understanding they have a go at each other right there in the men's locker room on, and around the coach's desk. Stripping each other's clothing articles off like a bunch of horny teenagers these two performers prepare themselves for the sexual engagement at hand. This time around, Dillion the girl of the scene chooses to go down first, and shows off her oral skills in the process. While she does good to go deep on Johnny's cock her flinching eyes show that it is indeed a job to suck this musclebound man's massive rod. After getting hard Johnny quickly rids the desktop before them of any content, and places Dillion on top of it in the missionary position so that he can return the favor properly. When the foreplay is done with the couple continues to bang away in a couple of different positions upon the desk, and upon the locker room floor. Among the position changes explored were the missionary, doggystyle, and spooning formations. All of the position changes were captured fluidly, and were accented by distant, and up close camera angles. In the end, after pulling out from Dillion in the missionary position Johnny spills a thick load onto Dillions face properly ending the scene on a good note. As she exits the room with clothes back on she runs into her brother who realizes immediately what she had done. After that the scene fades to black leaving a disgruntled brother in it's aftermath.


SCENE 3: (India Summer & Erik Everhard)


India Summer Closeup


India Summer, the mother and wife in this film had planned from the family breakfast forward that she'd be surprising her husband on his work break. Upon arrival on that very day though she runs into his boss only to find out that her hubby been sent out to do something for the company. Not wanting to waste her time this pouting beauty decides to make the most of her situation by cheating on her life partner. She seduces the married boss man despite his reluctant nature, and wins him over. Afterwards they engage in a sexual encounter that is not unlike Dillion's previous scene. The two mature lovers make the most of their surroundings including a secreterial desk, and a nearby chair. Despite the room's small size both performers make the most of their bodies, and the props before them.


India Summer Cumshot


Erik being the leading man that he is does good to utilize his office surroundings in order to position, and pound away at the lovely India. At times India is sprawled out missionary style upon the desk so that he can penetrate her pussy easier, and at other times she's bent over it in the doggystyle position so that Erik can have his way with her in a rougher manner. If memory serves me correctly I think India even got the chance to do some reverse cowgirl riding as Erik sat in the rolling desk chair. That act alone made for a good show of India's body. The sex shown throughout the scene was continuosly exciting due to India's ability to display genuine reactions, and orgasms consistent with the onscreen action. I could tell she was enjoying herself, and because of that fact the scene was enjoyable for me. In the end, after Erik pulled out of her for the final time India got onto her knees to receive an impressive oral cumshot that was quickly spewed out onto the leading lady's chin by the lady herself. It was, in my own opinion the best cumshot finish of this dvd.


SCENE 4: (Lia Lor & Kris Slater)


Kris and Lia


In a full circle turn of events the last scene focuses on the final family member who has yet to fornicate. This manly younger man known as the brother, and son of the family (Kris Slater) is given a proposition from a female acquaintance that cannont be denied. 'Lia Lor' who has no real connection to the family other than being Kris's girlfriend comes up with the crazy idea of teaching his sister a lesson by having sex in the family's living room. Her hope is that Kris's sister will happen upon them as they are doing their dirty deed. While this is more off-the-wall than the other plots it still provides a sexy scene for the viewers at home. Both Kris, and Lia Lor fuck each other in a manner not unlike the previous three scenes with slight postion change variations thrown into the mix. The only real differences in the scene included the location where the sex acts took place, and the position changes that the young couple were able to take on due to the couch prop that was provided.


Kris and Lia 69


Lia Lor, who seems to be a newcomer to porn works her scene properly with some forceful foreplay (aka, face sitting) early on in the scene, and some "shared "69" later on during the encounter. While these are definitely the more notable highlights of her scenario the rest of the sex is exciting enough in it's own right. The co-op couple revisits the usual doggystyle, missionary, and cock riding via the cowgirl position variations throughout the scene's length making them their own. The only truly unique points come with the different approach to foreplay, and the once visited "69" sex act though. In the end Lia Lor takes the most pitiful cumshot of the scene ending the dvd with the worst finish yet. After Kris pulls out from her in the spooning position he shoots his load all over Lia Lor's unshaven bush, and her upper torso. The finish wasn't that great to be honest, but at least the sex was decent enough. After the deed is done, and clothes are back on the rest of the family comes into the living room one by one just in time to realize what had happened. Each of the family members in turn spill the beans about their sins, and end the film fussing at each other about what the others had done. It was an interesting conclusion to a mostly interesting film.



- Slide Show Gallery

- Cumshot Gallery

- Solos

- Behind the Scenes Footage



Normally I frown upon repetitive position changes, but "Filthy Family Vol.10" does exceptionally well in at least half of it's presentation. Two of the scenes which include that of India Summer's, and Dillion Harper's more than make up for the mildly lackluster scenes that are left. Both India Summer, and Dillion Harper go above, and beyond their means to impress, and come out shining like the porn stars that they are. I particularly loved Dillions cocksucking technique, her cute demeanor, and her aggressive interactions with her male partner. She definitely looked like a pro doing what she did. As far as India Summer goes she was genuine throughout her scene. Her orgasms, and expressions that were shared with the at home audience made the sexy action all the more pleasure worthy. Even though she led a mostly submissive role in her scene she really commanded it with her performance.

The other two scenes that I did not elaborate on yet in this conclusion were just alright. Macknzee Pierce wasn't what you'd call a glamor model by any means, but she sure as hell knew how to give a good show. Lia Lor on the other hand added variety to the collection of position changes, foreplay, and penetrations that were shown throughout the dvd presentation. Unfortunately for her she ended up seeming more like an add-in than a proper performer to me though. I for one have never heard of her, and left the viewing feeling that she was just another pretty face. Nothing she did, as variety friendly as it was did anything to make me a fan. I've seen performers come, do their thing, and go, but only the ones who really went out of their way to impress have gained my favor. Lia Lor did none of that.

In the end this dvd is definitely good for a majority of it's content, and extras. You'll find as I did that the scenes vary in degrees of greatness. As I mentioned before there are two truly impressive scenes with great replay value, and there are two other "decent" scenes that are good in their own ways. If you are a fan of quality sex, Dillion Harper, and India Summer I think this is definitely worth an addition to your library, especially if you are a fan of the two more dominant listed ladies.


VERDICT: Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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