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Swingers Orgies 6

Studio: Dog House Digital » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 2/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

GENRE: Straight, Orgy, DP, Blowjobs, Anal, Bi-Sexual


STUDIO/PRDUCER: Dog House Digital / Mile High Media

LENGTH: 1 hr 43 mins 13 secs

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AUDIO/VIDEO:The Audio in this particular presentation came off as being more of a studio recording soundtrack. The voices, and vocal expressions, while clear contained an echo effect that indicated poorly captured audio. The video quality on the other hand was superb. While the scenes were shown in a widescreen format they were vivid, and were displayed in an HD style. The camera angles shown throughout varied from penetration close-ups to facial close-ups, and even group shots. The cameraman did good to switch the view up constantly, and did not linger on one group of performers for too long.

CAST: Sweet Cat, Bella Baby, Karol, Isabella Chrystin, Jenna Lovely, Adel Sunshine, Lucy Bell, Sophia Rocca, Barra Brass




Swinger Orgies 6 is a simple collection of three individual scenes that capture "3-on-3" orgies between a select cast of men, and women. For the most part all performers are what I'd consider to be "Glamor Models". They have that runway model/catalog cover look about them for the most part, and each show at least a hint of bodily perfection. Every scene on the dvd begins with a mini-skit that involves a small amount of performer interactions before the actual orgy begins. The director does good to keep the plot material short, and sweet so that the main focus is on the sex acts being shared. In the mix you'll find a modest amount of position changes, and a few different penetration types. The cameraman does good to capture things at a variety of different angles, and keeps the focus constantly moving so that the onscreen action doesn't get dull. It should also be noted that the dvd has a brief music video intro showing off a little portion of each scene while sharing the names of each female performer in the process.



SCENE 1 (Bella Baby, Sweet Cat, Karol):


Bella Baby, Sweet Cat, Karol


Scene number one begins with an interesting little skit about a group of men, and women who are each engaged in their own little situations. At one corner of the room there's two men playing chess while their girlfriends sit by the wayside, bored out of their skull. Across the way from this sad bunch also sits a lone man, and his girlfriend who each seem to be enjoying the others company. Having had their fill of chess observations the two bored girls get up, and join the happening man, and his happening lady friend for some sexual satisfaction. Of course the content chess players soon realize that their girls are having fun without them, and join the group for a proper orgy.

Bella Baby who is the only redhead of the bunch ends up being the life of the party while Sweet Cat, and Karol (who look practically the same) offer a more mediocre viewing experience for the at home audience. When the orgy begins both Sweet Cat, and Karl get treated to some pussy foreplay while Bella Baby chooses to give head instead. Eventually though all three girls suck cock in unison before branching off into various position changes. As far as position changes go they are kept in common to begin with with cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl being the first choices. After that each girl pretty much tackles the swinger sex in their own indiviual ways by allowing for some doggystyle, spooning, and even one instance of missionary. The cameraman does good to capture all of the onscreen action from a variety of perspectives. There' close-ups of penetrations, distance shots of the group as they do their thing, and final captures of the cumshot finishes.

Speaking of cumshot finishes both Sweet Cat, and Karol get treated to a finish that was just as ordinary as their contribution to the orgy. Their male partners end up pulling out of them in time to shoot their loads right onto these blonde beauty's pussies. As you might expect Bella Baby, the scene's female star goes above, and beyond her means and takes a massive load right into her open mouth. I will admit I was worried that Bella Baby would end up going the pussy shot route, but was pleasantly surprised when she didn't. In the end the props definitely go out to Bella Baby as she was this scene's saving grace. While the sex alone was exciting enough to watch Bella Baby added that extra spice that made the scene pop.


SCENE 2 (Isabella Chrystin, Jenna Lovely, Adel Sunshine):


Isabella, Jenna ...


