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Curvy Girls 6

Studio: Elegant Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 3/5/14

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


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Curvy Girls 6

Elegant Angel

Genre: Fluffy Ladies, Gonzo

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Director: Mimefreak

Cast: AJ Applegate, Bridgette B., Preston Parker, Valentina Nappi, Erik Everhard, Vivie Delmonico, Manuel Ferrara, Siri, Mr. Pete; Eva Angelina & Marco Banderas (last two in bonus scene only)

Length: 143:24 minutes

Date of Production: 2/4/2014


Extras: For many, the best extra will be the unrelated bonus scene from Curvy Girls 5 described below between Eva Angelina and Marco Banderas that lasted 27:10 minutes. Others may appreciate the 15:34 minute long Behind the Scenes feature as much as I did given the humor and spontaneity it had, the trailers, the photogallery, the pop shot recap, or web information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Curvy Girls 6 was presented in anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Mimefreak for Elegant Angel. The director proved to have a great grasp of the fundamentals using the camera this time, his ability to frame the ladies nicely as they teased and engaged in sexual activity second to none at the current lineup for the company. The lighting was strong and the fleshtones accurate as well, the editing by Royson Hall helping to keep the pacing just right in most cases. The video bitrate varied a fair amount at times but for all intents and purposes, this one looked really good on disc. The aural components were similar too, the limited musical portions during opening and tease montages replaced by the usual grunts and groans of the sexual trysts once the action began.


Body of Review: Mimefreak is the latest “hot” director at Elegant Angel, the company undergoing massive changes last year. Having seen a few of the company’s works since then, I knew it was in capable hands, the director’s latest endeavor called Curvy Girls 6. Any of my regular readers will know how much I appreciate curves on a lady, the teenage boy shaped bodies some fans prefer always striking me as creepy by comparison (after all, a dog gets the bone but a man enjoys the sizzle of the steak, or something like that). With cover gal Siri featured on the cover, I knew the company was in good hands too since the old version would rarely showcase someone as fluffy as the voluptuous redhead, but the inclusion of ladies like smoking hot AJ Applegate, talented Valentina Nappi, popular bombshell Bridgette B., and Vivie Delmonico (formerly known as Angelica Saige) was almost sure to give this one some legs as well. So if you understand the saying, “more cushion for the pushin” as a good idea, you will like this one a whole lot. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: AJ Applegate, a beautiful blond bombshell with amazingly pretty eyes, was up first with sultry Latina Bridgette B., and moper Preston Parker. The ladies were given an all too short tease montage out by the pool in their skimpy bikinis, the gals slowly gyrating as they caressed themselves and each other all too briefly. This led them to the expansive white couch where AJ crawled over to Bridgette, her juicy ass in the air as she approached her Spanish speaking pal, a kiss helping bridge the communication gap between them. They sucked each other’s tits and Bridgette gobbled her gash before Preston walked over with a turgid pecker to satisfy, his cock plowing AJ’s perfect ass right away. AJ gave Bridgette some head as she was getting planked, Preston moving to her pussy with Bridgette doing some taste testing between holes, the ladies then sharing his cock orally before AJ more actively rode him in a few positions with Bridgette’s help. From there, Bridgette took him in her ass, AJ returning the favor of assistance as she rubbed the gal’s moist pussy (both were shaven clean by the way), Preston getting them in a pyramid to drill both before the ladies kneeled before him to share his genetic juice he directed at AJ and then Bridgette. The ladies looked hot but the pacing wasn’t quite right here, some playing with the baby batter all she wrote.


Scene Two: Valentina Nappi, the brunette Italian bombshell so many are talking about, was up next in a blue one piece outfit that let me see all kinds of skin, was then lucky enough to score Erik Everhard once her tease by the brick wall was done. Valentina has a magnificent ass and the rest of her is pretty sweet too, the tease leading to her in a red dress with no panties as she climbed into Erik’s lap. She straddled him as he massaged her shapely ass, his mouth savoring her boobs as he unleashed his rod from his pants. She helped him and gave his nuts some nuzzling, the cutie aggressively inhaling his cock orally as she maintained superior eye contact. Valentina gave his shaft some hand to gland friction while sucking his balls too, throating him before Erik munched her hairy rug at length while fingering her. The expression on her face was priceless too, the gal adoring how well he was getting her off leading to a variety of active vaginal positions. She pushed back to meet his thrusts and did some mighty fine taste testing, Erik going back for more orally as well. They boned some more and he withdrew to unleash a wave of population pudding all over her mug, the ball batter not swallowed before the scene faded to black.


