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Girls With Ass

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 2/20/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


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Girls With Ass

New Sensations

Genre: Compilation, Big Ass

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Director: Varied By Scene (mostly Laszlo H. and Mike Adriano)

Cast: Mia Malkova, Mike Adriano, Alexis Texas, Angelica Sage, Jayden Jaymes, Alexis Breeze, Sarah Vandella, Anikka Albrite, Rachel Starr, Madison Parker, Jenna Presley, Gia Steel, MacKenzee Pierce

Length: 484:03 minutes (244:01 minutes & 240:02 minutes)

Date of Production: 2/3/2014 (release date)


Extras: There were trailers, a photogallery on each disc, some spam, and a pick your pleasure fetish menu.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Girls With Ass was presented in anamorphic widescreen, the twelve scenes provided from a variety of sources though concentrating heavily on the New Sensations Pound The Round series I have long adored. The various directors credited with shooting the scenes all did a good job here, the video bit rate of the action looking a little light but what do you expect when cramming 8 hours worth of cock onto two discs, the only distraction being a light company watermark that was hidden on the lower right corner of the screen? The aural components of the show were predictably similar too, the musical interludes started off the tease in most scenes before the vocals took dominance as the sexual trysts began in earnest. As far as technical values are concerned, this was a fine compilation then.


Body of Review: New Sensations has long been popular with porn enthusiasts thanks to the company’s willingness to hire some of the very best looking and best performing ladies in the jizz biz. Their latest compilation making it my way is called Girls With Ass, though it could have been subtitled “The Best of Mike Adriano” since he was the sole meat puppet tapping into the bevy of twelve beauties here, the emphasis on large, shapely asses as undeniable as the fact that most of the scenes came from the “Pound the Round” series starring Mike. With hotties such as Alexis Texas, Mia Malkova, Sarah Vandella, and a great many more; I knew I couldn’t go wrong. The back cover described the movie like this: “You've come to the right place if you're looking for cuties with plump booties! We've got 12 scenes of the hottest babes who are known for their sweet asses. Watch as Alexis Texas, Mia Malkova, Rachel Starr, Jenna Presley, Jayden Jaymes and many more plump bottomed beauties take that big dick right down to the nuts! With over 8 hours of juicy bouncing asses, this 2 disc set will leave you shouting, It's a bootyful life!” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: So Young, So Sexy POV 8: Mia Malkova, Mike Adriano: Next up is budding superstar Mia Malkova, who talks with Mike in the early stages of the scene but I'm at a loss for exactly what the conversation is about because she looks so fucking incredible that my brain is malfunctioning. This continues for around 10 minutes before the scene starts, with Mia positioning herself in various different ways, giving us some brief foot & assplay, as well as some contortionism that gives us a different, but still exceptionally hot look at this super-cutie's assets. Action sets in when Mike gives Mia some cunnilingus, as well as an ass munch that lasts around 5 minutes before the bj begins. The blowie is fantastic, and preludes a sensual missionary style fuck to an extremely hesitant but hot Mia. The scene progresses well, with Mike again really pounding the shit out of Mia throughout the latter stages of the scene. A remarkably great doggie style bang finishes things off, before Mia gets rewarded with another sizable cumload from Mike in the closing segment. Great scene here again, probably a little slower than the previous scene, but still outstanding. (review by Bobby Blake)

Scene Two: My Fantasy Girls POV 3: Alexis Texas, a thick blond with a great smile and even greater ass, was up next servicing Mike Adriano in a gym themed set. She was wearing patriotic booty shorts crammed up her cheeks and a crop top that barely held her all natural boobs of the time, a boxing ring behind her suitable for the gloves she carried around her neck. Alexis teased with an emphasis on her juicy ass, the rounded rump getting oiled up until the music died down and she was in an office nearby. She crawled off the white couch to savor a turgid pecker, presumably that of Mike, giving him her full attention as she applied some hand to gland friction while slobbing the knob. The lengthy hummer led to some active vaginal riding, her neatly trimmed snatch easily inhaling his cock as she bounced up and down on it, various positions ensuing as her ass was so close to being tapped it drove me crazy. She pushed back to ride him in doggy, her meaty cheeks practically begging for a healthy load of genetic juice, Mike plastering her ass with spunk once he couldn’t hold out any longer with her begging him to deposit his wad on her ass.

