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Doin' It Doggie

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 3/3/14

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

GENRE: Straight, Rough, Hardcore

DIRECTOR: Not Specified

STUDIO/PRODUCER: Aura Productions

MSRP: $25.99

LENGTH: 2 hrs 11 mins


AUDIO/VIDEO: Aura Productions dvds are a completely new thing to me, but I was pleasantly surprised by the HD (High Definition) visual display, and soundtrack that I found during my viewing. Being the all inclusive scene collection that this dvd is you'll find an interesting selection of directorial editing, and camera captures. Some scenes go full-on P.O.V. (Point of View) while other scenes go the more traditional route with a mixture of close-ups, and distance shots. The background setting also varies in each scene. Some of the directors went for the artisitc approach with an all white background, and a colorful centerpiece prop in place for the performers to fuck on.

In the way of sound everything is clear from Charley Chase's excessive screaming to the more soft spoken, and sultry words of Shayla Stylez. If you like to hear the girls enjoying themselves as they get fucked six ways from Sunday then you'll definitely enjoy what this dvd presentation has to offer.

CAST: Asa Akira, Angel Vain, Charley Chase, Natasha Nice, Shyla Stylez, Keni Styles, Bruce Venture, Justice Young, Tony Ribas, Mick Blue




Doggie, it's the one sexual position that allows men to access the pussy, and ass better than any other method of penetration. It also gives men an upperhand on the situation in more ways than one. Things like deeper pounding, and hair pulling are easy to do when in control of a girl in this position. Why do I point this out? It's simply, because that's the main position you'd expect when buying, or watching a dvd with such a title as this one. When, and if you do choose to watch "Doin' it Doggie" you'll likely be just as surprised as I was that the directors, and studio involved did little in the way of making doggystyle the focal point of the six scene feature though. Instead of going totally doggie you'll find that the studio opted to include everything under the sun, and stars and then some. The amount of position changes explored were like that of the Kama Sutra in some respects. Very little time, if any was spent with the girl down on her knees, and hands in the doggie position. In fact the first scene featuring Charley Chase is completely void of doggie. To have a title such as "Doin' it Doggie" printed on the front of a dvd cover is a misleading representation of the content contained. A title like "Hardcore Fuckfest", or something along those lines would have been better.

I should also mention the fact that most of the female performers shown on this dvd are borderline BBW. They're plump, big assed, and big breasted like the ladies of BBW porn would be. Even Charley Chase looks a bit pudgy in one of her scenes. Why the studio decided to go for the "Girls Gone Plump" theme is beyond me. It's a given that the girls don't look horrendous for the most part, but some of these leading ladies show a less than glamorous side of the industry. Angel Vain for one looks like a trailer park slut, and Shayla Stylez looks like the cliche Hollywood blonde. With all that stacked against them though the sex that was shown was surprisingly hotter than hell. I guess you can't take everything at face value when it comes to porn?




SCENE 1 (Charley Chase & Justice Young):


charley and justice


Sitting upon her male lover amidst a white room on a red couch Charley Chase is revealed in a mostly naked fashion. The only thing covering her body is her shirt which happens to still be wrapped around her waist. In this particular scene Charley is plumper than usual, and has some apparent extra weight specific attributes. Her bare ass is wider than usual, her tits are plump, her belly is bulging slightly, and her thighs are rather huge. While this would be a turn off to some men Charley Chase still has that charm about her. Throughout the scene you can tell she's enjoying her fuck buddy regardless of the rough sex that she is put through. Being choked, and forced to swallow four fingers does little in the way of preventing Charley from expressing herself vocally. This girl does not shut up! While I'd usually take such nonstop banter as a sign of someone being an attention whore it's obvious that Charley is a rare exception to that pornographic stereotype. She really seems to enjoy it rough, and allows Justice Young to man handle her for the duration of the scene.

Between the two lovers I think damn near every position change was explored except for doggystyle. What you say? You heard me right. Charley, and Justice do not switch to doggie once in this entire sex scene. What they did do though was a sight to behold. To begin with Charley dismounted from her previously mentioned cowgirl hug, and sucked the living fuck right out of Justice's cock. I'm talking about deepthroating to the point of gagging, and slobbering like a waterfall. That in itself would have had me spent, but having been viewing the scene for review purposes I remained observant. After the oral olympics was over Charley, and Justice switched it up for some mutual foreplay in the "69" position. Of course Charley's oral antics continued in full view of the camera while the pussy eating was never really brought into the picture. From that point forward Charley, and her partner switched things up a few times in the cowgirl position, and even did a standing variation of cowgirl which definitely impressed me. Missionary, and more BJ action took place just before the facial, and oral cumshot finish was delivered. While Charley's excessive moaning, and swearing was a bit of a turn-off I found this performance to be one hell of a show. It's one of those five star rarities that you rarely run into as a journalist. For that I'm thankful.