Scene Three: Vivie Delmonico, an attractive young lady also known as Angelica Saige, was up next at night in a black fishnet outfit shaking her goodies with a single light shining on her as her thong rode deep in her ass crack. Of the entire cast, she did not seem to fit the concept of the “curvy” as well as the others did, her lean body not stopping Manuel Ferrara from marching over to the white couch to kiss her all the same. She kicked off her shoes and he lowered her back on the couch with him on top of her, the kisses moving further south until he rested at her neatly trimmed beaver, the man stuffing his face into her crotch, his mouth working over her puffy pussy before he thumbed her precious pucker a bit. She then gave him a short blowjob, stroking his shaft with her hand but only taking the first few inches of his manhood into her mouth. He smacked her ass to coax her to go deeper, the ploy working fairly well which led to her mounting him for an active vaginal ride. She then orally cleaned him off before engaging in more passive positions, Manuel leaving hand prints on her he was hitting her so hard to push her limits, the man then using his hand to get her to “squirt” all over the place, a pool of her juices on her and the couch both. He dove back in for seconds and replaced his hand with his cock, slowly trying to get her off in a different way as she looked onward in a glazed manner. She blew him again and gave great eye contact, the back and forth soon leading to his dousing her entire torso with spunk, Vivie sucking him clean of spew as the camera showed some of it reached her face as well.


Scene Four: Siri, the fluffy redhead featured on the front cover, was up last in her black fishnet outfit, fans of fluffy sized ladies knowing just what a magnificent fuck bunny this delightfully curvy young lady can be. The tease was very slow paced and led to her bending over her ginormous ass to hypnotize Mr. Pete, the man pulling down her panties to stuff his lucky face between her cheeks to give her some head. She then reciprocated with a passionate hummer, her panties tossed aside without a thought as Pete shoved his hand into her to juice her up to the max as they kissed. This caused a mini gusher of her juices to flow and she went back down on him, Pete feeling up her titty as she blew him again while diddling herself. There was then a titty fuck before they engaged in an active doggy vaginal position, Pete smacking her ass and fiddling with her perfect pucker a bit as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. The two seemed to share some chemistry together as he roughed her up and he made her gush some more, the man teabagging her before she tried to throat him, her active riding draining his dragon of splooge that was tossed onto her face, Siri sucking him clean of the spooge and swallowing it.


Bonus Scene: Curvy Girls 5: Eva Angelina, one of my all time favorite performers, was up last as she followed the formulaic procession while wearing her black bikini undies around the house. When I heard she was going to be exclusive to a single company awhile back, I felt like she was gone considering that as much as I like her, they just weren't capturing her at her best most of the time, Elegant always one to handle her scenes in a top notch manner. Thankfully, she was not only in great form here but paired off with muscular Marco Banderas, my biggest bitch being that the tease montage was woefully short. He sucked her tits and juiced her up with his hands, a quick hummer resulting in her impaling herself on his pecker vaginally (in an active manner too). Marco gave her some licks once she was dripping wet and her own continued oral showed she could handle guys like him with relative ease, Eva using her entire body to get him off before the ending mouth pop. There was certainly some chemistry present between them and it ended the flick on a high note, reminding me that I can never get enough of Eva's performances when she is into the partner.

Summary: Curvy Girls 6 by director Mimefreak for Elegant Angel was not one of the company’s flagship titles but four of the five ladies worked out great as the kind of curvaceous cuties that deserve to be in such a show. The males included top notch talent like Manuel Ferrara and Erik Everhard so at least two of the four scenes were in capable hands, bodacious Siri, beautiful AJ Applegate, and Valentina Nappi all standing out as the best combination of eye candy meets performance specs you could hope for so I rated the endeavor as a high end Recommended, or better, some minor polishing up needed to push it to the next level. In short, Curvy Girls 6 was a good title for ass aficionados to appreciate given the bulk of the curves provided but the combination of energy, enthusiasm, and performance skill showed me that the director is still proving himself invaluable as the lead director for the company so many of us have come to adore over the years so check it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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