Scene Three: Pound The Round 4: Angelica Sage, Mike Adriano: Angelica is another young looking brunette. She has a great body with nice perky tits and a shapely ass. The fun begins with a tease. Angelica shows off her goods and uses a vibrator. It is a nice sight to behold. Then Mike eats out her box and they fuck. The initial penetration gives a clear view of Angelica's sweet ass as it jiggles like crazy. Next they break for a blow job. Her pretty face looks great stuffed with cock and spit dripping down her chin. The scene continues with more heated penetration. They end with the pop shot on her butt cheeks. Then Mike uses a spoon to scoop up the cum and feeds it to her. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Four: Pound The Round 5: Jayden Jaymes, Mike Adriano: Jayden Jaymes, a seductive brunette with a fantastic ass, was up next as she teased outside, her silver booty shorts hardly covering her ass before she peeled them off to reveal her skimpy thong. As expected, she was working with Mike Adriano inside on the couch, sitting on his face as he serviced her ass very enthusiastically. The vaginal penetration showed that she was sometimes more into riding him actively than others, using her tits and other body parts to give pleasure before he unleashed his seed all over her ass. The levels of chemistry appeared solid this time, at least during portions of the scene, both of them doing some oral throughout the action regardless of which was leading the other. Jayden also looked less polished up here, laughing and moaning at times while he did her but this was not detrimental considering it took her out of the "performer" category and placed her into her earlier career stages of having fun and getting paid for it.

Scene Five: Pound The Round 1: Alexis Breeze, Mike Adriano: Alexis is a sexy brunette with a cute face and a tight figure. She also has a big round butt and perky little tits. She has on tight stretch pants and a pink tank top. She gives a tease and shows off her goods. The scene cuts and we find her out in the pool using the water with her ass to good effect. Next she is back in the house. She continues to show off her ass. The dude pours honey on her as and eats her out. After he is done they switch to a blow job. She goes to work on his cock. She puts a good effort into the act and includes some decent deep throating. The sex has them fucking in only straight. It is continues to offer excitement. Alexis's plump ass looks great as it wildly jiggles. The scene ends with the cum shot on her left ass cheek. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Six: Pound The Round 8: Sarah Vandella, a lean gal with a pretty face and a smoking hot ass, was up next outside the usual home compound of Mike Adriano, the gal wearing sheer black leggings and skimpy red bikini accessories, her ass jiggling delightfully well. She licked her implanted boobs too but as nice as they were, her ass was to die for, her minimal comments adding some spice to the action as well, the camera following her around from behind as she walked around. She was soon bent over a couch with her head down and ass in the air, Mike rimming her perfect pucker as she moaned in delight, some gash gobbling of her nearly bald beaver leading her to give him an enthusiastic blowjob, the streamers flying from her mouth though she used her hands too. She went almost balls deep sucking him, Mike using her sweet ass cheeks to masturbate with before sliding inside her pussy, Sarah giving him a very active vaginal ride. There was some ass fingering by the gal as he pounded her pussy, the POV doggy showing her ass all oiled up as both of them pushed their limits to the max, his wealth of splooge gracing her ass though she tasted some of the ball batter, winking at the camera as he bounced his dick on her ass cheek.

Scene Seven: Pound The Round 10: Anikka Albrite, Mike Adriano: Annika Albright, another fine blond with a sweet ass, was up next in the courtyard wearing neon pink booty shorts riding up her ass crack and a sports shirt that hugged her tightly. She teased outside and while on the treadmill, her fleshy cheeks bouncing from side to side before they were removed to show her thong deeply nestled where I wanted to be. Her ass was firm as she demonstrated and her positive attitude made her all the more fuckable, Mike Adriano joining her before they went to the bedroom to continue going down on each other. Mike focused his efforts on her ass and she worked his pecker over passionately, the POV blowjob including ample handjob action. This led to a bunch of vaginal positions where she actively pounced on his pecker, some oil added to make her look especially fine. The scene ended when she blew him one last time, swallowing his load of population pudding while smiling at the camera.

Scene Eight: Pound The Round 5: Rachel Starr, Mike Adriano: Rachel Starr, a lean brunette with a nice ass, was up next outside, showcasing her black thong as her jeans came down. The playful tease was pleasing to watch, her otherwise garish bikini outfit working just fine to entice Mike Adriano on the white couch in the living room once she went inside. Rachel seemed to be lucid enough this time and while the levels of chemistry were equally minimal with the last scene, she performed as though trying to get off as he ate her out and she aggressively blew him before the various positions of vaginal sex. While Rachel was not the most active rider of the bunch, she did provide ample opportunity to show off her moves, pushing back to meet his thrusts as she worked him over. She sat on his face nicely and he tongued her perfect pucker, her mechanical oral on him to reciprocate far more fun to watch. The oiling up was cool to watch and eventual wad of population pudding on her ass rubbed out by his own hand, her aural coaxing helping him do so quickly.