Scene two's skit was just as interesting as the first scene's, and just as short lived. When the scene opens up a diverse cast of young women who each seem to hail from different worldly regions are sitting in a cramped room awaiting the arrival of their men folk. Each of the girls, or women if you prefer are each unique in appearance. Isabella Chrystin has that Latin look about her, Jenna lovely looks like a Hollywood Oompa Loompa (Think "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory") with a "fake & bake" orange tan, and Adel Sunshine seems to be going for the Alt girl appearance with raven black hair as well as a tattoo upon her forearm. All three of these youthful ladies are eventually greeted by their male partners, and carry on a brief conversation before sharing a recently purchased bottle of champagne. The orgy, as you might imagine starts immediately after the champagne break in a somewhat abrupt manner. In my personal opinion the skit could have been skipped entirely due to it's rushed nature.

Starting the orgy off on a sexy note the three girls gather together in the middle of the small room, and begin playfully licking, sucking, and groping each other. Adel in particular seems to enjoy the girl-on-girl attention, and does a lot of the lesbian-like interactions by herself. She even shares an intimate French kiss with the faker than fake Jenna Lovely. After the formal female only party is out of the way, and each girl is shed of her top, and bottom clothing articles they join the men for a visual cornucopia of sex acts. Unlike the first scene the foreplay which starts things off officially in this performance plays out in a haphazard sort of way with each pair of lovers doing their own thing. In one group there's a female performer (Jenna Lovely) getting finger banged, in another there's a girl getting her salad tossed (Adel Sunshine), and in another the lovely Latina Isabella is giving head. The mixture of foreplay techniques definitely keeps things interesting, and provides something for all types of at home porn lovers.

The orgy based swinger sex in this scene takes things a step further than before with both vaginal, and anal sex being a part of it. All three of the girls don't seem to mind taking it up the ass, and each have their own moment in the spotlight regarding this penetration type. As with the first scene they all do good to switch the action up as the camera switches focus between them. There's plenty of cow girl, and reverse cowgirl riding in both the vaginal, and anal penetration types. Some of the girls also take to the floor of the room to sppon with their male partners. Adel even enjoys the traditional doggystyle as well. In an intermittent sort of way the action is constantly switching up between actual sex, and followed up foreplay. There's not a dull moment to be seen as a result. The true highlight of the scene though comes from Adel's willingness to endure a DP (Double Penetration) later on during a couple of occasions. This raven haired beauty takes it like a pro, and in doing so becomes the scene's most noteworthy female star.

As far as cumshots go I will say that I was quite disappointed with the final display. Jenna Lovely received a cumshot on, and in her asshole. Adel Sunshine got a thick load shot across her ass cheek, and Isabella Chrystin took a shot to the puss. Not one girl was willing to take a facial, or oral cumshot. For that reason alone I felt that the performances as a whole were a little on the lackluster side with Adel's performance being the only real exception. In my world the money shot makes the film, and seeing it wasted on asses, and pussies it really does nothing in the way of thoroughly impressing me.


SCENE 3 (Lucy Bell, Sophia Rocca, Barra Brass):


Lucy, Sophia, Barra


When scene three opens up we find a husband, and wife chatting in what looks to be a renovated attic space. Shortly after their heavily accented coversation draws to an end two other couples arrive to contribute to the banter with their own foreign accents. I for one could not tell what was said, but apparently it was hot enough to get the guests riled up. Two of the girls including Lucy Bell, and Sophia Rocca started things off shortly after the introductory chat with some kissing, and groping. This was quickly followed up with the other participants contributing to the touchy feely situation. During the foreplay session, after the disrobing of the guests, and participants was done the man of the house chose to spend some quality time tossing salad as he did in the scene before. If memory serves me correctly it was Lucy who submitted herself to his anal foreplay advances.

