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Doing It Again: Volume 1: Playful Awakenings

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 2/25/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Queer, Indie Porn, Documentary, Transsexual

Director/Writer: Tobi Hill-Meyer

Cast: Tobi Hill-Mayer, Hayley Fingersmith, Drew Deveaux, Chelsea, Mo, Azure Monro, Juicy, Lilith von Fraumench, Violet DeVille, Briar (in Guide to Strap-ons for Trans Women)  
Length: 110 minutes + 34 minutes extras
Briar, Tobi Hill-Meyer

Extras: There is a Director's statement on the history of this project. There were several setbacks that continued to arise while filming Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project. It was fun listening about those problems that Tobi had to experience. Tobi also gives her vision on what she would like her films to bring to society. Several interviews are also provided. We also get a Guide to Strap-Ons for Trans Women. Tobi Hill-Meyer states that strap-ons have a strong connection to the queer women's community. Soon, we see director three ways that one can wear the item. Later, Tobi's partner Briar demonstrates a blow job technique on Tobi's strap-on that really gets Tobi turned on. I also enjoyed seeing them kiss. The three trailers are Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project, The Genderfellator, and Trans Grrrls: Revolution Porn Style Now. On DVD, there are subtitles in English, French, Spanish, and German. The viewer can also turn the audio description on or off.     

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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.
Date of Production: 2013 
Overview: Doing It Again: Volume 1: Playful Awakenings is a film by performer-director Tobi Hill-Mayer. It is the follow-up to the film Doing It Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project. However, Doing It Again is the first of a trilogy that will span thirteen scenes. The Doing It Again website states that the three volumes will provide "... a detailed exploration of trans women's relationship and hook up dynamics." For those viewers who are not familiar with this genre, they should get ready for some insightful and personal discussion on trans women and queer identities. Of the four pairings, two are real life couples. They are Chelsea and Mo who have been together for over twenty-three years and Lilith von Fraumench and Violet DeVille who have been together for less than ten years.
Hayley Fingersmith, Drew Deveaux
Scene One: Drew Deveaux introduces herself to the camera and this proud trans woman wants to make people see trans women as "... objects of desire and sexual equals." Afterwards, another trans woman or as she would identify herself as a dyke, Indian Hayley Fingersmith mentions that she has a steady female partner in her personal life. Moreover, this is Hayley's first sex scene for a porno. These separate interviews shift into one discussion where we see Drew and Hayley figure out some of the details of their upcoming sex scene. When their actual performance starts, Hayley is on a ladder looking for a book for Drew. Drew gets pissed that it has taken a half-hour for the lady to find the item. Hayley, however, tells Drew that she is quite good in other ways. While Drew is sitting on the couch, the woman continues to unbutton her shirt and show off her attractive bra and tits. Soon, they start kissing. It leads to Drew caressing the woman's breasts while Hayley's back is against the book case. Moments later, Drew slaps her partner's breasts several times. When their makeout activity shifts to the leather sofa, some toy play occurs as Drew takes a dildo from the book shelf. After mouth fucking the red head's mouth, Drew then, uses the toy to screw her missionary style. However, she does lube it a bit before rubbing the dildo and Hayley's penis against each other. A small black dick sheet is used to cover Hayley's penis while Drew orally stimulates the trans woman's sexual plaything. I especially enjoyed those moments when Drew is rubbing Hayley's penis and penis head with her fingers. We can see that Hayley is feeling that sensation much. Afterwards, once we see more introspective insights from the ladies, Hayley is the one who gets to be the pleasurer. She removes Drew's panties and slaps her breasts momentarily before fingerfucking her pussy with much drive. The scene ends with both of them having very happy faces.
Chelsea, Mo
Scene Two:
 Chelsea and Mo are a real life couple who live in British Columbia. When Tobi Hill-Meyer visited them at their ranch, Chelsea had just transitioned a few years earlier. When the director met them at a trans conference nine months later, Mo came out as a trans herself. This occurrence had surprised Tobi. Nevertheless, this scene gives very good personal insight into a couple's relationship as they discuss their community, sex life, what a trans person is about, and the difficulty from Chelsea's side effects from her vaginoplasty procedure. I enjoyed seeing this scene weave together interview footage and intimate sexual activity between Chelsea and Mo. Some affectionate kissing and later some teasing behavior is shown as Mo focuses on her partner's ass while Chelsea dances a bit by swaying her hips. Chelsea also sucks Mo's big toe. Afterwards, we see Chelsea orally pleasuring Mo's crotch while Mo uses a prodding whip to spank her partner's ass a bit. Later, a way that Chelsea can get penetrated without feeling intense pain is by anally and we see Mo using a dildo to pleasure her mate. Meanwhile, Chelsea is busy sucking Mo's sexual playground. However, when it was Mo's turn to suck on Chelsea's sexual area, I could not help from squirming since I kept thinking about how Chelsea feels pain when her vagina is touched. Even though I am sure that Mo was careful in just focusing on her clit. Her behavior towards Chelsea is quite affectionate as she applies tender kisses on her body and then, fucks her from behind with a dildo. Later, Chelsea rubs the woman's pussy with much passion and then, humps her. I enjoyed their personal and intimate performance.
Violet DeVilleso, Lilith von Fraumench
Scene Three: Lilith von Fraumench, who has a wife, and Violet DeVilleso are in a relationship. For those viewers who are watching them, it can get complicated since they also have a man involved in their relationship too. Moreover, these two ladies also enjoy burlesque. On a personal note, I enjoy burlesque performers. As they continue their discussion on their parties and the pronoun thing, at times, we see them making out in fetish and light BDSM type moments. I enjoyed watching Lilith suck and kiss Violet's shoe and foot. I also liked watching them kiss. For me, the best turn-on moments were the ones when Lilith was the subordinate and Violet was the dominant woman who pleasured her with her fingers and toys through the ass. She also applies a vibrator on her partner's sensitive penis head. Afterwards, the women change roles and positions. I really got turned on seeing Lilith giving head. Violets gets off well.
Azure Monro, Juicy
Scene Four: Azure Monro and trans man Juicy are interviewed separately in the beginning. They mention how they are identified as well as their relationships with other trans people and queers. During their interview, there is footage of them making out and kissing on a bed. It turned me on. Azure really gets turned on when her partner removes her underwear and begins to focus on her sexual region. Then, we see Azure and Juicy together on the same bed being interviewed when Juicy says that he loves oral. Soon, the footage shifts to us seeing Azure and then, Juicy performing oral sex on their partner. The heat level increases when Juicy fingerfucks her. After Azure sucks the strap-on dildo that is on Juicy, she rides him cowgirl style. A very brief doggie fuck follows. It leads to an exciting reverse cowgirl ride and hand job and fingerfucking moment. Afterwards, I loved the sight of Azure's eyes staring up at him as she is so determined in sucking Juicy's dick. In the end, Juicy jacks her off.              

Final Thoughts: This film is a worthy feminist film that will open many people's eyes to the ups and downs of trans women and queer relationships. The real life couples' stories and sexual performances are the most touching. Tobi Hill-Meyer allows us to see from these trans women's own words a stripped down version of how it's like to live as a trans woman in a relationship. Chelsea and Azure Monro's words will linger in my mind. As for the sexual play and action, it is pretty raw and at times, quite intimate. Overall, this movie is a refreshing and honest portrayal of eight lives that other trans people can relate to. As for the rest of us, we get an eye-opening view of this misunderstood community that exists around us and to appreciate them. I recommend this film.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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