SCENE 2 (Asa Akira & Keni Styles):


-- sponsored by --

asa and keni


Asa Akira, America's English speaking Asian sweetheart returns to grace us with an interesting at home show. In her debut Aura Productions scene we find her entertaining an Asian gentleman named Keni styles via a pole dance. Her living room area has with it a stripper pole for her convenience, and that is exactly where the two lovers are situated. Since the prop is there Asa uses it to her advantage, and does a little dance for the man of the scene who sits nearby waiting anxiously in a chair. After swinging around close enough to be in his lap she allows Keni to unveil her tits, and suckle them a bit before she returns the favor with some crotch groping. Both performers seem to enjoy each others company, and use the stripper pole prop as a means for position changes during the first half of the scene.

After unzipping her fellow man Asa sucks on the impressively massive Asian cock with her back against the pole. She does mostly hands-free cocksucking, but also allows Keni to face fuck her for a short while when her hands are positioned behind her back. The deep oral display is exactly what I'd expect from a scene that followed Charley Chase's own oral olympics. Asa does good to take the massive cock deep into her throat without so much as gagging. After they've had their moment at the pole the two move into the sunlit living room area where they take full advantage of an elegantly decorated sofa.

Keni, who had previously held Asa up on his shoulders against the pole in order to eat her out continued with his pussy eating, and salad tossing on the couch before delving into penetrations, and postion changes. Doggie was the first position explored, and it was shown in such a way that the cameraman was able to capture Asa's rear side while Keni mounted her. Aside from doggie the to performers also hit it hard in the missionary position as Asa lay upon her back on the sofa. This was followed up with a cowgirl ride, and more oral foreplay compliments of Keni. When the scene approached the finish Asa had her back arched towards the camera with her head down on the couch awaiting Keni's cumshot. As expected he delivered the final shot right down her ass crack, and let her savor the moment as the gooey mess dripped down her pussy.


SCENE 3 (Angel Vain & Bruce Venture):


Angel and bruce


Angel Vain is one of the female performers that I was referring to in the "OVERVIEW" that didn't exactly look like top pornstar material. She looked like a trailer park slut, or a prostitute to be honest. Her face showed unhealthy wear, and her overall looks as well as her BBW weight issues screamed street walker. As far as her scene goes it was an odd one. She tried her hardest to impress with forced deepthroating at the beginning of the scene, but came off looking like a porn star wannabe. Her male partner looked just as out of place as well. In the face this young man just didn't look like he wanted to be doing what he was doing. He had this emotionless expression the entire time they were fucking.

As far as sex is concerend it came in two short phases. The first phase began with some cocksucking, and titty fucking, and was followed up with a short lived cowgirl ride. After the initial cowgirl ride Bruce pulled out of Angel, and I could have sworn I saw him cum on her ass cheek. Of course the scene blacks out for a second, and quickly returns with Angel cowgirl riding once again. It was obvious this portion of the scene was spliced in to add length, and in all honesty it dulled the experience even further. After the return cowgirl Bruce banged Angel in the missionary for another short moment before pulling out again, and allowing Angel to return to her forced cock gagging bit. This then led to a final doggie position change, and one of the most pitiful oral cumshots I've ever seen, or didn't see. This was definitely not a scene worthy of following up Charley Chase's, and Asa Akira's performances. It felt more like filler material than anything.


SCENE 4 (Charley Chase & Toni Ribas):


charley and toni


Charley Chase definitely gets paired up with some of the most brutal bastards. I guess it's her style though as she seems to enjoy the rougher side of sex. Anyways, in this second coming (see what I did there?) Charley Chase is butt naked in the middle of another white room servicing a guy's cock on a furniture prop. Upon her slimmer, and trimmer body is an unsual abstract body painting that is almost plant-like in nature. As she bumps, and grinds with Toni throughout their second five star fuckfest the body paint continues to shed, and flake off as it would with a reptilian creatue. While that has little to do with the actual sex acts I though I'd mention it early on.

As before Charley continues to impress the viewer with her deeper than deep, and messier than messy blowjobs. How this lady goes without air for so long is truly baffling. It's baffling, but sexy at the same time. After Toni has his fill of oral attention during the start of the encounter he literally has to pull Charley to the side via her hair to free himself from her vacuum suction. She was definitely intent on sucking his cock forever. Opting to go for the ride after the oral Toni lies down on his back on the padded table they were working on, and allows Charley to do some cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl riding before the next position change. This is quickly followed up with a spooning, and choke out combo. Toni, who is one rough motherfucker has this sadistic nature about him that obviously makes him enjoy doing things like putting his manly hands around the necks of the ladies. As usual though Charley seems to not care in the least, and continues expressing her pleasure in an extremely vocal manner.