Scene Nine: Pound The Round 1: Madison Parker, Mike Adriano: Madison is the first babe up. She is a cute brunette with some great assets. Her ass is plump and shapely. The scene opens with a tease. Madison does a great job showing off her ass. During the tease milk is porn on her ass and tits. After the tease we find her bent over and shaking her ass. At the same time the dude buries his face between her butt cheeks. Next she goes after his big cock and gives him a heated blow job. Her beautiful face looks great stuffed with cock. The sex that follows is just as heated. The dude fucks her hard and Madison's sweet ass jiggles like crazy. The sex includes straight and anal. The scene ends with the dude pulling out and jerking off in her butt hole. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Ten: Pound The Round 7: Jenna Presley, a brunette with a superior ass, was up next in a plaid top covering her bright yellow bikini outfit as she teased on the living room floor by shaking it in doggy. Mike Adriano came up from behind her to move her g-string to the side, her perfect pucker and preciously pink pussy calling to him as he ate her ass at length. This excited her and she was oiled up, the gal sitting in a chair to accentuate her shapely ass as he savored her tits, some face sitting smothering the guy as he continued to go down on her. Jenna then gave him some head and nibbled his nuts, a titty fuck enhanced by lots of dirty talk making her blowjob even better before some active vaginal riding as she continued to spew her nasty talk that I adore so much. There was more oral by both of them and he dove right back into her pussy as she spread her legs, more oil applied to slide him in with ease. Before too long, he could not hold back and he unleashed his baby batter, the spunk left on her ass as she commented favorably. For the record, she did not taste his seed though she was very upbeat about enjoying his pecker.

Scene Eleven: Pound The Round 9: Gia Steel, Mike Adriano: Gia is the babe featured on the DVD cover. She has dark hair and a shapely figure. The first thing you will notice about her is her butt. She is wearing leopard print stretch pants and a loose black shirt with a black thong. She opens with a tease focused on her butt. Her round plump ass looks great as she squeezes and shakes it. Next the dude eats and licks her ass and pussy. This goes on for a while and then Gia sucks him off. Gia's pretty face looks fantastic up close as she blows him. She's perfect brown eyes for POV captured porn. The act includes deep throating that leaves her eyes watering. Afterwards sex comes into play. Gia's ass is oiled up and she's getting pumped doggie style. The sex offers nice shots of her butt jiggling as the dude slides in and out of her pussy. The scene ends with a facial. (review by Rob Randell)

Scene Twelve: Pound The Round 4: MacKenzee Pierce, Mike Adriano: MacKenzee is a delightfully attractive brunette with some nice shapes. Her ass is big and round. She's also got hot figure and nice tits. She opens the scene with a tease. It is an exciting warm up with MacKenzee showing her sweet ass and tits in all their glory. There's some liquid involved which makes it even sweeter. Next we find her in a short dialogue. Soon after Mike fingers and eats her out. They follow it up with a blow job. MacKenzee puts good energy into the act and looks great sucking cock. The sex continues the excitement with plenty of hot shots of MacKenzee's finest ASSets as she gets worked hard. The action includes straight and anal. They end with the pop shot on her butt cheeks. Overall it's a hot scene. (review by Rob Randell)

Summary: Girls With Ass by New Sensations was a great set of ass related scenes from various series, emphasizing scenes coming from the Pound the Round series myself and others have delighted in telling you about for years. While there was no new material, the fact that the twelve scenes lasted over 8 hours on the double disc set combined with the solid technical values and wonderful casting sure made this a treasure trove of beloved booty to appreciate. There was some anal too, Mike Adriano being the sole man getting to dive into the harem of hotties in each of the dozen scenes, the lucky fellow giving them all room to actively participate so I rated this as an uncommon Highly Recommended, few compilations as strong as what this one had to offer. In short, Girls With Ass was everything it was advertised to be and more, the bounty of booty on display some of the hottest and fleshiest ass the company has had to offer over the years so check it out if you don’t already have the original movies, you just can’t go wrong otherwise.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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