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Intimacy 2: A Foreign Affair

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Evan Leaf » Review Date: 9/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre Lesbian, Feature

Director Da Silva

Cast Tracy Lindsay, Suzie Carina.

Duration 108 minutes

Condoms None

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Date of Production 23 December 2013 

Extras This disc is light on extras. The first trailer is for Waves of Desire. It's a pretty good movie too. Check out my review of Waves of Desire here. Tracy Lindsay is also in Waves of Desire.  The second trailer is for Leïla: An Intimate Experience. Leïla depicts a fan of Viv Thomas movies who won a contest to star in a lesbian feature. It's pretty good. Check out my review for Leïla here.  The third trailer is for part three of the Club Pink Velvet series, Lesbian Heaven.  Tracy Lindsay is also in CPV3. There are no photo sets or bonus scenes.

Audio / Video Filmed in HD. Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio. Dolby Digital audio.  All the shots were lit and blocked well.  The audio was clear for the music, but suffered in some parts of dialogue when they were talking outdoors. It mattered this time around, because Tracy and Suzie were speaking English. The music, composed by Greg, Bingo Ming, and Jacky Schreiber was a nice touch throughout.

The Intimacy series (let's keep our fingers crossed) is a novel concept in the girl-girl genre that attempts to address the primary complaint most people have with erotic cinema. Too often, relationship-less sex is portrayed and that simply is not as prevalent in our society as some of us would like to believe. In reality, the boundary pushing and self exploration that can be found in an intimate physical relationship requires the comfort and trust of a commitment.  In Intimacy 2: A Foreign Affair, two beautiful women steal away to a secluded European villa to cement their commitment.
Tracy Lindsay is the blonde on the cover.  She is listed (by IAFD) as "Terra", and has a little more than a dozen titles, to her credit, all girl/girl.  Suzie Carina is a slender brunette whose 10+ year career in exotic film has tallied more entries on her filmography than I care to count.  Both Czech beauties are B-cup petites.
In a voiceover narration Tracy explains the simple "plot". Her wealthy father has secured an expansive villa in Portugal. Tracy has brought her new girlfriend to a the romantic location. Tracy expects Suzie to fall deeper in love with her over the course of a romantic weekend.
The white walled mansion appears on screen like the perfect setting for a lust filled weekend.  Instead of going straight to a new scene, the director opens the action with city scenes of the ladies enjoying lunch and a walk on the town. 
Once back at home,Tracy reads as Suzie showers.  Eventually,  Tracy joins in and washes Suzie's well shaped butt. Tracy dries Suzie and herself, before laying Suzie down for a massage. Back massage, turn, breast massage {with hands and mouth}, down to Suzie's trimmed muff. Suzie tries to hold back, but Tracy is having none of that, bring her lover a great happiness with her tongue and fingers, before receiving the favor in return.  It is worth noting that in this first scene Susie seems the least bit apprehensive.  It is a condition that will improve as the movie progresses.  Suzie manages to keep her eyes closed all the way through a believable looking "orgasm".  Staggered breathing for effect.
Suzie is on the hunt for Tracie, who has explored the grounds and decided to enjoy an outdoor shower. This time, Suzie helps Tracie wrap up; then they stroll hand-in-hand through the expansive grounds of the lush estate, arriving at a cushioned bench that they make quite nice use of.  Lingering kisses and light petting as foreplay, before breastplay leading to Tracie going down on Suzie. Whereas before, she seemed somewhat detached, Suzie was into this scene, she stayed focused on Tracie, not the camera.
The ladies are shown next relaxing in the bathtub.  They engage in some foot fetish exploration with toe sucking to open the scene.  The ladies are facing each other from opposite ends of a Jacuzzi, enjoying feeling each other and the water. They get out of the tub, to get down to business. Suzie receives first.  The scene looks nice, but there is no way they could be comfortable in those positions, on that wooden floor. Tracie's bucking hips made me believe Suzie was doing a good job.
Suzie is lounging by the pool, as Tracy enjoys a swim.  As Suzie watches, displaying marvelous self-control, Tracy loses her bathing suit to rinse under the poolside shower, before using a nearby water hose to titillate her partner, and pleasure herself. Is this scene intimate, or a change of pace by the filmmaker? They're separated by a good 20 feet.
My viewing partner wasn't feeling this scene; she's bi. She asked, "Is that supposed to be sexy?" Tracy takes her time, quite a bit of time, and even changes positions, going from seated and spread to kneeling and giving Suzie the view from the back.  She eventually drops the hose to finish with her fingers.  Back into the pool, she swims over to Suzie.
The finale reminded me of the second scene of Intimacy. In the closing scene the ladies are dressing up in lingerie.  Tracy is putting on black stockings which
should appeal to the fetishists out there who are into pantyhose.  The costuming was a nice touch to introduce the fetish element into the piece. Susie then enters the room and begins to play in the dressing game.
There were many themes on display.  Blonde haired Tracy was in black lingerie, while brunette Suzie dressed in white, with matching undergarments and a pearl necklace. The garter work was good for gratuitous butt shots. Suzie's panties over her garter belt seemed odd, until they were removed later, whith the garter-belt remaining.  As
Tracy helps Susie put her stockings on, the viewer is treated to another view of Suzie's nice butt. Tracy agrees that Suzie's rump is attractive as she kisses and licks it. No sooner do they finish dressing, than the clothes start coming back off.  [I couldn't help thinking of the Beyonce/Jay Z song: Partition. "45 minutes to get all dressed up / We ain't even gonna make it to this club"]  As they kiss and undress, Tracy kneels as Suzie lays on the bed, much like scene 1.  Tracy then climbs onto the bed to ride Suzie's face. 
The closing scene was as good as any of the others, but it suffered some what from a lack of realism in that the ladies are dressing up to go nowhere. They could have established a hypothetical destination with one or two lines of dialogue. Instead they chose to simply dress each other, and undress each other.
By the final scene, Susie is a lot more engaged then she had been at the start. She really got into her part, eating Tracy out. She wasn't scared or apprehensive
as she appear earlier on.

With only two beautiful stars to concentrate on, the female form was on fine display.  . The luxurious location set an intimate mood quite well, allowing the viewer to relax and enjoy the intimacy between Tracy and Susie. This piece may or may not be good for couples. I watched with a partner, who was not as into it as I was. Maybe a lesbian couple might feel differently. The replay value is high, as any of the scenes can be viewed again to appreciate the close connection between the actresses. I like this movie but not as much as I liked the first one.  Both stars are gorgeous, the action is titillating, and the length is improved. In case you care, there are no toys used. Intimacy 2, A Foreign Affair is Recommended. You're welcome.

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