Toni ends up really sticking it to Charley throughout their sexual encounter. The position changes, and vaginal penetrations are consistently rough, and are usually complimented by hardcore finger banging, or intense bodily groping of some sort. Toni even does good to treat Charley to some pussy pleasuring on occasion. As far as the positions go the two lovers do everything from the previously mentioned cowgirl rides to missionary, and even doggystyle. This time Charley did make up for the director's past mistake, and got on all fours for some doggie. In the end the only downside to the scene I could find was that Toni opted to shoot his wad all over Charley's belly, and tits instead of going for the oral finish. I guess Charleys excessive vocals sent him over the edge too quickly for him to shoot his wad anywhere else though. It's a highly enjoyable scene regardless.


SCENE 5 (Natasha Nice & Justice Young):


natasha and justice


Natasha Nice really lived up to her last name in this scene. It started off a lot like a soft porn feature would hinting at the "Nice" nature of the female performer involved. Initially Natasha was all dolled up in dark colored lingerie playing with pearls, and stripping to the sound of a classic erotic tune. There was even some unusal special effects thrown into the mix allowing Natasha to appear in both the background, and foreground of the scene's setting as the instrumental music played out. When I saw her go into her solo-masturbation gig afterwards I honestly thought this was going to be an erotic solo scene. Thankfully though that was far from being the case. After her "Nice" entrance into the scene Natasha went completely "Naughty". In an unexpected turn of events this elegant angel got paired with the rough sex loving man of Charley Chase's first encounter. In doing so Natasha got to shed her nice demeanor, and give a performance almost as hardcore as Charley's. It's no wonder that this newcomer made covergirl for this particular dvd.

Like Charley, Natasha went all out when it came down to giving head. She deepthroated like a pro, and gave in submissively letting Justice face fuck her from a point of disadvantage. The actual sex was just as fun to watch as the oral sex was. In a lot of ways Natasha's performance mirrored that of Charley's, but only slightly in overall comparison. Cowgirl was once again an entry position of choice for the two onscreen performers involved. This position change then led into a missionary setup with a sadistic choking twist, and was quickly followed up with some doggie. Before the scene would reach it's conclusion the two unusually paired lovers would return to the missionary, and choking one final time. After one last round of missionary style fucking the show ended enabling Justice to deliver an oral glazing worthy of the dvd's initial content. Natasha, continuing to show off her naughty side sampled a taste of the goo with her own fingers.


SCENE 6 (Shyla Stylez & Mick Blue): 


shyla and mick


Unfortunately for the viewers at home this final scene featuring Shyla Stylez will feel like another time waster thrown in to make the dvd seem more worth your while. Shyla is as I said she was in the "OVERVIEW". She's like one of those cliche barbie doll looking performers who has had a shit ton of plastic surgery, or make-up on to make them appear more sexy. Her boobs, which are unveiled after she steps foot out of the bathroom, and drops her towel are as fake as a three dollar bill, and look ill proportioned in comparison to the rest of her body. Her face is equally as fake in that it's stretched tight like some cosmetic surgery nightmare. I don't know about you, but that sort of fake shit always turns me off.

In the way of sex you'll find that the man behind the camera is in fact the performer himself. He captures all of the POV (Point of View) footage including interactions his lower parts, and the body of the lady before him. Shyla who is soft spoken offers up sexy whispers for the camera from time to time as she tries to be something she's obviously not. Her performance is simply as fake as her appearance. Mick who has been in porn for a while obviously seems to be doing Shyla a favor as the sex that is shared is about as pitiful as the recorded act. There's plenty of in-your-face close-ups shown from the cowgirl, doggie, and missionary perspectives for those of you still interested though. Even with the interesting position switch-ups none of the changes come off as being special, and are about as mundane as the rest of the scene's offerings. The only good parts shown were of the initial POV blowjob, and the ending oral cumshot in which Shyla took a massive load directly into her mouth. Aside from Angel Vain's earlier scene this is the only other scene that lessens the value of the production.



In "Doin' it Doggie" the only extra that you'll find is a stylish "Photo Gallery". This collection of scene stills shown in a 3D manner includes everything from each scene in a performer specific order. Everything from the initial foreplay to the actual sex, and ending cumshot is shared in multiple photos for the at home viewers' viewing pleasure. The pictorial collection comes off as being more of a scene by scene wrap up than anything else though, and is definitely not one of the best extras that the studio could have offered.



As unusual as this sounds I'm going to stick with my higher than average point-by-point rating, and my verdict of "Highly Recommended". This dvd's oddly collected group of scenes contains within it some gems that are undeniably worth owning. Charley Chase, and Natasha Nice each gave some unexpected, and exceptional performances that are not to be missed. These few replay worthy scenes alone make this dvd worth a purchase. I for one have never seen a female performer so genuinely into rough fucking as Charely Chase was. Even Natasha Nice seemed to love the rough stuff. Let's not forget Asa Akira as well. This Asian hottie commanded a show that was just as exceptional as that of the previously two mentioned girls'. If you like hardcore straight sex, and you love the girls who can give head like a pro be sure not to pass this one up. Even if you want to bypass my recommendation for a simple rent you will not be disappointed with the scenes that I said were worth your time.


VERDICT: Highly Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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