Another bald gentleman who took part in at least one of the previous orgies decided to finger bang his partner (Sophia Rocca) while she lay spread eagle on the couch before him. The final guy, who also contributed to the previous orgies did a little pussy eating as well. When the foreplay came to an end for Lucy, and her male partner her man banged her in the doggystyle position close to the other orgy participants. This act is followed up with Barra Brass, and her man fucking in the missionary position. Sophia also gets a few glances from the cameraman on occasion as she rides her partner in the reverse cowgirl position. The camerman recording the scene periodically pans out to capture a group shot, and continues recording the action from a variety of different angles between the more personal perspectives. Considering all that I witnessed I can honestly say that the sex in this scene is the most exciting by far, and the cast as English impaired as they were did good to give a noteworthy show.

Like the previous two scenes sex in this particular scenario comes with a mixture of intermittent foreplay, position changes, and penetration types. Among the positions explored were cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, anal reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, anal doggystyle, missionary, and spooning. Lucy being the fiery redhead that she is was the girl who took it up the ass in the reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle positions. The rest of the positions that were shown were pretty much shared equally among the cast. I do believe that Sophia was the only one to get down on the floor for some spooning though. By the end, when all men had reached the point of eruption they spilled their seed on the lucky ladies in a few different ways. The main man/husband got jerked off by Lucy until he came into her open mouth. The cumshot while aimed at a significant area was pitiful by porn standards though. The bald gentleman guest ends up coming on Sophia's ass cheek leaving the scene with a forgettable shot. It was a waste in my personal opinion, but Sophia did opt to get seconds, and jerked the last guy's massive load right into her mouth. It was certainly a nice way to end the dvd.



CUMSHOTS  - The cumshots section of this dvd is the usual quick fix for those guys looking to fap off, and move on. There's a little footage before, and after the actual cumshot giving the viewer enough time to get hard, and get done. It's always a welcome feature in my opinion, and honestly should be included with every porn dvd that contains cumshots.

SLIDESHOW - The slideshow section of the extras is not exactly what I'd deem as being a necessary extra. In the case of "Swingers Orgies 6" the slideshow contains two photos of each girl that play out on the screen automatically. One photo shows the girl in an expensive dress, and the second shows their body off in a nude, or semi-nude fashion. I'd say that while this feature does offer decent photos for porn pic enthusiasts it'll likely be passed up by many viewers.

STRIPTEASES - This girl by girl stripetease collection is definitely one of the finer extras of the dvd. The stripteases include the performers' names at the start, and are each played out in a slow manner to contemporary music. All nine of the girls shown throughout this dvd presentation are given the chance to show off their goods in an alternative way. It makes for healthy fapping material, and gives the viewer some indirect one-on-one time with their favorite girl.

TRAILERS- These video previews are a good source of info on upcoming, and past dvd releases. They offer everything from dvd titles to performer names, and even credits pertaining to the film's release. The sex in each preview is just as explicit as this dvd's core content, and gives you the proper nudge to sample something else by the same studio.



For three decent scenes, and a somewhat noteworthy collection of extras "Swingers Orgies 6" does good to keep the audience interested. The cast of men, and women involved all look sexy for the most part, and each give a good show in regards to orgy related sex. Not only does the cast do good to make this dvd an impressively decent one, but the cameraman and director also work together to provide consistently fresh camera angles, and perspectives that aren't dull. While I did have an issue with some of the cumshot finishes my preferences at the end of the day are my own. The sex maintains a continously good presentation value throughout regardless of the applied cumshots, and will definitely give the viewer what they need in regards to sexual entertainment, and satisfaction. The only real complaint I have is that the applied pre-scene skits come off as being unnecessary, and for the most part make for an awkward intro. If they weren't so rushed the skits would have been much better. With that being said I do understand that the director was trying to keep the sex as the main focal point.

As far as a recommendation goes this is a decent orgy dvd that is worthy of a purchase. I know I've mentioned issues with the cumshots, and the pre-scene skits, but overall the sex is undeniably good. If you can get past the handful of mundane cum blasts, the couple of "decent" performers, and the short lived skits I believe you'll enjoy the sex, and the extras that are offered. In the end it's all about preferences though. If you do anything at all in regards to my recommendation at least give this one a rent for the weekend as it will no doubt make for a nice couple's viewing, or solo watch if you prefer. 


"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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